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Final Fantasy VI

リターナー本部  Returner Headquarters  | | | |  RETURNERS' HIDEOUT

The Returners hide their base in a cave in the next mountain range over from Colts Mountain. The entrance appears to be just a small crevice, but the interior is fairly spacious and homey. A generic Returner, with prominent goggles and garb vaguely similar to Lock's, greets the party. It should come as no surprise that 1-10 "Returners" plays inside the Returner Headquarters.

: {Edgar}-sama!
 Right this way.
King {EDGAR}!
This way, please!

The Returner leads them to the door of a nearby room. Entering, they find it furnished with, among other things, several full bookcases. A man with graying brown hair who wears a green outfit and brown cloak is waiting for them. "The Mines of Narshe" starts playing, probably for mood, when the party talks to him.

{Edgar}: Bannan-sama.
 We have brought the girl.
{EDGAR}: Banon!
We brought the girl with us.
Bannan: Oh, this is the girl...? The one they
 say reacted to the icebound Genjuu.
{Tina}: Genjuu...?
{Edgar}: It seems as though this girl was
 being manipulated by the Empire.
BANON: Is she the girl who can talk to Espers...?!
{TERRA}: Espers...?
{EDGAR}: Seemed the Empire had complete control over her.

They haven't yet determined whether she can or can't talk to Genjuu/Espers, just that she is reported to have reacted with one.

Tina seems embarrassed or uncomfortable and steps back, staring at the floor.

Bannan: I've heard a rough overview
 through carrier pigeon notices.
 That she annihilated fifty Imperial soldiers
 in a mere three minutes, or some such...
BANON: Carrier pigeons brought word that she wiped out 50 of the Empire's best soldiers in a few minutes.
{ティナ}「いやー!! {Tina}: NO!! {TERRA}: That's a lie!!!

In the JP version, Tina's yell seems like more of an incoherent cry of horror than anything else. At least to me.

By now, Tina has retreated halfway across the room, looking even more downcast. Lock walks over to her side.

{Lock}: {Tina}!
{Edgar}: Bannan-sama, you're being too harsh!
{EDGAR}: Banon! She doesn't remember ANYTHING!
バナン「逃げるな! Bannan: Don't run away! BANON: Stay where you are!

As Bannan begins this tale, he starts to slowly walk toward Tina.

しっと… ねたみ… 独占…
破壊… 支配…
Bannan: Do you know of a story like this?
 When wicked hearts did not yet exist
 within people, there was a box that
 it was forbidden to open.
But one man opened the box.
From inside came all sorts of wicked hearts...
Envy... resentment... possessiveness...
destruction... domination...
But a ray of light remained deep in the box...
It was the light we call hope.
BANON: Perhaps you've heard this story? Once, when people were pure and innocent,
there was a box they were told never to open. But one man went and opened it anyway.
He unleashed all the evils of the world: envy... greed... pride... violence... control...
All that was left in the box was a single ray of light: Hope.

嫉妬 (shitto) and 妬み (netami), the first two faults he mentions, are very similar concepts, as the shared kanji should suggest. My impression, after investigation, is that 妬み is more simply scorning another's belongings or successes ("he doesn't deserve that"), while 嫉妬 more specifically involves wanting them for yourself ("it should have been mine"), or fearing that your own will be or have been taken from you, but I'm not entirely certain on that.

{Tina}: ......
Bannan: Whatever may happen, don't consider
 your own power to be a cursed thing.
You are the last ray left to the world.
The ray we call "hope".
{TERRA}: ......
BANON: We now confront those evils...
And you are that last ray of light, our only hope...

The NA version leaves out the line about not thinking of her powers as a curse.

{エドガー}「バナン様! {Edgar}: Bannan-sama! {EDGAR}: Banon!
Bannan: I am wearied...
 You will allow me to rest.
BANON: I'm so tired...
Let me rest a while.

He leaves, presumably to go rest. The music stops, and the others also disband.

Later, Tina gets out of bed, still considering Bannan's words, and wanders around. "Awakening" plays.

A line in the ROM looks like it ought to go somewhere around here, but neither version uses it:

Bannan: {Tina}...
 Talk things over well with everyone.
Talk to everyone here, heed their advice.

Tina consults her companions while thinking about what to do. Each conversation is independent of the others.

Also look around for treasures, most notably the Air Knife and White Cape.

