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きょうどうたい The Commune TownShip

What started as just a run-down house and lonely Dragon God statue eventually grows into a thriving community, and it's up to us how it develops!

The Carpenters

Our choice of carpenter determines both the aesthetics of the town and what bonus services the carpenter's house provides.

Victorian Chef

One carpenter builds houses in the same Victorian sort of style that many of the existing towns in the game use. When complete, this town has all six houses in the same fairly compact area, with the first three houses in the top row and the second three in the bottom row.

In his own house, this carpenter and his wife offer arguably the most useful service of any of them, taking items that we provide and cooking them into different items. Possible results include rare stat-boosting items and the expensive Golden Sugar (GoldBar). Sometimes they'll even make two at once, though other times the cooking attempt fails and just produces Char (Charcoal) instead.

「やあ みなさん!
何でも りょうりしますよ!!
「Hey, there, everyone!
We'll cook anything!!
「Hi Everyone!
I will cook anything!!
どれを りょうりしましょう? Which shall we cook?  Which shall we cook?
{item}が {amount}人前 できました!
「Sorry to keep you waiting!
{amount} servings of {item} ready!
「Thank you for waiting!
{item} is ready for {amount}

If you have a convenient source of Beer (Cond.Up), combining three of them is an easy way to get Golden Sugar. For stat up items, recipies that work include the following: 2x Wonder Drug (Medicate) → Power Food (PwrFood), Fire Spice (F.Spice) + 2x Tuna → Stamina Source (Stamina), 2x Thunder Crisp (Frizbee) → Quick Meal (Dinker), 2x Fire Spice (F.Spice) → Miso Stew (MisoSoup), Fire Spice (F.Spice) + Thunder Crisp (Frizbee) → Lucky Bonbon (LuckCndy), 2x Shaved Ice (ShaveIce) → Gutsy Ball (GutsBL). Many other interesting and unusual items are also available; refer to a more in-depth guide for details.

Mughal Barkeep

One carpenter builds houses in a more Mughal style featuring domed buildings. When complete, this town has all six houses in the same fairly compact area, with the first three houses in the northernmost row and on the east side of the middle row, and the second three on the west side of the middle row and in the southernmost row.

In his own house, this carpenter opens a bar, which offers the least practical benefit of any option. As bartender, he sells a drink costing 600 Zeny per party member that puts everyone in Raring to Go! (Super) Condition, and the gossiping patrons talk about various gameplay stats for those interested in such things.

「ハハハ、どーすか? これ?
ちょっと こじゃれてる っしょ?
 あっしも だいく仕事に つかれたんで
これからは バーテンダー ですよ
じいさん ばっかりなのは なんでかな‥
「Ha ha ha, how's this, then?
It's a tad chic, don't you think?
 I've gotten tired of carpenter work,
so I'm bartending from now on.
 .........I do wonder why my patrons
all seem to be old men, though...
「Ha ha ha, what do you
think about this?
 It's kind of cute
isn't it?
 I'm tired of carpenter
work so from now on,
I'm a bartender.
 ‥‥‥ but I wonder why
all the customers are
all old men‥
ゆっくり していって くだせい
 おひとり 600ゼニー ですけど
何か のみますか?
「Anyway, free feel to kick
back and sit a spell.
 It's 600 Zeny a person.
Would you like a drink?
「Please relax and enjoy
 It will be 600 coins
per person.
 Would you like a soda?
 バーテンの すすめる のみものは
みんなの 体を しんから もえさせた‥
 The bartender's recommended
drink lit fires in everyone's hearts...
 The drink recommended by
the bartender warmed
everyone's bodies.
「ここの おきゃくさんって
ずっと、あなたたちの事 ばっかり
 よく あきないと 思うわ‥
「The patrons here have been
talking about your group all
this time!
 I'm amazed they never tire of it...
「The customers here talk
only about you guys!
 You would think they
would get tired of it‥
「うむ‥ わしの 見たところ
あんたは {x}時間 {x}
たびを つづけて おられるな
「Yes... from what I've seen,
you've been on your journey for
{x} hours and {x} minutes.
「Umm‥ As far as I can
see, you have been on
your journey for
{x} hours and
{x} minutes.
「あんたら、たびを しとるんじゃろ?
モンスターに 会ったじゃろう?
「You're on a journey, aren't you?
 Could it possibly be that
you've run into monsters
about {x} times?
「You are on a journey,
 You have confronted the
monsters {x} times,
haven't you?
「おれは、あちこちで クダまいてるけど
{x}かいも ぜんめつした
れんちゅうを 見るのは はじめてだ
「I've done a lot of drunken rambling in my
day, but I've never seen a group that was
wiped out {x} times before.
「I've been around, but
this is the first time
I've met a group of
 people who have been
completely defeated
{x} times.
「なんだ? 何が聞きたい?
つりを したって事か?
かりを したって事か?
「What? Want to ask something?
 Was this about how
you've gone fishing
{x} times?
 Or is it about how
you've gone hunting
{x} times?
「Say what? What do you
want to know?
 You want to know
{x} times you
guys went fishing?
 Or, do you want to know
{x} times you guys
went hunting
{x}と ばっかり いっしょに いないで
たまには、{x}も つれて行くがよい
「Don't always pal around with {x}.
Take {x} along once in a while.
「Instead of taking {x}
all the time, you should
take {x}
 once in awhile.
{x}こも 宝を
手に入れとるでは ないか!
「Oh, how impressive!
You've obtained
{x} treasures!
「You guys are incredible!
you have obtained
{x} treasures!
「ここの じょうれんの人たちって
いろんな ウワサ話を 知ってて‥
 ぼくも そんな話が したいけど
あんまり 大した事 知らないからなぁ
 ぼくが 教えられるのは みなさんが
やくそうを 買った事 ぐらいですヨ
「The regulars here are just
something else...
They know a lot of rumors...
 I wish I could gossip like that too,
but I don't really know that much.
 Just about all I can tell
you is that you've bought
{x} Herbs.
「The customers who come
here regularly are
really something‥
 They hear all kinds
of rumors‥
 I'd like to talk like
them but I don't know
anything interesting.
 All I can tell you is
that you have purchased
{x} medicine.
「けしからんね! 君!
他人の タンスを 調べとるじゃないか!
 ‥まったく、ほどほどに しないと
しまいに おこるよ!
「You! How rude!
 You've gone through people's
drawers {x} times!'re really asking for it if
you don't show a little restraint!
「Disgusting! You!
 You have gone through
people's dressers
{x} times!
 ‥Honestly, you better
stop it or I'm really
going to be mad!

The information may be interesting, but as noted above, this one's basically useless from a gameplay standpoint.

Rustic Gambler

The final carpenter builds houses in a pastoral treehouse style. When complete, this town has the first three houses fairly close together in the main area, and the second three houses in a more remote area reachable only by an inconvenient bucket ride.

In his own house, this carpenter and his wife offer a special minigame where the otherwise-useless Build Medals (Tolens) act as game tokens. The first board has a Beiger Sword (TigerSD), Headhunting Whip (LopOffWP), Ice Barrel (IceBW), and Radiant Helmet (ShinyHT), while the second has a King of Daggers (KingOfDR), Rider Tonfa (ThndrST), Rainbow Raiment (RainbwRB), and Giant's Shield (GiantSH).

「どーも、どーも {Ryu}さん!
 いやー おはずかしい‥
あっしは 変わった武器を あつめるのが
 コレクションを かざる 部屋が
 {Ryu}さんには、世話に なってるんで
とくべつに コレクションを
おゆずりしても いいんですが‥
「Welcome, welcome, {Ryu}!
 Well, this is a bit embarrassing...
I collect unusual weapons as a
hobby, you see...
 And I've been wanting a room
to put my collection on display.
 You've done me a good turn, {Ryu},
so I can let you have some things
from my collection, but...
「Hello, hello, {Ryu}!
 It's a little
embarrassing, but‥
 I have a hobby of
collecting interesting
 I wanted a room to
display my collection.
 {Ryu}, you have been very
kind to me
 so I can give you a very
special collection‥
「芸がねえのは いやなんで
ちょいと 遊んでみました
 ルールの 説明は いりませんね?
「I like to keep things interesting,
so I've made a little game of it.
 Did you need me to explain the rules?
「I must have
entertainment so I had
a little fun.
 Do you need an
explanation of the
「どこかで、メダルを 見つけたら
あっしの所に 持って来てください
 メダルを ほおりなげて
このボードの上の マスに のせます
 メダルと メダルで、ボードの上の 武器を
はさんだら‥ おめでとう!
その武器を さしあげます
「言うなれば、オセロみたいな もんです
「If you find a Medal somewhere,
bring it here to me.
 You toss the Medal onto this board
here and land it on a square.
 If you sandwich a weapon on the board
between two Medals... congratulations!
I'll give you the weapon.
「You might say it's like Othello.
「If you find a medal
somewhere, please bring
it to me.
 I will throw that
medal and put in on
 top of the square
on this board.
 If you sandwich the
weapon between the
two medals‥
 congratulations !
I will give that weapon
to you.
「It's kind of like

Each token lands on a randomly-chosen empty tile. His wife runs a second board in the next room with the same rules.

「あたしも ていしゅの えいきょうで
コレクション してるんだ
「I've taken after my husband and
done some collecting of my own.
「I have been influenced
by my husband, and I too
have a collection.

