Kagura - face
神楽 (かぐら)


Kagura - in flight  A youkai spawned from Naraku, and his underling, though not by choice. Kagura controls the winds, and even says that she herself is the wind, and as the wind, wants to be free. Naraku literally holds her life in his hands, though, so she has little choice but to obey him.


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 Kagura's name refers to Shinto sacred singing and dancing, and most of her attacks have 舞 (まい), dance, somewhere in the name.

Current status

 Dead. Killed slowly and painfully by Naraku's shouki. Though Sesshoumaru was unable to save her, he was there when she died, and she was content with that. And now, she's finally free of Naraku...

Special powers, etc.

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