[White ~Invitation to Fantasy~]

I've been meaning to get to these for a while. While not itself featured in Atelier Iris 3, this song leads into Schwarz~そして少女は森の中~, which in turn leads into the extended version of the gane's opening theme, schwarzweiß ~霧の向こうに繋がる世界~. The three fit together as movements of a single piece, and the final song contains verses that complete the first two.

Composition / Arrangement:
霜月はるか / Revo
Haruka Shimotsuki / Revo
Haruka Shimotsuki
Japanese Romanization Translation
Intro, starting ominous before turning cheery, ~40 seconds
小鳥達の歌 窓に映る木漏れ日
Kotori-tachi no uta mado ni utsuru komorebi
 kyou to iu hi no hajimari
Mori to mizu ni kakomare yorisotte ikiru
 chiisa na mura no nichijou
Birds sing, sunlight streams through leaves in the window,
 and so begins this day,
Just another day in the life of a small village
 nestled between water and woods.
Asatsuyu ni kutsu wo nurashi nagara
 shoujo wa mori no oku e susumu—
Her shoes soaking in the morning dew,
 a girl heads deep into the forest—
Shizuka ni kiri ni tsutsumareshi mizuumi ni wa
Imu beki noroi no tsutae1
"Shigoto2 ga sundara massugu ni o-kaeri" to
Haha3 wa itsumo kurikaesu......
At the quiet lake engulfed in mist
There is a legend1 of an odious curse.
"Head straight home once you've drawn water2,"
the aunt who raised her3 always repeats......
Kyuu ni tachikometa fukai kiri ni
 shoujo wa furimuki iki wo nomu—
The girl suddenly turns to face the deep
 enshrouding mist, and her breath catches—
Mukou gishi ni kasunde tatazumu hitokage
Tooki hi ni nakushita hazu no chichi4 no sugata
A figure stands in the haze on the far shore:
The father she had thought lost on a day long past.
Long interlude ~70 seconds
Te wo nobashite todoku nara mou ichido aitai
Mata ano koro no you ni yasashiku na wo yonde......
If her arm can just reach, she wants to see him again,
For him to tenderly call her name as he did back then......
Yoiyami no naka hitori mori e to mukau wa
Maboroshi5 ni torawareta muku na shiroi hana
Alone in the dusk, heading into the forest
Goes a pure white flower captivated by a phantom.
Closing ~35 seconds, with "la, la, la"s, leading directly into the next track.

1 The kanji 伝承 (denshou, folklore) are given the reading つたえ (tsutae, legend), essentially a synonym.

2 The specific word 水汲み (mizu kumi, drawing water) is given the vaguer reading しごと (shigoto, task).

3 The kanji 叔母 (oba, aunt) are given the reading はは (haha, mother), suggesting that the girl's birth mother is absent and an aunt raised her instead.

4 The more bookish kanji 父親 (chichioya) are given the more colloquial reading ちち (chichi), but both mean "father".

5 The more bookish kanji 幻影 (gen'ei) are given the more colloquial reading まぼろし (maboroshi), but both roughly translate to "phantom" or "illusion".

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