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Storyline text and attempted translations from...

Final Fantasy VI

(Warning: This is done from memory and script dumps. Needs comfirmation and editing.)

After the Final Battle

Cefca is no more, and the world is freed of his maniacal whims, but towers made of random junk slapped together aren't exactly known for their stability.

『くずれるぞ! "It's collapsing!" It's breaking up!

Anyone who was left on the airship arrives.

"We've come to help!
Come on, hurry!
The airship's parked up ahead."
There's no time to lose!
Airship's just ahead.

If Tina never rejoined the party, she swoops in for a somewhat awkward landing now.

{Celes}: {Tina}!
 You came for us!
You're back!

If already present, Tina steps forward and transforms, but it seems to take more effort than usual.

{Celes}: Come on! Let's go!
 Everyone work together.
{CELES}: Come on, everybody!
We have to work together!

After taking a few steps, Tina falls over.

{Celes}: {Tina}!
 What's wrong?
What's wrong?

Some of the party's magicite flies up and poofs into vapor.

: The magicite...
: Magic is disappearing from our world...
The Magicite...
Magic is disappearing from this world...
{Edgar}: Since the Genjuu are
 ceasing to exist...
{EDGAR}: The Espers...
They no longer exist...
{Celes}: Will {Tina} also...? {CELES}: You mean {TERRA} too?

Tina gets up slowly, but acts as if nothing had happened.

{Tina}: Follow me.
 I'll use the last of my remaining
 strength to guide everyone out!
{TERRA}: Come with me.
I can lead you out with my last ounce of strength.

Fade to white, then to black.

Escape from the Tower

The ending music, 3-15 "Ending Theme", starts up.

Brief scenes follow for each character, whether recruited or not, as remixed versions of their leitmotifs play. If a character is absent, the scene is replaced with the character portrait superimposed over a panning monochrome view of a location associated with the character. Additionally, the scenes for several of them are drastically different depending on the presence or absence of specific other characters.

Note that Celes, Edgar, and Setzer appear more often than anyone else. This is because only they are required by the storyline to be present. Tina will also show up and help with the escape regardless, but she isn't often used as a filler character in other scenes, so having her arrive before the escape may not have been finalized when the rest of the scenes were written.

Scene: Book on table. The pages start flipping on their own in the order that a Japanese book would be read (right to left). Pixelate to black.

Cayenne's theme remix. What I would guess to be a wakizashi (Japanese short sword) pans onto the screen, drawn partway from its sheath.

Cayenne Garamonde

Monochrome scene: Celes, Cayenne, and Edgar walk down some stairs. Celes goes on ahead, but the stairs collapse under Edgar and he grabs onto the edge.

 そ そこのスイッチを! 


{Edgar}: {Cayenne}!
 Th-the switch there!

{Cayenne}: I fare not well with machines!

Think you can handle that switch?!

{CYAN}: Machines...
I HATE machines!

Cayenne circles the switch a few times, eying it suspiciously, before finally working up his nerve and jumping on it hard enough to knock himself down. The stairs reappear.

{Cayenne}: Things work out in the
 end even for the machine-inept!
{CYAN}: You just have to show technology who's boss!!

He laughs, and the scene fades out.

If Cayenne never rejoined, we see Doma Castle instead.

A Setzer's theme remix plays as numerous aces of diamonds float down.

Setzer Gabbiani

Monochrome scene: Setzer runs ahead, with Celes behind, but the passage suddenly turns into a wall, leaving a fork. Setzer tosses a coin, which lands on the left side. Celes, with Edgar following, starts to go left, but...


{Setzer}: Wait!
{SETZER}: Wait!

The others go back to the right, Celes stopping long enough to give Setzer back his coin. The left path suddenly explodes. Setzer says, with a taunting look,


でも それは大きなミステイク 

{Setzer}: ...right now, the opposite
 of what you're thinking is correct.

But... that's a grave mistake.
{SETZER}: Let's go that way!!

Sometimes in life you just have to FEEL your way through a situation!

The others hurry through the safe passage. Setzer looks a bit annoyed.

{Setzer}: You did always use to
 say that, Daryl!
{SETZER}: Daryl...I'm starting to sound just like you!

Fade out.

Edgar and Mash theme remix. A two-headed coin spins along, stopping with Edgar's bust showing.

