The Main Endings

The names used to refer to the endings seem to be oddly standardized, considering that I can't recall them appearing anywhere in the game itself. I believe the DS remake gives ending names, but I'm also fairly certain the names have been around far longer than the DS itself has.

Alternate Endings: Contents
Minor Bad Ending Major Bad Ending The Dream Project
The Successor of Guardia Good Night The Legendary Hero
The Unknown Past Peoples who Live within Time Vow to a Friend
Dino Age What the Prophet Seeks... Review Meeting?
Resumption (intact Sylbird) Resumption (crashed Sylbird)

Minor Bad Ending

Availability: The end of Magus Castle. Lose to the Magus.

There isn't much to this one. The music fades out, and with his attackers down, the Magus flips his cape and turns back to his summoning. The Lavos scream is heard as the screen fades...

Yet another way the game tries to fake first-time players into thinking this is the final battle.

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Major Bad Ending

Availability: Nearly any time. Just lose to Lavos anywhere but the battle in the Abyssal Temple that you're meant to lose. The phase of the battle doesn't matter.

In place of the usual game over, Lavos rains destruction across the planet. The scene switches to what looks like an operations center inside one of the domes.

オペレータ「ト! トルースに直撃です!! Operator: D-direct hit on Truce!! OPERATOR: Direct attack on Truce!!

Director: Calm down!
How's the situation elsewhere?

SUPERVISOR: Calm down!
How does it look down there?

A map appears, showing ominous red dots all across the board. Alarms start going off.

オペレータ「パレポリも! チョラスも!

Operator: Palepoli too! And Choras!
And Medina...!
They're practically destroyed!!

OPERATOR: Porre...Choras...Medina...!
Everything's been destroyed!!

所長「……。 Director: ...... DIRECTOR: ...

The room starts shaking.

オペレータ「所長! ここも危険です! Operator: Director! We're in danger here, too!

OPERATOR: Director!
We're under attack!


Director: All hands, evacuate to the
shelter dome...

DIRECTOR: Take cover in the

The operators begin to leave, but the director doesn't budge.

オペレータ「所長! 所長は!? Operator: Director! What about you!?

OPERATOR: Director!
Sir, you must come with us!

A chunk of rubble falls nearby, but he continues to hold his position.

所長「時間がない! 急がんか!! Director: There's no time! Hurry!!

DIRECTOR: We're out of time!
Get moving!!

More piles of rubble fall before they comply.

オペレータ「ハ、ハッ! Operator: Y-yes, sir! OPERATOR: Y, yes sir!

Director: ...


The screen, music, and sounds fade as more rubble falls...

A view from space shows the planet being devastated by explosions. The globe tints red before turning gray as the blasts subside, and as the Lavos noise sounds, we're left with one final message:

      TO CHANGE.

I find that to be an interesting phrasing, though whether it is deliberately so or just happened to come out that way due to not being written by a native speaker is uncertain. By saying that the future refused to change, rather than that it didn't change or that you failed to change it, this implies that the timestream has some sort of resistance to any alterations. And indeed, that fits quite well with the course of the story. Have we not observed most of what you do for most of the game makes no significant difference? It's as though the future does somehow actively oppose the effects of any tampering, refusing to change unless forced to.

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The Dream Project (ドリームプロジェクト)

Availability: Enter the special New Game+ Gate to Lavos before traveling to the past for the first time. Alternately, beat Lavos at the Abyssal Temple.

The event code says you'll get this ending when a bit is set indicating that you beat the overpowered Lavos, or when the internal storyline progress variable is less than 0x27. Since it doesn't get there until you return to the Modern Age after saving Queen Leene and retrieving Marle, you could technically get this ending any time during the initial visit to the Middle Ages, except that you can't actually reach Lavos then. Because of this, if you get this ending at the beginning of the game, your party must either be Crono and Marle (if you go straight to the special Gate) or Crono by himself (if Marle stood back to watch him use the teleporter).

After defeating Lavos, the party passes through a Gate, landing at what appears to be the Farthest Reaches of Time, but more populated. A Nu next to the old man startles as they pick themselves up off the ground. Let's start by talking to the old man, who tips his hat continually as he speaks (listed in credits under Main Program):

よくぞ! こんな、こんなんな…しゃれじゃないぞ…
Well done!
You've cleared the game in such troublingly
troublesome... enough joking... circumstances.
Thank you.
This is the Chrono Trigger development room.
Please listen to all the staff members.
Now then...
Good job! You finished the hardest
version of the game! This is the
development room for the Chrono
Trigger game.
Take a walk around and hear what the
team has to say...

The こんな、こんなんな (konna, konnan na) wordplay doesn't really translate.

こくぼ けいぞう「このゲームに

Keizou Kokubo: May those people involved
in this game, all who have done this, pass
beyond the now and continue to grow.
Come again once you're done hearing everyone.

Keizo Kokubo: Well I hope everyone
can say it was a learning experience!
When you complete your rounds,
come back to see me.

The Nu next to him (listed in credits under Field Graphic):

ますだ あきよし「しごともせずにこくぼ

Akiyoshi Masuda: Me and Kokubo-san have
been going at it and not even doing our jobs.
.....................I'm talking about shoulder rubs.

Akiyoshi Masuda: Kokubo and I've been
polishing up on our anti-stress massage technique...

As far as I can make out, kunzu hoguretsu refers to intense movement together and apart, like in wrestling, or a brawl, or... never mind.

A generic young man nearby (listed in credits under Event Plan):

ちば ひろき「1ー4! 1ー4!!
   1ー4!!! 1ー4!!!!
   ダーッ! また外れたー!!

Hiroki Chiba: 1-4! 1-4!!
1-4!!! 1-4!!!!
D'oh! Off again!!

Hiroki Chiba: So which is it, the Raiders
or the Cowboys?

I think this has to do with gambling. Sadly, that isn't the only extraneous American sports reference added in the English release...

A Marmo perched on the wall by the stairs (not listed in credits; role unknown):

まも たいぞう「…ん?なんばしよっとや、

Taizou Mamo: The hell're
you upta? Yer pissin' me off!!
You lookin' fer a beatdown!?

Taizo Mamo: How 'bout those Dodgers?!

This one's a doozy, jam-packed with multiple nonstandard dialects. In standard Japanese, it would be roughly: 何してるのか、きさま。やかましいんだよ!! ボコボコ殴り倒されたいのか!? Thanks to Okurai Ani for explaining most of it.

A purple cat in the void beyond the stairs (listed in credits under Director):

きたせ よしのり「エンディングは

Yoshinori Kitase: There are over ten different
endings. It changes depending on the
scenario timing when you beat Lavos.
I wonder if you can see them all?

Yoshinori Kitase: Did you get through
all 10 different endings? It depends
on when you challenge Lavos.

The industrial barrel nearby (listed in credits under Map Design; full name is Hidetoshi Kezuka):

しかけにん けずか「早くスイッチを

Kezuka the Trickster: If you don't hurry
and find the switch... it's gonna burn!

Kezuka: Better find the switch soon or
it'll all go up in flames!

しかけにん (shikake nin) shows up in the dictionary as "instigator", but I think they mean he's the person who made the しかけ (shikake, tricks, traps, and other such things).

A Poyozo doll bouncing around the Gate terminal (listed in credits under Field Graphic):

いたくら まつぞー「やあみんな おいらの
   必殺技ポヨゾーダンス みつけたかな?

Matsuzou Itakura: Hey everyone, did you
find my deadly Poyozo Dance tech?
Let's meet again in the next production!!

Matsuzo Itakura: Did you figure out the
Poyozo Dance attack?
See you again in the next game.

The Magus, facing away in the corner (listed in credits under Field Graphic):

おかにわ しんいちろー「ふふふ……

Shinichirou Okaniwa: Hu hu hu...
My hair's gotten so long since I haven't
cut it in forever. I'm gonna go cut it.

Shinichiro Okaniwa: Gee, you know they
really kept us locked up for a long
My hair's THIS long as a result!

The Magus statue off the side of the room. The party will jump to it; examining it also replaces the background music with chanting and makes them jump back (listed in credits under Story Plan; full name is Masato Kato, conventionally romanized without the 'u' or 'h' often used to represent a long o):


Kato: No rain is unceasing.
Even eternity has an end...

Kato: Every night will have a day.
Even forever has to come to an end.
...I think...

All of the pillars of light connect to small rooms with even more developers.

TOP LEFT: A Modern Age inn, or something similar. "Merry Specchio" plays.

Generic young man at bottom left (listed in credits under Map Design; full name is Kaname Tanaka):


Kaname: I'm an apprentice mapper.
The boss is waging war at the arcade.

Kaname: Like, does this mean we're
finally free to go home?

Taban/Banta, who does some hammering after speaking (listed in credits under Field Plan):

えとう けいた「壊れたマップの修理?