{Lock}: I was deprived of someone important
 to me by the Empire. It's because of that
 I ended up hating them.
If the Empire keeps having their way like this,
there's just going to be more people like me.
That's why I joined the Returners.
LOCKE: Someone important to me was jailed by the Empire. I've hated the Empire ever since...
I joined the Returners when I realized the Empire was rotten to the core. I wanted to make a difference.

The JP version describes Lock's reasons more fully. More importantly, there's no indication that his important person was jailed, and the JP version sounds more like a euphemism for killed. Based on later backstory, he's probably talking about Rachel, who was definitely killed and not jailed.

{Tina}: But... I don't have anyone
 important to me...
{Lock}: Sure you do.
 On the flip side, you might have people
 who think you're important to them.
 Think of those people too...
{TERRA}: But...I have no significant "other" in my life...
{LOCKE}: That's not entirely true.
Besides, I'm sure there are people who feel YOU'RE important to them! They are counting on you...

Significant "other" sounds like "boyfriend/lover". While the phrase 大事な人 (daiji na hito) does often refer to a lover, they're being more general here.

{Edgar}: It may not be fair for us to
 ask such a thing of you, {Tina}.
Forcing our ideas on you wouldn't
be any different from the Empire's
way of doing things.
{Tina}, I want you to decide for yourself.
{EDGAR}: It's gonna be tough to
talk you into helping us...
If we push you too hard, we're
no different than the Empire...
So we want you to make up
your own mind.
{Mash}: I don't really get the situation...
 But I've never gone wrong listening
 to big bro since way back.
It's because he was always thinking of me.
I think you can trust him too, {Tina}.
{SABIN}: The only thing I can add
is that you can trust my
brother implicitly.
He's always been fair with me.
You can trust him, {TERRA}...
Whoa, don't go telling big bro
I said something like this.
It's embarrassing...
But don't you DARE tell him I said that!

Mash laughs briefly at this.

Having talked to the others and thought over the situation, Tina goes outside to talk to Bannan.

Bannan: Have you reached an answer?
 Will you be our last remaining hope?
BANON: Have you made a decision?
Will you become our last ray of hope?

Tina can agree, which basically leads to a lot of background information.

バナン「そうか!! Bannan: I see!! BANON: You will? Really!!
{Tina}: But...
 I'm kind of scared...
{TERRA}: But...
I'm scared...

Normally, Bannan gives Tina a Gauntlet at this point.

Bannan: It is not unreasonable
 that you would feel uneasy.
BANON: The person who possesses this relic need not fear harm.
Bannan: {Tina}...
 Take this with you.
BANON: Please, {TERRA}...
I'd like you to take it with you.
{ティナ}「これは… ??? {Tina}: It's...??? {TERRA}: What is this???

「ガントレット」 を手に入れた
Bannan: A charm. Take it with you.

Got Gauntlet.
BANON: A lucky charm. Take it!

    Received "Gauntlet"!

However, if she's already received a Genji's Bracer, it goes a bit differently.

Bannan: Everything ought to go
 well if we all work together.
 Don't abandon hope.
BANON: If everyone works together we'll be successful.
Never give up hope!

As long as Tina has agreed to help, the scene continues the same way whether Bannan gave her the Gauntlet or not.

Bannan: I have some good ideas.
 At any rate, would you gather everyone for me?
BANON: I have a plan!
Please get everyone together!

The scene shifts to the meeting table in the main room. Tina, Lock, Edgar, Mash, Bannan, and several other Returners are all present. "Returners" plays again.

Examining the table earlier reveals a scrap of paper lying there for no apparent reason. Choosing to leave it alone results in the following overreaction from Bannan, and a giggle from Tina, who finds it somehow funny.

Bannan: Who did this? Who discarded a
 scrap of paper in a place like this?
BANON: Who did this?
Who left this piece of paper here?

Choosing to throw it in the trash avoids the line, but so does never finding it in the first place. It's as if the thing doesn't exist until Tina looks at it.