All of the items are nice to get, especially early on, but none are the best of their type, and only the Giant's Shield is unique. I also find his version of the town itself to be needlessly inconvenient, with extra delay from climbing ladders just to get in and out of houses, plus the bucket ride to even reach half of them.

Who to choose?

Which carpenters are available depends on how many villagers we saved from the well in Capitan Village. The Victorian Chef is always available, the Mughal Barkeep only if we saved at least three villagers, and the Rustic Gambler only if we saved at least five of the six total.

Any one of them works for progressing the story, but despite being the easiest to recruit, the Victorian Chef is widely considered the best choice. Golden Sugar is great for some quick cash, and potentially unlimited stat boosts are always difficult to pass up...

Houses and Residents

Each of the carpenters initially builds three uninhabited houses when working on the village, then can build three more for an additional payment of 1,000 Zeny once the first three houses are occupied.

What can we do with empty houses? Why, invite people to move in, of course! Each house can hold a single one of a selection of five (for the first three houses) or four (for the second three) tentants specific to that house. Once someone has moved in, the house is theirs permanently for that playthrough, and the other potential tentants are locked out. Some of the possible tenants don't even appear except when the house they can use is built and unoccupied.

On that note, I haven't actually verifed when or even whether some of the following lines appear. Most characters seem to have a different line when you meet them depending on whether or not their house is available, but characters who only appear when it is aren't going to be able to say their line for when it isn't!

House 1

Kay and Buck are functionally useless, and Watts may be interesting but ultimately doesn't tell us anything we shouldn't be able to figure out on our own. As far as I'm concerned, it comes down to a choice between a steady supply of fire-themed equipment from Heckler or the one powerful healing item from Bum.

ヘッケラー Heckler Hekkeller

He seems to be named after the German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch.

Heckler appears in an apartment in Origin, in the building next to the one where Ryu and Bosch lived at the beginning of the main story.

0  ヘッケラー
「みせを はじめたいと 思ってるのですが
こんな アパートじゃ ムリですねぇ‥
「I've been thinking about opening shop,
but it wouldn't work in this apartment...
「I'm thinking of opening
a store.
 but I don't think I can
do it in this

The Dragon's Tear does nothing here, so it's unclear why it displays at all.

「え!? 町を つくった?
 じゃあ わ、私を そこに
つれて行って くれませんか?
 その町で、武器屋を やりたいんですよ
「What!? You've built a town?
 Then, w-would you mind taking
me with you?
 I want to run a weapon shop there.
「Pardon!?  You say you
made a new town?
 Would you please take me
 I'd like to open a
weapon store there
 Do you want to take
him there?

If we decline:

「そうですか‥ ざんねんです‥ 「Oh... that's too bad... 「I see‥   It's very

If we accept:

「わお! ありがとうございます!
きっと りっぱな みせに しますよ!!
「Wow! Thank you so much!
I know I'll make it a great store!!
「Wow! Thank you very
much!  I'll start a
fabulous store!!

If recruited, Heckler opens an equipment shop that sells Flame Sword (FlameSD), Burn Knuckles (BurnKN), Fire Ring (FireRG), Fire Bow (FireBW), Heat Staff (HeatST), Magma Armor (MagmaAR), and Flame Shield (FlameSH). Decent midgame equipment with a definite theme.

ケイ Kay Kay

Her name has no obvious significance.

Kay appears upstairs in the church in Corsair Town.

「こう見えても、私 ドクターなのよ
 今は、教会に いそうろうだけど
いつかは じぶんの びょういんを 持ちたいわ
「I may not look it, but I'm a doctor.
 I'm freeloading at the church for now,
but I want my own hospital some day.
「I may not look like one,
but I'm a doctor.
 The church is letting me
stay for now,
 but I'd like to have my
own doctor's office
「あなたたち、町を つくったの?
 お願い、私に チャンスを ちょうだい!
その町で、びょういんを ひらきたいの!
「You've built a town?
 Please, give me a chance!
Let me open a hospital there!
「You have a new town?
 Please, give me a
chance! I'd like to open
a hospital there!

If we decline:

私、きっと あなたたちの やくにたてるわ
「Think it over...
I'm certain I could help you.
「Really think about it‥
I'm sure I'll be good
for your town.

If we accept:

「やった! ありがとう!
さっそく その町に 向かうわ!!
「Yes! Thank you!
I'll head for your town, stat!!
「Great! Thank you!
I'll go there right now!

If recruited, Kay provides temporary poison immunity when spoken to. Unfortunately, it only lasts for one battle.

「お部屋を くれて ありがとう
おれいに よぼうちゅうしゃ してあげるわ
 これを しておけば
しばらくの間 どくから 身を守れるのよ
「Thank you for giving me a room.
I'll give you inoculations as thanks.
 Doing this will protect you from
poison for a little while.
「Thank you for giving me
a room.
「I'm going to give you a
vaccine shot as a token
of my appreciation.
 If you have this shot,
you will be protected
from poison for awhile

バック Buck Back

Possibly related to Buck Knives, an American knife manufacturer.

Buck appears in a corner of the Gantz armory.

「ふがふが! よろいを きたえさせたら
わしの みぎに出る者は おらん!
 まだまだ、わしは モウロク しとらんぞ!
場所さえ くれれば、しょうめい してやるぞ!
「*sniffle*! None come before me
when it comes to tempering armor!
 I'm still far from senile!
I'd prove it, if I had a place to!
「There is no one better
than me to make
 armor stronger.
 I'm not senile yet!
If I have a place,
I'll prove it to you!

If we decline:

「わしゃ、モウロク しとらん ってば!
「I'm not senile yet, I say!
*sniffle sniffle*
「I'm not senile yet.

If we accept:

「なんと! お前さんらの 町で
わしの ウデを ふるわせて くれるのか!
「What! You're gonna let me put
my skills to use in your town!?
「Great! You'll let me
show off my talents in
your town!

If recruited, Buck provides a temporary +4 defense to the character who speaks to him, but it only lasts for one battle or until changing equipment.

「ふがふが! お前さんの ヨロイを
ぱわーあっぷ してやるぞ!
 ふがふが‥ ただし‥
あんまり 長持ちしないがね‥
「*sniffle*! I'm gonna power up
your armor!
 *sniffle*... the thing is...
it's not gonna last all that long...
「I'll make your armor
 But it won't last very

And unless this is an awkward attempt at bragging, maybe he is senile after all...

「なんと! お前さんの ヨロイは
すでに ぱわーあっぷ されておるぞ!
 だれが やったのか 知らんが
こりゃ あっぱれな ウデ前じゃ!
「What! Your armor is already
powered up!
 Whoever did it must have had
truly impressive skills!
「Oh! Your armor is
stronger already.
 I don't know who did it,
but it's a great job.

プー Bum Poo

プー is short for プータロー (puutarou), a rather derogatory slang term for someone with no job despite having the ability and perhaps even inclination to work.

Bum appears upstairs in the pub in Corsair Town.

「おいらは やどなし プーたろう
だれか おいらに 家を くれねえかな‥
「I'm homeless and jobless.
Won't someone give me a home...?
「I have no home and no
 I wish someone
would build me a house‥
「え! おいらに 家を くれるって!?
「What! You'll give me a home!?
 You'll give me a

If we decline:

「ちぇっ そんなに いい話なんて
あるもんじゃ ねえな‥
「Tch, I guess that would be
too good to be true...
「Shucks.  I thought it
was too good to be true.

If we accept:

「お! ラッキー!
何でも 言ってみるもんだねえ!
「Oh! What luck!
I guess it never hurts to ask!
「Oh!  Lucky!
It sure is worth it to

If recruited, Bum does nothing at first...

「ありがとよ! 気に入ったよ この部屋 「Thank you! I really like this room. 「Thank you!
I like this room.

...but gets motivated after a while...

「おいらも いつまでも 遊んでばかりじゃ
ボチボチ 仕事を しようかなあ
「It wouldn't be right for me to just
lounge around forever...
Maybe I'll start doing some work.
「I can't just do nothing
I guess I'll get to work

...and eventually sells a Moondrop for 1,000 Zeny.

いつまでも ブラブラしてらんないから
みせを はじめることに したよ
 アレを 1000ゼニーで 売ってやるよ
「Hi! It's been a while.
I can't just loaf around forever, so
I've decided to start up a shop.
 I'll sell you-know-what for 1,000 Zeny.
「Hi.  Long time no see!
I had to do something
with my life,
 so I decided to open a
store. I'll sell that
to you for 1,000 coins.

ワッツ Watts Watts

His name has no obvious significance.

Watts appears at the Sideshow Tent, though he's only recruitable when it's at the Land of Music, and only before Aspara joins.

どうも さつばつと して来てなぁ‥
 わしの 芸が にあわんから
やめようと 思ってるんじゃ
 どこかに あき家が ないじゃろうか?
「This place has gotten awfully
bloodthirsty lately...
 It doesn't suit my act, so
I'm thinking about quitting.
 Know of any vacant houses?
「Recently this place
has become fierce‥
 My entertainment doesn't
seem to work so I'm
thinking of quitting.
 Is there a vacant house

If we decline:

「そうか‥ ざんねんじゃ 「Oh... that's too bad. 「I see‥
that's disappointing.

If we accept:

「なに!? お前さんらの 町に
家が あいておるのか?
 そいつは ええわい!
ひとつ、そこで ナゾナゾ道場を
ひらくと するか!!
「What!? You have a vacant
house in your town?
 That's great!
I think I'll go open a house
of riddles there!!
「What did you say!?
You have a vacant house
in your town?
 That's great!
Why don't I start a
riddle Dojo there!!

