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Against all odds, Lin Pu's eagerness to learn some magic starts to pay off soon... sort of. By level 15 or so, she gains the most powerful fire, ice, and thunder spells the game has to offer. The catch is that she won't have enough natural AP to use any of them until almost level 40, nor does she bother with any more basic magic that she could handle. If nothing else, plunging straight into the deep end without learning how to swim first does seem entirely in character for her.

ちかのめいろ Underground Maze DeadAmze

That English location name has to be a typo, right? It's so blatantly wrong that I was expecting the GBA version to correct it, but no, they left it unchanged. I'm not sure where "dead" came from, either, unless it's an awkward reference to dead ends?

Much like in the first Breath of Fire, a bridge leads into Windia from the east, but inconveniently connects to an area under the castle rather providing a direct path to the town itself. A white-winged guard stands posted at the gate inside.

Come to think of it, Windia was localized as "Winlan" in BoF1 for no apparent reason. It's the same place, though, and even in roughly same location on the world map. Other towns we've been to don't match up as well, but for what it's worth, Corsair looks to be in the general region of Tatarl and Totorl Villages (Tantar and Tuntar), whereas Origin and the ruins beyond the mountains seem to be somewhere around where Light Town (Auria) was?

「入ったら ダメ‥
ん? あっ! ミイナさま?
「You can't enter...
Hm? Ah! Lady Mina?
 Gate Guard
「You may not enter‥
Hum? Oh!  Mina?
「おつとめ ごくろうさま‥
「Thank you for your service...
Would you please let us through?
「Yes, ma'am.
「Thank you for your
hard work‥
 May I pass?
「Of course
「このさきは しんにゅう者をふせぐため
気をつけて 行かれよ
「Ahead lies a maze meant
to ward off intruders.
Proceed with caution.
「A maze starts here to
keep invaders away
 Please proceed with

Well, that's new since BoF1, anyway. So are the jail cells soon after.

国に ワザワイを おこすような
ウラナイをしたんで とじこめられて いるんだ
「The old woman next door was
locked up way back for predicting
catastrophe for the country.
「The granny next door was
locked away‥
 Because she put a spell
on the land to cause
「ヒヒヒヒヒ‥ わしは知っておる
ワザワイの、黒い翼を 持つ者が
王家に 生まれた事をな!
 こんな所に とじこめてもムダじゃ!
ワザワイのほのおに つつまれるゥ!
「Hee hee hee hee hee... oh, I know.
One with the black wings of catastrophe
was born into the royal family!
 Tossing me in here changes nothing!
 Windia will be engulfed in the
flames of catastrophe before long!
Hee, hee, hee hee!
「Heh heh heh‥ I know
the truth
 A person who has black
wings was born to
the Royal Family!
 It won't do any good to
lock me up like this!
 Windia will soon be
engulfed by the flames
of disaster!  Heh he he

Black wings... royal family... could she mean...? Regardless... an old woman lies in bed in another room.

ある王女さまの お世話をしていた者です
 その王女さまは ついほうされました
フキツだと言われる 黒い翼を
 でも‥ 王様も
好きでそうした ワケではありません
今や おき上がる力もありませんが、
 王様のかなしみに くらべれば
「...I used to look after a certain
princess in this castle.
 The princess was banished.
She had black wings that were
said to be an ill omen...
 However... it isn't as though
the king wanted to do this.
 ...I know the secret, and you
can see what's become of me.
 I don't even have the strength
to stand now, but compared
to the king's grief...
「‥ I once took care of a
princess in this castle.
 This princess was exiled
It is because she had
black wings which
 people thought were
a bad omen
 but‥ the King did not
do this because he
wanted to protect her
 ‥ I know the secret.
but as you can see
 I no longer have the
strength to get out of
this bed,
 But in comparison to the
sadness of the King,
this is nothing‥

I can't quite figure out how to parse the middle of the English version text here. What didn't the king do? Or is it saying he did it, but not to protect her? Could it have originally (correctly) said he "did not do this because he wanted to" but someone thought it felt incomplete and added "protect her" out of nowhere?

Every so often along the way, Mina pipes up.

「ねえさま、いきなり 帰ったら
みんな びっくり するわね!?
「Won't everyone be surprised when
you suddenly return, sister!?
「{Nina} , everyone will
be shocked
 when we return,
won't they!?

Another side path leads only to a white-winged young man.

「黒い翼を 持つ者が
ウインディアを ほろぼす っていう
でんせつが あるんだ‥
「There's a legend that says
one with black wings will
destroy Windia...
「According to legend,
a person with black
wings will ruin Windia‥

Further along, Mina speaks up again.

