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Final Fantasy VI

The Airship Blackjack  |

The scene shifts to show Setzer and Celes. They're in a rather well-decorated room, presumably on the airship. There's an opening in the floor, surrounded by railing, on one side of the room. Some machinery visible through the hole is spinning rapidly.

{Setzer}: I'll love you up good after
 this when we have more time.
{SETZER}: I'll deal with you in a minute!

Nope, no innuendo there. :-P

He leaves the room, locking the door behind him. The music stops. Celes bangs on the door a few times, then turns around and winks. She walks to the opening and pulls up Lock and any other party members, one at a time.

{Lock}: Great job playing actress.
{Celes}: Don't mock me.
{LOCKE}: What a performance!
{CELES}: Enough already!
{Lock}: But the real thing starts now.
 It's the beginning of the second act.
{LOCKE}: But this is the tough one! Part 2 begins now!
{ロック}「{セッツァー}は? {Lock}: Where's {Setzer}? {LOCKE}: ...
Where's {SETZER}?
{セリス}「来るわ。 {Celes}: He's coming. {CELES}: He's coming.

And sure enough, Setzer soon rushes into the room.

{Setzer}: H-how dare you!?
 Y-you're not Maria!!
{SETZER}: W...who're YOU?
You're not Maria!

The distinction doesn't come through in translation, but the first "you" uses a ruder plural, きさまら (kisamara), yelling at the group as a whole, while the second uses a somewhat more neutral singular, おまえ (omae), speaking only to Celes.

{Celes}: Please, {Setzer}.
 We want to go to Vector.
 So your airship...
{CELES}: {SETZER}, we need your help. We have to go to Vector. We need this ship to get there.
{Setzer}: I want nothing to do
 with you if you're not Maria.
{SETZER}: Look, if you're not Maria, I don't want you aboard.

He starts to leave the room. Celes and the others run up in turn.

{Celes}: Wait! We're here because we
 heard your ship's the world's best.
{CELES}: Wait!
We were told your ship is the finest vessel in the world.
{Lock}: And that you're the world's
 best gambler.
{LOCKE}: And that you were the world's most notorious gambler...

Any remaining characters also run up, and most have a line as they do. Gau doesn't speak here, and Mash has nothing to add if Edgar spoke.

{Edgar}: I'm king of Figaro.
 I'll offer a sizable reward if
 you cooperate with us.
{EDGAR}: I'm the King of Figaro. If you cooperate, you'll be well rewarded...
{Mash}: My big bro's king of Figaro.
 I'll try asking him to offer a reward
 if you cooperate with us.
{SABIN}: My brother's the King of Figaro. Cooperate, and you'll be well rewarded!
{Cayenne}: I am a warrior of Doma.
 I also implore thee.
{CYAN}: I'm one of Doma's Knights. Please, help us.

After everyone has finished, Setzer turns around.

{セッツァー}「来な。 {Setzer}: Come here. {SETZER}: Come here.
{Celes}: Then...?
{Setzer}: Don't get the wrong idea.
 I still haven't said I'll lend a hand.
{CELES}: Yeah...
{SETZER}: Don't misunderstand me. I'm still not sure if I'm going to help you.

Everyone moves to a larger room, where Setzer stands by a card table, and his theme resumes playing.

{Setzer}: Phew...
 Business is ruined thanks to the Empire.
{SETZER}: Phew...
The Empire's made me a rich man.

Way to get the meaning backwards. He's commenting on the woeful lack of patrons in the casino, and he's certainly not fond of the Empire. The confusion is understandable, though, since あがったり (agattari) brings to mind, and is even derived from, the verb 上がる (agaru), which most typically means "to go up" and seems positive. It has other meanings, though, including "to reach an end". あがったり means something more like "done for" than "on the rise".

{Celes}: It's not just you.
 Many towns and villages are
 under the Empire's control.
{CELES}: Stop thinking of yourself. Many towns and villages have been smashed by the Empire.

Smashed? Silly words. Empire not smash. Hulk smash!