If recruited, Watts unsurprisingly asks a series of riddles.

あかいのは どれじゃ?
あーる        わい
びー         えっくす
えー         える
「Here's a riddle.
Which one is red?
Arr / Why
Bee / Ecks
Ay / Ell
「Here's a riddle
Which is red?
R          Y
B          X
A          L

These refer to buttons on the colorful Super Famicom controller, a bit of a problem for those used to the drab ones that came with the Super Nintendo.

プッシュでんわで みぎうえにある ボタンは?
3          1
9          7
2          0
「Here's a riddle.
What's the top right button on a touchtone phone?
3 / 1
9 / 7
2 / 0
「Here's a riddle
On a push button phone,
 what is the number in
the top right corner?
3          1
9          7
2          0

I can never remember whether those have the same layout as a keyboard's number pad or have the top and bottom rows swapped.

仲間はずれは どれじゃ?
あか         むらさき
あお         きみどり
しろ         くろ
「Here's a riddle.
Which one isn't like the others?
Red / Purple
Blue / Yellow-Green
White / Black
「Here's a riddle
 Which doesn't fit
in the group?
Red        Purple
Blue      Green
White      Black

The answer is yellow-green. I think it's because 黄緑 (kimidori) is two kanji, and the others would all be written with one?

 あかずきんちゃんが かぜの おばあちゃんを
おみまいに 行きました‥
 その とちゅうで
ウシが 『もー』と、ないていて
ちょうちょが ひらひらと とんでいました
 さて、おばあちゃんの びょうきは?
もうちょう      ガン
かぜ         むしば
ふつかよい      つうふう
「Here's a riddle.
 Little Red Riding Hood went to visit
her granny, who had a cold...
 Along the way there,
a cow went "moo" and
a butterfly fluttered away.
 Now, what was granny sick with?
appendicitis / cancer
cold / tooth decay
hangover / gout
「Here's a riddle
 Two brothers are we,
Great burdens we bear
all day we are bitterly
 pressed. But this I
will say We are full
all day,
 And are empty when we go
to rest.
What are we?
Barrels    Trash Can
Shoes      Cars
Boxes      Bottles

This one throws in an excess of irrelevant information, but the answer is in the riddle itself.

いちばん ながいのは どれじゃ?
1メートル      2フィート
3インチ       4オングストローム
5しゃく       6キログラム
「Here's a riddle.
Which one is the longest?
1 meter / 2 feet
3 inches / 4 angstroms
5 shaku / 6 kilograms
「Here's a riddle
I quiver with each
 breath of air,
Yet the mightiest
burdens I can bear.
Porter    Tree
Waiter    Ant
Water      Nintendo

1 meter is a bit over 3 feet, angstroms are microscopic, kilograms aren't even length, and 1 shaku (a traditional Japanese unit of length) is nearly as long as 1 foot, so the answer is 5 shaku. Converted to centimeters and rounded off, the lengths given are 100, 60.96, 7.62, 4x10-8, and 151.52, in that order.

「なかなか やるのお‥
では さいごの なぞなぞじゃ
 むずかしいから カンを はたらかせろ
でんせつの 大魔法つかいは、どこにいる?
コルセア       イーのどうくつ
ケハの森      ラマの森
コットのとりで    モトの町
「You're pretty good...
Here's my final riddle, then.
 It's hard, so trust your gut.
Where's the legendary great magician?
Corsair / Yi Cave
Keha Forest / Lama Forest
Kott Fortress / Origin Town
「Very good‥
Here's the last riddle.
 This one is hard so
 Where is the legendary
Coursair  ShowCave
JahWoods  RamWoods
CotLnd    HomeTown

This basically just serves as a hint for anyone who hasn't found her yet. Also, there is no Lama Forest in this game, for what it's worth.

House 2

Pechiri and Bokuden are functionally useless, and Win feels like a waste of space that should have just been a menu option to begin with. Fishing enthusiasts might go for MacLean, but I always pick Remington without a second thought.

レミントン Remington Leminton

He seems to be named after the American arms manufacturer of the same name.

Remington appears upstairs in the Capitan Village inn.

「わしは たびの あきんどじゃ
でも そろそろ たびにも つかれたわい
「I'm a traveling merchant,
but getting tired of traveling.
「I'm a traveling salesman
 and I'm starting to get
「なんと! 町を つくりなさった?
 そこに わしの みせを
ひらかせては くれんかね?
「Oh! You've built a town?
 Would you let me set up
my shop there?
「Oh!  You built a town?
 Will you allow me to
open a store in that

If we decline:

「老人には たびからたびの せいかつは
ちょっぴり つらいんじゃがなぁ‥
「Going from one journey to another
is a bit rough on someone my age...
「A life of travel is
tough for an old man‥

If we accept:

これで おちついて しょうばいが できるわい
「Thank you...
Now I can settle down and do business.
「Thank you‥
Now I can settle down
and run my business.

If recruited, Remington opens an equipment shop that sells Rakshasa Tyrant Sword (KingSD), Peerless Rapier (WonderRP), Unyielding Armor (MightyAR), and Devilish Shield (DemonSH), all solid midgame equipment.

ペチリ Pechiri Pechiri

His name has no obvious significance.

Pechiri appears in the top floor of Thieves' Tomb.

「ウデだめしに ここまで来たけど
やっぱり どろぼうは、向いてないや
 どこかに おちついて
どろぼうから 足を あらいたいんだケド‥
「I've made it this far testing my skill,
but I'm just not cut out to be a thief.
 I wish I could settle down somewhere
and wash my hands of thieving...
「I traveled this far to
check my skills,
 but I'm not suited to
be a thief.
 I'd like to settle down
somewhere and
quit stealing‥

If we decline:

しがない 盗人かぎょうには
おさらば したいぜ‥
I just wanna say goodbye to
this lousy thief business...
「Phew ‥‥‥
I'd like to say goodbye
to stealing.

If we accept:

「え! 家、くれるの!?
後で かえせって 言っても
「What! You're giving me a house!?
You'd better not ask for it back later,
'cause I'm not gonna give it back!!
You'll give me a
 Honest!? I won't give it
back later if you say
you want it back!!

If recruited, Pechiri does nothing at first... (The Dragon's Tear gleams before the final word of the line below.)

0  ペチリ
「家を くれて ありがとうよ
 すっかり 盗人からは
足を あらったよ‥ ホントさ!
「Thanks for giving me a house.
 I've thoroughly washed my hands
of being a thief... honest!
「Thank you for giving me
a house.
 I've completely washed
my hands of stealing.
‥ really!

However, after getting the Thief's Proof (Evidence), any money we have banked mysteriously goes missing...

0  ペチリ
「おい、おれを うたがうのか?
 おれは、あんたらの 金なんか
知らねえったら! ホントさ!
信じる       信じない
「Hey, are you suspecting me?
 I don't know a thing about your
money! Honest!
Believe / Don't believe
「Hey, you don't trust me?
 I don't know anything
about your money.
 it's true!
 Would you trust him?
Yes        No

If we don't believe him:

I see how it is...
「‥‥‥ fine.
I understand‥

The Dragon's Tear gleams again as he pleads his innocence, though, so it makes sense to believe him:

「ホントに 信じてくれるのか!?
この おれを!
もういちど 調べてみな
 あんたらの あずけた金を 盗んだのは
あそこの れんちゅうかも しれない!
「You'll really believe me!?
Me, of all people!
 .........try checking around
Thieves' Tomb again, then.
 It might be that lot that stole
the money you had stored!
「You really believe me!?
 ‥‥‥ Then, check the
Karn's Grave
one more time.
 Those guys over there
may be the ones who
stole your money!

Either way, ask around Thieves' Tomb to find the real thief.

「モトの町の 南の町で
あずかり所から たんまり 盗んでやったぜ!
 ‥‥‥え? あんたの、金?
金は かえすから お助け!!
「I stole a bundle from the storage
in the town south of Origin!
 .........huh? That's your money?
I'll give it back! Please don't hurt me!!
「I stole from a bank in
the town south of
 ‥‥‥ huh?
Your money?
 So sorry! I'll give
your money back, please
don't hurt me!!

Although Pechiri does help us find the stolen money, the money is never stolen if we don't recruit him to begin with, so this nets a big fat nothing.

マクリーン MacLean MacClean

He might be named after novelist Alistair MacLean.

MacLean appears at Whale Beach, west of Whale Cape.

「ここは あんまり つれそうに ないな
どこか 他の所に 行くか‥
 どこか 海の近くに すみたいけど
そんな町を 知らんかね?
「This looks like a bad spot for fishing.
Maybe I'll go somewhere else...
 I'd like to live near the ocean.
Know any towns like that?
「I don't think the fish
are biting very good
 here‥  Maybe we should
go somewhere else‥
 I'd like to live in a
town close to the ocean.
 Do you know of such a

If we decline:

また、よく つれるポイントを さがして
たびに出ると するか
「Good grief...
I guess I'll go on another journey
in search of a good fishing spot.
「Oh well‥
I guess I'll go on
another journey
 to find a good fishing

If we accept:

「おお! なんと!
お前さん、町を 持ってるのか!?
わしも そこに つれていってくれ
「Oh! My!
You have a town!?
Take me there!
「Oh!  Great!
You have a town!?
Please take me there.