Edgar Roni Figaro

The coin spins a few more times, this time stopping with Mash's bust showing.

Mash Rene Figaro

Monochrome scene: Edgar leads Setzer, Celes, and Mash, running up to a door that is reluctant to open. Suddenly, a massive steel beam falls toward Edgar, but Mash rushes forward to catch it.



{Mash}: I didn't foist the country
 off on you, big bro.

You support the country.
And I support you in all that.
That's why I strove to get stronger.
{SABIN}: I didn't turn my back on the kingdom, big brother...
I knew you'd be a better king.
I trained hard knowing I might have to help you one day...
Now I know why I have these stupid muscles!

Mash flings the beam away, and he, Setzer, and Celes hurry through the door. Edgar stops a moment to do his taunting pose. Fade out.

If Mash never rejoined the party, the beam narrowly misses Edgar, but he and the others are hard pressed to move it out of the way.

{Edgar}: It's times like this I really
 wish {Mash} were here...
{EDGAR}: Where's {SABIN} when you need him...?

He steps aside to let Celes go ahead of him, and Setzer follows suit.

{エドガー}「レディファースト  {Edgar}: Ladies first. {EDGAR}: Ladies first!

Mog theme remix. Dancing moogles on a wind-up toy hop off and start shimmying along.


Monochrome scene: Mog comes out of a tunnel, followed by Edgar, but the floor gives way, leaving Mog stranded to the side. Edgar manages to climb up to higher ground.

{モグ}「たすけてクポー!  {Mog}: Save me, kupooo! {MOG}: Heeeeelp! Save me!

Edgar finds some controls and operates a crane to pick Mog up. Mog is rather startled. Edgar sets him down on solid ground.

{Mog}: I'm not a stuffed animal,

{MOG}: The hair!!
Watch the hair!!!

Mog looks annoyed, and Edgar laughs.

If Mog never rejoined, or never joined at all, we see the icy cliffs above Narshe instead.

Fade out. Umaro theme remix. The shimmying moogles approach a crude skull and crossbones.


The skull's eyes glow and the jaw flips open. The lead moogle is startled, the others run into him, and they all fall down.

Monochrome scene: Celes, followed by Setzer, reaches a door that won't open, even when she rams it. Umaro walks up.

{セリス}「あかない!  {Celes}: It won't open! {CELES}: It won't open!
{ウーマロ}「ウガー!  {Umaro}: Ugaah! {UMARO}: U'ghaaaa!

Umaro crashes through the thick barrier to the side, amazing the onlookers. They go through, stop as if to thank him, and continue through the door over there. Umaro does a little dance.

{ウーマロ}「ウガー!  {Umaro}: Ugaah! {UMARO}: U'ghaaaa!

Fade out.

If Umaro never joined, we see the icy cliffs above Narshe instead.

Gogo's theme remix. An eye glimmers inside a strangely adorned as the camera pans by.


Monochrome scene: Celes, Gogo, Setzer, and Edgar run through a room, but the floor collapses, leaving Celes by the exit, Gogo across from her, and the others stranded on the far side. Celes tries hitting a switch.

{Celes}: We have to push the buttons on
 both sides in the same sequence!
{CELES}: Both buttons have to be pressed simultaneously...

Setzer hops up and down.

{Setzer}: {Gogo}!
 Mimic {Celes}!
Watch {CELES} and do exactly what she does!

Celes blinks, and so does Gogo. Celes and Gogo run up and hit the switches, moving as mirror images. Edgar and Setzer get across safely, and they leave, followed by Celes, but Gogo isn't paying attention (I guess) and falls in a pit, where only cartoonish glowing eyes are seen. Fade out.

If Gogo never joined, we see the first room inside Gogo's cave instead.

Gau's theme remix. The scuba helmet is shown.


Eyes blink inside the helmet, and a big mouth. Monochrome scene: Gau, Celes, Edgar run by. Gau stops suddenly and looks around.

 ちかみち ちかみち! 
{Gau}: {Gau}
 Shortcut, shortcut!
{GAU}: {GAU} find short cut!

Gau slides down the cliff face. Edgar and Celes follow, but look a bit shaken up. Gau leaps triumphantly (I guess).

 ちかみち ちかみち! 
{Gau}: {Gau}
 Shortcut, shortcut!
{GAU}: {GAU} find short cut!