Bannan: As we all know, the Empire has used
 the power of sorcery to begin a war. But how
 has Gastra revived the power of sorcery?
 ...the important point lies there.
BANON: We all know that the Empire is using Magitek power in battle. The point is, how has the Emperor created it?
{Edgar}: We've had {Lock} investigating,
 and it seems Gastra assembled
 scholars from around the world and
 began research into Genjuu.
{EDGAR}: I had {LOCKE} look into the
rumor that the Empire is
forcing the world's finest
scholars to study Espers.
{Lock}: That's the reason behind
 the attack on Narshe, too.
{LOCKE}: All the trouble in Narshe
is over an Esper, too...
{Tina}: So you're saying the power of sorcery
 and the Genjuu are somehow related...?
Bannan: Sorcery and Genjuu... there is but one
 thing brought to mind by those two words...
{TERRA}: You mean there's some connection between Espers and Magitek?
BANON: I can only recall one thing linking Espers with Magitek power...
{Edgar}: Could you mean...
Bannan: Precisely. The Great Magic War.
{EDGAR}: You don't mean...
BANON: Indeed!
The ancient War of the Magi...
: Oh!
: It can't be!
It can't be!
{Lock}: Those bedtime stories
 granny told me...
 They were true stories?
{LOCKE}: My Grandma used to tell me stories about magical machines...
Could they have been true?

No mention of magical machines. There's nothing in the game to indicate that anyone's combined machinery with magic before.

{Edgar}: You're saying the tragedy of the
 Great Magic War will be repeated?
Bannan: I can't say. It was 1000 years ago,
 you realize. There are a variety of theories,
 all differing from historian to historian.
According to one theory, they extracted power
from Genjuu and infused it into humans...
{EDGAR}: Could that ancient tragedy be playing out once again...
BANON: It's just speculation...
But historical studies have provided a number of conflicting and frightening theories...
According to one theory, humans and machines were imbued with powers drained from Espers...

Again, no mention of machinery, just humans.

{ティナ}「それが魔導の力…… {Tina}: And that's the power of sorcery... {TERRA}: That could explain Magitek power...
{Edgar}: To oppose the Empire, obtaining the
 power of sorcery ourselves is our only...
Bannan: No! Then we would be making the
 same mistakes as in the Great Magic War.
{Edgar}: ...then what are we supposed to do?
Bannan: I've been wondering if we couldn't
 speak with the Genjuu. What about that?
{Lock}: With the Genjuu!?
{EDGAR}: We can only fight Magitek enemies with Magitek weapons...
BANON: Fool! That's how the Magi Wars are said to have started!
{EDGAR}: Then what do we do?
BANON: We have to communicate
with an Esper...
{LOCKE}: With an Esper!?

Thanks to another wrong code byte, the lines after Edgar's in the segment above don't display in the NA version, even though they're in the ROM. The omission makes it sound like Bannan is agreeing with Edgar's statement, when he's actually rejecting it and proposing an alternate suggestion.

Bannan: It's dangerous... but if we could
 get {Tina} to react with the Genjuu
 again, the Genjuu might awaken.
{Edgar}: Is that really such a...?
BANON: It's risky, but if we have {TERRA}...speak with that Esper, it might just wake up...
{EDGAR}: I wonder if that's wise...?
Bannan: I can't say it's a sure thing...
 For this we need {Tina}'s cooperation.
BANON: Who can say?
we need {TERRA}'s help.
{ロック}「{ティナ}。 {Lock}: {Tina}. {LOCKE}: {TERRA}...
{Tina}: Let's try it.
{Mash}: It's all as good as gibberish
 to me... but it sounds interesting.
{TERRA}: I'll do it!
{SABIN}: What nonsense!
You sound as if you're enjoying this!

There's a sound at the door, and everyone turns to look. The music stops.

Bannan: What's that?
 Those noises just now...
BANON: What?
What's that noise?

A generic Returner staggers into the headquarters. "The Empire "Gestahl"" plays.

T-terrible news!
Sir Banon...

He collapses, and everyone runs over.

Tina has a line in the ROM that should go here, but is left out in both versions:

{ティナ}「何てひどいケガ… {Tina}: What awful wounds... {TERRA}: He's badly wounded!
サ、サウスフィガロが… S-South Figaro... S...South Figaro...
Bannan: H-hey! What's wrong!?
 What happened!?
BANON: What's going on?
What happened?

(skip to merge point below)

...Tina can also disagree, but she has to decline three times before anything happens.

バナン「そうか… Bannan: I see... BANON: I see...

Tina goes back inside, and must go talk to Bannan again to advance the storyline. He asks her the same question as before, and if she declines again...

バナン「やっぱりそうか… Bannan: It's still like that...? BANON: I thought as much...

Tina goes back inside, and must go talk to Bannan again to advance the storyline. He asks her the same question as before, and if she declines again...

バナン「どうしてもダメか… Bannan: Is there no way...? BANON: You're sure about this?

