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And the Erifellen YouTube channel, which began with a few ALttP glitches, expanded into showcasing a variety of Atari 400/800 and MS-DOS games I was feeling nostalgic enough about to demonstrate and give overviews of, and has started on a full playthrough of an older indie platformer called Zeux's World. Future plans include a Japanese game I've mostly translated into English, with commentary on the translation, so that at least ought to better fit the theme of this page.

Info / News

2022-02-27: I've mostly stayed as close as I get to laser-focused on Secret of Mana this time, so that's where nearly all of the updates are. This includes a sizable chunk of storyline. There are a few minor revisions and notes here and there elsewhere, but nothing really significant enough to comment on.

2021-10-30: My focus this time has been on Final Fantasy IV, so that has a few more sections of storyline as well as miscellaneous combat messages and general revisions. Additionally, I've added to the Zelda 3 page a narrative-with-screenshots style conversion of the A Link to the Past Randomizer run I recorded about two months ago and couldn't get to post on YouTube.

2021-07-18: Major updates to Breath of Fire II, minor updates and some video links added to Zelda 3, plus lyrics/translations for わたしの恋はホッチキス from K-On! and the ending theme and vocalized character themes from Bravely Default.

2020-09-27: More storyline in Final Fantasy V! More information and tips for Zelda 3, featuring notes relevant to the ALttP Randomizer! Zombieland Saga music! Too many exclamation points!!

2020-02-08: Aside from the usual minor revisions all over the place, I've added another story section in Chronicles of Estpolis II (Lufia 2) and filled in the rest of the monster data for Final Fantasy VI.

2018-11-24: The main update this time is another chunk of story for Final Fantasy IV. Other changes include minor updates to Breath of Fire I and II, Chrono Trigger, Chronicles of Estpolis II (Lufia 2), Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, Legend of the Holy Sword 2 (Secret of Mana), and a pair of Higurashi songs.

2017-10-28: I've added more storyline for Legend of the Holy Sword 2 (Secret of Mana), added a bit of storyline and a bunch of miscellaneous for Chronicles of Estpolis II (Lufia 2), and made some minor updates to Breath of Fire 1 and 2, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy V.

2016-11-06: This update mainly, and substantially, affects Breath of Fire II, with a few other minor changes here and there.

Older News

Video Game Text

Yes, I realize that all of these games have already been translated. This is here as much for the Japanese as the English. I figure that if you're looking for usage examples for pretty much anything, dialogue written by Japanese people ought to be far more realistic than anything I write. Try using your browser's search function (copy and paste if you have to). And it's interesting to see the differences.

GameLast significant
update or revision
Essentially Complete
 Chrono Trigger  2018-11-24 (minimally)
 Final Fantasy VI [Final Fantasy III]  2020-02-08
 ゼルダの伝説:神々のトライフォース [The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past]  2021-10-30 (minimally)
 Breath of Fire 2: 使命の子  2021-07-18
 エストポリス伝記II [Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals]  2020-02-08
 Final Fantasy IV [Final Fantasy II]  2021-10-30
 Final Fantasy V  2020-09-27
 聖剣伝説2 [Secret of Mana]  UPDATED 2022-02-27
 Breath of Fire: 竜の戦士 (introduction and misc. info)  2018-11-24 (minimally)
 イリスのアトリエ [Atelier Iris] (equipment effects)  2012-04-29

Lines in Classic Japanese

Example text to go with the newly added information on classical Japanese. For now, there's just the one page, but I'll split it up if it gets to be too big.

 Content Last update or revision
 Clasical Japanese text (mostly spell incantations from Slayers)  2014-03-01

Japanese Songs

These are always interesting... lots of incomplete sentences, some unusual terms and grammar to sound more poetic or fit the rhythm better... and my favorite are the words that are written one way and pronounced completely differently, to give the same word two meanings. Ah, the wonders of kanji and furigana (those are the little kana written over or next to kanji to tell you how to pronounce them)...