Gau shoves Celes, who looks shocked, down the next cliff, and follows. Fade out.

If Gau never rejoined, we see the inside of the Crescent Moon Mountain cave instead.

Celes theme remix. We see a bouquet of roses.

Lock Cole
Celes Chere

The Celes theme remix starts to transition into a Lock's theme remix.

Monochrome scene: Tina (transformed) runs across a walkway, followed by Edgar, Lock, Setzer, and Celes, who drops a bandana then stops with a look of shock.

Note how this scene makes little sense unless Cid died and the ensuing scene occurred.

: Hurry!
 It's falling apart!
Come on!
This floor's about to break apart!

Celes runs back to grab the bandana, but the walkway is already crumbling. She manages to grab onto the edge of a section that seems stable for now, and Lock runs and dives for her hand.

{セリス}「{ロック}!!  {Celes}: {Lock}!! {CELES}: {LOCKE}!!
{Lock}: I'll never let go!
{LOCKE}: I will not let go...
...I promise!

He pulls her up, probably with more enthusiasm than is needed.

: Don't be an idiot!
 And for something like that?
You almost ate it trying to pick up that silly trinket!

Edgar runs on ahead and Setzer follows. The room starts shaking again, so Lock grabs Celes and carries her across, even leaping over a section. Fade out.

If Lock never rejoined the party, Setzer goes to rescue Celes instead.

{Setzer}: Don't fall!
 And promise you'll let me see you
 done up as Maria one more time!
{SETZER}: Don't fall!
Remember, you promised me you'd do your "Maria" act again!
{Setzer}: Putting your life on the
 line for a single bandana...
 What a woman.
{SETZER}: What a woman!
Your life is hanging by a bandana!

The others run ahead.

{Celes}: My lucky charm...
 It changed my fate...
{CELES}: This is my good luck charm... When I found this, my life took a turn for the better...
{Celes}: {Lock}...
 I know you're out there somewhere
 watching over me, aren't you?
Promise me someday you'll look after me again?!

A Tina's theme remix plays over two wineglasses, one with a fancy pendant draped over it. Symbolic of her dual nature?

Tina Branford

Monochrome scene: Tina (transformed) leads Edgar, Celes, and Setzer through the ruins of the Sorcery Research Laboratory, but stops suddenly with a look of shock. The others stop to see what's the matter. One magicite floats up.

{ティナ}「おとうさん……?  {Tina}: Dad...? {TERRA}: Father......?
Madin: {Tina}, this is farewell. The Genjuu
 are vanishing from this world. Perhaps
 even you, who have Genjuu blood...
MADUIN: {TERRA}...we must part now. We Espers will disappear from this world...

Madin: But if you've been able to feel
 something precious as a human...

Then perhaps as a human...
MADUIN: But if the human part of you is very strongly attached to something or someone...

You will probably be able to remain in this world as a human being...

She nods, but Madin's stone puffs into vapor. The others run ahead, and Tina follows with visible reluctance. Fade out.

Relm's theme remix. A brush is shown.

Relm Arrowny

Monochrome scene: Relm and Stragus slowly move down a conveyor belt the wrong way. Stragus slips and starts to slide back, but Relm notices and runs after him.

{Relm}: No! Don't give up, gramps.
{RELM}: Grandpa!
Stop goofing around!!
{Stragus}: Sorry about that.
{Relm}: Keep complaining so much,
 and I'll paint your portrait!
{STRAGO}: Sorry, dear...
{RELM}: If I hear even a peep out of you, I'm gonna draw your portrait!
{Stragus}: Awawa, anything but that! {STRAGO}: No!
Anything but that!

Relm continues against the belt's movement, helping Stragus along.

{リルム}「… …でもね。
{Relm}: ... ...but you know.
 I want to paint a real portrait
 for you some time, gramps.
{RELM}: ... ...but you know...
Just once I'd really like to do a portrait of you...on canvas, of course!
 よせい こんな時に……
{Stragus}: {Relm}...
 This is hardly the time...
 I can't see when I'm tearing up!
How can you be thinking about pictures at a time like this?!

Fade out.

If Relm rejoined the party but Stragus did not, she struggles on her own as Celes, Edgar, and Setzer each hurry past in turn.

Stragus is the only character to both affect another character's mini scene and also get his own, for what it's worth.

