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Pointy Things to Throw from...

Final Fantasy VI

Here's a reference table of Throwable weapons, sorted by attack power, with bonus information listing where to get them in unlimited quantity (if possible). All methods listed are the ones that I consider the least troublesome to use of those available at the end of the game, except where none exist then.

Methods marked with an asterisk (*) only apply before the Major Plot Spoiler. There is no way to stock up on these items afterward.

Warning: May contain spoilers

WeaponAtkTrait How to Get Unlimited AmountsCost
Lightbringer255- --
Ragnarök255- --
Sagojou's Spear253- rare drop from Tyrannosaurus, or rare steal from Grand Insect-
Glow Lance227- --
Kagenui220- --
Excalibur217Holy --
Mutsunokami215- --
Zantetsuken208- --
Gladius204Holy --
Heal Rod200- --
Ame no Murakumo199- wager Masamune in coliseum-
Wing Edge198- --
Holy Lance194Holy wager Ame no Murakumo in coliseum, or rare steal from Holy Dragon-
Ichigeki Blade190- morph Invisible-
Kazaguruma190- wager Fuuma Shuriken at coliseum-
Death's Cards187- --
Ogre Nix182- wager Flametongue, Icebrand, or Thunder Blade in coliseum-
Falchion176- buy in Maranda17,000
Sniper172- buy in Jidoor15,000
Wizard Rod168- --
Crystal Sword167- buy in Jidoor15,000
Swordbreaker164- buy in Maranda16,000
Masamune162- rare steal from Bodyguard-
Partisan150- buy in Jidoor13,000
Maneater146- buy in Jidoor or Thamasa11,000
Golden Spear139- buy in South Figaro, Kohlingen, or Thamasa12,000
Enhance Sword135- buy in Nikaea, South Figaro, or Kohlingen10,000
Critical Darts133- buy in Kohlingen13,000
Fuuma Shuriken132- buy in Thamasa500
Soul Saber125- wager Ogre Nix in coliseum-
Holy Rod124Holy buy in Thamasa12,000
Blood Sword121- buy in Tzen-
Sasuke's Katana121- rare steal from Baal-zephon-
Gravity Rod120Earth buy in Thamasa or Maranda13,000
Break Blade117- rare steal from Outsider12,000
Rising Sun117- common steal from Punisher-
Darts115- buy in Kohlingen10,000
Heavy Lance112- buy in South Figaro10,000
Sakura Fubuki112Wind * buy in Alburg, Vector, or Narshe3,200
Punisher111- --
Hawkeye111- * buy in Thamasa or Narshe6,000
Murasame110- rare steal from Kamuy9,000
Flametongue108Flame buy in Alburg, Tzen, or Nikaea7,000
Icebrand108Ice buy in Alburg, Tzen, or Nikaea7,000
Thunder Blade108Thunder buy in Alburg, Tzen, or Nikaea7,000
Assassin Dagger106- morph Invisible-
Cards104- -1,000
Boomerang102- * buy in Tzen, Maranda, or Narshe4,500
Kazekiri Blade101Wind -8,000
Bastard Sword98- * buy on southern continent3,000
Full Moon95- rare steal from Purusha2,500
Trident93Water buy in South Figaro1,700
Kodachi93- * buy in Jidoor1,200
Thief's Knife88- rare steal from Veil Dance-
Poison Rod86Poison common steal from Toecutter1,500
Shuriken86- buy in Thamasa30
Kunai82- common steal from Baal-zephon600
Kikuichimonji81- * buy in Jidoor, Alburg, or Vector1,200
Air Knife76Wind dropped by Orient Devil950
Mithril Spear70- * buy in Nikaea, Narshe, Alburg, or Maranada800
Kotetsu66- * buy in Mobliz, Nikaea, Narshe, or Alburg800
Mithril Rod60- dropped by Joker500
Main Gauche59- rare steal from Lesser Ropross-
Asura57- common steal from Kamuy500
Rune Blade55- buy in Nikaea (WoR)7500
Greatsword54- * buy in South Figaro or Narshe800
Mithril Sword38- common steal from Corpse450
Mithril Knife30- common steal from Lesser Ropross300
Dagger26- common steal from Amduscias150

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