Keita Etoh: Fixing a broken map?
It'll cost 10,000,000 G.

Keita Eto: It'll cost you 10,000,000G to
fix a broken map!

Pierre/merchant (listed in credits under Field Graphic):

おおかわ かずひろ「クリアおめでとう!!

Kazuhiro Ohkawa: Congratulations on
clearing the game!! Was it fun?

Kazuhiro Ohkawa: Congratulations!
Now wasn't that fun?

Generic man at top (listed in credits under Field Graphic):

おぐら よしのり「このゲームに

Yoshinori Ogura: I'm glad I got to
participate in this game, even if
it was only a little.

Yoshinori Ogura: Well I'm glad they
gave me a bit part in this game...

Toma, drinking at the bar, of course; he rushes out after speaking (listed in credits under Music):

みつだ やすのり「僕は旅に出るんだ

Yasunori Mitsuda: I'm going on a journey,
to a far, remote land . . . it's for my next
step up. But what if I never return?

Yasunori Mitsuda: Well, it's my turn to
go on a journey!

The relatively inconspicuous note on the other bar (listed in credits under Map Design):

           やまもと ひろと

Please don't search for me.
        - Hiroto Yamamoto

Don't look for me...
        Hiroko Yamamoto

It's definitely Hiroto, not Hiroko. To make matters worse, Hiroko is a female name, whereas Hiroto is not a woman.

TOP CENTER: A Primeval forest. "Primeval Mountain" plays.

Log drummer (listed in credits under Field Graphic):

ほんね やすゆき「はじめての

Yasuyuki Honne: This was my first job.
I had a case of the nerves while drawing.

Yasuyuki Honne: Phew, what a relief
it's over!

Assuming 描きました (kakimashita, drew) rather than 書きました (kakimashita, wrote) due to being in graphics.

Ballmadillo (listed in credits under Map Design):

かわい まみ「はっ!?またパーツをいれ

Mami Kawai: Huh!? I forgot to put some
parts in again!? Waaah... I'm sorry.
May I fix it???

Mami Kawai: Oops!
Did I forget to insert a few parts?
I'm so sorry, it won't happen again...

Great Frog King (listed in credits under Character Graphic):

なかしま ふみ「どもども、中プウだケロ。

Fumi Nakashima: Thank you, thank you, it's NakaPuu, ribbit.
There's chibi characters on the world map, ribbit.
Lucca reads a book, ribbit.
Crono urges you on, ribbit. Know that, ribbit?

Fumi Nakashima: Someone kiss me!

My best guess is that 中プウ is a nickname, from Naka(shima) + Fu(mi), with a typical f to p shift.

Orphan (brown frog) (listed in credits under Event Plan):

いとう ひろゆき「ティラン城?

Hiroyuki Itou: Tyran Castle?
I'm sorry. It was me who put the
switch in the mouth, ribbit!

Hiroyuki Ito: Heh heh... the Tyrano Lair?
Yup, it was my bright idea to put the
switch in the mouth!

Tarta (listed in credits under Graphic Director):

かまた やすひこ「32めがって、いーーっ

Yasuhiko Kamata: 32 megs holds a lo------------
---ot of images.
It's a pain.
But I guess it was fun.

Yasuhiko Kamata: Isn't 32 megs great?
The graphics become incredible. It
was painful at times, but it sure was

Drum drummer (listed in credits under Field Graphic):

はまさか しんいちろう「ほんの
   ちょっぴり おてつだいしました。

Shin'ichirou Hamasaka: I helped
out a teensy bit.
I'm from Team Blackbird.
Well done.

Shinichiro Hamasaka: Good job guys!

TOP RIGHT: Abyssal Temple. "Zeal Palace" plays.

Chancellor (listed in credits under Battle Program):

よしい きよし「クロノトリガーシリーズ
   だい128作目 感動のストーリー……
   おやっ また時代が違ったようじゃの

Kiyoshi Yoshii: The 128th work in the Chrono
Trigger series is a moving story...
Whoops, looks like I've got the wrong era again.

Kiyoshi Yoshii: You finished the game
What about all the work I put in it!?

Gran/Leon at screen right (listed in credits under Sound Program):

あかお みのる「旅はいいよね。

Minoru Akao: Journeys sure are nice.
Playing's nice too.
Hm, let's do lots of fun things!

Minoru Akao: Boy isn't this fun?

Dalton, facing away (listed in credits under Director):

   ときた たかしは

Oh, excuse me.
I'm not wearing my mask right now...
For Takashi Tokita has become
the Wind of Liverpool.

Sorry, it's a bad makeup day for
Takashi Tokita.

This is apparently a reference to a Japanese pro wrestler Keiichi Yamada (山田恵一) better known as Jushin Liger (獣神ライガー) or Jushin "Thunder" Liger (獣神サンダー・ライガー) who has also been called the Wind of Liverpool (リバプールの風)... something do to with going off the radar in Liverpool at one point, as far as I can find out. Anyway, the wrestler wears an elaborate mask with his wrestling outfit.

Gran/Leon at screen left (listed in credits under Field Graphic):

ぼくが、だいしま まなぶで~~す。
んん!!こらァ~ かりてやるな~~
Hey! All you in front of the TV, how are ya?
I'm Manabu Daishima!
Oh!! Hey!! Don't borrow that!!
Hey out there in TV land! How're we
doing? It's me, Manabu Daishima! If you
like this game, check out the other
Square Soft titles!!

Generic young man (listed in credits under Director):

まつい あきひこ「いかがでしたか?

Akihiko Matsui: How was it?
We are pleased if you found it enjoyable.
Now, let us meet again in another game.

Akihiko Matsui: Now wasn't that
See you same time, new game!

He uses quite formal and proper phrasing, which particularly stands out among so many offhand and downright silly lines.

The prophet (listed in credits under Sound Engineer):

なかむら えいじ「おつかれさまでした!!

Eiji Nakamura: Good job!!
Let's play outside tomorrow!

Eiji Nakamura: Congrats on finishing
the game.
Now get a life!!

CENTER RIGHT: Magus Castle. "Melody of Derangement" plays.

Ballmadill Bomber (listed in credits under Visual Program):

すぎもと こうじ「バイクレースの

Koji Sugimoto: I hear the programmers'
top winning score in the bike race
is 2110.

Koji Sugimoto: Bet you can't beat the
score of 2110 in the bike race!

So that's the significance of that number. Nothing special happens if you score higher.

Sentry (purple knight), helpfully raising sword to demonstrate (listed in credits under Monster Graphic):

うすだ ただひろ「よ~く見るとモンスター

Tadahiro Usuda: Take a gooood look, and even
the monsters have little things we fussed over.
Hey, look, look, like the shadow on this guy's
sword... see? See?

Tadahiro Usuda: Look closely and you'll
appreciate the individuality of the
monsters. Check out the shadow on
this guy's sword!

Inner Guard (orange knight) (listed in credits under Effect Graphic):

なかたに ゆきお「あそんでくれて

Yukio Nakatani: Thanks for playing.
By the way, are you a girl?

Yukio Nakatani: Will you be my friend?
Are you a girl?

The sprite swoons for a "Yes" and attacks for a "No". He's a man, by the way.

(dead) soldier (listed in credits under Field Program):

こばやし かずみ「やせました………

Kazumi Kobayashi: Lost weight...
10 kilos...

Kazumi Kobayashi: I've lost 22 pounds
because of this game.
You'd better be enjoying it!

10 kilograms and 22 pounds are roughly equivalent.

Mayonnay (listed in credits under Effect Graphic):


Hirokatsu Sasaki: "I get a lot of attention
when I grow out my hair. From men, even..."
How shocking!!

Hirokatsu Sasaki: Ever since I started
growing out my hair I've been
getting a lot of attention...from guys!

Yes, Hirokatsu is a male name.

BOTTOM RIGHT: A cave dwelling. "Corridors of Time" plays.

Generic ragged kid (listed in credits under Graphic Director):

ほしの まさのり「このゲーム、ホントは

Masanori Hoshino: This game was actually
supposed to be titled Hoshino Trigger.
Nah, just kidding.

Masanori Hoshino: Hey, they promised
to name the game Hoshino Trigger!

Sparkle (listed in credits under Field Graphic):

のむら てつや「3……
   2…… 1……

Tetsuya Nomura: 3......
2...... 1......
Kidding, kidding.

Tetsuya Nomura: 3......
2... ... 1......
Just joking!

The screen actually blanks out, and the music halts, for a few seconds after the "reset".

Scurrying creature (listed in credits under Map Design):


Akane Haruki: Kyatakyatakyatakyuta[heart]

Akane Haruki: Feed me!
They've kept me locked up for so

Those are skittering noises, I think. The sprite is not used anywhere else in the game as far as I know.