{リルム}「まけないぞー!年増女!  {Relm}: You can't beat me, you old hag! {RELM}: I won't be done in by an older woman!
{リルム}「こら待て!色男ー!  {Relm}: Dammit, lech! Wait up! {RELM}: Wait a minute,
lover boy!
{Relm}: Hey, loser!
 Don't leave me behiiiind!!
{RELM}: You can't just throw me aside!
{リルム}「似顔絵かくぞーー!!  {Relm}: I'll paint your portraits, dammit!! {RELM}: How about a nice portrait for you, hmm?!

The others drift back with alarmed expressions, only for her to shove them out of her way and rush ahead.

If Relm never rejoined, we see Thamasa Village instead.

Transition to Shadow's theme, remixed and orchestrated into something more moving and tragic, as an apple appears.


Two throwing stars thunk into the apple.

Monochrome scene: Celes, Edgar, and Setzer rush up the tower. Interceptor follows them, and Shadow follows behind, but suddenly stops, stares at the ground, and deliberately goes the wrong way. Interceptor runs back to him and tries to get him to move, but Shadow just shakes his head and pushes Interceptor away.

{Shadow}: Go, Interceptor! {SHADOW}: Interceptor!
Get going!

Interceptor starts to go, then turns back, reluctant to leave.

{シャドウ}「元気でな……  {Shadow}: Take care... {SHADOW}: Stay well...

Shadow rushes up to a far corner of the tower.

{Shadow}: Billy.
 Looks like I'm done with running.
 Give me a warm welcome.
{SHADOW}: Baram!
I'm going to stop running.
I'm going to begin all over again...

The tower's crumbling intensifies. Fade out.

If Shadow never rejoined, we see... huh. Thamasa Village. How about that.

Transition to a Stragus's theme remix, as the book with flipping pages reappears.

Stragus Magus

Monochrome scene: Stragus and Relm reach the top of the tower, where the airship's line dangles just out of reach, even with Stragus's exaggerated anime-ish jumping.

{ストラゴス}「まだ まだ。
{Stragus}: It's far from over.
 I'm not losing to youngsters!
{STRAGO}: No...NO!!!!
A "kid" like me doesn't know the meaning of defeat!

He climbs to the highest point, jumps a few times, and grabs the hook.

{ストラゴス}「キャッチ!!  {Stragus}: Catch!! {STRAGO}: Gotcha!!

His weight pulls the line down far enough for Relm to grab on. Fade out.

If Stragus never rejoined, we see Thamasa Village instead.

The book reappears, and the music comes to a conclusion.


After a pixelized fadeout, a dramatic minor key remix of Setzer's theme plays as everyone (except Shadow, Mog, Umaro, Gogo, Gau, and anyone other than Tina who wasn't recruited by the end) is seen rushing onto the airship deck.

{ティナ}「ついて来て!  {Tina}: Follow me! {TERRA}: Come with me!

Tina takes off and flies ahead. Setzer starts up the airship and follows. Another magicite flies out...

{エドガー}「最後の魔石が! {Edgar}: The last of the magicite! {EDGAR}: The last piece of Magicite!

...and poofs into vapor.

{Celes}: {Tina}!
 That's enough!
 Your power's nearly...
It's okay!
Your power! It's fading...

I can almost hear the pleading tone in her voice...

The airship and Tina clear the tower and rise above the clouds into open airspace. The sky reverts to its usual blue-with-white-clouds appearance, but Tina, on the other hand, is looking off-color...

{Celes}: {Tina}'s losing her power! {CELES}: {TERRA},
your strength is going!

Celes and Edgar run to the railing as Tina starts to plummet. Edgar signals to Setzer, who takes the controls and guns the engine.

The following lines from the ROM look appropriate here, but are unused.

{エドガー}「追うんだ!  {Edgar}: After her! {EDGAR}: Follow her!
{セッツァー}「まかせろ!  {Setzer}: Leave it to me! {SETZER}: Leave it to me!

The airship goes into a dive, and the music comes to a local climax before settling into something more peaceful...

Some children on a cliff overlooking a waterfall see a plummeting shiny something change course and start to slowly rise. Another girl comes up and hops, and the others follow her away.

Mobliz ruins: The kids all run into a house (wrong house, oops), looking excited. Catalina is lying on a bed, with Dean by her side.

