Monster data and attempted translations from...

Chronicles of Estpolis II


I have these sorted in the same order the game stores them, which tends to group related types but sometimes seems kind of random. Since I had the item drop information handy, I threw that into the mix, too.

Note that at most one item will drop per battle. Reportedly, whether an enemy drops something is determined on kill, and no other items can drop once a defeated enemy decides to drop something. In other words, if you want a drop from a specific enemy, kill that one first to maximize your chances. It also seems that there's a bug that prevents dropped equipment from displaying in the post-battle rewards message unless you don't have any in your inventory (e.g., if a Goblin drops a Short Sword when you already have one, you'll still get the sword, but the game won't tell you that you did).

ID# JP Name Translation NA Name
0 ゴブリン Goblin Goblin
Drops: Short Sword (10% chance)
1 ゴブリンアーマー Goblin Armor Armor goblin
Drops: Hard Leather (10% chance)
2 ゴブリンジパング Goblin Zipang Regal Goblin
Drops: Francisca (10% chance)

"Zipang" is an old name for Japan, though I'm not sure what it's doing here.

3 ゴブリンメイジ Goblin Mage Goblin Mage
Drops: High Magic (7.5% chance)
4 トロル Troll Troll
Drops: Multi Sword (7.5% chance)
5 オーク Orc Ork
Drops: Jet Helm (2.5% chance)

Both spellings have been used, but thanks in part to Tolkien, fantasy settings, at least, tend to prefer the 'c'.

6 オークファイター Orc Fighter Fighter ork
Drops: Power Drug (12.5% chance)
7 オークメイジ Orc Mage Ork Mage
Drops: High Magic (7.5% chance)
8 リザードマン Lizardman Lizardman
Drops: Big Boomerang (12.5% chance)
9 リザードメイジ Lizard Mage Skull Lizard
Drops: Mage Shield (2.5% chance)

I can't imagine where "skull" came from. Monster names don't get much more straightforward than this.

10 アーマダイト Armordite Armour Dait
Drops: Metal Coat (7.5% chance)

I'm not too sure about the name, either, but please, at least pay more attention to phonetics. Not only is "dait" not a word (in English, at least), but it looks like it should be read "date" instead of "dight".

11 ドラゴニアン Dragonian Dragonian
Drops: Longsword (7.5% chance)
12 サイクロプス Cyclops Cyclops
Drops: Ex Potion (12.5% chance)
13 オオニュウドウ Giant Shavepate Mega Cyclops
Drops: Ancient Armor (1% chance)

大入道 in kanji or oonyuudou when romanized, these are giants in Japanese folklore that are typically depicted as having the tops of their heads shaved.

14 フレイムグロー Flame Glow Flame genie
Drops: (nothing)

That's my best guess at グロー, since nothing else seems to make any more sense. I was hoping to find evidence of a mythological creature called a "gurrow" or "gloh" or something along those lines, but no luck. Maybe it's an awkward attempt to mean "aura" in the sense of a manifestation of something?

15 ウォルムグロー Uo Rum Glow Well Genie
Drops: (nothing)

ウォルム here refers to one of the game's spells, and as such this really ought to be a Vortex Genie in the NA version. Why only this one uses a spell's name is anyone's guess.

16 ウィンドグロー Wind Glow Wind Genie
Drops: (nothing)
17 アースグロー Earth Glow Earth Genie
Drops: (nothing)
18 コボルト Kobold Cobalt
Drops: Long Knife (10% chance)

Kobolds are sprites from Germanic folklore. Cobalt is a chemical element, though it is named after kobolds, for what it's worth.

19 マーマン Merman Merman
Drops: Watery Fruit (7.5% chance)
20 アクアロイ Aqua Roy Aqualoi
Drops: (nothing)

This might be a reference to a haircare product. I'm not convinced, but that's all I have to go on.

21 インプ Imp Imp
Drops: Magic Jar (6.25% chance)
22 デーモン Demon Fiend
Drops: Demon's Cryptolith (1% chance)
23 ルシファ Lucifer Archfiend
Drops: (nothing)
24 ヘルハウンド Hellhound Hound
Drops: Flame Cryptolith (2.5% chance)
25 ドーベン Döven Doben
Drops: Blue Beret (7.5% chance)

This seems to reference the Gundam series AMX-014 Döven Wolf.

26 ウインドナ Windna Winger
Drops: Magic Jar (% chance)

I'm not confident on this one, but it's definitely more "wind" than "wing".

