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Track names based on Internet sources, basically Wikipedia with verification based on other sites. The English version names come from the official English OST release, entitled Kefka's Domain. I use these track names elsewhere simply because they're so familiar.

Warning: May contain spoilers

# JP FFVI OSV Translated Kefka's Domain
Disc 1
01 予兆 Omens Opening Theme

Not just an opening theme; the name means something.

02 炭坑都市ナルシェ Coal Mine City Narshe The Mines of Narshe
03 目覚め Awakening Awakening
04 ロックのテーマ Lock's Theme Locke
05 戦闘 Battle Battle Theme
06 勝利のファンファーレ Victory Fanfare Fanfare
07 エドガー、マッシュのテーマ Edgar and Mash's Theme Edgar & Sabin
08 魔導士ケフカ Sorcerer Cefca Kefka
09 霊峰コルツ Sacred Colts Mountain Mt. Kolts

Interesting that it's called a sacred mountain here, but nowhere else.

10 反乱分子 Rebel Element Returners

Which obviously refers to the Returners, but isn't actually their name.

11 シャドウのテーマ Shadow's Theme Shadow
12 帝国の進軍 Imperial March Troops March On
13 カイエンのテーマ Cayenne's Theme Cyan
14 許されざる者 The Unforgiven The Unforgiven

~されざる is an archaic verb conjugation that fits Cayenne's usage.

15 迷いの森 Misleading Forest The Phantom Forest

Zelda games translate that as "Lost Woods", which as I've pointed out elsewhere isn't quite right since the idea is that it's anyone going into the woods who gets lost, not that the woods themselves are.

16 魔列車 The Grim Train Phantom Train
17 獣ヶ原 The Beast Plain Wild West
18 ガウのテーマ Gau's Theme Gau
19 蛇の道 Serpent's Way The Serpent Trench
20 街角の子供達 Children in the Streets Kids Run Through the City

Style points to Kefka's Domain.

21 戒厳令 Martial Law Under Martial Law
22 セリスのテーマ Celes's Theme Celes
23 幻獣を守れ! Defend the Genjuu! Save Them!

Specifically the mass battle at Narshe, where the party keeps the Empire from reaching the frozen Genjuu.

24 決戦 Decisive Battle The Decisive Battle
25 メタモルフォーゼ Metamorphose Metamorphosis
Disc 2
01 ティナのテーマ Tina's Theme Terra
02 運命のコイン Coin of Fate Coin Song
03 テクノdeチョコボ Techno de Chocobo Techno de Chocobo
04 永遠に、レイチェル Rachel, Forever Forever Rachel
05 スラム・シャッフル Slam Shuffle Slam Shuffle
06 スピナッチ・ラグ Spinach Rag Spinach Rag

The name parodies "Maple Leaf Rag".

07 序曲 Overture Overture
08 アリア Aria Aria di Mezzo Carattere

Who knows where the extra (apparent) Italian came from.

09 婚礼のワルツ ~決闘 Wedding Waltz ~ Duel The Wedding
10 大団円 Grand Finale Grand Finale?
11 セッツァーのテーマ Setzer's Theme Setzer
12 ジョニー・C・バッド Johnny C. Badd Johnny C Bad

The name parodies "Johnny B. Goode".

13 ガストラ帝国 Gastra Empire The Empire "Gestahl"
14 魔導研究所 Sorcery Research Laboratory Devil's Lab
15 飛空挺ブラックジャック Airship Blackjack Blackjack
16 ん?2 Huh? ??

Roughly. The Japanese name is rather odd.

17 モグのテーマ Mog's Theme Mog
18 ストラゴスのテーマ Stragus's Theme Strago
19 リルムのテーマ Relm's Theme Relm
20 幻獣界 Genjuu World Another World of Beasts

That should at least be "an otherworld" and mention Espers instead of beasts.

Disc 3
01 魔大陸 Mystic Continent New Continent
02 大破壊 Catastrophe Catastrophe

More literally, major destruction.

03 死闘 Battle to the Death The Fierce Battle
04 レスト・イン・ピース Rest in Peace Rest in Peace
05 死界 Dead World Dark World
06 あの日から... Since That Day... The Day After
07 仲間を求めて In Search of Companions Searching for Friends
08 ゴゴのテーマ Gogo's Theme Gogo
09 墓碑名 Epitaph Epitaph
10 からくり屋敷 Gimmicky Mansion The Magic House

Roughly. The term generally refers to complicated hidden mechanisms.

11 ウーマロのテーマ Umaro's Theme Umaro
12 狂信集団 Fanatics Fanatics
13 邪神の塔 The Evil God's Tower Last Dungeon

I'm not sure why they would abandon such an evocative name for such a generic one.

14 妖星乱舞 Dancing Mad Dancing Mad

Roughly, but it's hard to argue with that, and the original doesn't translate well. If I had to attempt a literal translation, it would come out something like Ominous Star Dance Frenzy.

15 蘇る緑 Greenery Reborn Ending Theme

Like the opening theme, the name is more meaningful.

16 プレリュード Prelude The Prelude

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