Tina goes back inside again, but this time walks haltingly and stares at the ground.

{Tina}: Hope...
 I... can't be something like that...
{TERRA}: Hope...
How can anyone put their hope
in me?

Suddenly, the door opens, and Bannan rushes inside ahead of someone.

Bannan: H-hey! What's wrong!?
 What happened!?
BANON: What's going on?
What happened?

A generic Returner staggers into the headquarters. "Empire "Gestahl"" plays. Everyone rushes over to see what's going on.

バナン「何とひどいケガじゃ… Bannan: What awful wounds... BANON: Someone did a number
on him...
サ、サウスフィガロが… S-South Figaro... S...South Figaro...

(continue to merge point)

The branches determined by Tina's choice merge here.

Th-the Empire is headed this
way from South Figaro...
E...Empire...took Figaro...
Coming...this way...unnnh...
Bannan: So we've been found out...
 We'll have to step up our plans!!
BANON: They've found us...
We haven't a moment to lose!
{Edgar}: {Lock}!
{Lock}: Got it.
 Use the "hold the enemy back from
 within" ploy in South Figaro, right?
{Edgar}: The operation calls for your
 special skills. We're counting on you.
{LOCKE}: I know...
Someone has to sneak into South Figaro and slow the Empire down, right?
{EDGAR}: This's right up your alley! Good luck!
{Lock}: {Tina}.
 Keep out of trouble while I'm away.
 In particular...
 be careful of a certain king who's
 infamous for his quick hands.
{Edgar}: {Lock}!
Please wait for me...
...don't let a lecherous young king, who shall remain nameless, near you!

Lock heads off, leaving Edgar rather annoyed.

{Mash}: Big bro...
 you still haven't kicked that habit?
{SABIN}: Big brother...
Aren't you EVER going to grow
Bannan: What will we do?
{Edgar}: Fleeing down Lethe River
 to Narshe should do the trick.
 I'm also concerned about the Genjuu
 they found in the coal mines.
Bannan: Right.
 Then let's have a raft readied at the rear exit.
 It's risky, but I doubt we have much choice.
BANON: What're we going to do?
{EDGAR}: We'll escape down the Lete River, and make our way to Narshe. I want to see that Esper for myself...
BANON: Right. There's a raft by the back entrance.
It's a gamble, but we're fresh out of options...

Edgar turns to Tina.

{Edgar}: It's dangerous here.
 Come to Narshe with us...
 It might be a good chance for
 you to understand your powers.
{EDGAR}: You're in danger here. Come with us to Narshe.
You'll probably even gain some understanding of your own abilities...

Tina nods, a bit hesitantly.

Bannan: There's no time to waste.
 We head for Narshe at once!
BANON: We've no time to dilly-dally. Let's make for Narshe!

If Tina hasn't yet received either the Gauntlet or Genji's Bracer, one of the generic Returners walks up to her now.


「げんじのこて」 を手に入れた
I understand your uneasy feelings.
But even as we speak, many lives
are falling victim to the Empire...
Please, assist us.
This accessory ought to
protect you.

Got Genji's Bracer.
I understand your unease.
But even as we speak, innocent lives are being lost...
Please. We need your abilities.
This relic will keep you safe.

    Received "Genji Glove"!

The same exchange can occur earlier if Tina talks to the Returner in the back left room after declining Bannan's request at least once (which is how she can agree to help after receiving the item).

So does anyone else think it's a little odd that the accessories Tina can get to "protect" her are used to boost offensive ability? I would have expected something like a status guard, or maybe a Mithril Bracer or Angel's Ring... Oh well, they say the best defense is a good offense.

Anyway, the Genji's Bracer is generally considered more useful. On the other hand, there are only two other Gauntlets in the game, while you can get a potentially unlimited number of Genji's Bracers, mostly by stealing from Dragons. Take your pick.

Before taking the raft, now's your chance to see one of the game's most obscure scenes. The injured Returner now rests fitfully in the bed Tina used earlier.

うーん… うーん… Ungh... ungh... Urgh...uhnn...

Now, try approaching the tile below the treasure chest in the corner.

The Empire's attacking us!!!
The Empire's invading!

Your lead member looks shocked, as "Troops March On" starts playing.

「! : ! !

The party rushes to the doorway and looks around in confusion, but finds nothing out of the ordinary. The music fades as they walk over to the wounded man.

: Oh...
 He's just talking in his sleep.
What the...?
Sleep talking?

All righty then.

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