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Maybe you've noticed that if you let the game just sit there at the title screen, it eventually starts showing brief character introduction scenes and sample combat. What you probably didn't know is that the Japanese version of the game also displays character profile sheets between the scenes and the combat. And they misspelled "height" as "hight", but other than that, the Engrish isn't half bad... Anyway, I've added English equivalents after the metric units where approriate.

3size, incidentally, refers to the "vital statistics"—bust-waist-hip measurements (in centimeters, of course, since most of the world uses metric). Normally such measurements are only considered relevant for females, but apparently Capcom was feeling egalitarian, since they're listed for everyone.

Blood type is included presumably due to its importance to Japanese fortune-telling and personality stereotypes.

The mini-bios have translations in the English ROM, so while I can't recall ever having seen them, they're given here too.

Boche the Grass Runner

It turns out that the above spelling has some derogatory meanings associated with it, so I'm using an alternate one.

野馳りのボッシュ Bosch of the Plainsrunners
Age.... 15
Birth.... DEC. 16th
Height.... 156 cm 5' 1.4"
Weight.... 60 kg 132 lbs
Bloodtype.... B
3size.... 93 80 92 37-32-36
 よなれた せいかくで
しゅじんこうとは 10
ねんらいの あいぼう。
 てさきが きようで、
ゆみの めいしゅ。
The protagonist's buddy
of ten years, he has a
worldly personality.
He's an expert marksman
with nimble fingers.
Hobby: Hunting.
Favorite food: Chikuwa
  A man of the world.
He has been the hero's
buddy for more than 10
years. He is good with
his hands, and is great
with a bow and arrow.
His hobby is hunting
His favorite food is
fish cake.

Chikuwa is a tube-shaped snack made from a fish paste. It's low in fat, high in protein, and, perhaps most importantly, dirt-cheap.

Rinpoo the Battle Being
虎人のリンプー Lin Pu of the Tigerpeople

Her name seems Chinese, though that's the only Chinese thing about her as far as I know.

Lin Pu's people are called the "Woren" in English versions and フーレン (fuuren, phonetically "foo ren") in Japanese. Both terms are introduced in this game, though the English version also uses "Fullen" once in an unfortunately typical bit of inconsistency. フーレン is a phonetic approximation of how 虎人 would be pronounced in Chinese (it's kojin in Japanese). Google translate gives the Chinese phonetic reading as hǔ rén, though I can't vouch for its accuracy.

Age.... 15
Birth.... APR. 19th
Height.... 154 cm 5' 0.6"
Weight.... 42 kg 93 lbs
Bloodtype.... O
3size.... 74 48 76 29-19-30
しか はんだんしない。
Quick to get in fights, she never
judges things in any terms other
than "winning" and "losing".
She shows interest in everything,
no matter what, but is just as
quick to lose interest.
She loves combat.
  She loves to fight, and
everything is `win' or
`lose' for her.
She is interested in
everything but bores
She loves competition.
Rand the Wild
甲殻族のランド Rand of the Carapaced

His last name is "Marks" (or "Marx", or however you want to spell it), so given the ambiguity between Ls and Rs when writing sounds in Japanese, he becomes... "Land Marks". It's not a very plausible name, though, so I'll stick with "Rand".

Age.... 31
Birth.... MAR. 14th
Height.... 218 cm 7' 1.8"
Weight.... 140 kg 309 lbs
Bloodtype.... A
3size.... 198 141 178 78-56-70
His massive body covered in
a tough shell is quite a force
in combat. He hates boredom
and wanders all over.
Though a hearty man, he just
can't handle his mother.
  A big man with a tough
hide and good fighting
He hates to be bored so
he wanders around.
He is a heroic man
but has difficulty with
his mother.
Nina the Sylpheed
飛翼族のニーナ Nina of the Sylpheeds

"Wing Clan" is more literal, but "Sylpheed" gets massive style points.

