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Final Fantasy VI

フィガロ城  Figaro Castle  | |  FIGARO CASTLE

Eventually, Lock and Tina head south, past mountains and forests, and into the desert, fighting off monsters along the way. It soon becomes evident that what Lock can steal varies depending on the opponent. At this point, most have minor healing items.

Before long, they reach a large stone structure in the middle of the desert. Guards riding chocobo, which are large birds used like horses, patrol the area, and another guard stands by the entrance. He stops them.

待て。 Wait. Wait!
ん? お前か?
Hm? Oh, it's you.
You may pass.
Hey! Oh, it's you.

Inside the castle, "The Mines of Narshe" finally stops, replaced by 1-7 "Edgar & Sabin".

A merchant in a side room sells some odd machinery. Buy a Blast Voice and Bio Blast if you have the money, but skip the Auto Crossbow, since you'll be getting one automatically before long.

The party proceeds to the throne room. A young man with golden hair in a mid-back length braid sits on one of two thrones, wearing a green and blue outfit with a regal blue cape. He briefly consults with Lock, then stands and looks at Tina.

「この娘が… : This girl... MAN: You mean, THIS young woman...?!

He walks over to better look her over, then heads back.

{ティナ}「誰?あなたは。 {Tina}: Who are you? {TERRA}: Who do you think you are?

The NA version makes this sound like an accusation. I think she's just curious.

He turns and wiggles his finger chidingly.

「おっと失礼。 : Ah, excuse me. MAN: Oh...sorry!
: That was hardly a proper attitude
 for my first meeting with a lady.
MAN: How rude of me to turn my back to a lady!

He uses the English word "lady", which is uncommon (though not unheard of) in Japanese. It might be appropriate to use a more exotic term here and elsewhere, especially considering he's the only character in the game to use the word (except one instance later on used to assert that only Edgar would say "lady").

At the forefront of technological civilization
is the young king of the desert castle of Figaro,
bound in an alliance with the Empire...
The young king of Figaro Castle,
ally to the Empire, and a
master designer of machinery...
{Edgar}: I'm King {Edgar} of Figaro. {EDGAR}: I am {EDGAR}, King of Figaro.
{Lock}: Heh, heh.
 Surprised I know a king?
{LOCKE}: Surprised someone like me knows a king?
{ロック}「じゃあ またな。 {Lock}: Well, see you later. {LOCKE}: Talk to you later!

Lock leaves, and Edgar begins to walk out. Tina just stands there, perhaps wondering what exactly just happened.

{Edgar}: You're an Imperial soldier, he says.
 No need to worry.
 Figaro is allied with the Gastra Empire.
Make yourself at home and stay a while.
Besides, I couldn't possibly harm a lady.
{EDGAR}:'re an Imperial soldier! No problem. Figaro and the Empire are allies!
Please, relax while you're here.
It's not in my blood to harm a lady.
{Tina}: Why are you being so nice to me?
 It's this power of mine.
{TERRA}: Look, why are you helping me?
Is it because of my...abilities?
{Edgar}: First of all, your beauty has
 captivated my heart.
Second, I can't help but wonder what
you look for in a man...
{EDGAR}: I'll give you 3 reasons:
First of all, your beauty has
captivated me!
Second...I'm dying to know if
I'm your type...
魔導の力の事はその次かな。 The power of sorcery comes third, I suppose. I guess your...abilities...would be a distant 3rd.
{Tina}: .........?
 What's wrong?
{TERRA}: ......?
What's with you, anyway?

She's not necessarily talking about him. Actually, given her next line, it's more likely she's wondering what's wrong with herself for not swooning over him.

Edgar starts walking away, talking to himself.

{Edgar}: Could my flirting
 technique have gone rusty?
{EDGAR}: Guess my technique's getting a bit rusty...

There's a line in the ROM that fits here but isn't used in either version:

{エドガー}「また後で  私のところへ来てくれ。 {Edgar}: Come see me again later. {EDGAR}: Come find me when you feel rested.

Edgar leaves, looking a bit downcast.

 でも わたしは……
{Tina}: It figures...
 A normal woman would have felt
 something in those words.
 But I...
{TERRA}: Hmm...I suppose a normal girl would have found him dashing.
But I'm hardly...normal...

It's something of a staple of Japanese dialog to avoid stating outright what can be implied. Though sometimes it's frustrating.

Tina wanders about the castle, which isn't especially unremarkable for a castle, except that it's in the middle of the desert and seems to have a lot of complicated half-hidden machinery. There's also this interesting tidbit in a side basement room.

Beyond here is Figaro Castle's engine room.
We're undergoing constant maintenance
to be ready to go into action at any time!
Beyond is the Figaro Castle Engine Room.
We're ready to leave at a moment's notice!