Jarry Priest (goblin on octopus) (listed in credits under Monster Graphic):


Kouichi Ebe: Thanks for playing Chrono
Trigger through to the end.
Here's a present for you. Smooch[heart]

Koichi Ebe: Wow, you just jetted
through the game huh?
Let me throw you a kiss!

At least this shows off some of the otherwise unused monster's animations.

Generic ragged man (listed in credits under Field Graphic):

おおたち たかゆき「おつかれさまです。 Takayuki Ohtachi: Well done. Takayuki Ohtachi: Mission complete!

***check credits; may be listed as ODACHI.

BOTTOM CENTER: The Guardia dungeon. Dripping noises play.

Soldier (listed in credits under Graphic Director):

たかはし てつや「こんどは死なないぞ!

Tetsuya Takahashi: This time, you're not
gonna die! Don't worry, you'll be fine.
If you wanna die, try playing FF4.
You're gonna die...!

Tetsuya Takahashi: If you thought this.
was tough, get a load of Final.
Fantasy 2

Tetsuya Takahashi appears in FF4 as a random monster encounter in the Development Room (removed in the English and EasyType versions of the game), where he says 死ぬぞ (shinu zo, "You're gonna die") over and over again, and occasionally hits for excessive amounts of damage.

Servant of the Magus (listed in credits under Field Graphic, full name is Toshiya Hasui):


Don't talk to me! I'm at a good part right now!

Hasui: Shh, I'm in the middle of
something good here!

Between the line, the noises, and the positioning... I'll refrain from further comment.

Lancer, which collapses after speaking (listed in credits under Battle Plan):

すずき としあき「ウゥ~ン…
   あー眠い…  うーおなか空いた…

Toshiaki Suzuki: Uhhhhn...
Ah, I'm sleepy... Ohh, I'm hungry...
Guess I'll sleep for now.

Toshiaki Suzuki: Aaack! I'm so tired...
No, I'm hungry... No, I can't decide...
Acck! They've made me into a
zombie, working on this game...

Lord Crawlie (listed in credits under Main Program):

伝説のプログラマ 29さい
Katsuhisa Higuchi
Legendary Programmer, age 29:
 It was I who failed to become a hero
 and became merely legendary.

Katsuhisa Higuchi: Legendary
programmer seeks that special
Waiting for those cards and letters.

All three monsters attack after talking to Katsuhisa Higuchi. After beating Lavos, they should be no real threat. Leaving the room and returning brings them all back, so this won't make any of their lines missable.

BOTTOM LEFT: A Future factory. "Sealed Door" plays.

Generic young man at left (not listed in credits):

守屋 しゅん「24時間 おはようござ
   ROMは わきばらで ぬきます

Shun Moriya: Good morning 24 hours a day.
This ROM is coming out of my side.

Shun Moriya: I've been working on this
ROM for 24 hrs! Aaah!! Someone save
me...I'm getting sucked in!

Maybe? It's a strange line.

Dinoman; wind howls when speaking (listed in credits under Visual Program):

なりた けん「いろいろなこいを

Ken Narita: I've been in love many
a time. But every one...

Ken Narita: Love was in the air...
But then...the boat sank.

Generic young man at right (not listed in credits):

すずき かずお「すっかり しょくにん。
   ROMは こしで させ。

Kazuo Suzuki: Such an artisan.
Make the ROM from recycled paper.

Kazuo Suzuki: Hey that's me, the

Or possibly, "from hip(s)."

Version 3.0 on conveyor belt (listed in credits under Event Plan):

まつはら けいすけ「ども、どもっ!

Keisuke Matsuhara: Thank you, thank you!
Did you enjoy my events?
"Matsuhara Productions" will be explosive
in the next work too, see you then!!

Keisuke Matsuhara: Thank you, thank
you, no applause necessary, just
send money...
Another of my masterpieces will be
available soon, so stay tuned.

Atropos (listed in credits under Battle Plan):

にしだはるゆき 化け物たんとー

Haruyuki Nishida, in charge of monsters
"Hey, hey, is it true we're making a 2?"
"I hope we do!"

Haruyuki Nishida: Want to see a
Chrono Trigger 2?
That'd be nice huh?

You get to answer Yes or No between the two parts, but your response has no effect.

Tech (listed in credits under Field Plan):

にし けんいち「長かったです。

Ken'ichi Nishi: It's been a long time.
I've gotten my first grey hairs.
I've lost weight.

Kenichi Nishi: Boy it was a long haul...
I've gotten my first grey hairs
because of this game!!

CENTER LEFT: Ayla's hut. "Rhythm of Wind, Sky, and Earth" plays.

Pteran (listed in credits under Field Graphic):

なおら ゆうすけ「楽しんで
   かきました。 どうでしたか?

Yusuke Naora: I had fun with the writing.
How was it?

Yusuke Naora: Well are we having fun

Klein (listed in credits under Monster Graphic):

てらだ つとむ「今年、全てのかぜをひい
   たな~。 へぶしゅっ!!

Tsutomu Terada: I've caught all the colds
this year... ACHOO!!
Don't bully the monsters too much now
that you've gotten strong at the end.

Tsutomu Terada: Hey don't mess with
the monsters I created! They kinda
grow on you after awhile you know?

Ayla (listed in credits under Battle Plan):

しまもと まこと「めざせ!

Makoto Shimamoto: Aim for it!
9999 damage!!

Makoto Shimamoto: Can you do it?
THE 9999 damage point strike!

Jarry (listed in credits under Character Graphic):

うちやま ひろし「良くできてるなー
   え!ナニ?本物!? こりゃ失礼。

Hiroshi Uchiyama: Those clothes are
pretty well made, huh.
Must have been a pain to make, right?
Huh, what!? You're for real!? Well, excuse me.

Hiroshi Uchiyama: That's a pretty good
costume you got on there, kid!
It's really YOU, isn't it?!

Could this be the first reference to cosplay in a video game? Probably not. There must have been earlier ones...

After talking to everyone (or, more accurately, to several specific ones that set flags), return to the old man.

Now then...
Let us open the door to the Dream Project!
Well then,
open the Gates to the Dream Team!

The door to what would normally be Specchio's room opens.

Go on inside.
The ultimate project staff are waiting.
C'mon in.
We've been expecting you!

On the inside, the room looks more like it belongs in Choras's Northern Ruins. "Fanfare 1" plays. Other than Nobuo Uematsu appearing as Norstein Bekkeler, the developers in here use unique sprites. From left to right, we have...

(listed in credits under Character Design):

とりやま あきら「おーい!

Akira Toriyama: Hey!
Sasuke! Kikka! Your dad's even working
on games like this!
You looking at this screen? Amazing, right!
How about it!?

Akira Toriyama: Heeey! Sasuke! Kikka!
Pop's working on games like this!
Hey are you guys watching?
Isn't this great?!

(listed in credits under Music):


Nobuo Uematsu: "Siht daer t'nod."
Now! Try reading it backwards!!

Nobuo Uematsu: siht daer naht od ot
retteb gnihton evah I
Now run out side and play, boys and

Resopmoc retsam eht ot edur os eb t'nod. Noitalsnart pu-edam hsrah a fo dnik s'taht.

(listed in credits under Supervisor):

ほりい ゆうじ「にたもの 3たくです。
   仲間はずれは どれ?

Yuuji Horii: Stapler, Mothra, Olympics.
One of these things is not like the
others. Which doesn't belong?

Yuji Horii: One of these things is not
like the others...
A Stapler, Mothra, and the Olympics.
SO...which one is it?

Google results indicate that people are still puzzling about the answer years later.

(listed in credits under Producer):

あおき かずひこ「年まつジャンボ
   10万円 当たった。

Kazuhiko Aoki: I won the 100,000
yen year-end jumbo.

Kazuhiko Aoki: Guess what!
I hit the 100,000 yen jackpot!

Or roughly $1000, exchange rates depending. Sounds like a lottery?

(listed in credits under Supervisor):

さかぐち ひろのぶ「前は1つ
   トホホ…… としかしらねえ~

Hironobu Sakaguchi: I used to get thinner
when we finished making one...
But lately, I'm getting thicker.
Woe is me... maybe it's age.

Hironobu Sakaguchi: Boy, it used to be
that I'd get thinner after each game.
Now I'm gaining weight instead.
Ack! I must be getting old.

Let's start with トホホ (TOHOHO). That's a noise someone makes when feeling pathetic or miserable. Fair enough. The biggest problem here is that you can legitimately interpret としかしらねえ~ in two completely different ways. The age interpretation takes it as 年 (toshi, years) + かしら (kashira, a feminine "I wonder") + ね~ (ne~). Hironobu Sakaguchi not being a woman, that would normally be implausible, but there's quite a bit of silliness in this ending, and other parts of the line—particularly the ふとっちゃうのよ (futotchau no yo) and obsession with weight—are stereotypically feminine. The other possible reading is as と (to, a quoting particle) + しか (shika, nothing other than) + 知らね~ (shirane~, a masculine "don't know"). That would be sticking the トホホ in virtual quotes and making the last line something like "All I know is it's depressing."

