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Breath of Fire II

...copyright 1993, 1994, 1995 Capcom. The images used are also from the game. Don't go claim them as your own or anything silly like that. This document is not intended for any commercial purpose, real or imaginary. It exists primarily out of curiosity about both the Japanese language and the changes between the Japanese and English versions of the game. If you're interested in the game, go out and buy it if you haven't already... a summary of what happens can't compare to actually playing it. An interesting enough game with a lamentably poor localization... and Nina. Can't forget Nina. ...what? I like wings. And magic.

Recent Updates

2021-07-18 - More story progress, up to beginning town construction and actually getting the ability to use the titular breath of fire.

I've also belatedly noticed that although my English version text dump had English quotation marks at the beginnings of lines and pairs of periods for the frequent two-dot ellipses, presumably because of assumptions I made early on, the game itself (even in the GBA version) actually displays the Japanese left corner bracket () and two-dot leader characters () for these. I've updated the text on this site to reflect that.

2018-11-24 - More fairly minor revisions. Probably the biggest thing is finding the spell learning tables.

2017-10-28 - Some minor revisions and corrections here and there.

2016-11-06 - I've recently acquired a copy of the (English) GBA port, so in addition to that helping encourage me to make updates, I'll also be including some notes on any differences I notice. Unfortunately, Capcom doesn't seem to have so much as cleaned up the text, let alone redone the translation.

Either way, enjoy the story text through my two favorite characters joining, plus data on spells, skills, equipment, items, and stats.

2014-03-01 - Added English character profile text (though I'm not sure whether it's used). Corrected the name of the Dragon Tear and added reference number values since some of the colors can be difficult to tell apart. Added the rest of the prologue.

29 Apr 2012 - Fixed a typo and added some comments on whether Aspara is more likely to be male or female.

07 Apr 2009 - A few minor corrections and tweaks, plus a note on where the name バルバロイ comes from.

30 Dec 2007 - I was playing the other day and noticed just how much improvement could be had in the English at the end of the opening, after facing the demon. The English is actually straight from the Japanese version, which also has Japanese subtitles scrolling across the bottom.


Prologue - Young Ryu

Find Mina's Pet!

Thieving Gone Wrong

Arena Conflict

Thug Life and Death

Windia's Curse


Breath of Fire

Non-Story Information and Translations

Character profiles

Statistics and the Dragon Tear

Spells and Skills

Battle Commands

Items and Equipment

The Commune (TownShip)

Various Notes

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