27 セルファクオ Selfaquo Serfaco
Drops: Breeze Fruit (7.5% chance)

For this one, I have no idea, so phonetic approximation it is!

28 パグ Pug Pug
Drops: Flame Fruit (7.5% chance)

It doesn't look like any kind of pug I've ever seen, but nothing else fits. A nonsense phonetic name like "Pahgu" might actually make more sense here.

29 サラマンデル Salamander Salamander
Drops: Flame Cryptolith (10% chance)
30 ブリズンリザード Blizzn Lizard Brinz Lizard
Drops: Wind Cryptolith (7.5% chance)

Possibly related to Freyja's necklace Brísingamen, or more likely to blizzards. Artemis also suggests it may have something to do with the ブリ, a fish commonly called yellowtail. Considering that it's a blue lizard creature with a weakness against fire and a propensity for using ice attacks, though, I'm sticking with something that suggests blizzards.

31 シーホース Seahorse Seahorse
Drops: (nothing)
32 セイレーン Siren Seirein
Drops: Siren Rock (7.5% chance)

This is one of those times when simple phonetics are the wrong way to go. セイレーン comes straight from the original Greek (romanized as seirēn).

33 アースバイパー Earth Viper Earth Viper
Drops: (nothing)
34 ノーム Gnome Gnome
Drops: Silver Armor (7.5% chance)
35 ウィスピー Wispy Wispy
Drops: Magic Jar (12.5% chance)
36 サンダービースト Thunderbeast Thunderbeast
Drops: Thunder Cryptolith (7.5% chance)
37 ルナベアー Luna Bear Lunar bear
Drops: Power Source (5% chance)
38 シャドウフライ Shadow Fly Shadowfly
Drops: (nothing)
39 シャドウ Shadow Shadow
Drops: Dark Cryptolith (1% chance)
40 ライオン Lion Lion
Drops: Lion Fang (7.5% chance)
41 スフィンクス Sphinx Sphinx
Drops: Ancient Helmet (1% chance)
42 マッドホース Mad Horse Mad horse
Drops: Horse Rock (0.25% chance)
43 アーマーホース Armor Horse Armor horse
Drops: Horse Rock (5% chance)
44 バッファロー Buffalo Buffalo
Drops: Cloth Helm (10% chance)
45 ブルス Bulls Bruse
Drops: High Potion (12.5% chance)

Phonetically, that could also be the French bourse or German Börse (both meaning a stock exchange).

46 バット Bat Bat
Drops: (nothing)
47 ビッグバット Big Bat Big Bat
Drops: Bat Rock (0.25% chance)
48 ブラッドバット Blood Bat Red Bat
Drops: Potion (25% chance)
49 イーグル Eagle Eagle
Drops: Eagle Rock (1% chance)
50 ホーク Hawk Hawk
Drops: Eagle Rock (10% chance)
51 カラカラ Caracara Crow
Drops: (nothing)

As Artemis points out, the caracara is an actual bird of prey, in the falcon family. The phonetics also match the Japanese name of the Pokémon Cubone, as well as the Roman emperor Caracalla, but I doubt either of those is relevant.

52 プリフロッグ Pre-Frog Baby Frog
Drops: Rapier (12.5% chance)
53 キングフロッグ King Frog King Frog
Drops: Del-Del (12.5% chance)
54 リザード Lizard Lizard
Drops: Charred Newt (25% chance)
55 イモリ Newt Newt
Drops: Charred Newt (25% chance)
56 ニードルリザード Needle Lizard Needle Lizard
Drops: Charred Newt (25% chance)
57 ポイズンリザード Poison Lizard Poison Lizard
Drops: Charred Newt (25% chance)
58 メデューサ Medusa Medusa
Drops: Bravery Source (10% chance)
59 ラミア Lamia Ramia
Drops: High Magic (12.5% chance)

There's a reason getting Rs and Ls mixed up is a Japanese stereotype. The translator might have benefitted from a mythology reference book.

60 バジリスク Basilisk Basilisk
Drops: (nothing)
61 コカトリス Cockatrice Cokatoris
Drops: Life Source (10% chance)

Google suggests cokatoris as a valid Italian spelling, but Italian this isn't.

62 スコーピオン Scorpion Scorpion
Drops: Antidote (12.5% chance)
63 アンタレス Antares Antares
Drops: Antidote (25% chance)

The brightest star in the constellation Scorpius.