「ねえさま、時々 帰ってくだされば
「Sister, I wish you would come
home every so often...
「I wish you could come
 every once in a while‥

For being called a maze, the underground area isn't really all that complicated, and it doesn't even have any battles. Before long, we find a stairway leading upward into the castle proper. Naturally, the top is surrounded by white-winged guards. Mina rushes past them to a distinctive woman with pinkish white wings.

「ねえさまに おくって もらったのです‥?
「Who goes there!?
「I had sister bring me back...?
「Who are you!?
「I had my sister bring me
back here‥?

The queen walks stiffly toward the others.

「知らぬな‥ ミイナに あねなど おらぬ
「I wouldn't know... Mina, you have no sister.
「I don't know anything
about that‥
 Mina does not have an
older sister

Nina steps forward.

「...I'm terribly sorry.
「‥I'm sorry

The queen reacts with the panicked sweatdrops emote, clearly uncomfortable.

「‥そちらの 王女様が
まよって おいででしたので 私どもが‥
何を おっしゃってるの‥?
「...your princess had lost her
way, and so we...
What are you saying...?
「Your princess seemed to
have been lost, so we‥
What are you saying‥?
「おうひさま、これは いったい‥?
「どうやら ミイナを
助けてくれた ようじゃな‥
 ていちょうに れいを のべて
城の外に あんないして さしあげなさい
「Your Majesty, what is...?
「It would seem that they have
helped Mina...
 Extend courteous thanks and
show them out of the castle.
「Your majesty what is
「It seems these people
saved Mina‥
 Thank them courteously
and escort them out of
the castle
「ミイナ‥ お前からも
この者に おれいを 申しておきなさい
「おかあさま‥ 何を言ってるの?
「Mina... express your thanks
to these people as well.
「Mother... what are you saying?
「Mina‥ You must also
thank them
「Mother‥ What are you
saying?  Sis‥‥‥?

The scene fades out with an awkward noise, and Mina still confused.

ウインディア Windia Windia

We resume in the town itself, outside the castle. Lin Pu is confronting the guard by the castle gate.

「‥城の中には むやみに 入れるワケには
 東の土地との 行き来は
南にある がけの はばが せまい所を
わたると よいでしょう
「...we cannot allow you into the
castle without good reason.
 To get to and from the eastern
lands, try crossing where the gap
between cliffs narrows to the south.
「‥We cannot let just
anyone into the castle
 The best way to get to
the east land is to
cross the cliff to‥
 the south where the
distance between the
cliffs is not great.

That sounds awfully inconvenient. Haven't they ever heard of bridges? But they must have, since there's the one into the castle, so... yeah, I got nothing.

「あれ? なんで なんで?
{ニーナ}って 王女さまじゃ なかったの?
 {Lin Pu}
「Huh? Why, how come?
Wasn't {Nina} the princess?
「What? Why, why?
Wasn't {Nina} a princess?

She turns back to Nina.

「ねえ‥ どうして?
黒い翼が どうとかって なんのこと?
イヤな気分に させちゃった?
 だって、{ニーナ}の 黒い翼
すっごく きれいだよ
 {Lin Pu}
「Hey... how come?
What's all this about black wings?
「I'm sorry...
Have I made you uncomfortable?
 {Lin Pu}
「Not a bit!
 After all, your black wings
are really pretty.
「Thank you...
「Tell me‥ why?
 What is it about the
black wings?
「I'm sorry‥ I made you
feel uncomfortable?
「Not at all!
 I think your black wings
are really beautiful

「Thank you‥

Continuing on, we find a monkey man performing in town.

世にもめずらしい マジックショー だよ!
「Step right up, step right up!
See a magic show like none other!
「Come and see!
It's a novel magic show!

More locals gather around.

「タネもシカケもない このハコに
人を とじこめて‥
 気合いを かければ‥ なんと!
「I put someone in this perfectly
normal and ordinary box...
 and with just a spirited shout...!
They disappear!!
「I will put someone in
this perfectly
ordinary box‥
 I will make it
disappear‥ with
my powers!!

He approaches Ryu...

「さてさて、こちらの おにいさん‥
ちょっと チャレンジしてみよー!!
「You there, yes you, mister...
try giving it a go!!
「Well well, Mister‥
won't you take the

...drags him toward the box over his obvious discomfort...

「さ、根性 見せてみよー!
かわいい 彼女に、カッコ悪いところ
「Go on, show some guts!
You can't go looking like a loser
in front of your cute lady friend!
「Show us your courage!
 You don't want to look
chicken in front of the
cute lady!

...and shoves him into the box.

「さあて! よういは できました!
うまくいったら ごかっさい!!
「There! We're ready to go!
Show your appreciation when all goes well!!
「Ok!  We are ready!
If it goes well,
we'll applaud!!
「きぇーっっっ! 「VAAAANISH! 「Aaaugh!