If recruited, MacLean can take us to a special well-stocked fishing spot that doesn't appear otherwise.

「こんなに いい家を くれて、ありがとうよ
 おれいに、わしの ヒミツの つりポイントに
「Thanks for giving me such a nice house.
 Would you like me to bring you to my
secret fishing spot to show my gratitude?
「Thank you for this
wonderful house.
 Shall I take you to my
secret fishing spot
 as a token of my

ボクデン Bokuden Bockden

He seems to be named after famed swordsman Tsukahara Bokuden.

Bokuden appears in Yi Cave (ShowCave).

「たんれん たんれん たんれんが
足らんぞおぉ パオーン!
 せっしゃに 部屋を くれれば
そこを 道場に してやるが どうじゃ?
「Don't be slacking, your
training's lacking, BOOM!
 Give me a room and I'll make it
a training hall, to reign in all?
「Training, training,
Not enough training.
If you give me a room,
I'll start a Dojo.
 What do you think?

It's pretty much all puns. たんれん (tanren, training/practice/discipline) played against 足らん (taran, not enough), then 道場 (doujou, dojo/training hall) played against どうじゃ (dou ja, how about it)? That's almost physically painful. I did what I could with it. And apparently パオーン (paoon) is an elephant noise?

If we decline:

「ざんねんで ゴザルそば 「This point meant disappointment. 「Very disappointing.

At first glance, it's just "that's too bad" with some unusual phrasing and an odd addition at the end. After further investigation, ザルそば (zaru soba) is a kind of chilled soba noodle dish, traditionally served over a bamboo strainer (the zaru) and with a dipping sauce. So yeah, it's another bad pun.

If we accept:

「おお! サンキュー 39!
りっぱな 道場に しますぞ!!
「Ohh! Thank you, sank queue!
I'll make a fine training hall!!
「Oh!  Thank you!
I'll make a great Dojo!!

Standard Japanese number punning. 3 is san, 9 is kyuu, and サンキュー (sankyuu) is the language's phonetic approximation of English "thank you".

If recruited, Bokuden just spews even more bad puns, unsurprisingly.

「道場に どうじょ お入りくだされ
 どうじゃ ボクデンの だじゃれ道場じゃ
おぬしも たんれん なされや!
「Haul yourselves to my training hall!
 How didja like Bokuden's bad pun dojo?
You keep on training, too!
「Welcome to my Dojo.
 What do you think of my
You should train too!

道場 (doujou) is played against どうじょ (doujo), a corruption of どうぞ (douzo, go right ahead), then played against どうじゃ (dou ja, how is it?) again as before. The last line, at least, seems to be serious enough for a change.

ウィン Win Win

Presumably short for "window".

Win appears inside Joker's hideout at Rokko Mountain, of all places.

ジョーカーたちとは 何のかんけいも ないよ
 家がないから この どうくつに
「Hi, I'm Win.
I'm not involved with the Joker gang.
 I'm just living in this cave since
I have no house...
「Hi, my name is Win.
 I have no involvement
with the Jokers.
 I'm living in this
cavern because I don't
have a house.
変えたいと 思ったことない?
 ぼくに 家を くれたら
ウインドウのいろを 変えてあげるけど‥
「Have you ever wanted to change
the window colors in the game?
 I'll change the window colors for
you if you'll give me a house...
「Have you ever thought
about changing the color
 of the window while
playing the game?
 If you give me a house,
I can change the color
of your window‥

If we decline:

「そうかい‥ じゃあ しょうがない 「Oh... well, that's just how it goes. 「I see‥  I guess there's
nothing I can do.

If we accept:

じゃあ 君たちの町に 行くよ
「Thank you!
I'll go to your town, then.
「Thank you!
I'll go to your town.

If recruited, Win offers to change the window colors, as promised, which affects both dialog boxes and the menu. Unfortunately, this only changes the background color, not text or anything else, and as a result some of the options just don't work well at all.

「やあ! ウインドウのいろを 変えるかい?
「Hi! Want to change window colors?
「Hi!  Do you want to
change the window color?
「このいろで いいかい? 「Is this color good? 「Is this color ok?

House 3

Beretta is the clear favorite here, though Azusa makes hunting nice and convenient. Whoopi, Makoti, and Akky are all functionally useless.

ベレッタ Beretta Baretta

She seems to be named after the Italian arms manufacturer.

Beretta appears in the Windia equipment shop.

あーあ‥ あたしも じぶんの みせが ほしいな
「I'm Beretta...
Ohhh... I really want my own shop.
「I'm Baretta‥
 Oh‥ I wish I could have
my own business too.
「えっ!? あなた 町を 持ってるの?
 ねえ あたしを そこに つれて行かない?
あたし おみせが ひらきたいの
「What!? You have a town?
 Say, could you take me there?
I want to open a shop.
「What!?   You have a
 Won't you please take me
there? I want to open a

If we decline:

「ちぇっ! つまんなーい 「Tch! What a drag. 「Darn!
How disappointing.

If we accept:

「ありがとう! あたし、がんばる! 「Thank you! I'll give it my all! 「Thank you!
I'll work very hard!

If recruited, Beretta opens an equipment shop with an unusual quality: the stock improves over time.

「みせを 出させてくれて ありがとう
ほりだし物を 見つけてくるから 買ってね!
「Thank you for letting me open shop.
 I'll be looking around to find
bargains for you to buy!
「Thank you for letting me
start my store.
 I'll travel all over to
find the best buys,
 so please come shop
at my store.

At first, she offers an assortment of junk: Longsword (LongSD), Copper Baton (BronzeST), Dagger (WoodenDR), Leather Armor (SuedeAR), Forehead Guard (SaladBwl), Iron Guard (SteelAR), and Wristband (Ristband).

Some time later, this improves to Burn Knuckles (BurnKN), Fire Ring (FireRG), Quarterstaff (QuartrST), Bless Armor (BreathAR), and Obsidian Helmet (NationHT).

After more time passes, her inventory again changes, this time to Rider Tonfa (ThndrST), Chakram (ChuckDR), Piercing (PierceRP), Earth Armor (EarthAR), Circlet (SokletAR), and Decoy Shield (GuardSH).

If she's in town for long enough, she finally ends up selling some of the game's best equipment: Armor Pain (BreakSD), Greatbow (DeathBW), Kaiser Knuckles (KaiserKN), Amber Ring (AmberRG), Motherly Garment (MotherRB), Tyrant Armor (HeroAR), Radiant Helmet (ShinyHT), and Soul Shield (HolySH).

ウーピ Whoopi Woopi

She seems to be named after Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi appears upstairs in the Origin Town church.

「あんた‥ 何か なやみが あるでしょ?
わかるんだよ あたしにゃ!
「Something... troubles you, does it not?
I can tell, that I can!
「You‥  You're worried
about something,
 aren't you?
I can tell!

There's some dramatic pausing in the middle of every わかる / "I can tell" that doesn't translate well to static text.

「あ! あんた! 町を つくったね!?
わかるんだよ あたしにゃ!
あたしを その町に つれて行かないかい?
「Ah! You! You've built a town!?
I can tell, that I can!
 So, would you do me a favor
and take me to your town?
「Ah!   You!
You made a town!?
I can tell!
How about taking me

If we decline:

「あんた、町を つくって
人を あつめてるんじゃない!?
あたしも 仲間にしてくれたら
いい事が あったのにねえ‥
「You've built a town and are
gathering people, are you not!?
 It's most unfortunate...
Good things would have come
of letting me join you...
「You made a town and now
 you're gathering people
to live there!?
 That's unfortunate‥
 If you let me join you,
you would have had good

If we accept:

「やっぱり! そう言うと思ってたよ! 「Aha! I knew you would say that! 「I knew it!  I thought
you would say that!

If recruited, Whoopi gives fortune readings that change as the story progresses. Possible spoilers ahead, by the way.

「何か こまった事があったら
あたしの所に おいで
 うらなって あげるからね
「Come to me if ever you
know not what to do.
 I shall tell your fortune.
「If you have a problem
with anything,
 come and see me.
 I'll tell you your
「あたしの うらないによると‥
 しんはんにんは パティ だってさ
何のことか わかんないけど
「My divination tells me...
The true culprit is Patty.
I'm not sure what that means,
but was it of help to you?
「Based on what I can see.
The real criminal is
. I don't know
what this means,
 but does it help you
at all?
「あたしの うらないによると‥
 しょうぐんは わるもの らしいよ
「My divination tells me...
The general is a villain.
「According to my fortune,
the General is an
. Probably‥
「よく あたるだろ? あたしの うらない
 うーむ‥ 魔女は カエル好き!
あたしには 何の事か わかんないけど
「My divinaiton is pretty accurate, right?
 Hmmm... The witch is a frog-lover!
I have no idea what that means,
but that's what it says...
「Aren't I good?
Another fortune.
Umm‥ the witch loves
the frog!

 I don't know what any
of this means,
but that's what I see‥
たくさんの人が 死ぬよ!
あんたたちの まわりでね!!
 何か フキツな かんじだねえ‥
Many will die!
People close to you!!
 I don't like the sound of that...
Many people will die!
Around all of you!!
 It feels ill-omened ‥
「あたしの うらないを 聞くまでも
 あんたたちは うまくやるよ‥
「Surely you don't need me to tell
your fortune at this point...
 You'll do well...
I'm sure of it...
「I know you don't need to
hear it from me‥
 But you will all do
well‥ Probably‥

Hmm. I was expecting more variety and more useful guidance for players who are stuck or have forgotten what they're supposed to do next, but nope. Those are all the lines she has, and none of them even give any information that's of any real help at any point in the story.

