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コルセアの町 Corsair Town Coursair

The town's name also bears a definite resemblance to "coliseum", appropriately enough considering that it's centered around one.

Players with some extra money who were lucky enough to get a Coin (Gold) drop can try using it as bait in the fishing spot just northeast of town. Cast as close to Ryu as possible and let the merchant come to him. With a successful catch, the merchant offers to sell some equipment that is both significantly stronger and significantly more expensive than what appears in town.

This town just loves its battle show.

「バトルショー ってのは
「The battle show's a show at
the coliseum where battlers
 Got it?
「Well, duh!  The fight is
a show where fighters
gather in Coliseum
 and fight‥
Understand now?

Thanks, Captain Obvious! Hopefully other people have more useful information.

「バトルショーに、女の子が 出場するんだ
 まだ、どんな子か 知らないケド
こういう所に 出てくる 女の子って
カワイイのが おやくそくだろ?
 だから もう、ファンに なったのさ
「A girl's appearing in the battle show.
 I don't know what she's like yet,
but any girl making a showing in a place
like this has got to be cute, right?
 So I'm a fan already.
「A girl is going to be
in the fight
 But I don't know who
she is
 It's almost a guarantee
that a girl who enters a
show like this
 will be tough
 So I'm already her fan.
「女バトラーを 見に来たの?
 おれも 見たいと思って ならんでるケド
人気が ありすぎて
チケットが 手に入らないんだ
「Here to see the woman battler?
 I'm in line hoping to see her too,
but she's just so popular there
aren't any tickets to be had.
「Have you come to see the
fighter girl?
 I'm in line to see her,
but she is so popular,
 it's hard to get

Hmm. Let's try at the pub. It's basically abandoned during daylight hours, though.

「変な女を さがしてるって?
人が あつまるから‥ 聞いてみれば?
 夜まで、時間を つぶすかい?
「You're looking for a strange woman?
But why...?
 Well, people do gather here at night...
how about you try asking around?
 Why not kill some time until night?
「You're looking for a
strange woman?
What for‥?
 People gather here at
night. Why don't you ask
around then?
 Would you like to kill
some time until evening?

Talking to the bartender lets us advance time immediately, or just letting time pass normally works, too. The pub is much livelier at night.

「その 女の子の あいて
タグジの森の きこりの
ババデルって ヤツだろ?
 変な なまえだよな‥
女の子に、やらしい事 しそうな‥
「That girl's going up against
a lumberjack from Taguji Woods,
Doodoo, right?
 What a weird name...
Sounds like a molester...
「The girl's opponent is a
lumberjack from TagWoods
name Baba, right?
 Weird name‥
 He looks like a guy that
wouldn't hesitate to
fight with a girl.

I can't be sure that his name (phonetically Babaderu) means anything in particular, but... デル sounds like the verb 出る (approximately "come out"), while ババ can be either a fairly rude term for an old woman (similar to "hag") or a rather childish term for feces. Especially given all the snide remarks about it, and the game's fascination with toilets, I'd wager his name was meant to sound more like baby talk for a bowel movement than anything else, a far cry from the connotations of "Bunyan", which the NA versions of BoF3 and BoF4 use for the same name. At best, it's a fart joke.

そこから 西に、どんどん行くと
「...head north to reach Taguji Woods.
Keep going west from there and
you'll find Windia.
「‥If you go north, you
will reach TagWoods
 from there go west and
you will reach Windia
{ランド}さん って言って
コロシアムで 仕事してる 人だよ
「The big guy in the back...
His name's {Rand}, and he
works in the coliseum.
「The big man, way
 His name is {Rand} and
he works in Coliseum

Let's see if he can get us in.

2 「‥何? お前?
バトルに出る 女の子に 会いたいって?
チケットは 売りきれだし‥
「どーしても 見たいんなら
お前も バトルに 出場すれば?
 ま、デビュー戦の あいては
ババデルに きまってるけどな‥
「 want what?
To meet the girl in the battle?
 That's not happening.
Tickets are sold out...
「If you're that desperate to see her,
why don't you enter the battle too?
 Of course, it's already decided
that she'll debut against Doodoo...
「‥What?  You?
 You want to meet the
girl who is in the
 It's not possible
The tickets are
sold out‥
「If you must see the show
why don't you enter
the fight?
 But the opponent in the
debut competition is
always Baba

The Dragon's Tear gleams at the end of his first line, so it seems Rand has a favorable first impression of Ryu. Even so, it doesn't sound like there's much he can do to help. Maybe we can work something out with this Doodoo person, though...

Who is, incidentally, not always the debut opponent, just the woman battler's first opponent. Considering the way events end up unfolding, it's unlikely that anything more than his reputation has even come to the coliseum before.

Before leaving town, let's stop by the church, where a local woman seems intent on ogling the traveling cleric.

「レイさん 見た?
その上、エバ教の えらい人なんだって!
「Have you seen Ray?
Isn't he a hunk!?
And he's a big name in Evaism, too!
「Did you see Ray?
Isn't he handsome!?
 and, he is an important
man of the St. Eva's
「君は、たびを しているのかい?
 たびさきで こまった事があれば
教会を たずねるといいよ
「Are you on a journey?
 If you have troubles where your
travels take you, visit the church.
「Are you traveling?
 If you have a problem
during your journey,
the church will help you

Seems like a decent enough guy. That's it for now, but he'll be showing up again later.

タグジの森 Taguji Woods TagWoods

If that means anything, I'm not sure what. It does have some similarity to タクシー (taxi), and the cable cars do sort of taxi Ryu across sections of the forest.

