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Breath of Fire

...copyright 1993, 1994 Capcom. The images used are also from the game. Don't go claiming them as your own or anything silly like that. This document is not intended for any commercial purpose, real or imaginary. It exists primarily out of curiosity about both the Japanese language and the changes between the Japanese and English versions of the game. If you're interested in the game, go out and buy it if you haven't already... a summary of what happens can't compare to actually playing it. And considering how long I had item information dumps from this game on the site, it was overdue for its own section...

Recent Updates

2018-11-24: Revised the name of the special digging tool and added a note for that, as well as speculating where the item name Palotein came from.

2017-10-28: Noted some additional equipment information as found in Novalia Spirit's item guide.

2016-11-06: Added a spell summary chart and a note on the apparent function of the unused Thief's Skill (Lifter) accessory. I'll probably get around to doing the storyline eventually...

29 Apr 2012: A few corrections here and there.

21 Aug 2010:'s really been that long? Crazy. Anyway, the prologue is revised and includes the NA text, and I've added various information on items and spells and such things.

30 Dec 2007: Just the intro, for now. I figured if I was doing Breath of Fire 2, I might as well do this one too.


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