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Final Fantasy VI

Small Deserted Island   |

Head down from the house to reach the beach, or exit to either side to explore the island. The overworld music is now 3-05 "Dark World" and just adds to the gloomy mood. Most of the monsters are depressingly weak, too, to the point that they die on their own within seconds of appearing. Equip something with 'zombie' immunity if entering the desert, though, since an undead Black Dragon will sometimes appear, and aside from being durable enough to put up a fight, it can cause an instant Game Over if you're not protected.

The suicidally weak monsters have surprisingly potent items to steal, but since Celes can't, it doesn't matter yet.

Anyway, head to the beach to catch fish (grab one with A when next to it). There are four types of fish, though not all will appear every time, and they go in the Important Things (Rare) section of the inventory when caught. Feeding them to Cid (automatic when talking to him) will affect his health, and is also the only way to remove them from the inventory. Additionally, talking to Cid resets the fish appearing at the beach.

 むしゃ むしゃ むしゃ
{Celes}: Grampa,
 here's some fish, eat up.
Cid: Thank you.
 *munch* *munch* *munch*
{CELES}: Granddad, here's a fish! Eat up!
CID: Oh! Yum...
Chomp, munch, chew...

Interestingly, Cid keeps slipping out of bed when Celes isn't watching. Maybe he's up to something that's more important to him than his own life... Regardless, if his health improves enough, he will recover. If it degrades too much, he will die instead. One or the other must occur for the story to continue, but, perhaps disappointingly, neither has any long-term effects, other than Cid's survival, of course.

The following technical information on Cid's health value comes from Djibriel's walkthrough. Cid's health begins at the value of 120, but drops 1 point for every second spent in a submap (i.e., not on the world map; entering the menu or engaging in combat also pauses it). The fast-moving fish (described as "tasty fish") add 32, the fish moving at normal speed will either add 16 (if "ordinary fish") or subtract 4 (if "unappetizing fish"), and the slow-moving fish (just "fish") subtract 16. Cid recovers (immediately) if his health rises to 256 or above, or dies if it drops to 30 or below (but not until re-entering the room if it was over 30 on arrival).

Cid's line when spoken to gives a general idea of his current health.

231 to 255, where it appears that a verb for boiling or getting excited was mistaken for a similar one for drying up:

Cid: It's like my hopes of living
 have been energized.
CID: My dear,
I...feel I'm not going to be around much longer...

201 to 230:

Cid: Day after day.
 Thank you, {Celes}.
CID: {CELES}, thanks for all you've done for me!

161 to 200:

Cid: *cough*!
 I've gotten a lot better.
CID: Hackack!!
I feel a little better!

121 to 160:

シド「ゴーホッ ゴホッ
Cid: *hack* *cough*
 I'm just not recovering.
CID: Cough...wheeze...
I can't bear this any longer...

91 to 120:

Cid: I might not...
 have much longer...
CID: I...I'm not long for this cruel new world...

61 to 90:

 ゴホッ ゴホッ
Cid: Even if something happens to me
 ...don't you give up hope.
 *cough* *cough*
CID: My worst nightmare is to think of you alone here on this wretched island...hack...wheeze!!

31 to 60:

シド「ゴーホッ ゲホッ!
 {セリス}……ありが ゲーホッ
 まだ ガッホッ わしがしゃべれる
 うちに……ゲホッ ゲホッ!!
Cid: *hack* *wheeze*!
 {Celes}... thank *hack*
 while *hack* I can still
 talk... *cough* *cough*!!
CID: Cough...hack...ACK!!
While I can still talk, I...wheeze...pant...want to thank you...cough!

As noted above, Cid will recover if his health score reaches a high enough value.

If trying for this, I recommend using the Dash Shoes and trying to catch, as quickly as possible, every available fish except the slow-moving one. The other three average over +14 per fish, so as long as you don't take too long per trip, he should gradually improve.

Cid: I'm completely recovered now.
 As you can see!
 Thank you, {Celes}.
CID: I feel much better!
Thanks, {CELES}!

He gets up.

{Celes}: What is it?
Cid: {Celes}.
 The fruit of my nighttime labor is below.
 Try going down there.
{CELES}: What's up?
CID: {CELES}...the project that kept me going over the past year is down below. Go have a look at it!

