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Final Fantasy VI

レテ川  Lethe River  | | | |  LETE RIVER

This section of the river is a twisty fast-flowing menace nestled between rocky cliffs. There's no music, just the sounds of the rapids. A small raft awaits.

Bannan starts three levels behind the party average and can't fight well, but he can Pray in battle to heal the entire party at no cost. And that's what he should be doing most of the time, preferably from the back row to keep him safer.

Come on!
Let's take this raft to Narshe!
Here we go!
This raft'll take us to Narshe!
You will head for Narshe
as you protect Bannan.
If Bannan is incapacitated,
then it's Game Over.
Head toward Narshe, but protect Banon at all costs.
If Banon is put out of commission, your journey's over.

The river has semi-random encounters and several forks in the stream. It starts with a single battle, then a choice of directions: Straight (2 to 5 battles), Left (0 to 3), or Right (1 to 3). All three then lead to a cave with a save point. After leaving and clearing another mandatory battle, go Up for a loop that adds 0 to 3 battles, or Left to reach a second save point, possibly after another battle. Beyond that, another 0 to 2 battles occur before a strange purple octopus approaches...

何だ、何だ? What's this, what's this? What? WHAT IS IT?

Of course, like just about everything else, this starts another battle. A boss battle. One of the sillier ones. A blinding ink shot and a fairly painful tentacle strike are some of the more interesting attacks Orthros (the octopus) uses.

"Orthros" (not "Ultros") is apparently the correct spelling. Orthros (also Orthrus) was a two-headed dog in Greek mythology.

ここは とおせんぼ!
イジワル イジワル?
Uhyo hyo!
I'm blocking your way here!
I won't let you through...
Meanie, meanie?
Uwee hee hee...
Game over!
Don't tease the octopus, kids!

Whenever Orthros is hit by a Flame attack (Tina's ○ Fire spell is probably the only one available), he counters with Ink, and...

ゆでだこ!? ゆでだこ!?
Hot, hot, HOT!!
Boiled octopus!? Boiled octopus!?
Seafood soup!

As time passes, Orthros targets Tina, then Mash, and finally Bannan, saying something different for each.

かわいい 女の子
I have a thing
for cute girls...
Delicious morsel!
Let me get my bib...!

Yeah, I just BET you do. Keep your tentacles to yourself; this isn't that sort of game.

きんにくモリモリ……きらいだー! Brimming with muscles... hate you! Muscle-heads? Hate 'em!
おまえのかお……こわーーい!! Your face... scaaaary!! frighten me!

Orthros absorbs Water and takes extra damage from Flame and Thunder. As such, Tina should spam ○ Fire. Mash will likely inflict more damage with Aura Cannon than anything else, and Edgar can use either the Auto Crossbow or Bio Blast, whichever hurts more. Bannan, of course, should just keep using Pray to keep everyone healthy, since he's good at that but not much of anything else.

Upon losing, Orthros disappears underwater...

グェグェ…ガボガボガボ…… Ghgh... glub glub glub... Th...that's all, friends!

2-16 "??" (that's really the track name, unless you prefer the Japanese "ん?2") starts playing.

Did we get it?
I guess we thrashed it.
No, it didn't feel that way...
Maybe it just dove underwater...!?
Don't bet on it......
It's probably just hiding
from us......

More possible punning. てごたえ (tegotae) can also refer to a bite in fishing.

Tina is suddenly pulled along the edge of the raft.

あしに 何かが!
Something's on my leg!
Something's stuck to my leg!

Edgar goes to the rescue...

{Tina}! Over here!
{TERRA}! Over here!

...and gets her safely to the middle of the raft.

You'll be all right now.
It's all right now.
You dare mess with us!?
I'll rip you to shreds with my Deathblows!
Watch out!
I'm going to hit it with a
{Mash}! Don't!!
No! {SABIN}!!
Don't stop me, big bro!
Don't distract me, brother!!

He jumps over Edgar and into the water.

Of all the damn fool...
He's always been a tad
Hey now, no need to worry!
Don't worry about him!
Are you sure, Bannan...
Are you sure he's okay,
What are you saying? You,
his brother, ought to know
better than any of us.
I'll bet he'll come flying out full
of energy any minute now!
You should know better than
any of us! Any moment he'll
flop right onto the raft!

As soon as he says this, Mash jumps out, sort of... Actually, he kind of flies up and off the top of the screen, surprising everyone, apparently including himself.

What the...?
「…… ……
...... ......
...... ......
Seemed maybe too energetic...
Ha hah...
Seems a little too perky......
Manage something on your own!
Take care of yourself!

As the raft proceeds toward Narshe, Mash floats down another branch of the river...

The music stops. Scene change to a black room with a save point. Lock stands to the left; Mash to the right; and Bannan, Edgar, and Tina front and center.

{Edgar} and {Tina},
who escort Bannan as
they head for Narshe...
{Mash}, who is on his own,
swallowed by the rapids...
{Lock}, who snuck into South
Figaro to disrupt the Empire...
What lies in store for these three...?
{EDGAR} and {TERRA} race toward Narshe while protecting Banon...
...but what about {SABIN}, who was swallowed by the raging waters...?
And... is {LOCKE} faring, after having penetrated the Empire's defenses in South Figaro...
Is all going according to plan...?


Choose a scenario, kupo!

  Choose a scenario...kupo!

The text box clears, revealing a moogle. Controlling the moogle, the player can save and pick from the three groups.

I've listed the three scenarios in the order that I usually play through them, but any order works fine. I do suggest saving Mash for last, though, so that Gau can learn more Rages, and so that all eight characters who will be available will show up in the character window when shopping. His scenario also goes on the longest. Some suggest leaving Lock's for last instead, since it's probably the most difficult and can benefit from the extra supplies Mash's journey should provide.

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