[Black ~And the Girl is in the Forest~]

I've been meaning to get to these for a while. While not itself featured in Atelier Iris 3, this song continues from Weiß~幻想への誘い~, and leads into the extended version of the gane's opening theme, schwarzweiß ~霧の向こうに繋がる世界~. The three fit together as movements of a single piece, and the final song contains verses that complete the first two.

Lyrics / Arrangement:
霜月はるか / Revo
Haruka Shimotsuki / Revo
Haruka Shimotsuki
Japanese Romanization Translation
Ominous intro with rowing noises and "ah"s, ~51 seconds
Aoku tsuki utsusu minamo ni kogi dashita
Shiroku chiisa na te wa bukiyou ni kai wo taguri
Kuraku mori wo tozasu you ni matou kiri wa fukaku naru......
She began rowing on water that reflected a pale moon,
Her small white hands clumsily stroking the oars.
The engulfing mist grows thicker as though to
 close off the forest in darkness......
Tadoritsuki taru kishibe ni sakeru hana wa——
Azayaka ni fusu1 hodo ni hono amaku——
The flowers able to bloom on the shore she reaches——
Are faintly sweet, moreso the more vibrantly they cause rot1——
"Tsuioku NO kusari NI tsunaGARETA MAMA
 niGERUmono2 WO oIkaKE samayoU GA II......"3
"RemAIn bOUnd iN cHaINs oF rEMiniSCEnCe As yOu
 wANdEr iN puRSUit Of yOuR fLEeINg fATheR2......"3
Shoujo madoWASU mori NO koe WA
 oku E TO sasoIkoMU
ThE miSLeaDINg voICe oF tHe foREst
 LuRes thE giRL DeEPer.
Shi to tsuki akari ni kuchidzuke odoru cho wa——
Azayaka ni mau hodo ni hono akaku——
The butterflies that kiss death and moonlight in their dance——
Are faintly red, moreso the more vibrantly they cavort——
"Tsuioku NO yuRIkago NI yuRARE NAGARA
 nozoMU yume4 NI daKARE kuCHIhaTERU GA II......"
"Be rOCkeD iN a cRaDLe oF rEMiniSCEnCe As yOu
 rOT aWAy iN tHe arMs Of thE dReAM4 yOu deSIrE......"
Sounds of a collapse. Interlude ~17 seconds
 懐かしい幼き日の幻影5 →
← 何度も上手く積もうとしたんだ――
——usure yuku ishiki ga miseta
 natsukashii osanaki hi no maboroshi5 →
【Chirabatta ibitsu na kakera6 wo
 kuzusanai you ni tsumiageru yuugi】
← nan do mo umaku tsumou to shita n da——
Sou da... nakanai yo...
 『yubikiri7』 shita kara......
——her fading consciousness showed her
 visions5 of precious childhood days →
【A game of stacking irregular scattered
 wood chips6 so they won't fall】
← she tried over and over to stack them well——
That's right... I won't cry...
 after all, I promised7......
Closing ~37 seconds, with intermittent "ah"s at first, then leading directly, if abruptly, into the next track.

1 腐す (normally kusasu, to speak ill of) is given the nonstandard reading ふす (fusu), using the on-yomi of the kanji. The meaning appears to match the archaic verb 腐す (kutasu) or the modern 腐らす (kusarasu), both of which roughly transate to "cause rot". Are these flowers some kind of fungus? It seems to fit given how much "death" imagery the song as a whole has.

2 The kanji 父親 (chichioya, father) are given the reading 逃ゲル者 (niGERU mono, person who flees).

3 Here and elsewhere, the unusual combination of kanji and katakana suggests an unnatural tone, though the song itself is sung normally. The lyrics booklet also inverts the colors, using black text on a white mistlike backdrop instead of the white on black it uses for the rest of the page. I've used a mostly random mix of upper- and lower-case letters to loosely imitate the effect.

4 The kanji 幻想 (gensou, fantasy) is given the reading ゆめ (yume, dream).

5 As in the first song, the more bookish kanji 幻影 (gen'ei) are given the more colloquial reading まぼろ (maboroshi), both of which roughly translate to "phantom" or "illusion".

6 The kanji 木片 (mokuhen, wood chip) are given the reading かけら (kakera, fragment).

7 The kanji 約束 (yakusoku, promise) are given the more childish reading 指切り (yubikiri, pinky swear).

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