{Lock}: The Empire is abusing the
 power of sorcery and trying to
 make the world its own.
{LOCKE}: The Empire's also totally rotten! It's using magic to enslave the world.

Other characters present chime in, though Gau again remains silent.

{Edgar}: My country had been in
 cooperative relations with the
 Empire, but that's all over now.
{EDGAR}: The Empire and my realm were allies...
until recently.
{Mash}: I say no thanks to doing
 as the Empire says, period.
{SABIN}: The Empire'll end up owning you!
{Cayenne}: ...I too have lost
 family and compatriots.
{CYAN}: ...I lost my friends...
and my family.
{セッツァー}「…帝国 ……か。 {Setzer}: ...the Empire... huh. {SETZER}: The Empire ...evil...?
{Celes}: Your viewpoint is the same as ours
 as far as hating the Empire goes. So...
{Setzer}: Now that I've had a good look at you,
 you're even more beautiful than Maria.
{Celes}: Huh??
{CELES}: We all hate the Empire for the same reasons. That's why...
{SETZER}: You're even more stunning than Maria.
{CELES}: ????

The same reasons? Not really, just the same dislike, and she's including Setzer in that, not trying to convince him to feel the same.

Celes turns away after Setzer's line, blushing bright red. Setzer circles partway around her.

Through the magic of oversights and shared palettes, Edgar turns red too if he's here. Oops. Or maybe he's just mad that Setzer's outflirting him. Though that wouldn't explain why Mash also turns red if present, especially since the scene with Cayenne and the dancer established that he doesn't embarrass easily.

{Setzer}: I've decided!
 {Celes}, you'll become my woman.
 I'll help then. Those are my terms.
{SETZER}: Enough!
If you...
If {CELES} becomes my wife, I'll help. Otherwise...
{Lock}: Wait!
 You can't just decide that!
Are you stupid!?
{セリス}「わかったわ。 {Celes}: Fine. {CELES}: We haven't any choice.

Lock looks shocked.

{セッツァー}「よし!決まりだ! {Setzer}: All right! It's settled! {SETZER}: Yes! It's settled!
{セリス}「でも条件があるわ。 {Celes}: But I have conditions. {CELES}: But I have conditions...

If Edgar is present, Celes has a brief private talk with him.

Let's gamble on this coin.
Heads, you cooperate with us.
Tails, I become your woman.
How's that? Well, mister gambler?
We'll decide with a coin toss.
If it's heads, you'll help us. If it's tails, I'll go with you.
Well, Mr. Gambler...?

Oh dear me, I do believe she's flirting!

{Setzer}: Ho ho, very well.
 I accept.
{SETZER}: Oho! Fine!
I accept!
{Lock}: Are you okay with this?
 If you wind up as his woman...
{LOCKE}: Listen to yourself!
{CELES} can't become his wife! You just can't!

If present, Cayenne adds his two cents.

{Cayenne}: Thou knowest not what manner
 of things might be done unto thee, yea?
{CYAN}: That man uses people...

The vague phrase あんな事やこんな事 (anna koto ya konna koto) often refers to unspecified sexual acts. Add this to the dancer incident, and I'd say a certain someone has something of a dirty mind...

{セリス}「いいわね? {Celes}: All right? {CELES}: Ready?

The screen dims as she flips the coin. It bounces a few times and comes to a stop by Setzer.

{Celes}: I win.
 You'll lend a hand like you promised.
{CELES}: I win!
Now, honor your part of the bargain!

Setzer picks up the coin and takes a closer look at it.

{Setzer}: Precious thing, this.
 First I've seen the likes of a two-headed coin.
{SETZER}: How...unusual!
A coin with identical sides...!

Mash realizes something if both he and Edgar are here.

{Mash}: That coin...!?
 Big bro!
{SABIN}: That coin...!?
BIG BROTHER!!! Don't tell me...!

Recall that Edgar and Mash decided the succession with a coin flip... Also note that the sides are not necessarily identical, just both heads. The ending seems to imply that it's a specially made coin depicting Edgar on one side and Mash on the other.

{Celes}: Trickery's part of gambling too.
 Isn't that right, mister gambler?
{CELES}: I think you've been hustled, Mr. Gambler.