アズサ Azusa Azusa

His name has no obvious significance.

Azusa appears in a cave in Futabi Mountain. We already saw him early on when searching for Suzi.

「おら、ハンターの アズサだぁ
 えものを おってたら
こんな所に まよいこんだ だぁよ
「I'm Azusa, a hunter.
 I got lost tracking game and
wound up in here.
「My name is Azusa, and
I'm a hunter.
 I was hunting an animal
and ended up here.
「ん? 町を つくっただか?
 そいつあ いいなぁ
おらも その町に 行ってみてえなあ
「Hm? You've built a town?
 I like the sound of that.
I'd sure like to try going there.
「Huh? You built a
 That's great. I'd like
to go there.

If we decline:

「やっぱ おらみたいな山男は
家の中で ねるのは ムリだか‥
「I guess sleeping in a house isn't
meant for a mountain man like me...
「I guess a mountain man
like me shouldn't be
sleeping in a house‥

If we accept:

おらも たまには ベッドで
ねてみたかった だぁよ!
「That's great!
I've always wanted to try sleeping
in a bed every now and then!
「I'm so excited!
It will be nice to
sleep in a bed for
 a change!

If recruited, Azusa can take us to a special well-stocked hunting spot that doesn't appear otherwise.

「やっぱ 屋根のある所は
かいてき だーな
 部屋をくれた おれいに
ヒミツの かりのポイントに あんないしようか?
「Ah, it sure is nice to have
a roof over your head.
 How about I take you to my secret
hunting spot as thanks for the house?
「It's really nice to have
a roof over my head.
 Would you like me to
take you to my secret
hunting spot
 as a token of my

マコティ Makoti Macotti

It's speculated that he may be a reference to Makoto Ikehara, the game's senario writer.

Makoti appears in the bathroom of the Corsair Town pub.

「あ‥ こりゃ どうも
 あっしに かまわず やってくださいな
‥‥‥あっしは ただの ビンボーで
金が無いんで ここに すんでるでゲスよ
「Oh... hi, there.
Here for the toilet?
 Don't mind me, just do your thing.
.........I'm just flat-out broke so I'm
living in here.
「Ah‥ excuse me.
 Do you need to use the
bathroom? Don't mind me,
go right ahead. ‥‥‥
 I'm just a poor man.
I'm living here because
I have no money.
「このトイレの やちんは
つきに 1ゼニーなんですが‥
 それも はらえなくて もう
おい出されて しまいそうなんでゲス
 お願いでゲス‥ あっしに 家をください
「The rent for this bathroom
is 1 Zeny a month...
 But I can't even pay that,
so I'm about to be driven out.
 Please... give me a house!
「I pay one coin per month
to live in this bathroom
 But I can't even pay
that, so I'm going to be
kicked out soon.
 Please‥ give me a house

If we decline:

「うっ やっぱり‥ 「Ooh, I knew it...  Macotti
「Oh, I thought so‥

If we accept:

「え!? ホントに くれるんで?
なんて 心の ひろいお方だ!!
「What!? You'll really give me one?
Boy, are you generous!!
「Really!?  You'll
honestly give me a house
You are so kind!!

If recruited, Makoti moves in, and as far as anyone has been able to tell, that's all.

「こんな あっしに‥ こんな りっぱな
部屋を くださるなんて‥
 今に すごい おんがえし
してもらえるに ちがいないでゲスよ!
 ‥‥‥あっしは 何も
おんがえし できませんで ゲスがね‥
「Giving such a fine room...
to someone like me...
 I say you've earned yourselves
one heck of a reward!
 .........not that there's anything
I can do to repay you...
「Giving a man like me‥
such a wonderful room‥
 Your kindness will
surely be returned
someday! ‥‥‥
 Although, there's really
nothing I can give you
in return‥

アッキー Akky Akky

The cat names have no obvious significance.

Akky appears in a hut west of the Vast Woodland. Lin Pu must lead the party to recruit Akky.

Most characters only hear meowing noises when talking to the cats. When in her fused shaman form, Lin Pu hears actual words—Akky has a strong Kansai accent, no less—and I'm including only those here, unless someone really wants to see some cat noises. Fused form isn't needed to recruit Akky, though.

「おれは かまへんで べつに
「Oh, never mind me.
「I don't mind.
「なんや、おれに せえっちゅうんか?
「What, you want me to do it?
 You want me to do it?

If we decline:

「しゃーないなー 「Ah well, no helping it. 「I guess I have no

If we accept:

「それやったら ええけど‥ 「Sure, I can do that... 「I can do that‥

If recruited, Akky moves in. After a while, other cats may do the same, and similarly do nothing except say odd things.

Come to think of it, this reminds me of the developer rooms in Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger. Could it be the same sort of thing?

「とりにくが、すきです ハイ
「I like chicken, yes I do.
「I like chicken.
「.........let me think about it.
Let me think about it.
「だめっすよ、それ‥ しけいっす
「That's no good... death penalty.
「No. You'll be‥

There are a few different things しけい (shikei) could be. This fits as well as any.

「いーや‥ うーわ
「Ohh... whoaa...
「Noo‥ whoa.
「もう わけわかんないですよ
「I haven't got a clue anymore.
「I don't know what's
going on
「いけますよ‥ あ、やっぱり だめか
「This could work... wait, maybe not.
Nope, it's no good.
「It's ok‥ Oh, no we
can't, no we can't
「ちょ、ちょっと まってください! ええーっ!?
「H-hey, hold on a sec! Wha!?
「Wait, wait a minute!
「Do not want.
「.........weapon massage?

...maybe? I'm not completely convinced that means anything in particular at all.

「Usha sha sha sha!
「Hee hee hee

That's a particular peculiar kind of laughter.


House 4

This house comes down to a choice between equipment from Kalashnikov or spells from Burroughs. Gerber and Lacquer are functionally useless.

カラシニコフ Kalashnikov Karashinikofu

He seems to be named after the Russian best known for designing the AK-47.

Kalashnikov appears upstairs in the inventor's house in Gantz.

考え出すのが しゅみなんじゃ‥
「It's a hobby of mine to think
up various weapons...
「I like to think of all
kinds of weapon‥
「いろんな武器を 売るほど 思いついたワイ
 どこかに みせを 出させてくれれば
お前さんに 売ってやっても いいぞ
「I've thought up enough weapons to sell!
 If you let me open a shop somewhere,
I'll be quite willing to sell to you.
「I've thought of all
 kinds of weapon
I can sell.
 If you let me open a
store somewhere,
 I'll sell some to you

If we decline:

「なんじゃ、わしの 生み出した
すばらしい 武器が ほしくないのか?
「What, don't you want the wonderful
weapons I've come up with?
「What, you don't want
the wonderful weapon
I've created?

If we accept:

「おお、そうか! お前さんの 町に
わしの みせを 出させてくれるんじゃな!
「Oh, you will! You'll let me set
up shop in your town!
Thank you!!
「Oh, really! 
 So you'll let me open a
store in your town!
I'm grateful!!

If recruited, Kalashnikov opens an equipment shop that sells King of Daggers (KingOfDR), Birch Staff (BirchST), Gladius (GradeDR), Piercing (PierceRP), Silver Armor (SilverAR), Shredding Bracer (SlashGL), and Silver Shield (WhiteSH), all solid midgame equipment.

ガーバー Gerber Garber

He seems to be named after Gerber Legendary Blades, which makes utility and combat knives.

Gerber appears upstairs in the Fama Village inn.

「イナカは いいね
心が やすまるよ‥
 おれの こきょうは
ケムリと ホコリだらけの
こうぎょうちたい だからね
「I love the countryside.
It puts my heart at ease...
 I'm originally from an
industrial region smothered
in smoke and dust.
「The country is nice.
It calms your heart‥
 I grew up in an
industrial area with
smoke and dust.
 あんたらの 武器を 強くしようか?
してほしかったら、部屋を おくれ
「As you can see, I'm a blacksmith.
 Shall I strengthen your weapons?
Give me a room if you want me to.
「As you can see,
I'm a weaponsmith
 Do you want me to make
your weapon stronger?
 If you do, please give
me a room.

If we decline:

「あ、そ 「Oh, I see. 「Oh, ok

If we accept:

悪い とりひきじゃ ないと思うぜ
I don't think it's a bad deal.
I don't think this is a
bad exchange.

If recruited, Gerber provides a temporary +8 attack to the character who speaks to him, but it only lasts for one battle or until changing equipment.

{char1}の武器を 強くしてやるよ
ほんの ちょっとの 間だけだよ!
「Hello and welcome.
I'll strengthen {char1}'s weapon.
 .........keep in mind, though,
that it won't last long!
「Welcome. I'll make
{char1}'s weapon stronger.
 ‥‥‥ but,
it's just for a little
これいじょう 強くは できないよ
「No, this won't work.
I can't strengthen it any further.
「Oh no, I can't make it
any stronger than this

バロウズ Burroughs Barose

He might be named after the inventor William Seward Burroughs. He also talks in walls of text with no punctuation, most of the time.

Burroughs appears in the inn of one of the towns inside Gandaluf's mind. Since this area becomes inaccessible after advancing the plot, Burroughs also becomes inaccessible if not recruited before then.

