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2016-05-30: In addition to general cleanup, improving consistency in formatting, and rephrasing here and there, updates include more storyline in FF5, better attention to character tone in FF4, some extra notes and revisions to a few monster names in FF6, a correction to ときめきの導火線, and correcting some mistranslated slang in YellowsicKING.

Also, I noticed that several of the songs I've already posted were missing timing information and, in some cases, other important details of how they're actually sung as opposed to how the lyrics are officially written. The affected songs are EXEC_HARMONIUS/., EXEC_RIG=VEDA/., だんご大家族, and 風の辿り着く場所.

Meanwhile, I've finally gotten around to finishing up and posting some of the other songs I've had in the works for a while. Take a look at EXEC_PHANTASMAGORIA/., 歩む道, カレーのちライス, リトル☆デイト, Revolution, Hacking to the Gate, スカイクラッドの観測者, and 夢は終わらない ~こぼれ落ちる時の雫~.

2015-09-07: The Legend of the Holy Sword 2 (Secret of Mana) section is much expanded, including a fair amount of story text, more extensive data on items and monsters and such, and as much detail as I've been able to look up, extrapolate, or otherwise obtain on algorithms and other such inner workings that I find myself strangely fascinated with. In other news, another look at Get along and Give a Reason has led to some revisions for both. I've also made some minor revisions to several other games, most notably more tech-related data for Chrono Trigger.

Plans for the next update include continuing Final Fantasy V and polishing up some of the mostly-completed song translations I haven't gotten around to posting yet.

2015-03-01: It's been a whole year already? Good grief. At least I have something to show for it, even if it's not as much as I might like. For starters, though most visitors will never know the difference, I've reverified the HTML in every page in this section, fixing some minor errors that the majority of browsers would silently correct for anyway. But you're probably more interested in the content, right?

The Chrono Trigger section is now essentially complete, including more detail in earlier sections, more detailed monster data, and all alternate endings. Final Fantasy IV has been updated with more revisions, more comparisons between game versions, and the tutorial and developer rooms. Final Fantasy V has been amended to note that most calculations are rounded down, and to note actual values instead of generic formulas where applicable. Final Fantasy VI gets a number of minor revisions.

A few songs have had some minor revisions as well. More significant is the addition of Weiß and Schwarz, songs released on the same single as schwarzweiß, which is used in the intro for Atelier Iris 3. All three go together, and even lead into each other, so it felt wrong to leave the other two out, even though they aren't part of the game.

2014-03-01: Fixed EXEC_CHRONICLE_KEY/. Revised 謳う丘 — Harmonics EOLIA —, corrected a line in EXEC_HARMONIUS/., minor revision and new information for METHOD_METAFALICA/., added another comment to ひぐらしのく頃に, revised 梵~karma~, and updated several game translations, most notably finishing off the storyline for Final Fantasy VI. I've also changed the translation of かみかざり from the cumbersome "hair ornament" to "headdress" for all games.

29 Apr 2012: Added tech power data to Chrono Trigger and a Rage skill summary to Final Fantasy 6, plus some minor revisions to both. Added songs EXEC_CHRONICLE_KEY/., EXEC_HARMONIUS/., EXEC_RIG=VEDA/., だんご大家族, 風の辿り着く場所, Cagayake!GIRLS, Don't say "lazy", ふわふわ時間(タイム), and Resistance Line.

Additionally, revisions (mostly minor) to BoF, BoF2, Atelier Iris, Lufia 2, FF4, FF5, and Zelda 3 in games, plus the brief Hymmnos reference and the songs EXEC_METAFALICA/., EXEC_COSMOFLIPS/., 圭一・大石の噂の事件簿ABC, 奈落の花, S・A・G・A~輪廻の果てに~, 愛のイナズマ閃光, 白夜幻想譚, みちしるべ, innocent starter, Take a shot, BRAVE PHOENIX, SECRET AMBITION, Pray, Run For Your Life, Trinity Cross, 残酷な天使のテーゼ, Get along, Give a Reason, 乙女の祈り, Breeze, don't be discouraged, Plenty of grit, Just be conscious, and どんなときでもひとりじゃない. Whew!