And she's still flirting. I wonder when the tough and previously chilly former Imperial general picked up that particular skill?

{Setzer}: Ha!
 Who knew you'd use such a
 dirty trick... I'm impressed.
 I like you better and better!!
Very well, I'll lend a hand.
This death gamble against the Empire has
me worked up like I haven't been in ages.
How low can you get?!
I love it!
All right, I'll help you.
Nothing to lose but my life...
I'll treat my life just like a chip
and wager it on you!
My life is a chip in your pile! Ante up!

The scene shifts to the deck of the airship, which resembles a normal wooden ship's deck, but with propellers and a large black blimp-like balloon attached. Everyone present is now on deck. It's dark out, and the music stops.

{Lock}: Impressive such a shabby
 ship can fly... it won't fall?
{LOCKE}: This unwieldy-looking ship really moves! Could it crash?
{Setzer}: When things fall,
 they fall...
 Life is just a series of gambles
 cutting a path through fate...
{SETZER}: When things fall, they fall! It's all a matter of fate...
{Lock}: Flying through Imperial airspace
 in this huge ship will stand out too much.
 Let's land some distance away so we
 don't attract their attention.
{Setzer}: Let's do that.
 I'll stay on the airship and make sure
 we can take off at a moment's notice.
{LOCKE}: This ship's going to stick out like a sore thumb. Better land some distance away.
{SETZER}: Right.
I'll wait on board in case of an emergency.

The Blackjack flies toward the Empire, low over the ocean under cover of night. "The Empire "Gestahl"" plays. The airship eventually lands near a town on the edge of the continent.

Once you've reached the southern continent, the ship isn't going anywhere until your business here is done. Hope you like the party you brought, since you won't be able to change it any time soon...

Workers on the Blackjack provide free healing and sell supplies, and another offers to remove equipment (including Genjuu) from inactive, or all, party members. However, there's little to do in the nearby town, or either of the two other outlying towns, except to shop and see that the Empire is occupying them.

Setzer remains on board, standing by the table where the coin flip happened earlier.

{Setzer}: What's the matter?
 Gotten scared of the Empire?
{SETZER}: What's going on?
The Empire's becoming paranoid!

アルブルグの町  Town of Alburg  | | . . . .  ALBROOK

Not much here except Imperial soldiers everywhere, but there are a few scholars with some interesting information.

I am a scholar of monsters.
The monsters on this continent are
weak against the power of magic.
I'm a scholar of magic. Monsters on this continent have only weak magical power.

Um. Weak against magic and having weak magic are not the same thing at all. This seems to be most applicable to the opponents in the upcoming Imperial Sorcery Research Laboratory, which are highly resistant to physical attacks but fall readily to magic.

I am a scholar of weapons.
It seems there were two weapons called
Ultima Weapon during the Great Magic
War 1000 years ago...
a sword to convert one's power to a blade,
and a demonic beast born for destruction.
I'm a scholar of weapons. 1000 years ago, during the War of the Magi, 2 so-called Atma Weapons existed.
One changed a person's power into a sword, the other was an monster, bred for mass destruction.

マランダの町  Town of Maranda  | | . . . .  MARANDA

There's not much here, either, but the party can find Lola, and she'll have something different to say depending on which letters (if any) have been sent to her on behalf of the wounded soldier in Mobliz

Nothing sent:

My boyfriend who went to war hasn't
been replying to my letters...
I can't help but worry...
My love hasn't sent me back any letters since he's been gone. I'm sick with worry...

First letter sent:

I got a reply to my letter from him!
Thank goodness... he's okay...
A letter came from him!
He's all right!

Record sent:

He sent me a record!
I'm so happy...
He sent me a record!
I'm so happy!

Potions sent:

He sent Potions for mother...
Isn't he kind...?
He sent some Tonic for Mom!
He's so kind!

The line after sending another letter is the same as the first time just a letter is sent.

Book sent:

He sent me a book...
I'm reading it every day before bed.
This book is my treasure...
He sent that book!
I'll read it every evening, before bed!

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