For the timing information, I consider a vocal section to be over when the main singer's voice cuts off.

Songs are grouped by series (or game), with series sorted by English alphabetical order, but with the Japanese names more often than not. Confusing? Maybe. English names in parenthesis where applicable.

And incidentally, I'm a big Megumi Hayashibara fan, which has a lot to do with why I've chosen so many Slayers songs. Though Nana Mizuki has also captured my interest more recently, hence the Nanoha and Rosario...

 Song Info Last update or revision
Ar tonelico
 Brief Hymmnos reference: Not a song. Contains information relevant to songs from all Ar tonelico games.  2015-03-01
 謳う丘 — Harmonics EOLIA — [Singing Hill —Harmonics EOLIA—]  Opening theme.  07 Apr 2009
 EXEC_PAJA/.#Misya_extracting  Misha's version of the halt execution song.  07 Apr 2009
 EXEC_PAJA/.#Orica_extracting  Aurica's version of the halt execution song.  07 Apr 2009
 EXEC_LINCA/.  A song of linkage.  27 Feb 2011
 EXEC_CHRONICLE_KEY/.  A song of containment.  2014-03-01
 EXEC_SUSPEND/.  A song of slumber.  05 Sep 2009
 EXEC_RE=NATION/.  A song of rebirth.  21 Aug 2010
 EXEC_HARMONIUS/.  An insistent song.  2016-05-30
 EXEC_RIG=VEDA/.  A song perhaps of redemption.  2016-05-30
 EXEC_PHANTASMAGORIA/.  The epic ending theme.  2016-05-30
Ar tonelico 2
 METHOD_REPLEKIA/.  A song of destruction.  21 Aug 2010
 EXEC_METAFALICA/.  A song of creation... sort of.  29 Apr 2012
 EXEC_SPHILIA/.  A song of rapport.  27 Feb 2011
 EXEC_HAIBANATION/.  A song of despair and lethargy.  07 Apr 2009
 METHOD_IMPLANTA/.  A song of hope and recovery.  27 Feb 2011
 METHOD_METAFALICA/.  A song of renewal.  27 Feb 2011
 Hartes ciel, melenas walasye.  Public singing event late in the game.  07 Apr 2009
 EXEC_with.METHOD_METAFALICA/.  A song of creation.  27 Feb 2011
Ar tonelico 3
 EXEC_COSMOFLIPS/.  A cautiously hopeful song of petition.  29 Apr 2012
 METHOD_HYMMELI/.  An upbeat song of cooperation.  27 Feb 2011
Bravely Default
 君は僕の希望 [You Are My Hope]  Tiz's theme (vocalized version)  2021-07-18
 風の行方 [Where the Wind Goes]  Agnès's theme (vocalized version)  2021-07-18
 雛鳥 [Fledgling]  Edea's theme (vocalized version)  2021-07-18
 愛の放浪者 [Vagrant of Love]  Ringabel's theme (vocalized version)  2021-07-18
 希望へ向う譚詩曲 [Ballade Leading to Hope]  Ending theme  2021-07-18
 メグメル ~cuckool mix 2007~ [Mag Mell]  Opening theme  27 Feb 2011
 だんご大家族 [The Great Big Dango Family]  Closing theme  2016-05-30
 Silly-Go-Round  Opening theme  16 Jan 2009
 亡國覚醒カタルシス [Ruined Country Awakening Catharsis]  Closing theme  05 Sep 2009
 Key of the Twilight  Used now and then  27 Feb 2011
 優しい夜明け [Gentle Daybreak]  Closing theme  27 Feb 2011
ふしぎ遊戯 [Fushigi Yuugi]
 ときめきの導火線 [Racing Heart Fuse]  Closing theme  05 Sep 2009
ひぐらしのく頃に [When They Cry]
 ひぐらしのく頃に [When They Cry]  Season 1 opening theme.  2018-11-24 (minimally)
