Naraku - current form face
奈落 (ならく)


Naraku - current form full body  The epitome of the evil villain. Naraku appears to enjoy nothing more than making as many people as possible suffer as much as possible. He's managed to make enemies of nearly every other character in the cast, including many of his own underlings.


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 Naraku typically manipulates events from behind the scenes, seldom risking a personal appearance. He generally sends out his minions to do his dirty work, though he never passes up an opportunity to trick his enemies into doing his job for him. Naraku has for some time been using a barrier to defend himself just in case on the rare occassions that he does appear personally. To make things even worse, Naraku has recently seperated his heart from the rest of his body, as Naraku's baby. As long as his heart remains intact, his body will recover, no matter how badly it's bruised, beaten, shot, sliced up, blasted, blown to bits, or any other destructive verb that comes to mind. Ironically, the baby has fused with Mouryoumaru and decided to become Naraku's rival.
 To make things more annoying for everyone else, Naraku changes his form repeatedly, growing more powerful with each revision.

Current status

 Just as evil as ever, and still growing steadily more powerful. It's hard to find a character who doesn't want him dead, yet he's managed to survive for quite a long time.

Special powers, etc.

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Voice: 森川智之

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