    がんばってカタリーナ…  Keep going, Catalina...     Do it right, Katarin...!

They look around as if trying to figure out where the voice is coming from.

       私もまだ……  I can still...     Gotta hang in there...

Fade out, then fade from white to the airship deck. Everyone who had joined the party except Tina, Shadow, Gogo, and Umaro is visible, and they all look passed out.

      ……がんばれる  ...keep going too.     ...for a while longer...

I'm pretty sure those are supposed to be Tina's words, but you'd never guess it from the NA version.

Celes sits up, then Edgar.

まだ……がんばれる?  Can still... keep going? Just a little longer...

Edgar and Celes stand up. The others start to sit up (Mog gets to his feet pretty quickly, for what it's worth).

{ティナ}は!?  {Tina}!? Where's {TERRA}!?

Celes runs around, checking that everyone's fine, but mostly looking for Tina. She turns toward the bow, and with a look of surprise...

{セリス}「{ティナ}!  {Celes}: {Tina}! {CELES}: {TERRA}!

...the camera pans to the bow, where Tina, back to her human self, lies. As the others continue to get up, Celes pulls Tina into a more open area. Setzer comes over too, and Tina slowly gets up.

{Tina}: Thank you, {Setzer}... {TERRA}: Thank you,

The music transitions into a boisterous Setzer's theme remix

{Setzer}: I told you, didn't I?
 She's the world's fastest ship.
{SETZER}: Didn't I say it before?! This is the world's fastest ship!

Credits, with airship flybys, a sailing ship on a blue ocean with seagulls, the airship skimming the ocean with seagulls all around, and the airship flying over green grasslands and forests and blue lakes with an escort of birds. The music transitions into a Tina's theme remix as the screen pans over green land, then switches to a close-up rear-view of the airship cruising over the same.

The music transitions into a remix of the classic Final Fantasy track "Prologue" and soon after we see everyone on the ariship deck (again except for Shadow, Gogo, and Umaro). Tina walks around, looking down over the sides.

Anyone who never rejoined the party is simply absent; everyone else behaves the same regardless of whether they're here or not.

In Mobliz, Catalina now has a baby. Isn't that special. All the kids hop around. And Dean just grabs the baby like some kind of kleptomaniac, prompting the kids to hop some more. Another kid comes in and hops, and most of the kids run outside. A brief shadow passes by, probably the airship flying overhead, and the kids run off as if to chase after it.

Back on deck, Tina waves and laughs. The focus moves to Stragos and a happy-looking Relm.

In Thamasa, a shadow passes overhead as people (and possibly a familiar dog) run around. The burned-down house is finally being repaired, and is mysteriously finished in about ten seconds despite having remained in ruins for over a year.

Back on deck, Celes looks off the side, Edgar comes over (and flirts with her, I think); she heads to the other side with Lock, Mash, and Tina. Relm then runs up to Edgar, probably to flirt (which you may recall even he thinks is kinda creepy). Meanwhile, Celes look toward Lock, who waves his arms and points over the railing.

In Kohlingen, a shadow passes overhead, and that seed has finally sprouted. The brown flower bushes also turn blue.

Back on deck, Mash heads over to Edgar and says something that breaks Relm's seemingly smug look. Relm leaves them to go back to Stragus as they look over the edge.

The music adds a regal-sounding tone as a shadow passes by Castle Figaro, where the chocobo soldiers are drilling and the chancellor watches the airship fly by (presumably).

Back on deck, Mash waves. Tina walks up to the bow of the airship (Celes follows halfway), undoes her ribbon, and lets her hair blow in the wind. Birds fly by and the music gets more energetic as if to emphasize the sheer coolness of this event.

Maybe I'm missing something cultural? ...I know cutting hair is a Big Deal, anyway...

We see more birds flying around various places that have become healthy and green once again, as the music continues to build. Birds also flock around the airship, and then Setzer guns the engine. We finally get a brief glimpse of Gogo and Umaro—but not Shadow, I'm afraid—at the aft end of the deck just before the fadeout as the camera pans that way.

The music goes wild, and the Falcon flies off triumphantly. After a fadeout, "THE END" appears, with flowing watery colors filling in the letters, and the ending theme comes to a conclusion. Around thirty seconds later, a streaming starfield materializes and this game's version of "The Prelude" plays.

The End

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