Navigating the forest, collecting treasures, fighting monsters, and riding a series of buckets on cables, we eventually reach a big grumpy lumberjack.

「‥オリ様の かわりに バトルショーに
 何 ねごと コいてるズラ!
「 wanna appear in the
battle show in my place?
 Bah! What a load of crap!
Talk like that's bad for you! Bah!
「‥You want to enter the
fight in my place?
 Are you crazy!
You're asking for

He has a weird verbal tick, ending most sentences with ズラ (ZURA). It doesn't seem to mean anything, so I just tried to do something that suited his character. After looking into it further, ending things with ~ずら (-zura) is also a characteristic of certain dialects that come across as sort of "hickish", though he seems to be both overusing it and also showing no other signs of using such a dialect.

The unusual コいて (KOite) appears to be from the verb 放く (koku), which in addition to uttering something also refers to expelling something (such as flatulence) from the body, so that's more evidence that any potty humor in his name is fully intentional.

Though given that potty humor is already in play, I should probably point out that he doesn't literally say "a load of crap". ねごと (negoto) directly translates to "sleep talk", referring to the usually incoherent things a person talking in their sleep may say, and by extension also means nonsensical remarks in general.

He's a competent fighter, and he can counterattack, but that's about it. He can't heal. Ryu can. Enough said.

「なんて事ズラ! オリ様の 負けズラ!
 ‥わかった、バトルに 出るのは
このオノを 持って行くズラ‥
「What! I've lost! Bah!
 ...fine, I won't enter the
Bah! Take this axe...
「My God!  I've lost!
 ‥All right, I won't
enter the fight‥
 You will take this ax
with you‥
「上には 上がいるズラ‥
「There's always someone better...
Bah! I won't pick any more fights.
「There is always someone
better‥ I will never
fight again.

コルセアの町 Corsair Town Coursair

Let's show Rand that axe so he can see that Doodoo has agreed to back out.

2 「お!? そのオノは?
「Oh!? That axe?
 Then you're Doodoo?
「Oh!?  What is that
 You're Baba?

Ryu appears flustered, but the Dragon's Tear gleams as Rand notices the axe.

ひどい名前の ワリには
まともな つら してるんだな‥‥‥
 ちょっと がっかり しちまったよ
‥‥‥変なやつと カワイ子ちゃんの
バトルを きたい してたのになぁ‥
You look pretty respectable for
having such an awful name.........
 It's a bit of a let-down.
.........I was looking forward to a battle
between some freak and a cute girl...
You've got a cute face
for a guy with such a
 strange name‥‥‥
I'm a little
 ‥‥‥ I was looking
forward to seeing
a competition between
 a weird guy and a pretty
「ま、せいぜい 楽しい バトルを
 おれは コロシアムで 仕事してっから
また、後で 会おうぜ
「Anyway, make the battle as
entertaining as you can...
 I work at the coliseum,
so I'll see you again later.
「Well, have a good
 I'm working at the
Coliseum, so I'll see
you later.

That's... not quite what we were going for, but it works, I suppose. The coliseum is now open to us, at least.

Thanks to this little ruse, Ryu's name is temporarily changed to ババデル/Doodoo/Baba, and will appear as such anywhere the game uses his name. This includes not just in dialog, but also in the menu, in combat, and even on the save file! I'll follow suit here.

「出場者は、みぎの部屋へ どうぞ‥ 「Entrants, proceed to the room to the right... 「All fighters, please go
to the right room‥
 人事部長による さいしゅうめんせつ
 まん中の部屋へ どうぞ
「We've been expecting you, master {Doodoo}.
 There will be a final interview
with the head of personnel...
 Proceed to the central room.
「We were waiting for you,
 There will be a
final interview by
the Dir. HR‥
 Please go to the center

Wait, this looks more like a torture chamber than an office.

 Head of Personnel
 Dir. HR

And this looks more like an overzealous bodybuilder than a head of personnel. He just keeps flexing and repeating the same line...

「がくれきィ? しゅみィィ? とくぎィィィ!? 「Schoooling? Hobbbbies? Skiiiills!? 「Education? Hobby? Talent!?

...until we beat him up.

「ご‥う‥か‥く 「P...a...s...s. 「Pass‥

There could be wordplay with ごうか (gouka, "splendid") especially since there's a hesitation before the last kana finishes ごうかく (goukaku, "pass").

Enough of that. Back to the receptionist.

みぎの部屋で、しはい人が お待ちです
「You pass, master {Doodoo}.
The manager awaits in the room to the right.
「You pass, {Baba}
 The Manager is waiting
for you in the right
-1 「どーもどーも {ババデル}さん!
私が、しはい人の アーガスです
「Welcome, welcome, {Doodoo}!
I'm Augus, the manager.
「Hello, hello, {Baba}!
I am the Manager, Augus

There's a possible connection to gold (chemical symbol Au), so I'll keep that spelling. On the other hand, it could just as easily be Argus, with a connection to argent (silver), which would have much the same connotations.

-1  アーガス
「いやいや、{ババデル}さん ツイてるね!
 たいせんあいてが 女の子なんて!
楽勝ってやつ だね
「Dear me, but you're in luck, {Doodoo}!
 Up against a girl in the fight!
An easy win, no doubt.
「Well, well {Baba},
you are lucky!
 Your opponent is a girl!
I guess it'll be an
easy win

"Doodoo" reacts with some alarm.