That might be just a meaningless shout, but it resembles 消える closely enough that I'm willing to assume the connection was deliberate.

The box vanishes in a puff of smoke, and there's no sign of Ryu, either.

「はいっ! はくしゅーっ!! 「There! Let's have a round of applause!! 「There! Applause

Meanwhile, Ryu is alone somewhere dark and apparently cramped.

「うーん‥‥‥ 「Ungh......... 「Humm ‥‥‥

Back in Windia, the crowd has dispersed, and Lin Pu is getting in the monkey man's face.

{リュウ}を どこに やっちゃったんだよ!?
「ええ‥ まあ‥ それはですねェ‥
 {Lin Pu}
「Hey, you!
Where'd you stick {Ryu}!?
「Ah... well... the thing is...
「Hey, you!
Where did you put {Ryu}!?
「Ah‥ Well, that is‥
「もう てじなは いいから‥
{リュウ}を もとにもどして 下さい
「‥{リュウ}さんは あなたの 彼ですか?
「That's enough magic tricks...
Please bring {Ryu} back.
「 {Ryu} your boyfriend?
「Never mind the magic‥
 Please just bring
{Ryu} back
「‥ is {Ryu} your

Nina looks flustered, but doesn't let that stop her.

「ちがいます! でも
{リュウ}を かえして!
「You are mistaken!
But bring {Ryu} back!
「No! but
bring {Ryu} back!
「‥‥‥言いにくい 事ですが
てじなは しっぱいでした
「.........this is hard to admit,
but the trick went wrong.
 He's vanished into an
alternate dimension!
「‥‥‥ It's difficult
for me to say this
 but the magic trick was
a failure
 He has disappeared into
another dimension!
「何だよ、それ? わかんないぞ!
「.........I'm sorry.
 {Lin Pu}
「Huh, what's that? I don't get it!
「Is there no way to save him?
「...... I apologize
「What the heck is that?
I don't get it!
「Are you saying you can't
help him?
「それは‥ できますが‥
 話すと 長くなりますよ?
どうです、おちゃでも のみながら、ゆっくり‥
{リュウ}を かえして!
「Well... it's possible...
 but it'll take a while to talk through.
Why don't we stop for tea and...
「No drinks!
Bring {Ryu} back!
「Well‥ it's not that
I can't‥
 It's a long story. Shall
we have some tea and I
can explain it to you‥
「No thank you!
now, bring {Ryu} back!

Meanwhile, Ryu is still alone somewhere dark and apparently cramped.

「うーん‥‥‥ 「Ungh......... 「Humm ‥‥‥

Back in Windia, Sten is still talking, and Lin Pu can't sit still.

私も 今、ひとりもの なんですよ はっはっは
 {ニーナ}‥ もう こんなやつ ほっといて
ふたりで {リュウ}を さがそう!
「...and you see, I'm single myself
at the moment, ha, ha, ha!
 {Lin Pu}
How long are you gonna ramble on!?
 {Nina}... let's just ditch this guy
and find {Ryu} ourselves!
「‥you see  I'm a
bachelor too.  Ha ha
You talk too much!
 {Nina}‥ let's just leave
this guy and find {Ryu}
「まあ、そう おこらないで
オッパイのちいさな おじょうさん
 {ニーナ}さんと デートして 帰ってきてから
{リュウ}さんを さがして あげるから‥
「Now, now, don't get so upset,
small-breasted miss.
 I'll find {Ryu} for you once I'm
back from my date with {Nina}...
「Don't get mad little
 I'll help you find {Ryu}
after my date with

Everyone stops paying attention to him as there's a disturbance in the ground where the box was.

 おじょうさんが、私と 遊んでくれる?
‥‥‥こっちは べつに
どっちでも いいんだけど‥ へへへ
「Oh, or maybe instead,
 you'll have some fun with me?
.........personally, I'd be fine with
either one of you... heh heh heh.
「Or, will you play
with me?
 ‥‥‥ I really don't
mind which of you I have
a date with‥

Ryu's head pops out of the ground. Sten is the only one not to notice.

「あ、やっぱり りょうほうに しよう
 ふたりとも 私と デートしないと
「Oh, of course! I'll pick both.
 {Ryu} won't be saved unless you
two go on a date with me...
「Wait a minute.
 I think I want a date
with both of you.
 If you refuse, {Ryu} will
not be saved‥

Lin Pu gives him a good thwack with her staff as Nina helps Ryu out of the ground.

「なにが いじげんだ!
この ナンパやろう!
 {リュウ}は そこに いるじゃんか!
よくも だましたな!
 {Lin Pu}
Alternate dimension my ass!
You filthy womanizer!
 {Ryu}'s right there!
How dare you trick us!
Another dimension,
Huh!  You flirt!
 {Ryu} is right there!
How dare you try to
fool us!