Cid shows Celes to a hidden basement, where he's been building a raft.

{Celes}: Grampa.
Cid: {Celes}.
 Leave for the outside world.
 I'm sure your companions are alive.
{Celes}: Okay. I'll go.
 And I'll be sure to return.
 I'll bring them all with me.
Cid: That {Lock} person too...
{CELES}: Granddad.
You must leave this place.
You have to find your friends!
{CELES}: I know...
But I'll bring 'em all back to meet you!
CID: That {LOCKE} fellow, too, no doubt...

3-06 "The Day After" starts playing. She drags the raft to the beach, then waves as Cid sees her off on a trip into the unknown world beyond.

Keeping Cid alive takes time and effort, though, and it arguably doesn't fit this part of the story as well as his death, which leads to a more dramatic scene.

If letting Cid die, feeding him the slow-moving fish will accelerate the process. Not that he needs any help kicking the bucket.

0 to 30 health, if in the room when his health drops to this level:

シド「もうだめじゃ…… Cid: I'm done for... CID: Good-bye...

Entering the room when Cid's health is 30 or below finds him still in bed, for a change.

…… ...... ......
{Celes}: Grampa.
 You have to eat, or your body...
What's wrong? Gra...
{CELES}: Granddad.
You have to eat, or else...
W...what's the matter?
{セリス}「シド…… {Celes}: Cid... {CELES}: Cid...

She backs away, falling to her knees as "Celes" begins playing.

{Celes}: No... it can't be!
 You promised we'd keep living
 here together...
{CELES}: No...NO!!
You promised you'd stay here with me!!
{Celes}: Answer me, grampa!
 Tell me you're just kidding around!!
{CELES}: Granddad, ANSWER ME!
Tell me you're just joking!

She turns away, tears falling, and rushes out of the room. Celes is not having a good day. The world was torn apart, she was unconscious for a year, plants, animals, and even monsters are dying off, there may be nothing left of the world but this one little island, and now, right when they were moving toward something resembling a normal family life, her surrogate grandfather—possibly also the only other person alive in the world—just died. She heads to the cliffside on the northern cape, and finding an apparently dead bird lying there, remembers Cid's earlier words.

Cid: Even the few survivors on the island lost
 hope one after another and threw themselves
 off the cliff on the northern cape.
CID: Those others who were here...
when they were feeling down they'd take a leap of faith from the cliffs up north...perked 'em right up!
{Celes}: Everything's dying off.
 {Lock}'s gone too...
 The world is done for.
{CELES}: Everyone's gone...
Even {LOCKE}, who promised to watch over me...

In case it wasn't obvious why she came here, she throws herself off the cliff, crying as she falls. The music fades out. Some time later, she comes to on the shoreline, rather less dead than planned. A bird flies in, wearing a bandana.

{Celes}: Phew...
 Did you protect me?
 Why save me when I have no hope...?
{CELES}: Phew...
Why did you nurse me back to health? Did I ever ask you to help me?!

"Forever Rachel" plays as Celes notices the bandana... remember when Interceptor was wounded...?

ねえ 答えて…
{Celes}: This bandana?
 Could it be...?
{Celes}: Hey, where did you
 just come from?
 Is the person who treated
 your wounds alive?
 Come on, tell me...
{CELES}: A bandana??? can't be...
{CELES}: Hey, you!
Where'd you get this?!
Is the person who healed you still alive? Answer me!

The bird flies off, unsurprisingly without answering her questions. She seems certain, though.

{Celes}: He...
 must be alive.
{CELES}: He's alive...
{LOCKE}'s still alive!!!

Back in the house, Celes finds a letter from Cid.

"Leave for the outside world.
 I'm sure your companions await you.
 Go down the stairs next to the stove.
 Your answer waits for you there.
         - Grampa"
You need to leave! The others are surely waiting for you!
Find the stairs next to the stove. Down them lies your road to freedom.
          Love, Granddad

Celes finds Cid's raft in the basement. She drags it to the beach, and after a long look back...

{Celes}: I'll live a life full enough to
 cover your share too, grampa...
{CELES}: I'll make you proud of me...Granddad...

...sets forth into the unknown world beyond.

Either way, the raft drifts across the ocean, coming ashore near a town on a continent to the east. Maybe there are other survivors after all!

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