-1  アーガス
あいてが 女の子だと、物足りない?
「Oh, dear me, is a girl
opponent not enough for you?
 Not to worry!
She's fairly strong, that she is...
「Oh, oh
 You think it might not
be a challenge with
a female opponent?
 Don't you worry!
She's quite strong‥
-1  アーガス
「...but, yes, the outcome
is already decided...
「But the fact is‥.
 the winner has already
been determined‥
-3  シナリオが、できてるんだよ  The scenario is set.  The scenario has been
-5  ‥ざんぎゃくな、男 ‥{ババデル}が
女を いたぶり‥ そして、殺す!
 ‥‥‥ゲスな きゃくは
 {Doodoo}... the brutal man... will
toy with the woman... and kill her!
 .........the riff-raff simply love
this sort of thing...
 ‥cruel man‥{Baba}
tortures the girl‥ and
kills her!
 ‥‥‥ this audience
likes this type of

Though it's already gone as dim as it can, the Dragon's Tear groans once again when Augus mentions killing, just in case we hadn't already figured out that something is Very Wrong here.

「‥‥‥しんぱいは いりませんよ
{ババデル}さんが、負ける事は ない
 ‥‥‥バトルの と中で
あいてに どくばりを うちこみます‥
「あなたは、どくばりに あたらない ように
てきとうに よけて下さいね‥
 あぶない 仕事ですが
ひかえしつの ギャラを 見てもらえば
やる気になって もらえますよ‥
「 need to worry.
You're not going to lose.
 .........we will fling poison darts
at her in the middle of the battle...
「You just dodge as needed so
the poison darts don't hit you...
 It's a dangerous job, but seeing
your payment in the waiting room
is sure to motivate you...
「‥‥‥ You have nothing
to worry about
 There is no way, {Doodoo},
that you will lose
 ‥‥‥ during the fight
We will shoot a
poisoned needle
 in the opponent‥
「All you have to do is‥
 make sure you don't get
hit with the
poisoned needle
 It's a dangerous job
 but when you see the
payment we have for you
in your locker room,
 you will be motivated‥

Better get away from this guy. And stick all our money in the bank just in case. With that done...

「ひかえしつは ひだりです 「The waiting rooms are to the left. 「The locker room is
to your left

Only one of the two doors opens. There's a treasure chest, but we should leave it alone for now and talk to the guard instead.

 この中の お金は
あなたの ギャラだそうです‥
「Ah, you're {Doodoo}, correct?
 The money in here is your
payment for the performance...
「Oh, you must be {Baba}?
The money in here is
your pay‥

The guard leaves through the inner door. It locks behind him, but Rand appears when we try to open it.

「よ、どうだい {ババデル}さん‥‥‥
 何だ? シケた つらして
まさか ビビってるのか‥?
「Hey, what's up, {Doodoo}.........?
 Hm? You look awfully gloomy.
Don't tell me you're chickening out...?
「Hey,what's up {Baba}
 You don't look so good
You're not scared
are you‥?
「えっ!? どくばり!?
 ‥‥‥バカだね お前
そんなの ハッタリだよ
ほんとに 殺すワケねえよ‥‥‥
「What!? poison darts!?
 .........don't be silly.
It's got to be a bluff.
 They wouldn't actually kill
anyone just for a battle show.........
a poisoned needle!?
 ‥‥‥ You're such a
That's just a bluff
 No one's going to kill
anyone in the fight‥
「‥‥‥どうしても ハッタリとは
思えない ってか?
「're really sure it's
not just a bluff?
「‥‥‥ You are convinced
that it's not a bluff?
2  {ランド}
「よしっ! 分かった!!
 だまって、あり金ぜんぶ 出しな‥
わたす        わたさない
「Okay! I've got it!!
 Keep quiet and give me all your money...
Hand it over / Don't
「Ok!  I got it!!
 Don't say anything and
 give me all the money
you've got‥
Yes   No

We can refuse, but only so much, and it slightly lowers his Mood, too.

2  {ランド}
 話が ほんとうなら
お前の 命も ヤバイんだぜ‥?
 おれに、いい考えが あるんだ
金ぐらい 出せよ
わたす        わたさない
「Come on, now!
 If your story's true, your life's
on the line too, isn't it...?
 I've got a great idea.
It's just money, so give it.
Hand it over / Don't
「Hey, Hey
 If the story is true
Your life is in danger
 I have a great idea
Give me your money
Yes   No
2  {ランド}
「ちっぽけな 金を けちって 死んじまった
‥‥‥なんて話は わらえないゼ
 いいから 出しな
わたす        わたさない
「If being a tightwad gets you killed...
.......that's hardly a laughing matter.
 Just give it already.
Hand it over / Don't
「It won't be a laughing
matter if you die‥
 ‥‥ because you insist
on hanging on to the
little money you have.
 Just give it to me
Yes   No

Agreeing right away saves us some trouble.

2 「よーし、いい子だ! 「Attaboy! 「You're a good man!!
3  この金で げどくざい
2つ 買ってきてやる‥
 で、お前と あいてが 1つずつ のめば
どくばりなんか 怖くねえだろ?
 I'll go use this money to buy you two
 So, you and her take one each, and
poison darts are nothing to fear, right?
I'll go and buy two
antidotes‥ and,
 if you and your opponent
each take one
 you have nothing to fear
from the poisoned

These are げどくざい (gedokusai) rather than the standard どくけし (dokukeshi) Antidote item, although the two words are synonyms in practice.

Good thing we put our money in storage. When Rand says all, he means all, but will make do with any amount, even no money at all.

