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Just the part that plays if you let the game sit at the title screen, for now at least.


Background: Starfield

ほしがそらに みつるがごとく・・・
おおくのたましいが うたかたのごとく
このよにうまれおち また きえてゆく・・・
As the stars suffuse the sky . . .
A great many souls are as fleeting bubbles,
born into this world and vanishing again . . .
People live and die,
as countless as the
stars in the sky,
as fleeting as foam
on water...
ひとは なのために このよにうまれ
What is the reason that people are
born into this world and die . . . ?
Why are we brought
into the world,
only to depart so
このうちゅうの いとなみにくらべれば
ほんの いっしゅんの
きらめきのごとき ひとのいっしょう。
The entire life of a person is but a
brief momentary glimmer as compared
with the life of this universe.
On a cosmic scale,
our lives flash by in
the blink of an eye.

Background: Run-down dragon shrine

かつて このせかいに きょだいなていこくを
きずきあげた りゅうのいちぞくの はんえいも
ほしのながれるまに くずれさった・・・
Even the prosperity of the Dragon Clan that
once established a grand empire in this world
crumbled in the span of a shooting star . . .
The Dragon Clan built
a mighty empire,
then faded fast, like
a falling star.
ひとは このいっしゅかんに
まぼろしのごとく はかないものをもとめ
なんと おろかしくも あらそいあうのだろう
How foolishly people quarrel,
pursuing in this moment fleeting
things like unto illusions.
During their short reign,
the Dragons fought
meaningless battles
in pursuit of empty
ここに ひとり
ふたたび おろかな あやまちを
おかさんとするものが あらわれた
Again now one appeared who
sought to perpetrate a foolish
mistake once more.
Now, an ominous force
emerges to
repeat the cycle.

Background: Black

いちぞくの かこのえいこうを とりもどさんと
くろりゅうが うごきはじめたのだ!
A portion of the Dragon Clan, striving
to take back the clan's former glory . . .
The Black Dragons began to move!
This new menace is
the clan of Dark

Scene: Imperial throne room, with numerous soldiers assembled

はるかむかしに せかいを ほろぼしかけた
いちぞくの あやまちをわすれ
Forgetting the clan's mistakes of the distant
past that nearly destroyed the world,
Forgetting that the
Dragons once laid
waste to the land...

Scene: Imperial castle, soldiers leave down an elevator or turn into dragons and fly away.

ふたたび このよに はかいと こんとんを
まきちらそうと いうのだろうか・・・
Would they again sow destruction
and chaos across this world . . . ?
The Dark Dragon Clan
again plunges the
world into chaos.

Scene: Gilliam (otherwise known as Bo) encounters several Imperial archers in the woods. He kills two with arrows and magic, but the third runs and calls in flying dragons as support. They set the forest on fire, and Gilliam retreats.

くろきりゅうの しんりゃくは つづく・・・
せかいは つぎつぎと そのちからに
The aggression of the Black Dragons continues . . .
The world was yielding to their power bit by bit . . .
Using new powers,
given by a mysterious
goddess, the Dragons
engage in global conquest.

Background: Black

こうていが ふっかつさせんとする
ひとの あらゆるよくぼうを かなえるという
And what of the goddess, said to grant
each and every one of man's desires,
that the emperor sought to revive . . . ?
Who is this dark power
that grants evil
せかいのへいわを まもる
ひかりのりゅうは あらわれるのか・・・
Will the Dragon of Light who protects
the peace of the world appear . . .?
Will the Light Dragons
emerge to bring
peace to the world?

Scene: Black Dragons fly north over the ocean.

くろきりゅうの まのてはせまる・・・ The menace of the Black Dragons draws near . . . The Dark Dragons
press on.
このよが くろきりゅうのものと なるまえに Ere this world is owned by the Black Dragons, Before the world is
このよに めがみが よみがえるまえに Ere the goddess is revived in this world, Before the goddess is

Scene: The Black Dragons overshoot a village, then circle back and surround it.

ひかりのりゅうは めざめるのだろうか・・・ Will the Dragon of Light awaken . . . ? The Light Dragons must
fight back!

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