Miroku - face
弥勒 (みろく)


Miroku - full body  A powerful Buddhist monk. Despite being a monk, Miroku has an overdeveloped interest in women and money, and, among other things, will often con wealthy locals into providing food, lodging, and supplies.


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 弥勒 was apparently the name of an actual famous bodhisattva. Presumably the namesake was less of a delinquent than Inuyasha's Miroku.

Current status

 Miroku travels with Sango, Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippou, and Kirara. He intends to destroy Naraku, not only to remove the curse upon himself, but also because of the whole tormenting and killing innocent people for fun thing. Miroku has an on-and-off romance with Sango, which his tendency to flirt with any attractive female isn't helping with.

Special powers, etc.

Kazaana Voice: 辻谷耕史

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