Rand leaves, then goes to see the girl, who has fiery hair and cat-like features, and is quite clearly not the thief we're looking for. Oh well. It's a little late to back out of this now. Regardless, she doesn't respond well to Rand's attempts to talk to her, and swats him out of the room with a quarterstaff despite his bulk. He comes to see "Doodoo" instead.

 あいつに 言うこと きかすのは むりだ
‥ビルブルみたいに きょうぼうな 女だぜ
「Ow, ow, ow.........
 Forget about getting her to listen.
...the woman's as savage as a Billbull. what now?
「Ouch ‥‥‥
 You're not going to be
able to make her do
as you say
 She is a ferocious girl,
like Biruburu
‥‥‥ what can we do?

Those are common enemies in the area, with relatively high power and an aggravating counterattack.

「そうだ! {ババデル}!!
お前が 2人分 のめよ!
「I've got it! {Doodoo}!!
You take enough for both of you!
「I got it!  {Baba}!!
Why don't you take both!
あいつを かばってやれば いいんだ
 ま、だまって かばわれるような
 ぶったおして、おとなしく してから
「...that way, all you need to do
is shield her.
 Not that she's the type of woman to
just let herself be shielded quietly...
 Give her a beatdown and protect her
once she's not putting up a fight, then.
 Go on, bottoms up!!
「‥And, you
protect her.
 She's not the type to
let someone protect
her though‥
 You'll have to knock her
out, without her knowing
 So, go ahead, take it,
take it, take it!!
「よーし いい子だ!
 じゃ、せいぜい がんばりなよ
 All right, do your best out there.
「That's a good boy!
Good luck

"Doodoo" still has qualms about this, but Rand leaves before he can object, and the guard returns.

「{ババデル}さま、しあいが はじまります
しあい場へ どうぞ‥
「Master {Doodoo}, the match is beginning.
Please proceed to the arena...
「{Baba}, the fight is
about to start
Please go to the stadium

Open that chest if it's still closed, then on to the arena! Meanwhile, in Augus's office...

「じゃ、うちあわせの とおり
どくばりを うちこんで ちょうだい
 ‥どっちに あたっても かまわんよ
死人がでれば だいせいこう!
「Now, be dears and fire the
poison darts as arranged.
 ...I don't care which one they hit.
Just as long as someone dies!
Hya hya hya...
「Now, as we planned
 please shoot the
poisoned needle
 ‥I don't care which
fighter it hits
 If we have a dead
fighter then we have
succeeded!  Ha ha ha‥

Good thing we got those antipoisons.

「It's about time!
「It's about time!
Yeah Yeah!
「{ババデル}ー やられろーーー!
「{Doodoo}! Get dead!
「{Baba} You're dead!
「{ババデル}ー って
「{Doodoo} is such
a weird name!!
「{Baba} is a weird name!!

The feline girl appears in spotlights.

{Lin Pu} Chuaaaan!!!

She meets "Doodoo" in the center of the arena.

「‥‥‥え? どくばりが どうしたって?
そんな ウソじゃ おどろかないよーだ!
 {Lin Pu}
「.........huh? What's this about poison darts?
 What are you, stupid?
You won't scare me with a lie like that!
「‥‥‥ What?  What about
a poisoned needle?
 Are you crazy?
You can't scare me with
a lie like that!
2  {リンプー}
「ハッタリで あたしに 勝とうなんて
名前どおりの きたないヤツー!
 今さら あやまっても ゆるさないよっ!
 {Lin Pu}
「Trying to beat me with a bluff?
You're as filthy as your name!
 It's too late to apologize!
「You're as nasty as they
 trying to make me lose
my concentration with
 I won't let you get away
with it!

Yet the Dragon's Tear shines. Interesting.

Lin Pu is the opponent the real Doodoo wishes he could have been. While she can't heal, either, and doesn't counterattack, she's ridiculously fast and has a high critical hit rate. She may also taunt with rude gestures and one of four messages...

「やれるもんなら やってみなーだ! 「Gimme your best shot, if you can! 「Go ahead and make my night!
「ベロベロ べえー! 「Neener, neener, neener! 「Blah!
「へーんだ! ちっとも きかないヨー! 「Nyaah! That doesn't hurt a bit! 「Ha!  You're not hurting me!
「やるきあんの? ババデルさん! 「Doodoo! Are you even trying? 「Don't you want to fight?

...which usually drops "Doodoo" to zero attack power for the round...

「ババデルは、ちからがぬけた! 「Doodoo's strength left him! 「Babaderu lost his strength!

...but may fail, and just wastes the turn anyway even when it doesn't.

Some of these are very childish. The second one in particular is basically just sticking her tongue out, and the beginning of the third is also making a rude face.

Players intending to win this battle should respect her speed and power, and heal sooner than seems necessary.

「今だ! そいつを つきとばせ! {ババデル}!
どくばりが 来るぞ!!
「Now! Shove her out of the way, {Doodoo}!
The poison darts are coming!!
「Now! Knock her out now!
 Here comes the
poisoned needle!!

Failing to push her up and out of the way in time gets both of them darted. "Doodoo" recovers later in the inn to find Rand watching over Lin Pu, who lies uncharacteristically still in one of the beds.

「気がついたか‥ {ババデル}
「{Doodoo}... you're awake.
「Are you OK‥ {Baba}
「‥‥‥まさか、ほんとう だとはなぁ
 こんな事なら、あの時 ムリヤリにでも
クスリを のませて おくんだったなぁ
「.........I can't believe it was really true.
Poison darts.........
 The way things went, I should have
forced the medicine down her throat.
「‥‥‥ I didn't think
that it was really true
 A poisoned needle
 I should have forced her
to take the medicine

Tried to, maybe, but I question whether even he would have been able to manage it.