「I'm Gandaroof's
-6  バロウズ
「If you take me out of
 I'll teach you magic.
There's no reason to
turn down such
 a good offer.

If we decline, the Dragon's Tear grimaces:

-6 「わしおへんなじじいとおもってあなどるとそんおす
「I'm saying, if you think
of me as just a weird
old man,
 you'll be sorry.
But  just won't

If we accept, the Dragon's Tear gleams:

-5 「でわおまえたちのまちにすみつくとするか 「ThenISupposeIShallMoveIntoYourTown 「Then, , I think
I'll live in your town.

If recruited, Burroughs will, up to four total times, teach magic to a character. However, he has some peculiar criteria we'll need to meet first.

?  バロウズ
「I like to teach magic to
those with
 as little AP as
 {char1}, are you a person
with little AP?

If we say yes, and the lead character has more than 1 current AP, his Mood drops by 96 (six shades worth).

? 「ばかものおまえわまだえーぴーがのこっておるでわ
「You fool, .
You still have AP.
 You'll have to come back
when you have less.

However, his Mood improves by 16 (one shade) if we say yes when the lead character has exactly 1 current AP.

? 「うむうむなかなかすくなくてかんしんじゃがわしと
「Umm, Umm. I'm impressed
that you have a lot less
 but I like people with
 as little HP as
 {char1}, are you a person
with little HP?

And doing the same at 0 current AP improves his Mood by 32 (two shades).

? 「うむうむじつにかんしんじゃまったくからっぽとわ
「Umm, Umm. I'm very
impressed . It's
completely empty.
 By the way, I like
people with as little HP
as possible and
 if I'm going to teach
magic, I'd like to teach
it to someone like that.
 Are you a person with
little HP?

The HP question works much like the AP question, except that the effects of 0 and 1 are reversed. Minus 96 Mood if over 1 HP:

? 「だめじゃだめじゃわしわえっちぴーののこっている
「No, no .
 I don't have time to
teach magic to a person
who still has HP.

Plus 16 if at 0 HP:

? 「ううむたしかにたいりょくがないがぜろというのわ
「Humm. You definitely
have no energy left ,
 but zero is going too
far. I don't want to
teach magic to {char1}.
 You'll have to come back
another time.

Or plus 32 if at exactly 1 HP:

? 「おおりっぱりっぱすっかりたいりょくがないでわな
「Oh, very very good .
You have no energy left.
 Shall I teach {char1} the

After answering Yes to both questions when at no more than 1 AP and at exactly 1 HP, the lead character is given the opportunity to learn a spell.

? 「よろしい、{char1}に 教える魔法は
 ほんとうに {char1}に教えて いいんじゃな?
「Very well, {char1}, the spell
I will teach you is {x}...
 Are you sure that's all right?
「Alright. I am going
to teach {char1} the {x}
 Can I really teach this
to {char1}?

Which spell he teaches depends on his current Mood. 0 to 63 (black to magenta) gives Val (Thunder), 64 to 127 (red to orange) gives Leygir (Freeze), 128 to 191 (yellow to green) gives Padarma (Flame), and 192 to 255 (aqua to rainbow) gives Domega (Missile). The last one is the strongest one, naturally.

His Mood persists across conversations, even after teaching someone a spell. Answering No at any point backs out of the conversation, with no further consequences, so meeting his criteria and going through the questions repeatedly without learning a spell is an easy way to raise his Mood.

Also note that he won't object if you try teaching a spell to someone who already knows it. It won't affect their spell list, but still uses up one of the four times he'll teach magic, so be careful not to waste it like that. Similarly, there's little point in teaching a spell to someone who learns it on their own anyway.

ラッカー Lacquer Locker

He seems to be named after the varnish, appropriately enough. And he talks kind of funny, so combining that with how he's apparently getting high on paint fumes, I've given him sort of a stoner accent. It... kind of works?

Lacquer appears in the back room of a house in Capitan Village.

「おれは ペンキ屋の ラッカーらよ
 ‥‥‥それにしても ペンキの にほひって
ほんろー にっ
いい にほひ らなー‥
「I'm Lacquer, a painter.
 .........anyway, the smell
of paint is just so...
such a groovy smell...
「My name is Locker and
I'm a painter.
 ‥‥‥ I love the smell
of paint‥
「ほえ? あんた 町を つくったの?
 ほえええ! すごいんらなぁ!
なあ おれに 町の いろを ぬらせて くれよ
「Wha? You built a town?
 Whoaaa! Totally rad!
Hey, let me paint some color on it!
You built a town?  Wow!
 That's great!
Hey, would you let me
paint your town?

If we decline:

「なんらよ! おれの ウデを
信じて ないんらな!!
ば ばかにちゅるなぁ!
「What! Oh, you don't believe
in my abilities!!
D-don't harsh my vibe!
「What!  You don't think
I can do a good job!?
Don't insult me!

If we accept:

「やほー! うれひーな
ピッカピカに ぬって やるらよ!
「Yahoo! Totally tubular!
I'll paint it all shiny!
「Yahoo!  I'm so excited.
I'll paint it so it

If recruited, Lacquer will recolor the houses in your town.

「いやう! どうらい? このいろ?
気に入った    気に入らない
「There! How you like this color?
Like it / Don't like it
「Wow!  What do you think
about this color?
 Do you like it?
Yes        No

Saying we like it keeps the current color scheme...

「Yesss, yesss!
It's just perfect!!
「Don't you think so?
It's perfect!!

...and saying we don't prompts him to immediately rush outside and repaint the town...

「なんらとぉ! ばかにちゅるな!
ぬりなおして やるうぅぅぅ!!
「What! Don't harsh my vibe!
I'll just have to repaint it!!
「What!?  Don't insult me!
I'll paint it again!! a matter of moments.

「これれ ろーら!? 「How about THIS!? 「How about this!?

House 5

Hans sells some very handy items, especially for cooking. Yozo's unique boost to max AP is also worth noting. Martin and El are functionally useless.

ハンズ Hans Hanz

His name has no obvious significance.

Hans appears in an apartment in Origin, in the building next to the one where Ryu and Bosch lived at the beginning of the main story.

できたって 聞いて来たんだけど‥
 ここじゃ ないみたいだなぁ‥‥‥
道具屋を はじめようと 思ってたんだけど
 君たち、その町を 知ってたら
ぼくを つれて行って くれないか?
「I've heard a new town sprang
up near here recently...
 This doesn't seem to be it.........
I was going to start an item shop.
 If you know where that town is,
would you mind taking me there?
「I heard there was a new
town around here‥
 This doesn't look like
the place ‥‥‥
 I want to start an
item store there.
 If you know where this
town is, will you take
me there?

If we decline:

「そうですか‥ 「Oh... 「I see‥

If we accept:

「ほんとうに!? それは助かるよ!
「Really!? That's a big help!
Thank you!!
That's very helpful!
Thank you!!

If recruited, Hans opens an item shop that sells Charm, Iron Bracelet (IronBR), Dream Earrings (D.Earing), Wisdom Band (WiseHoop), Guts Belt (GutsBT), Beer (Cond.Up), and Wonder Drug (Medicate).

マーティン Martin Martin

His name has no apparent significance, though there is another character with the same name in a flashback.

Martin appears in the Land of Music inn.

「しっ! しずかに!
 だまって 私を 君たちの町に
「Shh! Quiet!
 Keep it down, and take me
to your town.........
「Hush!  Be quiet!
 Don't say a word and
take me to your town

If we decline:

「‥‥‥こうかい するぞ 「'll regret it. 「‥‥‥
You'll regret it.

If we accept:

「よし、では また後で会おう! 「All right, we'll meet again later! 「Ok, then let's meet

If recruited, Martin spins a dubious tale and asks for money. (This is all one block of text, but I've broken it up to better show the Dragon's Tear reactions).

0  マーティン
ヤツを たおそうと 思っているのだろう?
 私も、ヤツを あやしいと
 ところで、作戦の すいこうには
お金が かかる ものだね‥
「Let's cut to the chase.
You wanna beat you-know-who, right?
 I'm pretty suspicious of you-know-who,
So why don't we work together!
 Speaking of which, it's going to take
money to carry out the operation...
「You are planning to
defeat that guy,
 aren't you?
 I also think that guy
is suspicious‥
Let's help each other!
 By the way, a plan costs
-2 私が、少しだけど お金を 出そう I'll put up a bit of cash...      Let me
invest a little money
-4  ‥‥‥と、思ったのだが
どうやら サイフを おとしたようだ‥
かしておいて くれないか?
 .........but, whoops, looks like I've
managed to lose my wallet...
 Sorry, but could I hit you up
for 3,000 Zeny or so?
 ‥‥‥ But, I seem to
have lost my wallet‥
 Would you loan me 3,000
-6 はい         いいえ Yes / No Yes        No

We should know better than to go along with this, but the option is there.

「ありがとう、かならず かえすよ
いっしょに ヤツを たおそう!
「Thanks, I'll pay you back for sure.
Let's beat you-know-who together!
「Thanks. I promise to
give the money back,
 so let's defeat
that guy together!

Before long, he vanishes, never to be seen again, leaving only a note behind.

 ヤツを たおしに
行ってくる‥ さがさないで くれたまえ
 I've gone off to beat you-know-who...
Don't look for me.
 I'm going to defeat
that guy‥ please
don't look for me‥

The Dragon's Tear knows what's up. There's no reason to trust this guy.