After talking to all of them:

さあ! かっとべ!!
Well done! You've cleared the game.
You're a member of the Dream Project
too. Congratulations!!
We'll give you a staff roll that's appropriate
for you, considering how much of a rush you
must be in to clear the game so quickly.
Now! Let's roll!!
Cheers! You made it to one of the
You're now a member of the Dream
And since you blew through the game
so fast, we have adjusted the credits
to suit your style!

The line about rushing implies that the ending was meant to appear only at the earliest stages of the storyline, and that the alternate way to reach it was added only later, seemingly overlooking or just ignoring this.

The music plays at turbo speed as the credits zoom by across a starfield in a matter of seconds. "CHRONO TRIGGER" and "The End" appear in the corner, and after a few seconds, "Corridors of Time" plays.

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The Successor of Guardia (ガルディアを継ぐ者)

Availability: New Game+ only. Enter the special Gate to Lavos after returning from the past for the first time, but before taking Marle back to the castle.

Internally, this is available when the storyline progress variable is at least 0x27 (returned to the Modern Age with Marle) but less than 0x2D (Crono's trial ends). Since you're stuck in the trial event as soon as you return Marle to the castle, you have to go get the ending before then. This also means you're stuck with Crono and Marle as your only party members.

The party goes through a Gate, landing by the teleporter in the back of Leene Square. Play continues to be interactive. However, the people have strange reactions to Marle, and there are quite a few frog noises as well.

あ、王女さま。 また今日も変装してお出かけですかい? Ah, the lady princess.
Out in disguise again today?
Wearing our disguise again, are we?
まあ、王女さま。 お上手なおけしょうですわ。 Oh my, the lady princess.
Such skillful makeup.
My, your majesty, you look splendid!
王女さま。 また私達と同じかっこうしている。 Lady princess.
You're looking like us again.
I see you're dressing...normally again!

Marle finally reacts after talking to one of the generic townspeople now blocking the exit.

マール「何か様子がへんね? Marle: Doesn't something seem odd?

Marle: Something doesn't look

At the very least, it's notable that everyone knows who she is, when nobody realized it before.

マール「お城に帰ってみましょ。 Marle: Let's try going back to the castle. Marle: Let's return to the castle!

So they do, and Lucca comes along too. The king stands alone in the throne room as they enter.


Marle: Father!
Something's odd about the townspeople.

Marle: Father!
What's wrong with the


King: Where have you been, Marledia?
Don't just keep hopping around
having fun. Calm down a little.
Ah, you're disguised as human again...

KING: Where have you been, Nadia?
First, calm down.
And why those clothes?


Marle: Everyone's saying that...
but what's it supposed to mean?

Marle: Everybody keeps saying
What do you mean?


King: What are you playing dumb for?
Wouldn't it be easier on you not
to force yourself to look like that?

KING: What ARE you babbling about?
You needn't keep dressing that way!

The king hops a few steps away. Yes, he literally hops.


King: You're here at the perfect time.
I was just thinking of watching the wedding
film of our ancestors from 400 years ago.
We found it when we were cleaning up
the treasure vault.

KING: You're just in time!
We found this 400 year old wedding
album in the treasury.

Marle hops after him, then looks startled and finally distressed, making frog noises as she does so.

The following line seems to fit here, but I can't get it to display. It was probably replaced by the sound effects.

マール「?? ゲコゲコゲコ……

Marle: ?? *ribbit ribbit ribbit*...

Marle: ???


Lucca: Marle?? Could you be...

Lucca: Marle!
Tell me you didn't...

The scene changes to show a screen being projected as a movie. The credits display over the film. We see Frog and Queen Leene walking together down the aisle of a chapel. They reach the altar, face each other, and then... kiss. Wedding bells ring. The screen pans down to show Marle looking outraged.

マール「やだやだ! こんなの!! Marle: Eww, no! Not that!!

Marle: Nooo!
This can't be!!

She ribbits again, and THE END falls over the scene.

The implication here is that you've botched history enough that King Guardia XXI didn't survive, Queen Leene remarried to Frog, and Marle is now his descendant. Of course, time traveler's immunity should have prevented any direct effects on her, and it's utterly implausible that there would have been no other discernable changes to the course of history, but remember, the alternate endings are just for fun and typically not even remotely canonical.

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Good Night (おやすみ)

Availability: Face Lavos any time after arriving at the Farthest Reaches of Time, but before returning to the Middle Ages in search of the Magus.

Internally, this is available when the storyline progress variable is at least 0x2D (Crono's trial ends) but less than 0x54 (return to the Middle Ages after beating Hekeran). Since you can't get back to the festival grounds until after beating Hekeran, though, the ending is only reachable once you have access to the bucket. At this point, your party must be Crono plus any two of Marle, Lucca, and Robo.

The screen remains black after the battle ends. "Corridors of Time" plays, and the credits begin to roll. As they do, a Nu and a brown frog perform various antics. First they alternate screen time, then the Nu dozes off and the frog annoys it until it wakes up and gives chase, but the frog disappears after a few passes. The Nu looks around, confused, then wanders off again. After creeping back onto the screen, the frog looks around, then gets bored and dozes off. At this point, the Nu returns and headbutts it, then resumes chasing it. A few passes later, the frog somehow ends up behind the Nu, which turns and chases it back off the screen. Just to be different, a Marmo wanders onto the screen next, then suddenly runs away. The Nu runs in, sees nothing there, and falls asleep again, which the frog takes as a chance to prod it again. This time, the frog, moving rapidly, stays behind the Nu as it looks around, but eventually dodges the wrong way, and gets chased away yet again. Returning to the screen, the Nu goes back to sleep. The frog comes back to harass it some more, but gets no reaction this time, even after stealing the Zz graphic, until it inflates over the Nu and drops onto it. The Nu, apparently indifferent by this point, just walks over to the Zz and continues sleeping. Annoyed, the frog pushes it away, but it doesn't wake up, and meanwhile, the Marmo takes its place under the Zz and accordingly dozes off. The frog, fuming, manages to briefly wake the Nu, but it just goes back to sleep, producing a second Zz. Before long, the frog gives up and joins them. As the music fades, the screen pans to the right for THE END... which gets its own Zz after a few moments.

Some endings may make you think, but others just feel like filler.

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The Legendary Hero (伝説の勇者)

Availability: Face Lavos after returning to the Middle Ages to find everyone talking about the hero, but before the confrontation where Tarta admits he's a phony.

Internally, this is available when the storyline progress variable is at least 0x54 (return to the Middle Ages after beating Hekeran) but less than 0x66 (retrieved Hero Badge from Tarta). At this point, your party must be Crono plus any two of Marle, Lucca, and Robo.

"Robo's Theme" plays as the credits begin rolling. After a few screens, there's a brief Gate transfer animation, and then it dumps Robo out in what looks like a futuristic redesign of Leene Square. He looks around in apparent confusion, the bell rings, and then Atropos dashes in from the side and collides with him, knocking them both to the ground. No pendants go flying, but otherwise this is looking oddly familiar. After she checks on him, they run off together.

Incidentally, this is the closest thing we get to a look at the new future.

Following an interlude with just more credits, we see the two of them sitting on a mountain together, much like in the main ending. Several long moments later, the screen returns to just credits, and the music fades out.

"Magus Castle" plays. In the throne room of Guardia Castle, Queen Leene, the king, the chancellor, the knight captain, and a group of generic knights face Tarta, who has the audacity to sit on the king's throne, and his father, who seems to be showing him off. Tarta hops to the ground and walks out, and the screen returns to just credits until the music ends.

"Tyran Castle" plays as Tarta walks through Magus Castle. Monsters appear, but, amazingly, he doesn't run away, at least not before the screen fades to show more credits again.

When the scene resumes, Tarta is entering the chamber where Vinnegar makes his last stand, though the cranks are missing.

勇者タータ「魔王……ッ!! Hero Tarta: Magus...!! HERO TATA: Magus!!

The screen pans up to show the throne, where shadowy figures fade in to reveal... Crono, flanked by Marle and Lucca? The girls step forward and draw their weapons. Crono just stands and starts laughing. The credits conclude, the music fades, and then it's THE END.

Okay, so the bit with Robo and Atropos is cute, but what's going on at the end...? Maybe the kid gave himself a concussion and is having hallucinations.

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The Unknown Past (知られざる過去)

Availability: Face Lavos after confronting Tarta, but before going to Ayla's welcoming party.

Internally, this is available when the storyline progress variable is at least 0x66 (retrieved Hero Badge from Tarta) but less than 0x75 (woke up after Ayla's welcoming party). At this point, your party must be Crono plus any two of Marle, Lucca, and Robo.

