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Final Fantasy VI

Crescent Moon Mountain Cave  | | |

Take some time building up Gau's abilities, then head to the cave in the crescent-shaped mountain to the south. Gau starts wandering around, low to the ground. Cayenne and Mash look at each other in confusion, until Mash suddenly realizes what's going on.

{Mash}: {Cayenne}!
 The glitter {Gau} was talking
 about is here!
The shiny thing {GAU} spoke of is in here.
{Cayenne}: So, Sir {Gau},
 where might it be?
{CYAN}: Uh, Sir {GAU},
where exactly is it?
{ガウ}「{ガウ}、わすれた!! {Gau}: {Gau} forgot!! {GAU}: {GAU}...forget!!

Mash and Cayenne cringe, but recover.

{Mash}: Try looking for it?
{Cayenne}: We have little choice.
{SABIN}: Shall we look around?
{CYAN}: Indeed!

Above and a bit to the right of the entrance, Gau looks around for a bit, but comes up empty.

{マッシュ}「こっちじゃないな。 {Mash}: Must not be over here. {SABIN}: Not over here...

At one outcropping, Gau looks around for a bit, gets excited, and presents something to the others.

{マッシュ}「ポーション… {Mash}: A Potion... {SABIN}: Tonic...
{Cayenne}: Th-this be thy
 treasure, Sir {Gau}?
{CYAN}: T...this is Sir {GAU}'s treasure?!

Gau appears shocked and shakes his head. Mash and Cayenne look a bit wearied.

In the top-left corner, Gau walks to a cliff edge, looks down, and starts waving his arms excitedly. Mash walks over to take a look.

{Mash}: What, {Gau}?
 Something there?
{SABIN}: Hey, {GAU}.
What's wrong?

Gau sneaks up behind him and...

{ガウ}「ガウ!! {Gau}: Gau!! {GAU}: GAU!!

Mash is startled, and the sound of something falling is heard...

{Mash}: M-my wallet,
 it had 500 gil in it!!
{SABIN}: G'uh! My pouch! There was 500 GP in it...!
{マッシュ}「{ガウ}、てめえ! {Mash}: {Gau}, you little...! {SABIN}: {GAU}...YOU!
{Cayenne}: Now, now.
 Sir {Mash}, leave it go, for my sake.
{CYAN}: Oh, dear.
Sir {SABIN}, let me handle this.
{マッシュ}「うが~~~~っ!! {Mash}: UGAAAAAAH!! {SABIN}: Urggggh!

Cayenne's line is different if the party currently has less than 500 gil.

 ござらぬか。 ほれ。
{Cayenne}: Sir {Mash}...
 Didst not entrust thy wallet to me?
{CYAN}: Sir {SABIN}...
Recall that you had me hold
onto your pouch. Here.

In this case, Mash doesn't scream, and no money is lost.

Further into the cave, Gau unearths a peculiar-looking helmet. Mash and Cayenne are amazed.

{Cayenne}: This be the glitter? {CYAN}: Is this it?
{GAU}'s "treasure"?
{ガウ}「たから! たから!
{Gau}: Treasure! Treasure!
{Cayenne}: 'Tis a mere glass ball.
{Mash}: Your head fits right inside.
{GAU}: Treasure...yesss...
{CYAN}: Looks like glass...
{SABIN}: Looks like it just might fit...

Treasure... yesss... my preciousssss... gollum!

{マッシュ}「は は~ん。
{Mash}: Ah-ha!
 Could we use this?
{SABIN}: Hummm...
Is this of any use?
{Mash}: I guess you can even breathe
 underwater with this on... was that it?
{SABIN}: Will this really let us breathe underwater?
{マッシュ}「じゃあ、行くぜ! {Mash}: Then here we go! {SABIN}: Let's go!

On the far side of the cave is a ledge overlooking the ocean current.

{Cayenne}: The current be tempestuous...
{Mash}: Sure is...
{CYAN}: Current'
{SABIN}: No kidding.
{Mash}: But we can't meet up with big bro and
 the others if we don't use Serpent's Way...
{SABIN}: But unless we hop in, we won't see our friends again...

Gau takes a look over the edge and leaps back, frightened. Mash and Cayenne laugh briefly at this.

{マッシュ}「じゃあ、行くぜ! {Mash}: Then here we go! {SABIN}: Let's go!

Mash and Cayenne jump in. Gau hesitates, but follows. As they heard earlier, the helmet lets them breathe underwater, and the current heads straight for Nikaea.

