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Breath of Fire

The Status Screen

Select the Status option from the menu and pick a character, and you'll see something like this:

status screen

The top left is of course the selected character's name and portrait, but what about all the rest of it? Read on...

Derived Attributes (top)
攻撃力 Attack Power ATK

How hard the character hits. This opposes target Defense Power when calculating damage inflicted. Attack Power is Strength plus weapon attack and any bonuses or penalities.

防御力 Defense Power DEF

How well the character fares when being hit. This opposes attacker attack when determining damage taken. Defense Power is Stamina plus armor defense and any bonuses or penalties.

行動力 Mobility ACT

How quickly the character can act during any given round of combat. May also affect hit rate and success rate when trying to flee combat. Mobility is Agility minus equipment weight, plus any bonuses or penalties.

特防力 Special Defense MAG

Proportionally reduces damage from magic, but ONLY when guarding. Relatively useless. Special Defense is... huh. Not sure, but Wisdom seems to boost it and equipment weight to detract from it.

知力 Intelligence INT

Probably affects the success rate of spells that can fail (both when casting one and when the target of one). Intelligence is Wisdom plus any bonuses or penalties.

運勢 Fortune FATE

Probably affects critical hit rate and evasion chance. Fortune is Luck plus any bonuses or penalties.

Basic Attributes (center)

The character's level. This provides a good general idea of how strong the character is. Spells are typically learned at certain preset levels. HP, MP, and basic attributes typically increase as level increases as well.


How much combat experience the character has. Kill monsters to get more. Experience gained is split evenly between surviving characters, including those not on active duty. Note that the amount of experience needed to level varies considerably between characters, and that there is no indication of how much experience they need to gain any given level.


Hit points. The measure of how much damage a character can withstand before becoming Incapacitated. Displayed as current/maximum.


Ability points. How much energy the character has to cast spells or use similar skills. Displayed as current/maximum.

強さ Strength Str.

Affects Attack Power.

スタミナ Stamina Vigor

Affects Defense Power.

素早さ Agility Agil.

Affects Mobility.

賢さ Wisdom Wisdom

Affects Intelligence and Special Defense.

運の良さ Luck Luck

Affects Fortune.

Literally "goodness of luck".

Equipment (bottom)
ぶき Weapon Wepn

The equipped weapon, if any.

たて Shield Shld

The equipped shield, if any.

よろい Armor Armr

The equipped body armor, if any.

かぶと Headgear Helm

The equipped headgear, if any.

その他 Other Etc.

Anything else that's equipped.

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