Mouryoumaru - face
魍魎丸 (もうりょうまる)


Mouryoumaru - current form  A creature created by Hakudoushi for Naraku's baby.


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 Once combined with Naraku's baby, Mouryoumaru begins acting independently, and additionally becomes able to absorb youki, and integrate youkai and their powers into himself. Since many attacks are youki-based, this means that Mouryoumaru may actually grow stronger when attacked. However, even he can't handle overwhelming amounts of youki all at once.

Current status

 Combined with Naraku's baby. Together, they plot to usurp Naraku's position. Having recently absorbed the shell of one of the best-armored youkai ever to live, along with diamond spears from Inuyasha's Kongousouha, Mouryoumaru is stronger than ever. Despite that, he might be in trouble, since Kikyou and Kohaku, Inuyasha's group, and Sesshoumaru have him surrounded at the moment.

Special powers, etc.

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