27 Feb 2011: Added more Higurashi character songs. They're too much fun not to. Added EXEC_LINCA/., EXEC_COSMOFLIPS/., METHOD_HYMMELI/., メグメル ~cuckool mix 2007~, and Key of the Twilight. I've also added EXEC_with.METHOD_METAFALICA/. at long last. Updated EXEC_SPHILIA/. and METHOD_IMPLANTA/. and METHOD_METAFALICA/. , 優しい夜明け, as well as the Hymmnos reference page. There's also some other miscellaneous that I'm not exactly sure of since I forgot to make a baseline copy after my last update to compare against.

21 Aug 2010: Minor updates to: Atelier Iris, Breath of Fire 2, Estpolis Denki 2, Final Fantasy 5, Seiken Densetsu 2, and Zelda 3. Larger updates to: Breath of Fire (added item and spell data), Final Fantasy 4 (added a stat calculator), and Final Fantasy 6 (vastly improved monster data). Revised songs: EXEC_RE=NATION/., EXEC_METAFALICA/., METHOD_IMPLANTA/., CHANGE THE WORLD, I am, Take a Shot, Snow Rain, BRAVE PHOENIX, Run For Your Life. Added songs: METHOD_REPLEKIA/., EXEC_SPHILIA/., METHOD_METAFALICA/., ひぐらしのく頃に, why, or why not, 奈落の花, 対象a, S・A・G・A~輪廻の果てに~, なのです☆, ETERNAL STORY, schwarzweiß ~霧の向こうに繋がる世界~, Dancing in the velvet moon, DISCOTHEQUE, and Trinity Cross.

05 Sep 2009: Added EXEC_SUSPEND/., EXEC_RE=NATION/., EXEC_METAFALICA/., Run For Your Life, and 残酷な天使のテーゼ. Added "raw lyrics" section to Hymmnos songs. Added story text up to Ordeals Mountain to FFIV, and also added more story text to FFVI. Modified and standardized the header format on all songs. Revised METHOD_IMPLANTA/., ときめきの導火線, 亡國覚醒カタルシス, 優しい夜明け, Dearest, 真実の詩, 白夜幻想譚, Last Regrets, 恋するココロ, Take a shot, Get along, and Give a Reason. Then there's yet another revision to Chrono Trigger, with commentary on some of my more grievous errors over on the blog.

27 May 2009: Quick fix... Chrono Trigger now has the correct index page instead of the BoF2 one. Real updates are in progress.

07 Apr 2009: Minor update to My Will, added SECRET AMBITION, added MASSIVE WONDERS, added Pray, added Plenty of grit, resorted mini-translations into "quickies" section, added Hartes ciel, melenas walasye., added brief Hymmnos guide, added Singing Hill ~Harmonics EOLIA~, added EXEC_PAJA/. both versions, added Atelier Iris quickie, minor update to BoF2, added METHOD_IMPLANTA/., added FF4 quickie, added EXEC_HAIBANATION/., minor updates to FF6.

16 Jan 2009: Yet another belated update. Minor changes to Estpolis Denki II and Seiken Densetsu 2, larger changes to Final Fantasy V and VI including extensive item and skill information for V, several new songs, and some minor revisions to a number of others.

07 June 2008: ときめきの導火線 added. Some minor improvements to the Chrono Trigger and Estpolis Denki II sections, reformatting of Zelda, and a reformatting and expansion for Final Fantasy VI.

30 Dec 2007: Updates include... well, see for yourself. Seriously, even I'm not completely sure what's changed.

22 Oct 2007: Sorry about the lack of updates; I've been really busy the last few months. I do have new content almost ready to go that will be up once I get a little more free time, but in the meantime, Zeality of the Chrono Compendium and a few helpers have incorporated my efforts into a Chrono Trigger retranslation patch, so you might want to check that out. Actually, I haven't tried it myself yet... yet another downside to being far too busy. [29 Apr 2012: The patch itself has since been removed due to legal threats, though they aparently didn't mind the translated script still hosted there, which makes no sense to me. It's not like the patch contained the game itself. It was just the translated script in a different form. Silly overzealous lawyers. More to the point, copyright law has gotten ridiculously out of hand. Once upon a time, US copyright law allowed only that authors or inventors had the exclusive right to profit from their work and only for 14 years, with the option to apply for a second 14-year term. The current strangulation of fair use and the alarmingly expanded term of lifetime plus 70 years are nothing short of ludicrous, promoting stagnation rather than the innovation that copyright is meant to foster.] [2016-05-30: The patch seems to be back up, so either they worked something out or the complaint was never legitimate in the first place. I'd be surprised if it's been updated since it was first created, though, and I've made plenty of revisions since then. Still, it might be worth giving a try some time.]