「それにしても バトルショーって
すじがきのある ドラマなのかなぁ
「Anyway, I guess this means the
battle show is a scripted drama...
「It's hard to believe
that this fight is
a fixed show
「さて‥‥‥ どうする?
 お前も、そんだけ やられたんだ‥
このまま‥ アーガスを ほっとく気は ないよな
‥‥‥てつだわせて もらうぜ
 {ランド}が 仲間になった!
「So......... what now?
 They pulled a fast one on you, too...
After that... who could leave Augus be?
.........let me help you out.
{Rand} joined the group!
「Well ‥‥‥
What shall we do?
 You were also lied to‥
 You're not going to let
Augus get away with it
are you?
 ‥‥‥ Let me help you
{Rand} has joined
the group!

Successfully getting her out of the line of fire results in her waiting in the inn as "Doodoo" regains consciousness.

「‥‥‥{ババデル}が おきたら
なんて言えば いいのかな?
 『ごめんなさい』 かな?
‥‥‥やっぱ 『助けてくれて ありがとう』
 {Lin Pu}
「.........what can I say to
{Doodoo} when he wakes up?
 "I'm sorry"?
.........I guess "thanks for
saving me" is more like it?
「‥‥ When {Baba} wakes up
what shall I say to him?
 `I'm sorry'  I guess?
‥‥‥ Or `Thank
you for saving me'
 Maybe that's it?
「き‥ 気がついた?
 えへへ‥ ごめんね あたし
どくばりって ウソだと 思ってたの
 だって、世の中 みんな
だまそうとするヤツ ばっかりじゃん?
 ‥けど、ほんと {ババデル}って
 {Lin Pu}
「Y... you're awake?
 Eh heh heh... sorry, I thought you
were lying about the poison darts.
 After all, isn't the world full of
people trying to trick you?'re such a softie, though...
What are you, stupid!?
「Ah, are you all right?
I, ah, I'm sorry
 I thought you were lying
about the poisoned

 Well, everyone in this
world is always trying‥
 to deceive someone,
 ‥But, {Baba}, you sure
are soft-hearted‥
You must be crazy!
2  {リンプー}
 むずかしいことは わかんないけど
{ババデル}が あたしを 助けてくれたのは
ほんとのこと だもんね えへへ‥
 {Lin Pu}
「...oops, that's not what I meant.
 I don't get the tricky stuff,
but it's true that you saved
me... eh heh heh...
「‥I didn't mean that
I'm not too smart
 But I know that the fact
is you saved my life‥

The Dragon's Tear shines and jumps a few colors. Her delivery may be awkward, but she really appreciated that.

「‥よーし 行こ、{ババデル}!
 あたし、アーガスだけは ぶんなぐるって
 {ババデル}も そう思うでしょ、ね?
 {リンプー}が 仲間になった!
 {Lin Pu}
「...all right, let's go, {Doodoo}!
 I've made up my mind I've
just got to beat up Augus...
 You feel the same, right?
{Lin Pu} joined the group!
「‥Ok, let's go, {Baba}!
 I've already decided
that no matter what
 I'm going to punch
Augus' lights out‥
 {Baba}, you think so too,
don't you?
{Katt} has joined
the group!

Whoever joined, it helps to buy them some equipment and maybe grind for a few levels before going to confront Augus.

If Lin Pu got darted, Ryu and Rand face Augus.

「いやあ! {ババデル}さん!
どうでした? 私の シナリオ?
「Ah! {Doodoo}!
How did you like my scenario?
 They ate it up, just as I expected!
Uhya hya hya hya!
「Well! {Baba}! What did you
think of my scenario?
 Just as I thought,
the crowd loved it!
Ha ha ha!
「おれは、おもしろく なかったぜ
「I wasn't amused,
I didn't enjoy it
「そうですか、女の子が 殺される話は
お好きで ないんですね?
 ‥‥‥{ババデル}さん みたいな
男の子が 死ぬ話なら‥
気に入って 下さいますか? ひゃひゃ!
「Ah, so a story where a girl is
killed isn't your cup of tea?
 .........what about a story
where a boy like {Doodoo} dies...
would you prefer that? Hya hya!
「Oh, you don't like that
a girl gets killed?
 Would you prefer that
a boy, ‥‥‥ such as
{Baba} be killed?  Ha ha!
くだらない 人生を‥
 少しでも、ドラマチックに してやろうと言う
われらの神の み心だよ‥‥‥
「You worms lead such trivial
 Our god longs to make them
a little more dramatic.........
「I was trying to put some
drama into‥
 your boring life!
 It came from the
goodness of my heart

If "Doodoo" protected Lin Pu successfully, they find Rand already confronting Augus, and all three of them will join forces for the inevitable upcoming battle.

「‥‥‥やくしゃが そろいましたか
 どうやら みなさん‥
シナリオが 気にいらなかった みたいですね
 ‥‥‥われらの神に ささげる
この 戦いが‥‥‥
「, the actors are gathered.
 It seems that you...
did not care for my scenario.
 .........for this battle consecrated
to our god.........
「‥‥‥ Are all the
actors ready?
 It seems all of you‥
didn't care for my
 ‥‥‥ this fight which
is presented to
our God‥‥‥

Either way, he turns into a monstrous two-headed canine beast.

On that note, his name might also be a reference to any of various characters in Greek mythology named Argus, including two dogs of some note.

