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Here's the item list, subdivided by type.

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Item Types



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Technical Information

Basic item data is found in the starting at offset 0x13E400 for equipment and 0x13F400 for other items in the English ROM, and offset 0x13E200 for equipment and 0x13F200 for other items in the Japanese ROM. Extended data such as use effects and special equipment abilities (countering magic, for example) are not found here and are presumably scripted elsewhere. The data is organized as follows:

Name (bytes 0 to 7)

The item's displayed name, using the same character encoding as the rest of the game. The main text may reference these names using the special codes 0x0Bnn for weapon nn (from the Short Sword at 00 to the Slicer at 5F), 0x0Cnn for armor nn (from the Cloth Manteau at 00 to the Dream Ring at 8D), and 0x0Ann for other items (from 70 Zeny at 00 to Mind Fruit x9 at 7D). This is a rather clever scheme that both helps with text compression and prevents name mismatches between the inventory and the game text (provided, of course, that the abbreviation is used instead of hardcoding it, and that the code used is the correct one).

Flags (byte 8)

Most of this byte is interpreted differently depending on the category of the item, but a few bits are uniform across the board:

Please refer to the subsections for information on the other bits.

Cost (byte 9 and 10)

The standard store price of the item, stored in little-endian format (least significant byte first). The sell value is half of this amount. Note that certain stores have a fixed rate of markup or discount that applies to both buying and selling. Markups and discounts occur in 10% increments and range from -20% to +30%.

Description (byte 11)

The value in this byte refers to a text string used for the item's description. All weapons use 0x03, and all armors use 0x04.

Usage Restrictions (byte 12)

The individual bits in this byte specify who can NOT use or equip the item (a 0 means it's allowed for the corresponding character, and a 1 means it's not). Most weapons can only be equipped by a single character (only Ryu, for example, is 0x7F), while most general items can be used by anyone (0x00).

More Flags (byte 13)

The interpretation of this byte varies depending on the category of the item. Please refer to the subsections.

Weight (byte 14, weapons and armors only)

How heavy the equipment is. This detracts from Mobility (and Special Defense to a lesser extent) when equipped.

Power (byte 15, weapons and armors only)

For weapons, this is attack power, and for armors, it's defense power.

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