Surely he's not saying the castle itself moves... is he? Regardless, Tina eventually speaks to a person in a side tower who allows the story to advance.

High Priest: {Edgar} had a
 younger twin brother.
 He was a good, family-minded boy.
MATRON: {EDGAR} has a twin brother. He was such a nice boy...

Begin flashback: Edgar sits in a room of the castle, and muscular young man stands nearby. He resembles Edgar, but his golden hair is spiked on top in addition to a braid in back similar to Edgar's, and he wears what looks like a blue bodybuilding outfit, with wristbands and a sleeveless shirt. 2-2 "Coin Song", a more subdued, almost mournful, variant of "Edgar & Sabin", plays (the title makes sense later).

: Big bro.
 What's wrong with dad all of a sudden?
 And they're starting to talk about an heir...
{Edgar}: Haven't you realized?
 Look how thin dad's face is.
YOUTH: Brother,
What's wrong with father?
What's all this talk of his successor?
{EDGAR}: Are you blind?
Look how thin his face has become!
「?……何の事だい? : Huh? ...what's that supposed to mean? YOUTH: ?......What is it?

Edgar abruptly gets up and heads for the exit.

「兄貴! : Big bro! YOUTH: Brother!
「涙……? : Tears...? YOUTH: Tears......?!
{Edgar}'s younger twin brother,
who cast aside his status as royalty
and fled the castle to take hold of freedom.
{EDGAR}'s twin brother, who
traded the throne for his own

End flashback. "Edgar & Sabin" plays again.

High Priest: Yes...
 {Mash} was his name... That boy
 should be a fine adult by now, too.
When he left the country he was
smaller and quieter than {Edgar}.
I wonder what's become of him.
MATRON: Yes...
His name is {SABIN}. Oh, he looked so like his father!
When he ran away, he was a sweet little child.
I wonder what he's like now?

Substantial name change here. Also, the original says nothing about him looking like his father, and doesn't claim that he was still a "little" child when he left, just smaller than Edgar.

Tina wanders around some more, and Edgar is back in the throne room when she returns.

{Edgar}: How was it?
 My castle, that is.
{EDGAR}: Well?
How do you like my castle?

The music cuts off suddenly, and a guard runs in.

Someone from the Empire has come.
King {EDGAR}!
Someone from the Empire to see you!

Edgar looks annoyed. 1-8 "Kefka" plays, a track that starts out sounding mischievous before swelling into full-blown maniacal.

{エドガー}「ケフカか! {Edgar}: Cefca, I'll bet! {EDGAR}: Probably Kefka!

Meanwhile, out in the desert, Cefca and two Imperial soldiers approach. Since Cefca was previously only seen in Tina's sepia-tinted flashback, it was impossible to see the garish mix of red and green in his outfit. What appears to be an unsightly cheap light brown wig with a similarly ugly red feather nevertheless fails to divert attention from his beady little eyes.

Cefca: Phew...
 Gastra-sama's orders or not...
KEFKA: Phooey!
Emperor Gestahl's stupid orders!
Cefca: Dammit, {Edgar}!
 Building a fucking lame-ass
 castle in a place like this.
Spare a little thought for the poor
guy sent out here on recon!
KEFKA: {EDGAR}, you pinhead!
Why do you have to live in the middle of nowhere?
These recon jobs are the pits!

Cefca notices the soldiers as if for the first time.

ケフカ「ほれ、クツの砂! Cefca: Hey, there's sand on my boots! KEFKA: Ahem...there's SAND on my boots!

They rush to attend to his sudden whim.

Soldier: Sir!
 All clean!
All set, Sir!

Cefca laughs insanely, as he often does, then gets a sudden look of annoyance.

ケフカ「つまらん!! Cefca: How stupid!! KEFKA: Idiots!

Cefca and the soldiers walk up to Figaro Castle and are met by the gate guard.

What on earth brings you...
Cefca: Outta my way!!
Sir Kefka!?
What on earth do...
KEFKA: Outta my way!

As the three enter the castle courtyard, Edgar comes out to meet them. He speaks first to the soldiers, probably to put off having to deal with Cefca.

Edgar is rather more confrontational, far too much in my opinion, in the NA version. Certainly he isn't happy to see them, but showing that openly would be terrible diplomacy. In the JP version, he does a good job of keeping his composure and being relatively polite and pleasant, at least superficially, while still making it clear that he isn't pleased to see them here.