「お前たちを 戦わせ、きずつけ‥
それを ショーにして 見せる!
 お前たちの ゆがんだ よろこびが
われらの神の 力となるのだ‥
 私たちの 戦いを
ショーにできないのは ざんねんだが‥
せいぜい はでに 殺してさしあげよう!
「I set you to fight, to wound...
and make a show of it!
 Your warped delight
empowers our god...
 I regret that I cannot make
a show of our battle...
But I'll strive to kill you in style!
「We make you fight each
 and hurt each other‥
We turn that into
a show!
 And, the enjoyment of
all your warped minds
 becomes the strength
of our God‥
 It is disappointing that
we can't turn our fight
into a show‥
 At the least, we would
kill you in style!

With two heads, two clubs, and two actions every round, Augus can do a lot of damage in a hurry, especially against Lin Pu's meager defense power. Worse, he has the ability to heal a few times as the battle drags on. He may also charge up...

「アーガスは、ちからをためている 「Augus is storing up strength. 「Augus is saving strength. double his attack power on his next action, and may even charge and strike in the same round. Having Lin Pu, especially given her high speed, helps quite a bit, so hopefully she made it. Heal often, and consider using the Deadly Flame from Futabi Mountain to knock off about a quarter of his health all at once.

 ‥‥‥しかし、すでに タネは まかれた
私ひとりを たおした ところで
われらの神を とめることは できない‥‥‥
 .........but the seeds are sown.
You cannot stop our god just by
defeating me alone.........
「Roarrrr ‥‥‥
 ‥‥‥ But the seed has
been planted
 You can't control our
God by simply knocking
me down ‥‥‥
「おい、神って 何だ?
きさまら、何を しでかそうと してるんだ!?
「ぐぶぐぐ‥ お前たちの 知らない間に
神の世が‥‥‥ 近づ‥ く
「Hey, what's this god?
What are you guys up to!?
「Ghbhghgh... unbeknownst to you,
the age of our god......... approa... ches.
「Hey, what is this God
you speak of?
 What have you got up
your sleeve!?
「Ha ha ha‥ Our God's
world is coming ‥‥‥
 closer and closer,
before you know it‥

Augus explodes, or something. Regardless, that's the end of him. The things he said, though...

「What is he talking about

If Lin Pu got darted, that's about it for here.

「‥‥‥あんな魔物が 出てくるなんて
 何だか とんでもない事に
まきこまれちまった みたいだな‥
 ま、とにかく ここは
ずらかろうぜ {ババデル}
「.........if a demon like that's
showing up, it's like.........
 We've been caught up in
something really serious...
 Well, anyway, let's hightail
it out of here for now, {Doodoo}.
「‥‥‥ Who would have
thought we would meet‥
 such an evil man ‥‥‥
 It looks like we're
caught in quite a mess‥
 Well, {Baba} we've got to
beat it

A villager approaches as they leave the coliseum.

「{ババデル}さん! 大変です!
おつれの方が‥ あの、{リンプー}さんが‥
 と、とにかく 来て下さい!
「{Doodoo}! We have a problem!
Your companion... ah, {Lin Pu}...
 A-anyway, please come with me!
「{Baba}! It's just
terrible! Your friend‥
ah, {Katt}‥
 please, just come with

They proceed to the inn to find Ray, the cleric, with Lin Pu, who is looking awfully lively for someone who was supposed to be dead.

「あ! {ババデル}ゥゥ!! よくも!
 {Lin Pu}
「Ah! {Doodoo}oo!! Damn you!
「You! {Baba}!!
How dare you!
「よくも どくばりなんて 悪どい手で
あたしを 殺したな! {ババデル}
 ゆるさないぞ! かかってこい!!
この ヒキョウ者!!
 {Lin Pu}
「How dare you use a dirty trick like
killing me with poison darts, {Doodoo}!?
 You won't get away with it!
Come at me, you coward!!
「How dare you kill me
with an underhanded‥
 trick like a poisoned
! {Baba}.
 I won't let you get away
with it! Come on!!
You dirty rat!!

Ray tries to pacify her.

らんぼうは いけませんよ
Violence isn't the answer.
「Stop it‥
No violence
「エバ教につたわる 魔法で
{リンプー}さんを よみがえらせたのですが‥
「うー のけー!
{ババデル}ゥ 勝負しろーーー!!
「I used a spell passed down
in Evaism to revive {Lin Pu}...
 {Lin Pu}
「Grr, out of the way!
Fight me, {Doodoo}o!!
「I brought {Katt} back by
using a magical spell of
 the St. Eva church‥
「Ooh move!
{Baba}, fight!!

Ray turns to the others.

「‥さっきから ずっと
この調子で あれくるって いるんです
 これじゃ まるで‥‥‥ ビルブルだ
「...she's been ranting and raving
much like this ever since.
 Almost like......... a Billbull.
「‥She has been acting
like this‥
 since she came to
This is like ‥‥‥
 ちょっと おちついて‥
じじょうを 話して くれませんか?
「{Lin Pu}...
 Calm down a little bit...
Would you please explain the situation?
please calm down‥
 and explain what
「{ババデル}が どくばりを 使って
あたしを 殺したんだっ!
 あれは ぜんぶ アーガスが
しくんだ事 だったんだ‥
 {Lin Pu}
「{Doodoo} used poison darts
to kill me!
「H-hey, hold on.........
 All that was Augus's
「{Baba} used a poisoned
to kill me!
「Wait, Wait a minute
 That was all Augus'
「あいつは 何だか おかしな魔物に
とりつかれて いてね‥
 人が 殺しあうのを 見せ物にして
それを 神だか 悪魔だかに
ささげてる つもり だったんだ‥
「He was possessed by some
weird demon...
 Trying to turn people killing
each other into a show and offer
it to a god or devil or something...
 {Lin Pu}
「He is possessed by some
kind of evil‥
 He intended to make a
show of people killing
each other‥
 and sacrifice it to
a God or a demon or
「How terrible.........
Oh, god!
「What a terrible thing
‥‥‥ Oh, dear God!
「そのように 邪悪なものは
わが エバ教の力で ほろぼさねば!
 私は エバ教を 信じる者の ひとりとして
この事を ほうこくに 行かねば なりません
「We must destroy such evils
by the power of Evaism!
 As a faithful Evaist, I must go
report on what has happened.
「I must stop this evil
man with the strength
 of St. Eva!
 I must spread the word
as one of the believers
of St. Eva

