Another season, another intense Nana Mizuki song for an epic showdown or three. There's an interesting concept of weakness and doubt overshadowed by confidence and dedication here, reflecting Fate's own uncertainty and its change to resolve in the end. And the popular themes of true strength being the power to protect and true ability only showing when protecting that which is important come through here too. "Though the entire world be a foe, I will be a shield for you alone."

I also went with more of an archaic, or at least poetic, style for this. It just felt right.

I've broken up some of the longer lines to keep them from autowrapping someplace uglier.

Composition, Arrangement:
上松範康 (Elements Garden)
Nana Mizuki

Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden)
Japanese Romanization Translation
Opening ~8 seconds
今は前だけ見ればいい… 信じる事を信じればいい…
愛も絶望も羽根になり 不死なる翼へと
Ima wa mae dake mireba ii... shinjiru koto wo shinjireba ii...
Ai mo zetsubou mo hane ni nari fushi naru tsubasa e to
Yomigaere boku no kodou
I need only to look forward now... to believe in what I believe in...
Both love and despair become feathers, as undying wings
Be reborn, O my drive!
Interlude ~13 seconds
 孤独を嘆くHoly tears
十字架を紡ぎ描こう 共に輝き尽きるまで
Kurayami no tsuki mo hoshi mo
 kodoku wo nageku Holy tears
Juujika wo tsumugi egakou tomo ni kagayaki tsukiru made
Both moon and stars in darkness
 are holy tears lamenting loneliness.
Trace they out a crucifix, until together their radiance dies out.
破壊のセレナーデ 瓦礫の舞台1でも
君が唄えば 暁の果てに また羽撃けるはず
Hakai no SERENAADE gareki no OPERA1 demo
Kimi ga utaeba akatsuki no hate ni mata habatakeru hazu
Even a serenade of destruction or an opera1 of wreckage,
If you sing, able should I be to fly to the ends of the dawn again.
残酷な運命2を逃げないで 凛と生きる為に
いつしか涙は明日を灯す 奇跡の太陽に
もう行こう 護るものがあるから…
Boku wa ima demo yowai mama de
 hikari no ken wo nukenaide ita
Zankoku na ima2 wo nigenaide rin to ikiru tame ni
Itsushika namida wa asu wo tomosu kiseki no taiyou ni
Mou yukou mamoru mono ga aru kara...
I remain weak even now,
 unable to unsheathe the sword of light.
Flee not from the fate of a cruel now2, that I may live with dignity.
Tears will in time be a miraculous sun to light the future.
Let us go now, for something to protect have I...
Interlude ~15 seconds
ほんの少しでいい 君が笑ってくれれば
黄昏の騎士となって 僕の全てを捧げよう
Hon no sukoshi de ii kimi ga waratte kurereba
Tasogare no kishi to natte boku no subete wo sasageyou
If you smile for me, even the slightest bit is enough,
I shall become a knight of twilight and offer you my all.
名も無きラプソディ 心に咲く勇気
君が願えば 銀河の彼方へ 無限に飛べるはず
Na mo naki RAPUSODI kokoro ni saku yuuki
Kimi ga negaeba ginga no kanata e mugen ni toberu hazu
A nameless rhapsody, courage blooms in my heart.
If you wish it, able should I be to fly without end, beyond the galaxy.
僕は力はいらないよ たった一人を救えるなら
何度倒れても空を見れば 答えがあるはず
夜明けのない 世界なんてないから…
Boku wa chikara wa iranai yo tatta hitori wo sukueru nara
Hyakunen no toki wo RUUPU shite mo
 kimi wo mukae ni yuku
Nando taorete mo sora wo mireba kotae ga aru hazu
Yoake no nai sekai nante nai kara...
I need not power, as long as I can save just one person.
Even should it mean looping a hundred years,
 I will come to meet you.
However often I fall, if I look to the sky, there should the answer be.
For there is no such thing as a world with no daybreak...
Interlude ~25 seconds
そして…そして限りない未来へ… AH…
Kimi ni chikai wo boku wa yume wo
 inochi no kagiri ai no kagiri
Furueru koe ni kuchidzuke wo
Soshite... soshite kagiri nai mirai e... AH...
A pledge for you, a dream for me,
 to the bounds of life, to the bounds of love.
A kiss upon quivering voice,
And then... and then, to a boundless future... ah...
この世の全てが敵だって 君だけの盾になる
いつしか涙は明日を灯す 奇跡の太陽に
もう行こう 護るものがあるなら…
Boku wa itsu demo soba ni iru
 donna toki demo soba ni iru yo
Kono yo no subete ga teki datte kimi dake no tate ni naru
Itsushika namida wa asu wo tomosu kiseki no taiyou ni
Mou yukou mamoru mono ga aru nara...
Always am I by your side,
 by your side whatever may befall.
Though the entire world be a foe, I will be a shield for you alone.
Tears will in time be a miraculous sun to light the future.
Let us go now, if something to protect have you...
Closing ~8 seconds

1 The kanji 舞台 (butai, stage, onstage performance) is given the reading オペラ (OPERA, opera).

2 The kanji 運命 (unmei, fate) is given the reading いま (ima, now).

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