64 スモールクラブ Small Crab Small Crab
Drops: High Potion (25% chance)
65 キラークラブ Killer Crab Big Crab
Drops: Power Source (5% chance)
66 レッドロブスター Red Lobster Red Lobster
Drops: High Potion (12.5% chance)
67 スパイダー Spider Spider
Drops: Antidote (25% chance)
68 ウェブスパイダー Web Spider Web Spider
Drops: (nothing)
69 ビートル Beetle Beetle
Drops: Potion (25% chance)
70 ポイズンビートル Poison Beetle Poison Beetle
Drops: Antidote (25% chance)
71 モスキート Mosquito Mosquito
Drops: Chopping Board (12.5% chance)
72 コリドラス Corydoras Coridras
Drops: Antidote (25% chance)

That's the name of a type of catfish, though, while this monster looks more like a snake.

73 スピンネル Spinner Spinner
Drops: Life Source (10% chance)
74 タートナ Tartona Tartona
Drops: Earth Cryptolith (10% chance)

No apparent meaning to this name. It sort of reminds me of Tartarus, but I'm fairly certain that's unrelated.

75 アーマネイル Armor Nail Armour Nail
Drops: Power Source (10% chance)
76 バタフライ Butterfly Moth
Drops: (nothing)
77 デスバタフライ Death Butterfly Mega  Moth
Drops: (nothing)

The excess space in the NA version makes me wonder if this name was hastily censored.

78 キラービー Killer Bee Big Bee
Drops: Bee Rock (5% chance)
79 ダークフライ Dark Fly Dark Fly
Drops: (nothing)
80 スティング Stinger Stinger
Drops: Speed Source (2.5% chance)
81 アーマービー Armor Bee Armor Bee
Drops: Bee Rock (7.5% chance)
82 セントローペ Centropae Sentopez
Drops: Antidote (15% chance)

It resembles "centipede", but isn't. Maybe there's some wordplay I'm missing?

83 キャンサー Cancer Cancer
Drops: Cancer Rock (5% chance)
84 ガーボスト Garbost Garbost
Drops: Cancer Rock (10% chance)

No apparent meaning to this name. It reminds me of "garbage" and "compost", though.

85 ボルトフィッシュ Bolt Fish Bolt Fish
Drops: (nothing)
86 ウツボ Moray Moray
Drops: (nothing)
87 シーバイパー Sea Viper She Viper
Drops: (nothing)

Japanese doesn't usually distinguish between 'she' and 'see' sounds, but a little context makes this one obvious.

88 アンコウ Goosefish Angler fish
Drops: (nothing)

The goosefish is a type of angler, so that's close enough.

89 イッカク Narwhal Unicorn
Drops: (nothing)

イッカク (一角) is quite literally "one horn", so "unicorn" is understandable, especially since the corresponding rock has ユニコーン (unicorn) in its description. Curiously, the rock isn't dropped by the Narwhal, or anything else for that matter, nor is it found in any chests, so it appears to be unobtainable.

90 エビルシェル Evil Shell Evil Shell
Drops: (nothing)
91 ドリルシェル Drill Shell Drill Shell
Drops: Confusion Ball (25% chance)
92 マイマイ Snail Snell
Drops: High Potion (12.5% chance)
93 アンモナイト Ammonite Ammonite
Drops: Sleep Ball (25% chance)
94 デビルフィッシュ Devilfish Evil Fish
Drops: Watery Fruit (7.5% chance)

The term "devilfish", though relatively uncommon, can refer to octopi or manta rays.

95 スキュッド Squid Squid
Drops: (nothing)
96 クラーケン Kraken Kraken
Drops: (nothing)
97 キラーホエール Killer Whale Killer Whale
Drops: (nothing)
98 ホワイトホエール White Whale White Whale
Drops: (nothing)
99 グリアノス Grianos Grianos
Drops: (nothing)

Whatever a grianos is, it seems to come up in games fairly often.

100 ベヒモス Behemoth Behemoth
Drops: Earth Fruit (12.5% chance)
101 フタバスズキ Futaba Suzuki Perch
Drops: (nothing)

Properly Futabasaurus suzukii, a species of plesiosaur.

102 かいりゅう Sea Dragon Current
Drops: (nothing)

海龍 makes far more sense than 海流. For what it's worth, カイリュー is also the Japanese name of the Pokémon Dragonite.