 why, or why not  Season 1 closing theme.  21 Aug 2010
 笑顔・はっぴぃ・ピース♪ [Smile Happy Peace♪]  Season 1 Rena character album song.  27 Feb 2011
 圭一・大石の噂の事件簿ABC [Keiichi & Ooishi's Notorious Incident Report ABC]  Season 1 Keichi and Ooishi character album song.  29 Apr 2012
 ふたりのバースディ [Our Birthday]  Season 1 Mion and Shion character album song 1.  27 Feb 2011
 言えない言葉 [Words I Can't Say]  Season 1 Mion and Shion character album song 2.  27 Feb 2011
 無限回廊 [Infinite Corridor]  Season 1 Rika character album song.  27 Feb 2011
 好き好き∞にーにー [I Like You Like You ∞ Nii-Nii]  Season 1 Satoko character album song.  27 Feb 2011
 奈落の花 [Stygian Flower]  Season 2 opening theme.  29 Apr 2012
 対象a [Objet Petit a]  Season 2 closing theme.  21 Aug 2010
 S・A・G・A~輪廻の果てに~ [~at the ends of rebirth~]  Season 2 Rika character album song.  29 Apr 2012
 なのです☆  Season 2 Hanyuu character album song.  21 Aug 2010
 梵~karma~ [Brahman ~karma~]  Season 2 Takano character album song.  2018-11-24 (minimally)
 愛のイナズマ閃光 [Flash of Love]  Season 2 Tomitake character album song.  29 Apr 2012
 YellowsicKING  Season 2 Satoshi character album song.  2016-05-30
 クールになれ!~Keep On Our Love~ [Stay Cool! ~Keep On Our Love~]  Season 2 Keiichi character album song.  2015-03-01
犬夜叉 [Inuyasha]
 CHANGE THE WORLD  Opening theme for episodes 1-34.  21 Aug 2010
 My Will  Closing theme for episodes 1-20 (and 166-67).  07 Apr 2009
 深い森 [Deep Forest]  Closing theme for episodes 21-41.  30 Dec 2007
 I am  Opening theme for episodes 35-64.  21 Aug 2010
 Dearest  Closing theme for episodes 42-60.  05 Sep 2009
 Every Heart  Closing theme for episodes 61-85.  30 Dec 2007
 終わりない夢 [Endless Dream]  Opening theme for episodes 65-95.  30 Dec 2007
 真実の詩 [Song of Truth]  Closing theme for episodes 86-108.  05 Sep 2009
 Grip!  Opening theme for episodes 96-127.  30 Dec 2007
イリスのアトリエ エターナルマナ [Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana]
 白夜幻想譚 [White Night Imagination]  Opening theme  29 Apr 2012
 歩む道 [The Path I Walk]  Normal ending theme  2016-05-30
イリスのアトリエ エターナルマナ2 [Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny]
 ETERNAL STORY  Opening theme  21 Aug 2010
イリスのアトリエ グランファンタズム [Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm]
 Weiß~幻想への誘い~ [White ~Invitation to Fantasy~]  (released with and leads into schwarzweiß)  2015-03-01
 Schwarz~そして少女は森の中~ [Black ~And the Girl is in the Forest~]  (released with and leads into schwarzweiß)  2015-03-01
 schwarzweiß ~霧の向こうに繋がる世界~ [Black&White ~World Linked Beyond the Mist~]  Opening theme  2015-03-01
Kanon (2006 Anime)
 Last Regrets  Opening theme  05 Sep 2009
 風の辿り着く場所 [Where the Wind Reaches]  Closing theme  2016-05-30
かしまし ~ガール・ミーツ・ガール~ [Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~]
 恋するココロ [Loving Heart]  Opening theme  05 Sep 2009
 みちしるべ [Guidepost]  Closing theme, variations included  29 Apr 2012
 Cagayake!GIRLS [Shine! GIRLS]  First season opening theme  29 Apr 2012