ヤツは 強力だ
いっしょに 戦わなければ いけない!
お金ぐらい ケチっては だめだ
You-know-who's really powerful.
We've got to fight together!
Don't be so stingy about a little cash.
that guy is very
strong. We must fight
him together!
 Don't be cheap with
your money.

He'll keep trying for a while, but eventually knocks it off.

「‥‥‥私の 負けだ
 もう、君たちから お金を だましとるのは
 おわび、と言っては 何だが
5000ゼニー うけとって くれたまえ
「.........I admit defeat.
 I've given up on trying to scam
money out of you guys.
 As an apology, if you want to call
it that, you can have 5,000 Zeny.
「‥‥‥ I lose.
 I won't try to cheat you
out of your money any
 Please accept 5,000
coins as an apology.
「君たちが、ヤツを たおせるよう
いのってるよ‥ ふふふふ
「I'm praying for you to beat
you-know-who... hu hu hu hu.
「You guys can defeat
that guy.
 I'll be praying for
you‥  ha ha ha

ヨウゾウ Yozo Yozo

His name has no obvious significance.

Yozo appears inside Windia Castle.

-6  ヨウゾウ
「‥‥‥道場 ‥‥‥作る
「.........make......... dojo.
「‥‥‥ Make a
 ‥‥‥ Dojo

If we decline:

If we accept:

-4 「‥‥‥がんばる 「.........will work hard. 「‥‥‥  will try hard

If recruited, Yozo continues to barely say anything. However, the Dragon's Tear gleams and his Mood increases by 4 each time we talk to him. As his Mood continues to improve and the Tear grows ever brighter, he eventually says more and more when spoken to.

?  ヨウゾウ
「I ‥‥‥
?  ヨウゾウ
「わしの‥ 道場‥
「My... dojo...
「My ‥ Dojo‥
?  ヨウゾウ
「わしの‥ 道場‥ は
「My... dojo...
「My‥ Dojo‥
magic ‥‥‥
?  ヨウゾウ
「わしの 道場は‥
魔法の力を 上げる‥‥‥
「My dojo...
can raise magical.........
「My Dojo‥  will
 your magical powers

Finally, after speaking to him a total of 53 times, he gets the whole line out. At this point, he can permanently raise one character's base max AP by 16.

9  ヨウゾウ
「わしの 道場は
魔法の力を 上げる事ができる
 魔法力を 上げたいメンバーを
せんとうにして 話かけてくれ!
 {char1}の エーピーを 上げようか?
「My dojo can raise your
magical powers.
 Speak to me with the member whose
magic you want to raise in the lead!
 Shall I raise {char1}'s AP?
「My Dojo can increase
your magical powers.
 Members who would like
to increase their
magical powers,
 come talk to me!
 Shall I raise
{char1}'s AP?
「わしは ひっっこみじあんでな
心をひらくのに 時間がかかって すまんかった
「I'm basically a shrinking violet.
Sorry it took so long to open up to you.
「I'm a bit shy.
 I'm sorry it took me
awhile to open up to

He gives the bonus just once, and 16 extra max AP isn't a huge amount, but this is the only way other than gaining levels to permanently increase it.

エル El El

El is short for a certain other name... In any case, El speaks quite strangely most of the time, frequently mixing what comes across as an awkward imitation of overly stereotypical masculine language with a highly cultured phrasing more befitting of someone like a princess. In particular, nearly every line ends with the masculine だぜ (da ze), often belatedly and even when it makes no grammatical sense whatsoever. I've decided to leave that particular quirk untranslated here.

El appears by the castle's treasury in the Land of Music.

「お、おれは この城に やとわれて
ガ、ガードして るんです、だぜ
「I-I'm workin' as a g-guard in the
employ of this castle, da ze.
「I have been hired by
this castle
 as a guard.
「こんな所、守ってても つまんねぇ だぜ
 おれ、みなさんの 町を
ガードして さしあげる だぜ!
「It ain't no fun guarding here, da ze.
 I would offer to guard your
town, da ze!
「It's boring to protect a
place like this.
 I'll be a guard for your
 Do you want him to be a
guard in your town?

If we decline—by choosing おことわり、だぜ (I shall decline, da ze), of all things!

「‥‥‥そうですか だぜ 「.........I see, da ze. 「‥‥‥ I see

If we accept:

「ほんとうですか! ありがとうございます‥だぜ
さっそく おうかがい いたします、だぜ!
「Truly!? Thank you so much... da ze.
I shall be off at once, da ze!
「Is it true!?
Thank you very much‥
 I'll visit your town
right away!

If recruited, El stands around doing guard-ish things.

「この町の けいびは、お おれに
まかせて下さい、くれ だぜ! へへへへ
「Please do, ah, just leave the town's
security to me, da ze! Heh heh heh heh.
「Please leave the
security of this town
 to me!  Ha ha ha

After some time has passed, talking to El as Sten may trigger a scene.

「ちょっと こいつと2人で 話がしたい
悪いけど みんな 外で 待っててよ
「I wanna have a little one-on-one chat.
Sorry, guys, but wait outside.
「I'd like to talk to this
guy alone.
 Can everyone wait
カワイイかお してるよな
Don't stare at a guy's face, da ze.
「.........well, it's just that you've
got an awfully cute face, there.
「What What is it?
Don't stare at me.
「‥‥‥ Ah, you've
got a cute face.
「ば、ばか! 何、言ってんだよー
お、お、おれは 男だぜー!!
したくなるな と、思ってね
「Y-you dummy! What are you
saying!? I-I-I'm a guy, da ze!!
「...yeah, it's such a waste.
I was just thinking.........
 .........if you were a woman,
I might have to kiss you.
「You, crazy!
What are you saying.
 I'm a man!!
「‥Yeah, too bad
If you were a girl
I'd kiss you.
「ば、ばばばば‥ ばか!
おおお おれは、おおお男だぜ、だぜ
じょーだんだよ エル! 気にすんな!
「D, d-d-d-d... dummy!
I-I-I, I'm a g-g-g-guy da ze, da ze!
 ...uhya hya hya hya!
Just joking around, El! Don't mind me!
「You're crazy‥!
I'm a, I'm a guy.
 ‥Ha ha ha ha!
I'm kidding El!
Don't worry!
「な‥ な、何だよ
ばかな事 やってないで、早く行けよだぜ
「Wh... what was that all about?
Stop being stupid and just go, da ze.
「Hey‥ what are you
 Stop kidding
around and go already.
『めいじんのフエ』を かえさなくちゃ!
「Hey, that's right...
I've got to return the Maestro's Flute!
「Oh, yeah‥
 I've got to return the
`famous flute'!
「あら、まだ いいですわよ‥‥‥!
「Oh, that's quite all right for now.........!
「Oh, we still have time
「おりょ? だれが お前に
かえすって 言った?
 おいらが、フエを かりてるのは
ハイランダーの 王女様だよ? 変だな?
「Hmm? Who said anything about
returning it to you?
 It's the Highlander princess I borrowed
the flute from. Now isn't that strange?
「Huh? Who said I was
returning it to you?
 I borrowed this flute
from the Princess of
Highlander. Strange?
ちょ ちょっと 口が すべっただけ、だぜ!
 さっさと 行けよ!
「Sh-sh-shut up!
I j-just had a slip of the tongue, da ze!
 Get going, already!
「.........all right, El.
「Shut up! I just made
a little mistake!
 Hurry up and go!
「‥‥‥ ok El.
「‥ぜんぶ かたがついたら
おいら、ここに 帰って来る‥‥‥
 その時、おいらの 大好きな人の
話を してやるよ‥
「...I'll come back here once
everything's dealt with.........
 I'll tell you about the person
I'm in love with then...
「‥When everything is
 I'll return here
 And I'll tell you about
the person I love‥
「{Sten}‥ 生きて 帰ってこいよ
ぜったいに やくそくです‥ だぜ!
「{Sten}... you'd better come back alive.
That's a promise... da ze!
「{Sten}‥ come home alive.
Promise me‥ !

Now, that's nice for character development and all, but the fact remains that El doesn't actually do anything.

House 6

Functionally, Daie is the clear favorite here. Summoner and Salvador are both interesting, even if they don't provide any gameplay benefit. Safey is largely useless, with storage readily available in practically every town already, though she at least stands out as a character.

セーフィ Safey Surfy

Her name seems to be based on a safe.

Safey appears in a hut on the cape northeast beyond Taguji Woods.

「‥あずかり屋って いいと思わない?
 もし、あずかった物を 無くしたら‥
「...isn't storage nice?
 If you lost the things you stored...
oh, just the thought of it sends chills
up my spine!
「‥Don't you think a
safekeeping store
 sounds kind of nice?
 Just thinking about
the possibility of
losing something that
 is stored here gives
me the chills!
「ねえ、あなた‥ だまされたと 思って
あたしに 何か あずけてみない?
 ‥‥‥え? だまされるのは イヤ?
それも そうよね
 せめて あなたの近くに すんでたら
思うぞんぶん 物を あずかれるのに‥
「Say, you there... I don't suppose you could
be coaxed into leaving something in my care?
 .........oh? You don't want to be coaxed?
I suppose you wouldn't, at that.
 If I at least lived close to you, then
you could store all you liked with me...
「Say‥ do you want to
take a chance and
 give me something for
 ‥‥‥ Huh? You don't
want to take a chance?
Well that's true.
 If I lived near you,
I could hold anything
for you for safekeeping.