"Sylbird ~Wings that Cross Time~" plays as the credits begin. Several moments later, a brief transfer leads to Crono, Marle, and Lucca emerging from the Gate in the cupboard in Medina. They glance at each other and laugh. Crono rushes out after pumping his fist, the girls follow, and a brief hesitation later, the goblins hop up and down a few times and also follow.

More credits, then Kino and two cavemen chase a pair of Dinomen into the woods, but are then chased out themselves by many more of them... which then run back the other way when Ayla shows up. She poses and laughs.

More credits, then the Magus stands on a narrow finger of land overlooking the sea. A moment later, he turns and walks from the edge to where Vinnegar, Soysaw, and Mayonnay are waiting.

More credits, then King Guardia XXI looks over the assembled knights as Queen Leene and the chancellor stand by. Nothing really happens, though.

More credits, then Frog walks out of the woods where he has taken up residence. He looks back briefly, then hurries onward.

More credits, then the music fades out as they come to an end. Robo runs onto the screen, sits as if to catch his breath, beats his chest, runs some more, and smacks into the edge of the screen, falling over. Looking puzzled, he takes a closer look, then runs back to the middle of the screen and up a bit, turns around, bows, and leaves behind THE END before running off the screen again, this time without incident.

More of a clip show ending than anything else, though I find the scene with the Magus rather intriguing. Does he often go off by himself and bask in nature?

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Peoples who Live within Time (時の中に生きる人々)

Availability: Face Lavos after regaining the Gate Holder, but before showing Frog the repaired Grandleon.

Internally, this is available when the storyline progress variable is at least 0x75 (morning after Ayla's welcoming party) but less than 0x84 (Frog joins the party to face the Magus). You're stuck in the Primeval era as long as the Gate Holder is missing, though, so can't get to this ending as soon as it's technically available. At this point, your party must be Crono plus any two of Marle, Lucca, and Robo.

"The Farthest Reaches of Time" plays, and stills of various characters are shown with the credits: a Primeval old man; Toma drinking opposite Tarta and a generic young man; Norstein Bekkeler; the knight captain and shocked-looking head cook from the Middle Ages; a pair of Primeval drummers; Gran and Leon; a dancer from the main ending; a startled Ratler; Mayonnay, Soysaw, and Vinnegar; the old man tipping his hat; a cat chasing a Marmo, Dinoman, and Inner Guard; a generic man and woman from Zeal; Johnny and two of his robot minions; Sara, Jyaki, and Alphard; the Sylbird in flight; a memo; the inept frogs from the Underground Waterway Ruins; Lord Crawlie and his lookout; the Modern Age chancellor leading half a dozen soldiers; the Middle Ages chancellor also leading half a dozen soldiers; Kino, a generic kid, and a Pteran; Don with a generic man and kid from the ruined future; two women and three children from Primeval times in a mix of Laruban and Iokan colors; and the Three Philosophers of Zeal. After a few more pages of credits, Marle's Pendant appears with THE END, then vanishes as the words shift up and the music stops.

Not much here beyond showing off some of the spritework.

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Vow to a Friend (友との誓い)

Availability: Face Lavos after recruiting Frog, but before facing the Magus.

Internally, this is available when the storyline progress variable is at least 0x84 (Frog joins the party to face the Magus) but less than 0x8A (defeated the Magus). At this point, your party must be Crono and Frog plus any of Marle, Lucca, or Robo.

Following some robotic and other noises that sound like they might belong in a factory, the screen fades in to show Lucca working on Robo in the common room of her house. Frog stands near the wall, and Crono sleeps in the corner. "Tranquil Days" starts playing. The text advances automatically.


Lucca: Phew...
This's awfully stubborn.

Lucca: Phew...
You're pretty stubborn.

ロボ「スミマセン、ルッカ……。 Robo: I AM SORRY, Lucca... Robo: My apologies, Lucca...

Lucca: It's not your fault, is it?
We humans were the ones who
stuck weapons on your body.

Lucca: It's not your fault.
We're the one's who created

She stands and looks over toward Crono.


Lucca: But I'm amazed he's sleeping.
That idiot... I wonder if we should
wake him up and make him help.

Lucca: Man, that fool sleeps a lot.
We should make him help us!

The English version takes よく (yoku) to mean "often" here, but the meaning "well" (adverb of "good") makes more sense. It's used fairly often to express frustration and sort of a grudging respect for what someone else manages to do. The feeling is sort of a "how can he possibly just fall asleep?"

「ダメ! : Don't! No!

Marle enters from the back.


Marle: Let's let him sleep.
We're coming off one heck of a battle.

Marle: Let him sleep
He fought long and hard.

ルッカ「フ…… はいはい。 Lucca: *Sigh*... fine, fine. Lucca: Phew...all right.

Frog changes posture, looking troubled, while Lucca goes back to work and Marle walks over to a clear desk surface nearby.

カエル「……。 Frog: ...... Frog:......

Frog starts to walk away. By this point, Marle has a tray of drinks ready.


Marle: Where are you going?
I've even made us tea.

Marle: Where're you going?
We just got cozy.

カエル「なに、ちょいとヤボ用でな。 Frog: Oh, just a minor errand.

Frog: Gotta take care of some business...

...he hops toward the exit a bit too quickly, tripping over some of the scattered books on the way.

マール「プッ…… Marle: Pft... Marle: Tee, hee...

She can't hold back a laugh, though, and Lucca soon joins in. They even wake Crono up. The scene and the music fade out...

The above scene imitates a piece of official art that shows Lucca working on Robo, Marle bringing drinks, Crono dozing off, and Frog tripping over a pile of books.

...and after a quick credits screen, "Melody of Derangement" fades in and we see the outside of Magus Castle. Another credit screen, and then it's Soysaw's room, though empty.

「おろかな…… : How foolish... Grow up...!

Soysaw appears, spinning.

: It's been a long since we've gotten
anyone in such a rush to die!
Finally, we've got someone who wants
to die young!

Beyond another credit screen, Mayonnay awaits in the chamber in the other wing.

: *giggle*, you're SO underestimating
Harhar, this is hilarious...!

The room fades out to be replaced with a scrolling starry backdrop.

「一人であたいとやろうなんてネ! : Trying to beat me by yourself? As if! So, you think YOU can take us on?

Another credit screen, then the view pans over one of the foggy exterior walls with starts and ladders and monsters. A short shadowy figure emerges from the door at the bottom. Cut to another credit screen, followed by Vinnegar lounging in his room. Then he looks shocked, and the music abruptly stops.

「お、お前は……!! : Y-you're...!! Y, you're...!!

The shadowy figure strides forward and slashes before he can react. Following another credit screen, "Frog's Theme" plays while Frog hops down the last stairway before the Magus. The music fades as he enters the doorway at the bottom.

Chanting is heard, and we dimly see the Magus's ritual chamber.

: Da zuma lafua roh laira...
: Be woven betwixt heaven and earth...
Neuga, ziena, zieber, zom...
Now the chosen time has come...
「この大地の命と引きかえに……! : In exchange for this earth's life...! Exchange this world for...!

The room brightens, and soon the blue flames ring the area where the shadowy figure of the Magus stands. He shortly comes into full view as well.

魔王「やはり来たか……。 Magus: So, you really came... Magus: So, you came...

Frog walks up.


Magus: The bulk of both humans and
we Demons have forfeit their lives...
Those aside from you and I who
yet live are like unto worms...
He who lives when this battle
ends will have the world...
no, the very future in his grasp...

Magus: We Wizards and humans
have brought about our own ruin...
Except for you and I, this world is
populated by cretins...
The one who wins this battle...
...will rule the world...
No, make that RULE THE FUTURE...

We "Wizards"? Shouldn't that be "Mystics"?

Frog ribbits.


Frog: So it seems...
but it makes no difference to me.

Frog: So that's the story...
But who cares.

He whips out his sword.


Frog: My purpose lies in fighting

Frog: But there is some merit to
fighting you!

"Magus Decisive Battle" begins playing.


Magus: Oh...?
You have the Grandleon...
Very well, come at me...

Magus: Hmmmm...
You have the Masamune...
Let's see if you know how to use it...

The above block exactly replicates lines he speaks in the original scene, though it does omit two additional lines normally between them about not getting in his way and the black wind howling again. You'd never guess it from the English version, though, which translates the corresponding lines as "Ah...! The Masamune!!!" and "Okay...give me your best shot...".

The Magus finally turns around, cape drawn about himself.

魔王「死のかくごが出来たのならな! Magus: IF you're prepared for death! Magus: If you're prepared for the

Battle ensues. Various combat noises, including plenty of magic, of course, continue as the remainder of the credits scroll by.

Possibly the game's most epic battle, and we don't even get to see it. The usage of the sound effects doesn't match up with any familiar skills, either.