Let's ignore the fact that they shouldn't all be able to use the helmet at once, and also that they shouldn't be able to fight normally underwater.

There are two forks along the way. Each time, going left means more monsters, while going right leads to a small underwater cave. These caves contain an X-Potion and another Green Beret. After the trip is over, the party washes up in a harbor.

港町ニケア  Port Town Nikaea  | | |  NIKEAH

As you might expect of a port town, there's a large dock, and the city is dominated by stores full of goods and merchants trying to sell them.

The following scene (in the bar) doesn't really matter much, but it's just too funny to leave out.

Dancer: Heyyyyy,
 big boy.
 Wanna drink with me?
 *flirtatious giggle*
DANCER: Yoo hoo!
You handsome thing.
How 'bout joining me?
Tee hee!

The ぇ above is actually a halfwidth hiragana え (e) in-game, but close enough. Few character sets have halfwidth hiragana, or I'd use an actual halfwidth え.

She's singling out Cayenne. This seems to be about the last thing he expected...

{カイエン}「な な な なにを
{Cayenne}: Wh-wh-wh-what?
 How depraved! Repent forthwith!
{CYAN}: dare you...
you licentious howler!
 楽しもうよ。ほら タニマ。
Dancer: Don't be so stuffy.
 Let's have some fun. Looky, *cleavage*.
don't blow an arterty, baby!

タニマ (谷間, tanima), literally refers to a valley or chasm... there's only one thing she could be referring to. And in case it's not obvious, this dialog goes... somewhat differently, to say the least... in the NA version.

The dancer drags Cayenne halfway across the room before he can react. When he does, he overreacts, rushing the other way so quickly he slams into the wall. Mash and Gau, who previously just watched, now look rather worried. The dancer approaches Cayenne again.

{カイエン}「た た た たたタニマ~?! {Cayenne}: C-c-cl-cl-CLEAVAGE?! {CYAN}:!

Mash decides to step in, and goes over to talk to Cayenne.

{カイエン}「お おぬしは平気なのか?
{Mash}: {Cayenne}-san,
 looks like you're hardly immune.
{Cayenne}: Th-thou'rt calm?
{SABIN}: {CYAN}...
Don't let it get to you.
{CYAN}: I'm not like that!

Mash's uncharacteristic use of -san here suggests a teasing tone.

{Mash}: I've lived as an ascetic for so long.
 This is that fruits of training stuff, too.
{SABIN}: No one thinks you are.
Just let it go.

Mash laughs a bit at this. The dancer walks closer.

Dancer: Don't gripe.
 Come onnnnn!
DANCER: Stop whispering!
My ears are burnin', baby!

That ぇ is another halfwidth え... they look weird.

{カイエン}「こ コラ。
{Cayenne}: N-now, see here.
 The distaff, you see, they ought
 have shame, and modesty...
 etc... etc.. etc...
{CYAN}: Enough!
Have you no shame?
I'll have you know...etc...etc.

ウンチク (蘊蓄, unchiku) refers to a person's vast knowledge and experience. Here, it shows that he's lecturing her, without boring the player with the details.

Mash starts laughing, and the woman appears to be paying no attention. Oh well.

An old woman in the bar shares another interesting bit of information.

There's a strange old man in a
shack down the Lethe River, right?
I delivered that man's child
thirteen years ago.
But I wish I hadn't witnessed the birth.
A dreadful delivery and the mother's
death drove him out of his mind.
He mistook the reddened baby
for a monster and threw him out.
I doubt the child's still alive.
Ya met that odd man, lives near the Lete River? His wife bore 'im a son 13 years ago.
It was a problem birth, and the woman passed away. The man totally lost it.
He thought the newborn was a monster. Wonder what happened to the poor little baby?

After finishing any shopping, Mash, Cayenne, and Gau head back to the harbor and take a ship to South Figaro.

{Cayenne}: Narshe is but a
 stone's throw away.
{CYAN}: Narshe is just a stone's
throw away!

The expression 目と鼻の先 (me to hana no saki) means that something is very close.

{Mash}: Have big bro and the others
 made it there safely...?
{SABIN}: I hope the others arrived
{カイエン}「心配なさるな。 {Cayenne}: Worry not. {CYAN}: I'm sure they did.
{ガウ}「ガウ…… {Gau}: Gau... {GAU}: Me hope so, too...

The music fades out. Cut back to the black room, with the remaining scenarios, unless all are complete.

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