103 バンパイアローズ Vampire Rose Vampire Rose
Drops: (nothing)
104 デザートローズ Desert Rose Desert Rose
Drops: (nothing)
105 ヒトクイカヅラ Maneating Vine Venus Fly
Drops: (nothing)
106 ウツボカズラ Nepenthes Moray Vine
Drops: (nothing)

Also called a pitcher plant. Though, to be fair, ウツボ and カズラ are literally "moray eel" and "vine".

107 トレント Treant Torrent
Drops: Wakening Voice (25% chance)

It's a tree monster, not a surge of water or a peer-to-peer file transfer protocol.

108 マッドエント Mad Ent Mad Ent
Drops: (nothing)
109 クロウケルプ Crow Kelp Crow Kelp
Drops: (nothing)

I'm dubious, but why not. Unless クロウ is meant to be 苦労... a hardship kelp?

110 ブラッドプラント Blood Plant Red Plant
Drops: Ex Potion (12.5% chance)
111 ラフレシア Rafflesia La Fleshia
Drops: Mystic Needle (25% chance)
112 ウィルイル Willil Wheel Eel
Drops: High Potion (25% chance)

Wheel Eel more or less fits phonetically, but makes no sense. Artemis suggests "willil", which at least is suggestive of willows and lillies.

113 スケルトン Skeleton Skeleton
Drops: Wood Shield (6.25% chance)
114 グール Ghoul Ghoul
Drops: Antidote (25% chance)
115 ゾンビ Zombie Zombie
Drops: (nothing)
116 スペクター Specter Specter
Drops: (nothing)
117 ダークスピリット Dark Spirit Dark Spirit
Drops: Piercing Cry (25% chance)
118 スナッチャー Snatcher Snatcher
Drops: (nothing)
119 デュラハン Dullahan Jurahan
Drops: High Magic (7.5% chance)

As already noted, a mythology reference guide could have helped a lot. Not to mention a proofreader or two.

120 デス Death Demise
Drops: Bravery Source (10% chance)

I've always thought SNES-era censorship was over the top, but come on. That's just silly.

121 リッチ Lich Leech
Drops: Ancient Sword (1% chance)

Even with no context, that doesn't work. "Leech" would be リーチ.

122 ネクロマンサー Necromancer Necromancer
Drops: Intelligence Source (7.5% chance)
123 ヘルチャリオット Hell Chariot Hade Chariot
Drops: Power Source (10% chance)
124 デスブリンガー Deathbringer Hades
Drops: (nothing)
125 ダークスカル Dark Skull Dark Skull
Drops: Miraculous (1% chance)
126 デススカル Death Skull Hades Skull
Drops: Miraculous (3% chance)
127 マミー Mummy Mummy
Drops: Antidote (25% chance)
128 バンパイア Vampire Vampire
Drops: Bat Rock (12.5% chance)
129 ノスフェラトウ Nosferatu Nosferato
Drops: Dark Cryptolith (2.5% chance)
130 ゴーストシップ Ghost Ship Ghost Ship
Drops: (nothing)
131 キラーソード Killer Sword Deadly Sword
Drops: Killer Sword (5% chance)
132 キラーアーマー Killer Armor Deadly Armor
Drops: Killer Armor (5% chance)
133 Tレックス T. Rex T Rex
Drops: (nothing)
134 ブロキオン Brokion Brokion
Drops: Miraculous (3% chance)

That's good phonetically, but does it mean anything? Artemis suggests it may be related to Procyon, the brightest star in Canis Minor.

135 パンプキンヘッド Pumpkin Head Pumpkin Head
Drops: Pumpkin's Cryptolith (7.5% chance)
136 マッドヘッド Mad Head Mad Head
Drops: Pumpkin's Cryptolith (10% chance)
137 スノーガス Snowgas Snow Gas
Drops: (nothing)

This name means nothing to me.

138 グレートコカ Great Cocka Great Coca
Drops: (nothing)

Artemis suggests that this is conceptually an upgraded Cockatrice, and since the coloration and overall body style match, it makes sense.

139 ガーゴイル Gargoyle Gargoyle
Drops: (nothing)
140 デビルシェイプ Devil Shape Rogue Shape
Drops: Battle Screwdriver (25% chance)
141 ボーンゴーレム Bone Golem Bone Gorem
Drops: Magic Source (10% chance)

And here the L/R confusion gets particularly painful.

142 ヌーボー Nouveau Nuborg
Drops: Vodka (12.5% chance)

Possibly related to beaujolais nouveau, though that's a wine and not a vodka. Also possibly related to Noobow, a humanoid yellow blobby character.