The credits conclude, and the music fades to be replaced with "Magus Castle" as the view pans up the exterior of the castle. A caped figure stands atop the massive gargoyle. However, since both of them wear capes, there's no sense of scale, and the lighting obscures any coloration that might identify them, it's impossible to be certain who it is. The sounds of wind replace the music, and THE END appears in the corner.

This one can almost fit in with the canon, as it's exceedingly unlikely Frog would abandon the fight in his own time just because Lavos is dealt with. He'd have gained the strength and confidence to stand a chance, too. I'm not sure who wins the battle, and suspect it was left deliberately ambiguous.

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Dino Age (ディノ・エイジ)

Availability: Face Lavos after the Magus battle, but before the Black Tyranno battle.

Internally, this is available when the storyline progress variable is at least 0x8A (defeated the Magus) but less than 0x99 (defeated Azarla). At this point, Crono must be the party leader, and depending on when exactly you go, Ayla will either be unavailable or mandatory.

The credits start with no music, but then a bell starts ringing and we seem some familiar text.


: Crono...
Hey, Crono!

Wake up, Crono!

That's the third time we've seen this text. The English port again fails to use the same text as in the introduction, but it at least is the same as in the fever dream version where Marle bugs him about getting to work.

Fade in to reveal a bedroom. A woman stands next to a bed with someone sleeping in it, and a cat lies on the floor. "Morning Sunlight" plays. Except... both the woman and Crono himself look rather more reptilian than usual.


Gina: How long are you sleeping?
Get up already!

MOM: It's time to rise and shine!
Dreams are for sleepers, son!

...and then in this line the English version comes up with something entirely new even though the Japanese text is, again, identical to the text in the introduction.

Gina walks over to the window and opens the curtains. Crono squirms in bed.


Gina: Ahh, Leene's Bell is
singing so pleasantly.

MOM: Dear me! I'd forgotten how beautiful Leene's Bell sounds!


Gina: I'll bet you wound up too excited to
get to sleep last night, didn't you?
It IS the National Foundation Millennial
Festival, so I suppose that's only natural...
But don't get caught up in the moment
and party too much!

MOM: You were so excited about the
Millenial Fair that you didn't sleep
well, did you...?
I want you to behave yourself today!

ジナ「さ、いいかげん起きなさい! Gina: Come on, get up already! MOM: Now, get out of that bed!

"Planet's Blessing" starts playing as the credits resume. A clip show of scenes interleaved with credit screens follows: Crono-dino coming downstairs and leaving after the cat greets him, then visiting a Truce inn populated with Dinomen, then arriving at the Millennial Festival (in a nice touch, the Dinoman racer is replaced with a generic human and the soldier with a Marmo), and then of course Crono-dino runs into Marle-dino as the nearby bell starting ringing.

The remainder of the credits scroll by. Then Azarla drops in and starts gloating, or something, but is shortly squashed by THE END. The music keeps playing, though, so apparently no one considers this in any way tragic.

This ending seems to imply that you've botched history to the point that the Dinomen beat out the primitive humans to become the dominant species. Aside from it not making sense that they would somehow manage to develop a culture identical to the familiar human one, though, they would never have survived the fall of Lavos and ensuing ice age. Only in a timeline where Lavos never fell at all could this outcome be possible.

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What the Prophet Seeks... (予言者が求めるものは…)

Availability: Face Lavos after witnessing it fall to earth, but before confronting Queen Zeal in the Abyssal Temple, except during the brief window when "Review Meeting?" is available.

Internally, this is available when the storyline progress variable is at least 0x99 (defeated Azarla) but less than 0xA2 (saw Sara open sealed door), or at least 0xAB (Gate to Ancient Era sealed) but less than 0xD4 (the Black Dream rises). You can't actually get the ending after the confrontation in the temple, since you're stuck in the Ancient Era until regaining access to the Sylbird. Crono is still required, and the optional character is not available at this point, but otherwise, any combination of characters is allowed. Also, beating the overpowered Lavos faced in the Abyssal Temple goes to "The Dream Project" instead.

"Magus Decisive Battle" starts playing, and the credits begin to roll. Frog walks up to the Magus statue hidden in Manoria Abbey, then the screen tints sepia and more credits roll.

The prophet stands with Queen Zeal and Sara in the throne room. The queen starts cackling, the screen tints sepia, and more credits scroll past.

Frog is shown at a bar with Toma, Tarta and his father, and a few other people. Much drinking is had. Frog flexes, the screen tints sepia, and more credits scroll by.

The prophet walks toward one of the residential rooms in Zeal Palace as Sara, Jyaki, and Alphard leave the other. Though following Jyaki as usual, Alphard takes a few steps toward the prophet and meows. The prophet stops in his tracks, the screen tints sepia, and more credits scroll by.

The prophet warps into the Abyssal Temple. He strides forward, the screen tints more red than sepia, and more credits scroll by.

Most of the party appears at the speed drinking minigame at the Millennial Festival. Crono, Marle, Robo, and the little girl with the missing cat look on and cheer, laugh, or just seem overwhelmed. The man looks astonished at Ayla's ability to toss back drinks, and it just gets worse when she leaps onto the table and starts roaring. As all this is going on, Lucca stands nearby, examining what appears to be an inert, off-color Nu. Ayla's antics not only startle the Nu and apparently make Robo's head pop off somehow, they also draw an adoring blown kiss from the little girl. The screen tints sepia, and more credits scroll by.

Having apparently shed his disguise, the Magus flies down an elevator shaft in the Abyssal Temple. The screen shortly tints reddish, and more credits scroll by.

Crono lounges on the floor at home, while Gina sits at the table, Marle stands on the other side, Lucca fiddles around in the kitchen, and Robo entertains a pair of cats. Unfortunately, Lucca appears to be a much better pyromaniac than a cook, and sets the stove on fire. Gina looks shocked, and Marle goes to help. The screen tints sepia, catching a cat in the middle of leaping over Robo, and more credits scroll by.

Back in the prophet cloak, the Magus strides into the innermost parts of the Abyssal Temple. He pauses outside the entrance to the final chamber.


: If history is to change, let it change!
If the world is to perish, let it perish!
If because of it I myself am now
to vanish and be no more...
that will be interesting in itself!!

If history is to change, let it change! If
the world is to be destroyed, so be it!
If my fate is to be destroyed...
I must simply laugh!!
「行くぞ、ラヴォス!! : Here I come, Lavos! I'm coming, Lavos!

He strides forward, and the screen tints red again, but no credits follow. Instead, after the fade out, there's an exploding noise. Then the remaining credits scroll by. THE END appears in with a loud clashing noise and blue outline. As the outline fades, the music dies with it, to be replaced with "Crono and Marle ~Distant Promise~", but it manages to sound more sad than tender here...

This is another one that could almost be canonical. While the others may be off celebrating their victory, if they aren't there to interfere when Queel Zeal wakes Lavos, there's little question of what must happen to the Magus. The glimpse into what he's thinking is interesting, though.

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Review Meeting? (反省会?)

Availability: Incredibly brief. Watch Sara open the sealed door to the throne room in Zeal (you don't actually have to attempt to open the door yourself, but you must watch her do so), then leave and beat Lavos. Do not energize the pendant, or guards will block the exit, forcing you to advance the plot. As above, Crono is still required, and the optional character is not available at this point, but otherwise, any combination of characters is allowed.

Internally, this is available when the storyline progress variable is at least 0xA2 (saw Sara open sealed door) but less than 0xAB (Gate to Ancient Era sealed). Between allowing only a brief opportunity to see it, coming in the middle of the window for a different ending, and requiring a significant amount of apparently pointless backtracking to get to Lavos at the point when it's available, this ending has to be the easiest to miss.

This is probably also the least accurately translated ending in the NA version, partly because of censorship and the fact that most of the ending is Marle and Lucca chatting about guys, frequently in less-than-innocent language.

"Corridors of Time" plays. THE END crashes onto the screen. Marle runs in from the bottom.


It's over already...?

Marle: What!
It's ending already?

Lucca walks in from the bottom.


These words showing up pretty much
means it's over from what I've heard.

Lucca: That's what that word
usually means!


But things were just getting started.

Marle: But things were just
starting to get interesting.


Then let's have them raise
these end words.

Lucca: Well, come on folks, let's do
this "ending" thing.


Raise them, raise them!
Let's give a review meeting a try!

But first, let's remember all the fun
things we did!


Artist, if you please!

Lucca: Okay!
Let the ultimate slide show begin!

THE END rises off the top of the screen.


First, zoom in on Leene Square!

Marle: First, let's see a close up of
Leene Square!

The knight from the race betting minigame walks in from the right, and starts waving his sword around.


It's the Iron-Masked Runner.

Lucca: There's the Steel Runner.

I'm not too good with this type!
He looks so rigid, for one thing...

Marle: I've never understood why
 anyone would want to run for 3
 hours at a stretch...