If we decline:

「ふつうは そう言うわね 「That's a normal enough response. 「Most people would say

If we accept:

「ええ!? じゃあ
あたしに あずかり屋を やらせてくれるの?
 ああーん! なんてステキなの!
「What!? Then you're going to
let me run a storage?
 Ahhhh! How wonderful!
「What!? Then you'll let
me open a
safekeeping store?
 Ooh! How wonderful!

If recruited, Safey opens a storage. It works just like any other, even if the whole situation seems to be feeding some unconventional fetish of hers.

「ああん! どうしよう!?
 大事なものを あずけてくれると 思ったら
それだけで あたし‥!
「Ahhh! Whatever shall I do!?
 Just thinking about you leaving your
valuables with me makes me...!
「Oh! What will I do!?
 I thought you would ask
me to hold something
for you.
 Just the thought and

サマナー Summoner Sumner

His name has no obvious significance other than apparently being a word.

Summoner appears in a house in the Land of Music.

「うーん、うーん スランプだ
ドゥドゥドゥー ダァダァダー!
「Dear, oh dear, I'm in a slump.
Doo doo doo, daa daa daa!
「Um, umm. I'm in a slump.
Doh, doh doh, Dah dah!
「どうも スランプで
いい きょくが 思いうかばないんだ
 どこか べつの場所で
気分てんかん できれば
 君たち いい部屋 知らないかい?
「I'm in such a slump.
I can't think up any good tunes.
 If only I had somewhere
else I could go for a change
of pace...
 Do you know of any good rooms?
「I seem to be in a slump.
 I can't come up with a
nice melody.
 If I can go to a
different place with a
different atmosphere‥
 Do you guys know of a
good room?

If we decline (opens with a cymbal crash and ends with a dissonant noise):

「そ、そうか 「O-oh, I see... 「Oh, I see

If we accept (opens and ends with a brief fanfare):

「それは すてきだ!
さっそく ひっこし させてもらおう
「That's wonderful!
Let me move in right away!
「That's splendid!
I'll move right away.

If recruited, Summoner offers what's basically a music test, though not every track is available.

「うん、うん‥ いい場所で
いろいろ きょくを 作れたよ!
 ちょっと きいて くれるかな?
「Yes, yes... such a nice place.
I've written a number of tunes!
 Would you like to listen?
「Yes, yes‥ it's a nice
 I wrote many good songs!
 Would you listen?

Not that I could tell you who Roxanne is. A reference to a song, maybe?

サルバドル Salvador Salvador

He seems to be named after Dalí.

Salvador appears in a prison cell in Swimmer Castle.

「むううう! けしからん!
 王女の ヘアヌードの ちょうこくを
つくろうとした だけなのに
こんな所に とじこめるとは!!
 まったく ゲージュツの わからんヤツらめ!
あんたら わしの ゲージュツが わかるか?
「Urrrgh! How outrageous!
 I just wanted to create a nude
sculpture of the princess, and
they lock me away in here!!
 They have no appreciation for art!
Do you appreciate my art?
「Oooh!  It's inexcusable!
 I was just planning on
creating a statue
of the princess.
 How could they lock me
up like this!!
 They don't know anything
about art!
 Do you understand my

Ah, that explains why they locked him up. ヘアヌード (literally "hair nude") typically refers to nude photography or film that depicts unshaven pubic hair.

If we decline:

「フンッ! どいつも こいつも
ゲージュツを ばかにしおって!
「Hmph! Everyone just keeps
making a mockery of art!
「Ha!  Nobody appreciates

If we accept:

「そうか! よくぞ言った!
 では、わしが あんたらの 家のまわりを
ゲージュツで うめつくして やろう!!
「I see! Well said!
 Then I shall fill in the spaces
around your houses with art!!
「I see!  Very good!
Then I shall surround
your house with art!!

If recruited, Salvadore creates a stylized statue of Ryu, which then appears in the town.

「うーん! ゲージュツに かこまれた町!
なんと すばらしい事だ!
「Ahh! A town surrounded in art!
What a wonderful thing!
「Ummm!   A town covered
with art!
 That would be so grand!

At this point, speaking to him with any character who doesn't yet have a statue sets him off.

「‥‥‥ん? おおお!
 いんすぴれいしょんが わいてきた!
あんた! わしの ゲージュツの
モデルに なれ!!
 ええかな みなさん‥
{char1}を しばらく あずかりますぞ!
「 Ohhhh!
 Inspiration has struck me!
You! Become a model for
my art!!
 All right, everyone...?
I'll hold on to {char1} for a little while!
「‥‥‥ Hmm?  Oh!
 I'm having an
 You! I want you to be
the model for my
 Would that be all right
with everyone‥?
 I'm going to borrow {char1}
for awhile!

The character is removed from the group and is then stuck acting as his model for a random real-time duration not longer than about 15 minutes. During this time, they appear in his house, looking awkward as he circles around scrutinizing them from all angles.

いーぞ いーぞ!!
「Yesss, yes, yes!
Good, good!!
「Umm, um, um!
Nice, very nice!!
「てへへ‥ なんだか てれるなぁ
「Teh heh heh... I feel kinda awkward.
「Hee hee‥ this is a bit
 {Lin Pu}
「楽しみだな! かわいく つくってね!
 {Lin Pu}
「I can't wait! Make it cute!
「This is exciting!
Make me cute!
「ポージング‥ はっ!
「Now to pose... hah!
「Posing‥ ha!
「どんな ぞうが できるんでしょうね‥
「I wonder what the statue will be like...
Uhu hu hu hu!
「I wonder what kind of
statue it will be‥
 tee hee.
「すごい ゲージュツ家と 私が 合わされば
きっと すばらしい ぞうが できますねー!!
「Combining a great artist with myself must
surely produce a magnificent statue!!
「A beautiful statue will
undoubtedly be created
 because of the
combination of this
talented artist and
 my features!!
こーゆーの 好きなんだよなぁ!
「Ukya kya!
I love this kind of thing!
「Heh heh!
 I love this kind of
「なるほど、これが モデルと言うものですか
きょうみぶかい ですね
「I see, so this is what a model is.
「So this is what a model
does. Very interesting.
「キレーに 作らないと
ぶっ殺すからね! がははは!
「Make it beautiful, or I'll beat
you to death! Ga ha ha ha!
「If you don't make me
 I'll kill you
Ha ha ha!

Each statue appears in town when finished. Examining one shows what the artist named the piece.

‥‥‥ サルバドル作
 "Statue of a Hero" Salvadore
 `Statue of a brave man'
‥‥‥ A Salvador
‥‥‥ サルバドル作
 "Loyal Dog Hachiko" Salvadore
 `A faithful dog, Hachi'
‥‥‥ A Salvador

This is a reference to an actual statue inspired by a dog remembered for uncommon loyalty after continuing to come back to the train station every day to await his owner's return, even years after said owner had passed away.

‥‥‥ サルバドル作
 "Girl Small of Breast" Salvadore
 `A girl'
‥‥‥ A Salvador
‥‥‥ サルバドル作
 "Muscle Man" Salvadore
‥‥‥ A Salvador
‥‥‥ サルバドル作
 "Winged Princess" Salvadore
 `A princess with wings'
‥‥‥ A Salvador
‥‥‥ サルバドル作
 "Big-mouthed Prince" Salvadore
 `Prince with full lips'
‥‥‥ A Salvador
‥‥‥ サルバドル作
 "He Who Guffaws" Salvadore
 `Giggling man'
‥‥‥ A Salvador
‥‥‥ サルバドル作
 "Vegetable" Salvadore
 `A vegetable'
‥‥‥ A Salvador
‥‥‥ サルバドル作
 "Great and Beautiful Magician" Salvadore
 `A beautiful magician'
‥‥‥ A Salvador

ダイエ Daie Daiye

He might be named after The Daiei (ダイエー), one of Japan's largest supermarket chains.

Daie appears upstairs in the Windia inn.

「うおおおおお! さかなが売りたい!
さかなが 売りたいよおお!!
「Ohhhhh! I wanna sell fish!
I wanna sell fiiiiiish!!
「Woooah!  I want to sell
 I want to sell fish!!
「だめだ! もう がまんが できない!
 みなさん! おれに! さかな屋! を!
やらせてください! みなさんの町! で!
「It's no good! I can't take it any more!
 You guys! Please! Let me! Run!
A! Fish store! In! Your town!
「Woah! I can't take it
 Everyone!  Please!
Let me open a fish
 In your town!

If we decline:

「うおおおお! どう! すれば! いいんだ! 「Ohhhhh! What! Am I! Supposed! To do! 「Woah!  What am I going
to do!

If we accept:

「うおっしゃあ! きばりまっせ! 「All right! Let's go nuts! 「Yahoo!
I'm going to work hard!

If recruited, Daie opens a fish store that sells Sardine (Srdine), Mackerel (Mckrl), Foul Fish (Bait), Whiting (Unagi), Wrasse (Tuna), and Greenling (Minnow).

「うおお! とれとれ! ピチピチ!
さかな 買って!
「Ohhh! ToreTore! Splish-splash!
Buy fish!
「Woah!  Buy some fresh
fish here!

I'm guessing that's a reference to the ToreTore fish market and theme park?

Mysterious Well

There's also an enterable dry well in the corner of town next to the carpenter's house. Not only does it have what appears to be advanced machinery inside, it even gets its own music. Mysterious... but we'll get to that later.

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