He leaves.

もう {ババデル}を うらむなよ‥
 よく わかんない事 言って
あたしを だまそうと してる!
「ちがうって! 聞き分けの ない子だな‥
「That's how it is.
So don't blame {Doodoo}...
 {Lin Pu}
 You're trying to trick me by
saying things I won't understand!
「That's not it! So unreasonable...
「So, these are the facts
Don't hate {Baba} anymore.
 You're saying things
that I don't understand
to deceive me!
「That's not true!
You sure are stubborn‥
「体はって 助けようとして
さかうらみ されたら つまんねえよな‥
「‥これから どうする?
 おれは どこかで しゅうりの 仕事でも
さがそうかと 思ってるんだが‥
「え? {ババデル}の かくれ家を しゅうり中!?
おれ、てつだうよ それ
「It's ridiculous getting this kind of resentment
after putting your body on the line to help...
 {Lin Pu}
「 what now?
 I'm thinking about looking for work
doing repairs somewhere...
 {Lin Pu}
「Huh? {Doodoo}, your hideaway is under repair!?
 ...I like the sound of that.
I'll help out with it.
「Boy, you risk your life
to save someone else's
 life and this is the
thanks you get‥
「‥What will you do now?
 I'm thinking of going to
look for work as
a handyman‥.
「What?  {Baba} is fixing
the roof of the
hiding place!?
 ‥That sounds good
I'm going to help with

Lin Pu interjects herself as the others start to leave.

「むし しないで!
 {Lin Pu}
「Don't ignore me!
Add me into the mix!
「Hey, don't ignore me!
Let me help too!
「‥まぜてよって カンタンに 言うケド‥
 家のしゅうり なんて
「しゅ、しゅうり‥ だろ?
 ‥‥‥こーんな カンジ だよね?
「...that's easy for you to say...
 But are you even capable
of fixing a house?
 {Lin Pu}
「R-repairs... right?
Easy peasy!'s kinda like this, right?
「‥You say that so
 Do you know anything
about repairing a house?
「Repairs‥ right?
That's a piece of cake!
 ‥‥‥ It's kind of
like this, right?

She swings her staff.

2  {ランド}
「‥‥‥ぼうっきれ ふりまわして
何が しゅうりなんだい?
「ぜんっぜん ちがう
 けど‥ いっしょに 来たいって
言いたいんだろ‥ な?
「.........what's waving a stick around
got to do with repairs?
 {Lin Pu}
「Th-that's not it!?
「Not even close.
 But... you're trying to say you
want to come along... right?
 {Lin Pu}
「‥‥‥ what does
swinging around a stick
 have to do with
「Are you saying it's
「Absolutely wrong
 But, I suppose you are
going to insist on
coming with me‥
「‥‥‥  Yeah

The Dragon's Tear shines (note that it's indicating Lin Pu's Mood during this entire block of dialog).

2  {ランド}
「‥ハナっから そう言えば いいのに
 {リンプー}が ついて来た!
「...should've said so to start with.
{Lin Pu} tagged along!
「‥I don't know why you
just can't say that
{Katt} is coming along!

If Lin Pu survived, the conversation continues in Augus's room.

「‥やり方が えげつないと 思ったら
魔物が とりついてるとは‥
‥‥‥早いとこ ずらかろうぜ
「...I didn't like the way he did things,
but a demon possessing him...?
 Good grief! What a mess.
.........let's hightail it out of here.
 {Lin Pu}
「...what about me?
「‥ No wonder he was
so evil.
 He was possessed by
a demon‥ What a mess
‥‥‥ let's beat it
「‥What about me?
「‥お前は おうちに 帰りなよ
「うちなんて ないよ‥
あたし、{ババデル}に ついて行くんだ
「 can go home.
 {Lin Pu}
「I don't got a home...
I'm going with {Doodoo}.
「‥You go home
「I don't have a home‥
I will go with {Baba}
「あんなこと 言ってるぜ?
 え? かくれ家が あるって?
あ、そりゃ いいや!
おれも そこに 行く!
 しゅうり してるんなら
人手が いるだろ?
「Would you listen to that?
 Huh? You've got a hideaway?
Oh, I like the sound of that!
I'll head there too!
 You'll need a hand if you're
making repairs, right?
「Did you hear what they
 What? There's a hiding
Oh, that's great!
 I'm going there, too!
If he's repairing the
 he probably needs more
6  {リンプー}
「あたしも、かくれ家に 行って いいよね?
 {ババデル}、命のおんじん だから
あたし、ついて行くって きめたんだ
 {Lin Pu}
「I can go to the hideaway too, right?
 {Doodoo}, I owe you my life.
I've decided I'm sticking with you.
「I can go with you to the
hiding place right?
 {Baba} saved my life
so I decided to follow

The Dragon's Tear shines.