143 ウッドゴーレム Wood Golem Wood Gorem
Drops: Mysterious Fruit (5% chance)
144 マッドゴーレム Mud Golem Mad Gorem
Drops: High Magic (7.5% chance)
145 グリーンクレイ Green Clay Green Clay
Drops: Breeze Fruit (2.5% chance)
146 サンドゴーレム Sand Golem Sand Gorem
Drops: Earth Fruit (5% chance)
147 マグマゴーレム Magma Golem Magma Gorem
Drops: Magma Rock (7.5% chance)
148 アイアンゴーレム Iron Golem Iron Gorem
Drops: High Magic (7.5% chance)
149 ゴールドゴーレム Gold Golem Gold Gorem
Drops: (nothing)
150 ヒドラ Hydra Hidora
Drops: Ex Potion (10% chance)

Another victim of phonetics without research.

151 シーヒドラ Sea Hydra Sea Hidora
Drops: Hydra's Cryptolith (7.5% chance)

At least this one got sea/she right.

152 ハイヒドラ High Hydra High Hidora
Drops: Hydra's Cryptolith (7.5% chance)
153 キングヒドラ King Hydra King Hidora
Drops: (nothing)
154 オロチ Orochi Orky
Drops: Orochi's Cryptolith (1% chance)

In contrast to many others, this one should have simply been romanized, since it comes from Japanese mythology in the first place.

155 ワイバーン Wyvern Waiban
Drops: (nothing)

Since we're not dealing with the Chinese foreign affairs office, that's another "nope".

156 ホワイトドラゴン White Dragon White Dragon
Drops: Holy Fruit (12.5% chance)
157 レッドドラゴン Red Dragon Red Dragon
Drops: Power Source (7.5% chance)
158 ブルードラゴン Blue Dragon Blue Dragon
Drops: (nothing)
159 グリーンドラゴン Green Dragon Green Dragon
Drops: Life Source (7.5% chance)
160 ブラックドラゴン Black Dragon Black Dragon
Drops: Darkness Fruit (12.5% chance)
161 カッパードラゴン Copper Dragon Copper Dragon
Drops: (nothing)
162 シルバードラゴン Silver Dragon Silver Dragon
Drops: Argentwyrm's Eye (1% chance)
163 ゴールドドラゴン Gold Dragon Gold Dragon
Drops: Orwyrm's Eye (1% chance)
164 レッドジェリー Red Jelly Red Jelly
Drops: (nothing)
165 ブルージェリー Blue Jelly Blue Jelly
Drops: (nothing)
166 ビリジェリー Bili Jelly Bili Jelly
Drops: (nothing)

ビリ (bili) could mean any of several things, but none of them are obvious fits. My first instinct would be to link it with びりびり (biribiri), the "sound" of a mild electric shock (or ripping paper, or a few other things), but there's nothing electrical about these. Other than being green and having better stats, they're just like the Red and Blue Jellies, in that they have no resistances or weaknesses and no special attacks or other interesting behavior.

ビリ might be derived from "bilious", suggests kahran042, while noting that it's something of a long shot. Bile does tend to be greenish, at least.

167 レッドコア Red Core Red Core
Drops: (nothing)

The Core family of monsters all have low HP, but are highly resistant to physical attacks, extremely fast, and excessively prone to running away. However, they also give huge amounts of experience for where they appear. Use magic (any element) and hope the Cores don't flee before your casters are ready to act.

168 ブルーコア Blue Core Blue Core
Drops: (nothing)
169 グリーンコア Green Core Green Core
Drops: (nothing)
170 ノーコア No Core No Core
Drops: (nothing)

No Cores, in particular, give out more experience each than the endgame bosses do. Only a certain optional boss is worth more than one of these.

171 ミミック Mimic Mimic
Drops: (nothing)

Mimics have slightly different, more yellowish, coloration than real treasure chests. However, they mostly appear in the Ancient Cave, where they give themselves away much more obviously by moving around.

172 ブルーミミック Blue Mimic Blue Mimic
Drops: (nothing)

Blue Mimics appear only in the Ancient Cave, and unlike their weaker red cousins, do not move. Pay close attention to their appearance; actual blue chests are a deeper blue and shiny on top, while Blue Mimics have a flatter coloration.

173 アイスデビル Ice Devil Ice Roge
Drops: (nothing)
174 マッシュル Mushr Mushroom
Drops: Potion (25% chance)

マッシュル is a truncated マッシュルーム (mushroom), so...