Age.... 17
Birth.... OCT. 9th
Height.... 160 cm 5' 3.0"
Weight.... 34 kg 75 lbs
Bloodtype.... AB
3size.... 83 54 80 33-21-32
 くろいつばさを もつ
こうげきまほうを しゅ
Princess of Windia,
she has black wings.
She's studying offensive
magic at the magic school.
Though she appears elegant
and refined, she's actually
  A princess from Windia
with black wings.
She is training in
attack magic at the
magic school.
She looks very dainty
but has a strong will.
Sten the Pretender
高山族のステン Sten of the Alpiners
Age.... 19
Birth.... JUL. 15th
Height.... 169 cm 5' 6.5"
Weight.... 60 kg 132 lbs
Bloodtype.... B
3size.... 88 61 69 35-24-27
Though now a traveling
entertainer, he used to
be an elite soldier.
He always comes across
as frivolous and shallow,
but apparently isn't really.
  He is now a traveling
entertainer, but he used
to be an elite soldier.
He's always joking
around, so pepole think
he's not serious, but
the truth is he is very
Tapeta the Happy
匍匐族のタペタ Tapeta of the Creepy-Crawlies
Age.... 17
Birth.... MAR. 3rd
Height.... 160 cm 5' 3.0"
Weight.... 88 kg 194 lbs
Bloodtype.... O
3size.... 151 134 145 59-53-57
 きざで ばかで ナルシ
ストで フェミニストの、
じゅんすいで ひとを
サンが とくい。
A conceited, idiotic,
narcissistic, woman-loving
fellow you just can't hate.
He's too pure to know how
to distrust people.
Cooking and sketching
are his strong points.
  Self-absorbed, dumb,
a narcissist,
and chivalrous man.
He is hard to hate.
Pure-hearted and has
difficulty suspecting
people. He is a good
cook and sketches well.
Aspara the Wise Man
草の人アスパー Aspara the Grassperson

The androgenous appearance, not to mention a very girlish combination form available later, have lead to some debate over whether Aspara (Spar) is supposed to be male or female, but assuming sex applies at all, those measurements are fairly definitive. Note the (relatively) broad chest, narrow hips, and virtual lack of any waist. Now compare to Bosch, Sten, and Ryu, who have similar builds (if not so slight), and then to Nina and Lin Pu, who have more balanced bust and hip measurements and almost comically slim waists. If Aspara is supposed to be female, then she's cursed with an incredibly boyish figure.

On a side note, the character's full name is "Aspara Gus". Yeah. BoF2 likes its puns.

Age.... 111 (other media indicate this is equivalent to 16 in human years)
Birth.... FEB. 2nd
Height.... 181 cm 5' 11.3"
Weight.... 58 kg 128 lbs
Bloodtype.... ?
3size.... 72 57 60 28-22-24
 ちしきの ついきゅうに
いっしょうを ささげる
Of a people who have devoted
their whole lives to the pursuit
of knowledge. Constantly calm
and scarce on emotion.
Exhibits power within forests.
  He is from the tribe
who sacrifices life for
Always calm and shows no
emotions. His strength
comes out in the forest.
The Fatal Child

I think they meant "The Fated Child", as "fatal" in modern English typically means "deadly" and seldom has any meaningful connection with fate as such. Either way, it's a poor translation of 使命の子, which everyone seems to keep calling him, given that 使命 (shimei) is more of an appointed task than a fate or destiny in the usual sense. Elsewhere, I'm translating 使命の子 as "the chosen one" and 使命 by itself as "mission".

主人公 The Protagonist
Age.... 16
Birth.... MAY. 1st
Height.... 167 cm 5' 5.7"
Weight.... 57 kg 126 lbs
Bloodtype.... A
3size.... 90 64 70 35-25-28
たくましく いきてきた。
Parted from his parents
at a young age, he has
lived strong.
He is blessed with courage
and leadership, and becomes
the focus of the adventure.
  Separated from his
parents from childhood.
This has made him
strong. He is blessed
with bravery and
leadership. He is the
leader of adventure.

There's also a ninth character, but that one is kind of secret, and thus isn't shown here.

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