Kouga - face
鋼牙 (こうが)


Kouga - full body  Leader of a tribe of wolf youkai. He's infatuated with Kagome, and, partly as a result of that, partly because both are hot-headed, neither he nor Inuyasha can stand each other. Kouga had a Shikon shard in each leg, giving him incredible running speed.


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 Kouga's name literally means 'steel fangs'.

Current status

 Kouga generally works alone. He's one of many out to kill Naraku, mostly as revenge for his (largely slaughtered) tribe. After acquiring the ancestral youkai claws Goraishi, he fought valiantly against Naraku and alongside Inuyasha for a time, but Naraku ultimately stole his Shikon shards. Realizing that he would be a liability, Kouga has since dropped out of the fight.

Special powers, etc.

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Voice: 松野太紀

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