 Don't say "lazy"  First season closing theme  29 Apr 2012
 ふわふわ時間(タイム) [Fuzzy Time]  The club's first song  29 Apr 2012
 カレーのちライス [Rice After Curry]  Another of the club's songs  2016-05-30
 わたしの恋はホッチキス [My Love is a Stapler]  Another of the club's songs  2021-07-18
ラブ ひな [Love Hina]
 君さえいれば [If Only You Were Here]  Closing theme  30 Dec 2007
魔法少女リリカルなのは [Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha]
 innocent starter  First season opening theme  29 Apr 2012
 Take a shot  Used in episode 12  29 Apr 2012
 ETERNAL BLAZE  A's (2nd season) opening theme  16 Jan 2009
 Snow Rain  Used in A's episode 11  21 Aug 2010
 BRAVE PHOENIX  Used in A's episode 12  29 Apr 2012
 SECRET AMBITION  StrikerS (3rd season) first opening theme  29 Apr 2012
 MASSIVE WONDERS  StrikerS second opening theme  07 Apr 2009
 Pray  Used in StrikerS episode 24  29 Apr 2012
Mana Khemia
 Run For Your Life  Opening theme  29 Apr 2012
らんま1/2 [Ranma 1/2]
 プラトニックつらぬいて [Keep It Platonic]  Season 1 first closing theme, a.k.a. "Let's Be Platonic"  16 Jan 2009
 リトル☆デイト [Little☆Date]  Season 2 opening theme  2016-05-30
ロザリオとバンパイア [Rosario+Vampire]
 Dancing in the velvet moon  First season closing theme  21 Aug 2010
 DISCOTHEQUE  CAPU2 (2nd season) opening theme  21 Aug 2010
 Trinity Cross  CAPU2 (2nd season) closing theme  29 Apr 2012
新世紀エヴァンゲリオン [Neon Genesis Evangelion]
 残酷な天使のテーゼ [Cruel Angel's Thesis]  Opening theme  29 Apr 2012
スレイヤーズ [Slayers]
 Get along  Slayers opening theme  2015-09-07
 KUJIKENAIKARA! [Because I Won't Be Crushed]  Slayers closing theme  30 Dec 2007
 Give a Reason  Slayers Next opening theme  2015-09-07
 邪魔はさせない [Won't Let You Get in My Way]  Slayers Next closing theme  16 Jan 2009
 乙女の祈り [Maiden's Prayer]  Used in Slayers Next, much to Lina's mortification  29 Apr 2012
 Breeze  Slayers Try opening theme  2015-03-01
 don't be discouraged  Slayers Try closing theme  29 Apr 2012
 Plenty of grit  Slayers Revolution opening theme  29 Apr 2012
 Revolution  Slayers Revolution closing theme  2016-05-30
 Just be conscious  Slayers Return theme  2015-03-01
 Midnight Blue  Slayers Perfect theme  30 Dec 2007
 Hacking to the Gate  Anime opening theme  2016-05-30
 スカイクラッドの観測者 [Skyclad Observer]  Game opening theme  2016-05-30
テイルズ オブ ファンタジア [Tales of Phantasia]
 夢は終わらない ~こぼれ落ちる時の雫~ [The Dream Will Not End ~Overflowing Droplets of Time~]  Opening theme (SFC)  2016-05-30
ワイルドアームズ セカンドイグニッション [Wild ARMs 2nd Ignition]
 どんなときでもひとりじゃない [Never Alone Whatever May Come]  Disc 1 opening theme  29 Apr 2012
 Resistance Line  Disc 2 opening theme  29 Apr 2012
 夜空 [Night Sky]  Plays when not continuing after saving  30 Dec 2007
ゾンビランドサガ [Zombie Land Saga]
 徒花ネクロマンシー [Necromancy of the Fruitless]  Opening theme  2020-09-27
 目覚めRETURNER [Awaken, RETURNER]  Episode 3, etc.  2020-09-27
 アツクナレ [Heat Up]  Episode 7  2020-09-27

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