All he does is run... even though
that armor's a handicap.

Lucca: Forget that!
Can you imagine what the inside of
that armor must smell like?


See you next time, I guess. Bye-bye!

Marle: What a lovely thought,
Let's just get on with the show, OKAY?!

The knight rushes off, and a soldier from A.D. 1000 Guardia Castle walks in.


Next is Guardia Castle, your home.

Lucca: Next let's visit Guardia
Castle, your home.

The soldier falls over and looks like he's hanging across a narrow crevice.


Heh heh, he's got his coolness all in order!

Marle: Goodness!
VERY nice scenery!


How fitting. My heart's already racing!

Lucca: But of course, my dear!

He's the only one you didn't use
your burst pistol on, right?
His name's Peter. But he's a woman.

Marle: I guess you never took a
shot at him, right?
Say, didn't he just wink at you?

Lucca falls to her knees.


I DON'T swing that way!!

Lucca: RELAX, Marle!!

The soldier, still horizontal, leaves the screen. Pierre the lawyer walks in.

 「ぎゃーっ!! ピエールよ!

Eeeep!! It's Pierre!

Marle: Hey!
It's Pierre!


AbsoLUTEly no good, this type.
You need a more correct ruling!!

Lucca: Wouldn't want anything to
do with someone like HIM.
Too shifty...
He should be put on trial!

Pierre runs off, and one of the half-lifeless men from the ruined future walks in.


Look, he's got no backbone.
Show some, "Let's do something on
our own!" kinda PEP, some PEP!!

Marle: Come on, Lucca!
Live it up a little!
Let your hair down!
Get Crazy!!

元気を出す (genki wo dasu) typically equates to "cheer up", but the "pep" meaning seems more appropriate. ...and the NA version line (along with the next one) appears to have been randomly generated... :-P


If we were in the same situation, we
might get like that. Show some PEP!!

Lucca: Yeah, thanks PRINCESS.
 I'll take that under advisement!!
 「たね。 育つといいね……。

The seeds. I hope they grow up...

Marle: There's the seed.
Hope it grows...

No idea. Possibly wordplay on one of the many broader meanings of たね (tane).

The man rushes off, and Johnny rolls in.


Johnny...? The man who bets
it all on speed...?

Lucca: Theeeeere's Johnny...
Mr. Speed himself!


All he is is fast, too...

Marle: Someone ought to tell him to
take a permanant pit stop.
Look at that hair!


Hey, look close and he's a tricycle!
Pass, pass!

Lucca: Hey, check it out!
He's really a tricycle!
Pass him!

 「勝とうなんて! 一万年早いわね。

Trying to win! Try again in ten millennia.

Marle: Try again when you learn to

Johnny rolls out, and Cyrus makes an entrance.


It's the ultra-cool-acting man, Cyrus-kun!

Lucca: There's that stuffed-shirt,


But since he really is cool,
you'll fall for him...

Marle: He IS pretty handsome,


His fashion sense is iffy.

Lucca: But WHERE does he buy his


Did you know?
I hear his eyebrows are penciled in.

Marle: Hey, did you hear?
He plucks his eyebrows!

 「うっそ! げーっ、きもちわりー!

No way! Gehhh, that's gross!
But he's heroic, so I'll forgive him!

Lucca: You've GOT to be joking!
But...he's still a hunk!

Cyrus leaves, and Toma walks in.


Tomie, my fave!

Marle: Hi, Toma!
Now HE'S definitely my type!

Marle is talking funny here, even for this ending. It sounds to me like she's mocking him.


He's just another drunk.

Lucca: Aw, he's just a flake.

Besides, what if he's a woman-chaser?

Marle: Probably has a dozen


For all we know, he could be a man-chaser!

Lucca: Actually, I see him as more
of an intellectual!

They both laugh. Toma leaves, and Kino enters.


What do you think?
This Kino guy...

Marle: What about him?
That Kino guy?


He's a spineless wuss.
Not the least bit interested.

Lucca: Total Neanderthal!
Throw him a bone!


But the way he's so eager feels
kinda cute. That's a lie, though...

Marle: But he's honest.
That's kind of attractive.

 「あるき方がキライ! 変だわっ!!

I hate how he walks! It's weird!!

Lucca: He walks like a DUCK!!

Kino runs out.


But he sure was a good guy.

Marle: Well, he'll never hurt anyone.

He sure was a really nice guy.

Lucca: He's really very gentle, isn't

Crono runs in from the bottom. Brace yourself, because he's about to...


Hey, just how exactly is
this a "review meeting"!?

Crono: What ARE you two doing?!
I thought you said something about a
nice little slide show?

Marle and Lucca look startled.



Lucca: Crono!

Eh heh heh heh!

Marle: So we got a little carried

That's nervous/guilty laughter, in case you couldn't tell.


Hey, which era are we going to next!?

Lucca: Where do you want to go


An era that's full of fun things!!

Marle: Some place fun!!


Crono: How about the "now"?!

Now, meaning the Modern Age?

Lucca: Now, as in the present?
 「オッケー! 現代ね!

Okay! The Modern Age it is!

Marle: Okay!
Back to the present!

Crono and Marle run off the top of the screen.


So does this mean we don't need
the Gate Holder any more...?

Lucca: So I guess we don't need a
Gate Key anymore, right?

 「あっ! 待ってよーっ!!

Ah! Wait up!!

Lucca: Hey!
Wait a sec!!!

Lucca runs after the others. The music fades out, and "THE END" crashes back down. And it really is the end this time.

Actually, there's a bit more text in the Japanese game data only, but it doesn't acutally appear here (or anywhere else, as far as I know).

 Isn't that stupid?
 Cut it out already!!
   「クロノ! だーいすき!!
   Crono! I looove you!!
     Me too!

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Resumption (再開), with Sylbird intact

Availability: Face Lavos with Crono dead. Do not crash the Sylbird into Lavos.

Internally, this is available when the storyline progress variable is at least 0xD4 (the Black Dream rises) if Crono is still dead and the Sylbird is intact. Any party that doesn't include Crono (for obvious reasons) is available.

Fade in at the Farthest Reaches of Time, where the party members lie unconscious. Marle and Lucca get up first, and Marle acts as party leader.


Old Man: Lavos is dead, and I expect that
the Gates will shortly shut as well.
If you don't return to your own eras while you
still can, you'll become temporal vagrants.

ELDER: Lavos is gone, so the Gate will
Return now, or you'll be lost in time.

The others get up. Marle tries speaking to them, but each heads to the Gate terminal after a brief exchange.


Marle: Let's go back to the past
and save Crono.

Marle: Let's go back in time and
save Crono!

エイラ「キーノ達 待ってる。 Ayla: Kinos waiting. Ayla: Kino wait for me.
マール「心配じゃないの? Marle: Aren't you worried about him? Marle: Don't you care?
ロボ「本当に最後のお別れデスネ。 Robo: This IS truly our final farewell.

Robo: This really is the last we will
see of each other.

マール「ねえ。 Marle: Come on! Marle: Come on!

Frog: I must protect lady Leene
in the Middle Ages.

Frog: 'Tis necessary that I return
and protect Queen Leene.

The Magus has no dialog, but, like the others, responds by leaving.

Once everyone is in the terminal room, they start returning to their own times. The pillars they use, and the opposite ends of each, close on their departure.

For what it's worth, the Gates they use even make sense.

エイラ「エイラ 帰る。

Ayla: Ayla go home.
Be healthy!

Ayla: Ayla go home now.
Good luck all!

If present, the Magus leaves without a word.

カエル「達者でな。 Frog: Stay well. Frog: Fare thee well!
ロボ「サヨウナラ。 Robo: GOODBYE. Robo: Goodbye...everyone.
マール「みんな、つれないわ……! Marle: You're all heartless...! Marle: You're all so heartless!

Lucca: Death is our fate.

Lucca: It's a fate we can't escape.
Someday we will all pass away. Marle......

They leave through the remaining Gate to Guardia Forest, which also closes.

老人「おーい! Old Man: Hey! ELDER: Hey there!

The screen pans over to him. An egglike object sits in front of him.


Old Man: You all...
...wait, they've left already?

ELDER: They've all...
Have they all left?

If the party has not yet received the Chrono Trigger:


Old Man: I forgot I had this.
...well, no matter.

ELDER: I forgot to give them this.
... ...Oh well.

If the party has already received the Chrono Trigger:


Old Man: They left this behind.
...well, no matter.

ELDER: They dropped this!
... ...Oh well...

Cut to the Moonlight Parade, which goes much as usual, minus Crono, except that the introductory line becomes:

さあ! 千年祭り最後の夜!! Now! The final night of the Millennial Festival!! Come on!
It's the last night of the fair!

