ふわふわ時間(タイム) [Fuzzy Time]

One of the easiest things to overlook here is that the title has a double meaning. ふわふわ (fuwafuwa) often (and perhaps most commonly) refers to somthing being light and fluffy or ethereal, like cotton candy, clouds, or pleasant dreams. However, it can also refer to feeling restless and unable to settle down. Both meanings apply here, even though they end up being almost opposites—one suggests a comfortably tranquil dreamlike time, while the other suggests an agitated time filled with uncertainties. It's difficult to mimic the wordplay in English, but I've settled on "fuzzy" to suggest both fuzzy wool and fuzzy uncertainties.

Performed by:

Composition and Arrangement:
平沢 唯 (豊崎愛生),
秋山 澪 (日笠陽子),
田井中 律 (佐藤聡美),
琴吹 紬(寿美菜子)
Sakura High Light Music Club:
Yui Hirasawa (Aki Toyosaki),
Mio Akiyama (Youko Hisaka),
Ritsu Tainaka (Satomi Satou),
Tsumugi Kotobuki (Minako Kotobuki)
Mio Akiyama1
Hiroyuki Maezawa
Japanese Romanization Translation
Intro ~11 seconds
KIMI wo mite ru to itsu mo HAATO DOKI☆DOKI
Yureru omoi wa MASHUMARO mitai ni fuwa☆fuwa
Itsu mo ganbaru(e) KIMI no yokogao(e)
Zutto mite te mo kidzukanai yo ne
Yume no naka nara(e) futari no kyori chidjimerareru no ni na
Whenever I look at you, my heart's always rac☆ing
My trembling feelings are like marshmallows, light☆fluffy
You're always hard at work when I see your face from the side,
But no matter how I watch you, you're not about to notice me.
At least in my dreams, I can close the distance between us.
二人だけのDream Timeください☆
Aa KAMI-SAMA o-negai
Futari dake no Dream Time kudasai☆
O-ki ni iri no usa-chan daite kon'ya mo OYASUMI♪
Ahh, God, please grant to me
Some dream time for just the two of us☆
Cradling my favorite bunny, good night again tonight♪
ふわふわ時間(e) ふわふわ時間(e) ふわふわ時間(e) 2 Fuwa fuwa TAIMU(e) fuwa fuwa TAIMU(e) fuwa fuwa TAIMU(e) 2 Fuzzy time fuzzy time fuzzy time
Brief delay
さりげな笑顔を深読みしすぎてover heat!
夢でいいから(e)二人だけのSweet time欲しいの
Futo shita shigusa ni kyou mo HAATO ZUKI★ZUKI
Sarige na egao wo fukayomi shisugite over heat!
Itsu ka me ni shita(e) KIMI no MAJIgao(e)
Hitomi tojite mo ukande kuru yo
Yume de ii kara(e) futari dake no Sweet time hoshii no
Your casual mannerisms have my heart throb★bing again today.
I read too much into your offhand smile and overheat!
The serious look I saw on your face once
Floats into my head even when I close my eyes.
Even if only in dreams, I want some sweet time for the two of us.
好きになるほどDream nightせつないの
Aa KAMI-SAMA doushite
Suki ni naru hodo Dream night setsunai no
Totteoki no kuma-chan dashita shi kon'ya wa daijoubu ka na?
Ahh, God, why
Is my dream night more upsetting the more I fall for him3?
I've brought out my reserve teddy bear, so will I be okay tonight?
Interlude ~28 seconds
Mo sukoshi yuuki furutte
Shizen ni hanaseba
Nani ka ga kawaru no ka na?
Sonna ki suru kedo
If I could show a bit more courage
And speak up naturally,
Would anything change?
I get the feeling it would.

The following stanza is more spoken than sung. The lyric booklet puts the whole thing in a big set of parenthess.

(そう!寝ちゃおーっ!) [E]
Dakedo sore ga ichiban muzukashii no yo
Hanashi no kikkake to ka dou shiyo
Te ka dandori kangaete ru jiten de zenzen shizen ja nai yo ne
Aa mou ii ya nechao nechao nechaouu!
(Sou! Nechaouu!) [E]
But that's the hardest part!
What am I supposed to do to get us talking?
But wait, if I'm thinking out a plan, it's already not natural at all.
Oh, forget it, let's sleep, let's sleep, let's sleeeeep!
(Right! Let's sleeeeep!) [E]
一度だけのMiracle Timeください!
Aa KAMI-SAMA o-negai
Ichido dake no Miracle Time kudasai!
Moshi sunnari hanasereba sono ato wa...
 dou ni ka naru yo ne
Ahh, God, please grant to me
Some miracle time, just once!
If we could just have a decent conversation,
 the rest... would all fall into place somehow.
ふわふわ時間(e) ふわふわ時間(e) ふわふわ時間(e) 2 Fuwa fuwa TAIMU(e) fuwa fuwa TAIMU(e) fuwa fuwa TAIMU(e) 2 Fuzzy time fuzzy time fuzzy time
Closing ~12 seconds

(e) The secondary vocalist (usually Mio, though occasionally she gets stuck with lead vocals if something happens to Yui) typically echos the marked phrases.

[E] The secondary vocalist typically adds this modified echo here. The exact writing is guesswork, but I'm confident of the meaning.

1 The lyrics are credited to Mio Akiyama, one of the main characters, who comes up with them when the band belatedly realizes they don't have any words. However, keep in mind that she's a fictional character. Kakifly, the author of the original manga, wrote the lyrics here in the real world.

2 Throughout the song and also in the title, the kanji 時間 (jikan, time) are given the reading タイム (TAIMU, time).

3 Or her. There's nothing to go on beyond assumptions and the singer's obvious femaleness.

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