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Here's the item list, subdivided by type.

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Item Types

General Items



Key Items

Technical Information

Basic item data is found starting at offset 0x070210 in the English ROM, and offset 0x070010 in the Japanese ROM. Extended data such as use effects and special equipment abilities (partial immunity, for example) are not found here and are presumably scripted elsewhere. The data is organized as follows:

Name (bytes 0 to 7)

The item's displayed name, using the same character encoding as the rest of the game. The main text may reference these names using the special code 0x0Ann (from the nameless item at 00 to the Plate at FF). This is a rather clever scheme that both helps with text compression and prevents name mismatches between the inventory and the game text (provided, of course, that the reference is used instead of hardcoding it, and that the code used is the correct one).

Cost (byte 8 and 9)

The standard store price of the item, stored in little-endian format (least significant byte first). The sell value is half of this amount.

Description (byte 10)

Acts as a pointer to the description that appears in the menu.

Unknown (byte 11)

This is always either 0x0A or 0x8A. Items with offensive spell effects use 0x0A, while the rest use 0x8A.

Flags (byte 12)

The bits in this byte have the following effects when set.

For weapons and armors:

For all other items:

Who Can Wear (byte 13)

For equipment, the individual bits in this byte specify who can equip the item (a 1 means it's allowed for the corresponding character, and a 0 means it's not). Most weapons can only be equipped by a single character (only Ryu, for example, is 0x80), while most accessories can be used by anyone (0xFF).

Power or Unknown (byte 14)

For weapons, this is attack power.

For armors, this is defense power.

For other items, it's always either 0x40 or 0x00, with no obvious pattern. Further analysis may follow.

Type, Weight, or Flags (byte 15)

For armors, 0x80 indicates headgear, 0x40 indicates shields, and other values indicate body armor with weight equal to the value. Weight detracts from Mobility.

For weapons and other items, this appears to be a flag field. Preliminary conjectures are below, with more analysis to follow.


Interestingly, bits 7 and 6 work together perfectly if you edit a weapon to have both, causing the attacker to strike all enemies twice. Neither flag has any effect when counterattacking, though, which doesn't normally matter since only Bosch can use the bows and he can't counterattack anyway.

All other items:

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Key Items

These appear in their own separate section in the inventory and have no additional properties beyond their name and description.

Lady Mina's pet
Mina's pet

ババデルのシンボル なまえいり
 Doodoo's Axe
Doodoo's symbol, with his name
Baba's symbol with name

コロシアムの ひかえしつの カギ
 Waiting Room Key
Key to Coliseum waiting room
Coliseum's dress room key

おくじょうのこやの カギ
 Roof Key
Key to rooftop shed
The hut key on the roof

A typo for HutKey?

にくが しまって すこし かたそうだ
 Worm Meat
The meat seems tough and stringy
Meat seems solid and tough

あぶらがのって てらてらしている
 Cockroach Meat
It's gleaming with oil
It is shiny with fat

This description is a good example of how something can be an accurate translation of the words, yet still feel a bit off.

ほんとうに おいしいのか?
 Gold Fly
Is this actually tasty?
Is it really good?

Literally "gold fly", this term normally refers to a genus of green-gold carrion flies commonly known as green bottle flies in English. The game seems to have taken the meaning a bit more literally, though.

みずのなかで こきゅうできる
 Removable Gills
Can breathe in the water
Breathe under water

おういけいしょうしゃの あかし
 Royal Ring
Proof of the successor to the crown
 Royal R.
Proof of the succession

ボロボロで つかいものにならない
 Sage's Sword
Too worn out to be usable
It is so old and useless

That abbreviation for Wise Man Sword is just incomprehensible if you don't already know what the original name is. Call it SageSD, already! Sheesh.

おんがくのくにのひとと はなしができる
 Maestro's Flute
Can talk with people in the Land of Music
Talk with Tunlans

くじらのひと グランパを よぶ
 Whale Bell
Calls Grandpa the whale person
Call Grandpa, the whale

おおきなとりになる ぎしきに つかう
 Mark of the Wing
Used in the ceremony to become a giant bird
Turn into the Great Bird

ゆめのなかへ はいることができる
 Therapy Pillow
Can enter dreams
Enter a dream

エブライのまちに はいることができる
 Way to Evrai
Can enter the town of Evrai
 Evrai RD
Enter Evrai's town

へんなかおの いきもの
A creature with a strange face
Animal have strange face

Uparupa is a colloquial name for the axolotl, the Mexican amphibian on which the Pokémon Wooper and Mudkip are loosely based.

でしにあてた てがみ
A letter to an apprentice
A letter to a student

だいとうぞくの めいよ  たかくうれる
 Thief's Proof
Honors a great thief, and sells for a lot
Honor of the Great Thief

ふしぎなかおりを はなっている
Gives off a peculiar fragrance
Has an unusual smell

エバンスさまの おことばが かいてある
 Evaist Writings
The words of the great Evans
The words of Father Evans

Another frustrating name choice. It sounds like something baby Evan would wear at mealtimes. Just call it EvaBible!

どんなことばも ききとれる
 Harking Hood
Can comprehend any language
Hear any words

Technical Information

Key item names are found starting at offset 0x056948 in the English ROM, and offset 0x056752 in the Japanese ROM. Descriptions are stored in the same text area as normal item descriptions, with nothing obvious to link them to the items, so it may just grab them in order from a starting offset.

Each key item's name is preceded by two bytes, with the second one always 0x0A and the first running from 0x6A for Doodoo's Axe through 0x7D for the Harking Hood, except for Suzi, which has 0xA0 and comes before Doodoo's Axe. The names themselves, not including the two lead bytes, are eight bytes long. Several more item-like entries, consisting of a single entry of 0x7E0A plus eight 0x00 bytes followed by several entries of 0x070A plus eight 0x00 bytes each, appear after the apparent end of the list, and may be unused placeholders. Perhaps the blank 0x7E0A entry acts as an "end of list" marker?

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