Lucca dashes off to the telepod exhibit as usual, but with everyone having already left, that part obviously doesn't happen, so it jumps straight to the appropriate version of the brief conversation about the guiding force. Then,


Marle: Traveling time...
It's too much of a burden.

Marle: Time


Lucca: I suppose we'd better
break down the Sylbird too.
Though we won't be able to
see everyone anymore...

Lucca: We should dismantle the
Its job is finished.

The music fades out.


Marle: I wonder how everyone's

Marle: I wonder how everyone is

A Gate opens awkwardly, spitting out the other party members, along with Hasch. They get up slowly, then Ayla gets in the old man's face, and "Merry Specchio" starts playing.

If the Magus joined the party, he shows up with the others.

If the Magus was slain, then he obviously doesn't appear. Frog doesn't seem to be here either at first glance, but it's not too difficult to figure out who that swordsman using his color scheme has to be...

エイラ「『時の卵』 よこせ! Ayla: Give Egg of Time! Ayla: Give me "Time Egg!"

Hasch: Calm down, I said.
You won't be able to bring a thing
back to life if you're in such a rush.

GASPAR: Calm down.
Rushing won't bring him back!

   早く よこせ!
Ayla: Got it, so hurry give!

Ayla: Ok, understand.
Now hurry, give!

The old man hops into the portal and vanishes.


Robo: Ah!
He RAN away!

Robo: Hey!
He is escaping!

Robo, the Magus (if present), and Ayla hop in after him. Frog starts to follow, but Marle interrupts.

   みんな! どうしたの?

Marle: Hey, hey!
Everyone! What's going on?

Marle: What's going on, everyone?
We can bring him back to life
with that Egg of Time he's got.
That "Time Egg" of his can bring HIM

Lucca: Bring him back to life?
You mean Crono!?

Lucca: Bring who back?
You mean Crono?

If the Magus joined the party, Frog nods and leaves. Lucca lunges toward the Gate as it shuts, but too late.

If the Magus was slain, Frog speaks here, presumably because his new sprite lacks a nodding animation, and gets more of a reaction.

そうだ。 That's right. Yes.

He enters the Gate with the others, but...

マール「ところであなた誰…… Marle: By the way, who are you...? Marle: By the way, who...are you?

There's no response before the Gate shuts. Lucca lunges toward it, but too late.

マール「行っちゃった。 Marle: They're gone. Marle: He just took off.

Lucca: Could he be...

Lucca: Could that have been...

Lucca spazzes out a bit.

ルッカ「ハ、ハンサム! Lucca: H-he's handsome! Lucca: H, he's handsome!
ルッカ「追いかけましょう!! Lucca: Let's chase after them!! Lucca: Let's catch up with him!

Marle: Chase after?
But the Gate's already...

Marle: Go after them?!
But the Gate's...

マール「まさかルッカ…… Marle: Lucca, you can't mean...

Marle: Lucca, don't turn off
your brain, yet!

ルッカ「たーいむ マシーーン[heart]

Lucca: Haven't we got a
Time Machiiine[heart]!
  O, ho, ho, ho!

Lucca: I forgot!
We have a Time Machine!
  Nya ha ha!

If Frog appeared in human form:


Lucca: Oh, Frog.
If you're that handsome, tell us
you're handsome to begin with.

Lucca: Hey Frog!
Why didn't you tell us you were a

Then a soldier comes to summon the princess, and the rest goes just like as the Sylbird version of "To Beyond Time"—if the Magus was slain, this includes the scene of Frog by the waterfall, even though he already appeared in human form—minus Crono...

...until the very end. The view of the planet fades out to be replaced with Marle standing by a snow-covered tree. After the last of the credits scroll by, she turns and blinks, as a familiar silhouette becomes faintly visible in a dim light appears at the top of the screen. The screen fades out as Marle runs toward him... THE END.

In the Japanese version only, part of a piece of official art also appears along with THE END, showing Marle sitting and holding up her Pendant with a happy expression, while Crono looks on, lounging with a big grin. They look to be atop Death Mountain. The image never appears when playing the English version, unfortunately.

Anyway, here it is: special ending image

Even if the player abandons Crono to his fate, Marle won't give up that easily. Happy ending implied.

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Resumption (再開), with Sylbird wrecked

Availability: Crash the Sylbird into Lavos with Crono dead.

Internally, this is available when the storyline progress variable is at least 0xD4 (the Black Dream rises) if Crono is still dead and the Sylbird crashed into Lavos. Any party that doesn't include Crono (for obvious reasons) is available.

This ending begins the same way as the other version of Resumption, but diverges at the Millennial Festival. Lucca awaits as usual, but the other party members also appear in the area near Leene's Bell. They follow Lucca when Marle confronts them. After tagging them all, she continues to the telepod exhibit, and the music fades out.

Frog never appears as human in this version of the ending, regardless of killing the Magus. It's anyone's guess whether this is an oversight.


Marle: What's going on, everyone?
The Gates were supposed to have closed.

Marle: What's up?!
How did everyone get here?
The Gate's been shut!

Lucca reaches for the controls. A swirl of current appears on the pod, followed by a burst of energy, and Hasch appears! "Fanfare 1" starts playing.

ルッカ「転送機を改造したのよ。 Lucca: I remodeled the transfer machine.

Lucca: Heh heh, I tinkered with the

マール「タイムマシンに? Marle: Into a time machine?

Marle: And made it into a time

Lucca laughs and nods. Marle turns to the old man.


Marle: You were at the Farthest Reaches
of Time...

Marle: You're the guy from the
End of Time!


Hasch: You forgot the Egg of Time.
You see, the Egg of Time...
etc., etc., etc., etc...
etc., etc., etc., etc...
etc., etc., etc., etc...
etc., etc., etc., etc...
etc., etc., etc., etc...
etc., etc., etc., etc... see.

GASPAR: You forgot the "Time Egg!"
The "Time Egg" is used for...
blah, blah, blah...
etc, etc, etc...
etc, etc, etc...
etc, etc, etc...
... You got that?

マール「って事はクロノを…… Marle: You mean, Crono...

Marle: You mean we can get
Crono back?


Hasch: You might be able to bring him
back to life.

GASPAR: Yes, that's possible.

Marle: Th-that's what everyone's
gathered here for?

Marle: Th, that's why you're all

They nod (except the Magus, of course; he's sulking in the corner if he's here).


Marle: Let's go!
To bring Crono back!!

Marle: Let's get Crono!

The time travelers pack onto the pod as the usual soldier arrives.

  こんな所に。 王様がお呼びです。

Soldier: Oh, lady Marledia.
Here you are. The king calls.

SOLDIER: Oh, Princess, the King asks for
your presence.

Lucca: Spend some time with your dad.

Lucca: Why don't you stay here
with your dad?

マール「でも…… Marle: But... Marle: But...
Lucca: I swear I'll bring that idiot back!

Lucca: Don't worry!
I'll bring the idiot back!

She whips out her pistol and strikes a pose.

ルッカ「ま・か・せ・な・さ・い!! Lucca: Leave - it - to - me!! Lucca: Trust me!

The time machine activates, sending them away. Marle finds the king waiting by the bell hanger, which is currently empty.


King: Marledia. A present from me
to commemorate this day.

KING: I have a gift for you,
to commemorate this day,
Princess Nadia.

A soldier comes up the stairs carrying a large silver bell with a lot of balloons attached to it.

マール「これは! Marle: It's...! Marle: It's...

King: This is Marledia's Bell.
From now on, Marledia's Bell will sing in
place of Leene's Bell, which has watched
over this country for four hundred years.

KING: It's Nadia's Bell, which will
replace the 400 year old Leene Bell.
Henceforth, Nadia's Bell will
proudly ring for lasting peace.

マール「すてき……! Marle: Wow...! Marle: It's beautiful!
王「さあ、お前がつけなさい。 King: Now, you set it in place. KING: Now, you can do the honors.

Marle pushes the bell to the mounting, and with the king giving her a boost, lifts it into place. With the bell secured, Marle grabs the balloons and hops off.

マール「うんッ! Marle: Yeah! Marle: Done!

The bell begins to ring... but the balloons start to lift Marle into the air. Too surprised to react, she floats off. The king rushes after her, but is predictably unable to do much of anything.

   ちょ ちょっとクロノ!

Marle: !?
H-hey, Crono!
Help me!!

Marle: Huh?!
H, hey Crono, help me!

Marle drifts away. "Epilog ~To Close Companions~" begins playing as the scene shifts to a snow-covered tree, and the credits roll by. Marle floats in from the side, dropping from the balloons near the tree. She walks over to stand beneath it, occasionally blinking and less often fidgeting. THE END appears at the end of the credits, but fades out as Marle turns to look. Meanwhile, a familiar silhouette becomes faintly visible in a dim light appearing at the top of the screen. The screen fades out as Marle runs toward him...

Similar to the other version, yet different in several significant ways. Odd that this one doesn't use the special art.

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