Either way, Rand has concerns.

 いっしょに 来る いじょうは
はたらいて もらうぜ?
しゅ、しゅうり だろ? かくれ家
「Just so you know...
 As long as you're coming with us,
we're putting you to work, all right?
 {Lin Pu}
「Y-yeah, I know...
R-repairs, right? For the hideaway.
「Right, attagirl!
「Let's make it clear‥
 As long as you're
I expect you to work.
「I, I know‥ Repairs,
Of the hiding place
「That's right, good girl!

They seem to be mentioning the hideaway an awful lot. Maybe we should go check how things are going at the hideaway now.

Lin Pu can hunt animals with her staff, much like Bosch with his crossbow, though with less range. However, she swings quickly enough that once she has something pinned down, she can just keep beating it into submission without giving it any chance to get away.

Rand can roll up into a ball on the world map, moving in a straight line at double walking speed until he hits something. Rolling also avoids all random encounters, except that hitting an obstacle tends to set one off immediately. The dashing feature makes rolling less useful in the GBA version, though I rarely used it anyway.

はいきょ Ruins Ruins

Bosch comes out to greet us.

And Ryu's name finally stops being Doodoo and returns to normal.

「おかえりっ {リュウ}!
 ‥‥‥だれ? その人たち?
「Welcome back, {Ryu}!
 .........who are they?
「Welcome back {Ryu}!
 ‥‥‥ Who are
those people?

A short time later, inside...

いろいろ 大変だったなぁ {リュウ}
「‥ババデルって {リュウ} って名前なの?
‥‥‥どっちでも 変な名前だね
「...I see.
You've had it rough, {Ryu}.
 {Lin Pu}
「...Doodoo, your name's {Ryu}?
.........they're both weird names.
「‥Oh,  It's been tough
hasn't it {Ryu}
「‥is Baba
{Ryu}'s name?
 ‥‥‥ both names
are weird

Bosch takes Ryu off to the side.

 {ランド}さんは ここの しゅうりを
てつだって くれそうだけど‥
 {リンプー}って 何か‥ アタマ 悪そーだし
しゅうりなんて させたら
ぎゃくに ぶっこわしそうな 気がする‥
「...hey, {Ryu}.
 {Rand} seems like he could help
us out with the repairs here...
 But {Lin Pu}... doesn't seem too bright.
I get the feeling she'd break things
instead if we let her do repairs...
「‥Say, {Ryu}
 {Rand} looks like he could
help with the repairs‥
 But {Katt} doesn't look
too bright
 I have a feeling
if I let her repair
 she'll break it
「ババ‥ じゃなくて {リュウ}
なに コソコソ してんの?
 {Lin Pu}
「Doo... I mean, {Ryu}.
What're you whispering about?
「Baba‥ oh, sorry, {Ryu}
 What are you whispering
「い、いや その
この家の しゅうりを‥ さ
「しゅうり!? カンタンじゃん!
「N-nothing, just, um,
about the house repairs...
 {Lin Pu}
「Repairs!? Easy peasy!
「We were um
 talking about the
repairs on this house‥
「Repairs!? That's easy!

Bosch and Ryu look a bit panicked.

 しゅうりは おれと {ランド}の 2人で
なんとか なるよ‥
 {リンプー}は、{リュウ}と いっしょに
女どろぼうを さがしに 行って くれない?
「え? うん‥ いいよ
じゃ 行こ! {Ryu}
「N-no, don't worry about it!
 Me and {Rand} will manage
the repairs on our own...
 {Lin Pu}, would you go with
{Ryu} to find the thief woman?
 {Lin Pu}
「Huh? Sure... fine by me.
Then let's get going, {Ryu}!
「Oh, no no!
 {Rand} and I can handle
the repairs‥
 {Katt}, would you go with
{Ryu} to find the
female thief?
「What? Ok‥ I can do
 Well then let's go! {Ryu}!

That's clever, actually. If he'd directly told her not to get involved in the repairs, it's unlikely she would have taken it well, but give her something else to do instead, and it doesn't even occur to her that she's being deliberately excluded from the task.

「じゃ、あたしたち その
女どろぼうを さがしに 行ってくるね
 まかしてよ! ちゃーんと
 {Lin Pu}
「Okay, we're off to look for
that thief woman.
 Just leave it to us! We'll
find her for sure!
「We'll go now to find
that female thief
 You can depend on us!
We'll find her!

Lin Pu is so eager she drags Ryu right out of the house, but let's go back inside long enough to see what the others have to say.


「人手が ふえたから
{リュウ}たちの 部屋も 作れるぞ‥
 そのうち 町に なったら
ニロ町と 名づけるかのぉ! カカカ
「Since there's extra help now,
we can make rooms for you all...
 If this ends up being a town maybe
we can call it Niro Town, ka ka ka!
「I have help now, so I
can make a room for
{Ryu} as well‥
 Eventually if we make a
town, we'll name it
Niro-town!  Ha ha ha


「モトの町を 地道に 調べるしか
手は ないかなぁ‥
「Isn't there any better way than
to keep checking around Origin...?
「I guess we'll have to
find a way to check


「はねのはえた 女か‥?
 モトの町の 魔法がっこうに
翼のある 女が いるって 話なら
聞いたこと あるけどな
「A woman with wings...?
 I've heard rumors about
a woman with wings in
Origin's Magic Academy.
「A woman with wings‥?
 I've heard of a woman
with wings in
M.School of HomeTown

That almost sounds like a lead. Back to Origin, then...

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