175 おばけきのこ Monster Mushroom Big Mushr'm
Drops: High Potion (25% chance)
176 ミノタウロス Minotaur Minataurus
Drops: Miraculous (2% chance)
177 ゴーゴン Gorgon Gorgon
Drops: Gorgon Rock (7.5% chance)
178 ニンジャ Ninja Ninja
Drops: Ninja's Cryptolith (1% chance)
179 アサシン Assassin Asashin
Drops: Ninja's Cryptolith (1.25% chance)

I can understand struggling with some of the mythological names, but assassins aren't particularly obscure... are they?

180 サムライ Samurai Samurai
Drops: Samurai's Cryptolith (1% chance)
181 カゲムシャ Shadow Warrior Dark Warrior
Drops: High Magic (12.5% chance)

Leaving it as kage musha might also work, since there's a film by that name, which could make it familiar enough to get away with.

182 オチムシャ Fallen Warrior Ochi Warrior
Drops: Samurai's Cryptolith (0.25% chance)

Normally, an ochi musha is a warrior who flees from combat in defeat, but given that these are undead, we're looking at a different sense of "fallen".

183 アマツキツネ Celestial Fox Sly Fox
Drops: Ex Magic (20% chance)

There's also a Vocaloid song with this as its title, for what it's worth.

184 テング Tengu Tengu
Drops: High Magic (10% chance)
185 ウォームアイ Worm Eye Warm Eye
Drops: Ex Magic (20% chance)
186 しりょうつかい Ghostmancer Wizard
Drops: High Magic (10% chance)

I'd normally call someone who controls dead spirits a necromancer, but there's already another monster with that name.

187 ダークサモナー Dark Summoner Dark Sum'ner
Drops: (nothing)
188 おおなまず Giant Catfish Big Catfish
Drops: Catfish's Cryptolith (12.5% chance)
189 てした Minion Follower
Drops: (nothing)
190 おおぐも Giant Spider Tarantula
Drops: Giant Spider's Cryptolith (3% chance)
191 ピエール Pierre Pierre
Drops: (nothing)
192 ダニエル Daniel Daniele
Drops: (nothing)

This could correspond to any of several names with similar spelling and pronunciation, including Danielle.

193 おんりょう Vengeful Spirit Venge Ghost
Drops: (nothing)
194 ファイアドラゴン Fire Dragon Fire Dragon
Drops: (nothing)
195 せんしゃ Tank Tank
Drops: (nothing)
196 イドゥラ Idura Idura
Drops: (nothing)
197 カミュ Camus Camu
Drops: Camus's Cryptolith (3% chance)

As noted in the story text, カミュ (KAMYU) is the Japanese rendition of the French name Camus.

198 ガデス Gades Gades
Drops: (nothing)
199 アモン Amon Amon
Drops: (nothing)
200 エリーヌ Eleene Erim
Drops: (nothing)
201 ディオス Dios Daos
Drops: (nothing)
202 リザードマン Lizardman Lizard Man
Drops: (nothing)
203 ゴブリン Goblin Goblin
Drops: (nothing)
204 スケルトン Skeleton Skeleton
Drops: (nothing)
205 ゴブリンジパング Goblin Zipang Regal Goblin
Drops: (nothing)
206 ゴブリン Goblin Goblin
Drops: (nothing)
207 ゴブリンメイジ Goblin Mage Goblin Mage
Drops: (nothing)
208 しもべ Servant Slave
Drops: (nothing)
209 ぶか Henchman Follower
Drops: (nothing)
210 しんえいたい Bodyguard Groupie
Drops: Magic Fruit (25% chance)

Idura keeps summoning these in most of his fights. It's too bad the game only allows for a single item drop per battle...

211 エッグドラゴン Egg Dragon Egg Dragon
Drops: (nothing)
212 マミー Mummy Mummy
Drops: (nothing)
213 トロル Troll Troll
Drops: (nothing)
214 ガデス Gades Gades
Drops: (nothing)
215 イドゥラ Idura Idura
Drops: (nothing)
216 ライオン Lion Lion
Drops: (nothing)
217 デビルフラワー Devil Flower Rogue Flower
Drops: (nothing)
218 ガーゴイル Gargoyle Gargoyle
Drops: (nothing)
219 ゴーストシップ Ghost Ship Ghost Ship
Drops: (nothing)
220 イドゥラ Idura Idura
Drops: (nothing)
221 へいし Soldier Soldier
Drops: (nothing)
222 ガデス Gades Gades
Drops: (nothing)
223 ぬし Master Master
Drops: (nothing)

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