09 Jul 2007: Updated some songs, and with a mix of JavaScript, CSS, and (in IE's case) abuse of browser quirks, added buttons to hide any or all columns. Combined with adjusting page widths (relative to font size) and fiddling with column widths, the text should display better than ever, and you can hide anything you'd rather not look at to fit more on one screen. The buttons work in Mozilla Firefox (tested in version, and a cheap hack that would fail if IE followed standards makes them work in IE (tested in 6.0), but I can't get them to work in Opera (tested in 9.10), which incorrectly doesn't work the right way, and correctly doesn't work the wrong way. (For the curious, the right way uses visibility:collapse on col elements, and the wrong (IE) way uses a try/catch and display:none instead, which shouldn't hide cell contents but does anyway in IE.) [29 Apr 2012: Sadly, I don't think this situation has improved any.]

Also! Threw up some item and spell translations for 聖剣伝説2 (Secret of Mana). Storyline may follow eventually, but don't get your hopes up. [29 Apr 2012: I'm still hoping to get around to this.] [2015-09-07: I'm finally getting around to this. Took long enough.]

18 Nov 2006: MASSIVE reformatting of Final Fantasy VI. Much cleaner and easier to manage, IMHO. Added two new songs as well. Then there's the nifty little NEW and UPDATED indicators for easy viewing. I've also made some more revisions to Chrono Trigger, as more thorough processing of the text for the Chrono Compendium's retranslation project continues... Zelda gets a minor update too, but it's mostly cleaning up the formatting.

16 Sep 2006: Let's see... I've added some more songs, added some more storyline to Estpolis Denki II, made the page formatting a little nicer, and added a PayPal donation link (bottom of the page) in case anyone feels like using it [29 Apr 2012: this has since been removed since no one was using it anyway]. There are also a few miscellaneous revisions here and there, and I've moved the older news entries to another page so this one [29 Apr 2012: meaning the main page since that's where this was then] doesn't get too cluttered.

26 Jun 2006: Two new songs, and I've finished redividing Estpolis Denki II and proofreading what's there. I'd like to add the opening theme for .hack//Roots as well, but a few lines are giving me trouble... [29 Apr 2012: this has since been added, so yay?]

It's only been a month since my last update? Even though I was away for two weeks? And wasting a lot of time on Tales of Legendia, Wild Arms: Alter Code F, and Dragon Quest VIII (got those for my birthday last month) on top of that? Wow, this might be some kind of a record for me.... :P

23 May 2006: I really do mean to update more often, but it just never seems to work out that way. Anyhow, two more songs added, and I've updated the Chrono Trigger translation too. I'm about halfway through redividing the Estpolis Denki II storyline into smaller pieces, and will post that, complete with revisions, as soon as I'm done resplitting it. Which shouldn't take long, but that's never a guarantee of anything.

19 Mar 2006: It finally occured to me that I ought to be putting dates on specific news entries. Huh. Not sure why I didn't think of that sooner, especially since I've been doing it on everything else.

Most of the game translations are pretty much stagnating at the moment, but I haven't given up on them. It's just a matter of when the mood takes me. And I've been spending waaay too much time playing Star Ocean 3 and Radiata Stories. SO3's item creation is strangely addicting, and I'm still working on building up characters, clearing the optional postgame dungeon, and getting 99 of all the powerup berries to carry over to my next playthrough in RS. Yes, I probably am crazy. Whatever. There is one translation that's not stagnating at all, but it's of a different sort, and I think I'm going to wait until there's more of it done to say any more about it [29 Apr 2012: I think I meant a translation patch I was working on for Cross†Channel, but that eventually got bogged down, and someone else has since released a patch that's mostly acceptable, though as usual I take issue with things here and there, some of them nontrivial].

Chrono Trigger has been updated with location and monster names, and the storyline has been split up into smaller, more digestible chunks [29 Apr 2012: which I should have done in the first place, especially since the game divides itself into chapters already].

The Zelda translation now has boss information added, not because it has anything to do with translating, but because I felt like it. Whims can be powerful things. I was thinking of listing information on every enemy, but there are quite a lot of them... maybe someday. Maybe not.

Many more songs from Inuyasha, and a few others, added, many now with extra (if unimportant) timing information [29 Apr 2012: which has since become my standard practice].

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