She winds up for another good thwack.

「お前みたいな かるーいヤツは
「うっひょー! お、おたすけー
 {Lin Pu}
「Please like you who won't take
anything seriously can get lost!
「Wh-whoa! M-mercy!
「Get lost!
「Oh no! Oh,save me

The screen fades out, leaving the degree of ensuing violence up to the viewer's imagination. When we rejoin the scene...

 どうも おいら、きれいな人を 見ると
調子に のりすぎるんだ
 はんせい してます
「ちぇっ‥ もういいよ‥
{リュウ}も 無事だったし‥
「...I'm so sorry!
 I always get carried away
when I see someone so pretty.
 I've learned my lesson.
 {Lin Pu}
「Tch... never mind...
{Ryu}'s fine, after all...
「‥ Forgive me!
 I seem to always get
carried away when I see
pretty ladies
 I'll behave from now on
「Forget it‥ it doesn't
 {Ryu} is back and safe‥
「え!? ゆるしてくれるの?
な、なんて 心のひろい お方だ!
 おいらの 見こんだ とおりだ!
「What!? You'll forgive me?
H-how very generous!
 I knew you had it in you!
「What!? You're going
to forgive me?
 You are so kind!
You are just as I
thought you would be!

Lin Pu seems to find this sudden praise disconcerting.

「こんな おいらを ゆるすなんて‥
あねごと よんで いいですか?
おいらを 子分に してください!
「To think you'd forgive me...
can I call you the boss lady?
 {Lin Pu}
「You're up to something again, aren't you?
「Why, not at all!
Please make me your lackey!
「You are so kind to
forgive an idiot like me
 May I call you boss?
「Now what are you
Please let me serve you!

姉御 (anego) is literally a respectful term for an older sister, but it's a fairly unusual one. In this context, and especially coming from a character like this who already talks a little funny, it has a very "yes, ma'am, anything you want, ma'am" sort of feel to it.

No one's quite sure how to react to that. Lin Pu gets ready to thwack him again.

「いいかげんなこと 言うと、ぶつぞ!
この命、あねさんに あずけますぜ!
 {Lin Pu}
「Keep up the nonsense and I'll hit you!
「I'm not lying!
I offer you my very life!
「If you don't knock it
off, I'll punch you!
「I'm not kidding!
 I'll give my life
to you!
「‥‥‥よーし、ついて来な! {ステン}
 {ステン}が 仲間になった!
 {Lin Pu}
「.........fine. Come with us, {Sten}!
「Roger that!
{Sten} joined the group!
「‥‥‥ All right, follow
us!  {Sten}.
{Sten} joined the group!

After that bizarre and needlessly awkward introduction, we finally have a full-sized party for the first time. All that's left to do here are getting some new equipment (and perhaps giving Sten that Silver Knife after buying Ryu a better sword) and asking around for useful leads.

その はんにんったら
コウモリみたいな翼の 女だったわ
「A thief broke in not long ago...
The culprit was a woman
with wings like a bat.
「A little while ago a
burglar broke in‥
 The burglar was a woman
that looked like a bat
「きぃー! くやしいっ!
ドロボウに にげられたわ!!
 あたしも もうちょっと やせてたら
 エッ! ドロボウ?
西の方に とんで行ったわよ
「Urgh! How frustrating!
The thief got away from me!!
 I could have followed after her
if only I were a bit slimmer...
 Oh! The thief?
She flew off to the west.
「Ooh! It makes me so mad!
The burglar got away!!
 If I were a little
thinner, I could have
chased after her‥
 What?  Burglar?
She fled west

That settles our next destination. And if we ever want to head back to the east...

「南の方に ガケのはばが せまい所が
 ハイランダーの 長いうで だったら
むこうぎしに とどくんじゃ ないかな?
「There's a place to the south where
the gap between cliffs narrows...
 Wouldn't a Highlander's long arms
be able to reach the other side?
「There is a place in the
south where the gap‥
 between the cliffs
is narrow‥
 A highlander with long
arms could probably
reach the other side.

Sten is a Highlander, though I'm not clear on how we're meant to know it, and that's his field ability. Having long arms. It may not sound impressive, but we need him to cross back to the east, and for similar shenanigans in what feels like far too many other places as well.

I'm not sure what it is about Sten that rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it's that the arm-reaching gimmick feels forced and unnecessarily inconvenient, especially after a certain later gameplay mechanic is introducted that can conflict with field abilities. Maybe it's that his special command in combat is hot garbage. Maybe I just don't like him as a character. And maybe it has something to do with the story chapter when we visit his homeland, but we'll get to that later...

The sideshow tent has moved here now, but still isn't important yet. On to the west in search of that thief!

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