{Edgar}: I've heard you've
 overthrown three countries.
 What are your intentions?
Imperial Soldier: That's not for you to know.
{EDGAR}: You've been busy down south!
Looking for more cities to destroy?
TROOPER: That's for us to know!
{Edgar}: You seem poised to invade
 even my country, which is bound
 to yours in alliance.
Imperial Soldier: Alliance? Quit dreaming!
 A puny country like this?
{EDGAR}: I thought we were allies! What are you doing in my domain?
TROOPER: Allies? The Empire and this back-water, two-bit kingdom?!

Oddly, this soldier's response never displays in the NA version, even though the text is in the ROM. Edgar's line ends with the wrong code (0x00), making the dialog end instead of clearing the textbox and continuing (0x13).

{Edgar}: What brings Emperor Gastra's
 direct subordinate, the Sorcerer Cefca,
 out of his way to come here?
Cefca: I've heard a girl fled here
 from the Empire.
{EDGAR}: What brings Kefka, humble servant of Emperor Gestahl, into our lowly presence?
KEFKA: A girl of no importance recently escaped from us. We heard she found refuge here...

In the JP version, the mention that Cefca reports directly to the emperor indicates that he's someone of particular importance, and someone that it's especially unwise to upset. The NA version makes it sound like he's just another minion.

{Edgar}: Could you mean the girl said
 to possess the power of sorcery...?
Cefca: None of your business.
 Never mind that, is she here?
{EDGAR}: Hmm...this wouldn't have anything to do with this "witch" everyone's been whispering about, would it?
KEFKA: Lies!
She...merely stole something of minor value.
Is she here?

In the JP version, Cefca doesn't bother trying to cover things up. He just barges in, demands to know if the girl's there, and it's none of anyone's business whether she's important or not. Just give him what he wants, or he'll throw a hissy fit. Bothering with a lie would probably strike him as a waste of effort.

{エドガー}「さあ… {Edgar}: Who can say...? {EDGAR}: That's a tough one!
 のにねえ…  ヒッヒッヒ…
{Edgar}: The girls here number as
 many as the stars in the sky...
Cefca: Nothing good will come of
 hiding her... hee, hee, hee...
{EDGAR}: You see, there're more girls here than grains of sand out there. I can't keep track of 'em all!
KEFKA: I'd hate to be you if we find out you're lying...
Mwa, ha!
ケフカ「ま せいぜいフィガロが
Cefca: Well, you'd better just pray
 your hardest Figaro doesn't
 end up getting crushed!
KEFKA: I truly hope nothing happens to your precious Figaro...!

Cefca and the soldiers finally leave, and Cefca's music also stops. Edgar walks over to speak with Lock. "Edgar & Sabin" resumes as the conversation begins.

{Lock}: I can't stand those guys.
{Edgar}: Where's {Tina}?
{LOCKE}: I'd say that guy's missing a few buttons...
{EDGAR}: ...
Where's {TERRA}?

Lock steps away from the doorway, and Tina walks out. Edgar speaks in an aside to Lock...

{エドガー}「例の部屋へ…… {Edgar}: You know where to take her... {EDGAR}: Take her to her room...

...before addressing Tina...

{Edgar}: I'd like to talk with you
 at length, but I have to plan out
 strategy with my chancellors.
Kings have it tough.
Excuse me.
{EDGAR}: I'd love to chat with you, but the Chancellor and I must plan our strategy.
Sometimes I hate being a king!
If you'll excuse me.

...and he then leaves toward the throne room.

{ロック}「おれについてきな。 {Lock}: Come with me. {LOCKE}: Follow me.

He leads Tina to the east tower, which, like the western one, is only visibly joined to the main castle by some kind of beam that, whatever it is, doesn't seem to contain a connecting corridor.

{Lock}: Sorry to make you
 feel uneasy. I'm...
{Tina}: {Lock}, right?
 I heard about you from {Edgar}-san.
 You're a thief, aren't you?
{LOCKE}: Don't you worry 'bout a thing! I'll...
{TERRA}: You're {LOCKE}, right? {EDGAR} told me about you.
Is it true you're a thief?

The expression 窮屈な思いをする (kyuukutsu na omoi wo suru) means to feel ill at ease, and in the JP version, he's definitely apologizing for making her feel that way, rather than telling her not to.

But why is she acting almost like she just met him, why is she suddenly using more formal speech (in the JP version), and when did she have time to talk to Edgar about Lock (or anything else, for that matter)? Maybe her memory's acting up, though that still doesn't explain the part about talking to Edgar. Was there a story rewrite and they just forgot to revise this line?

{ロック}「トレジャーハンターだよ。 {Lock}: That's treasure hunter. {LOCKE}: That's TREASURE HUNTER!
{Lock}: {Edgar} is bound in alliance with
 the Empire on the surface, but behind
 the scenes he wants to join forces with
 an anti-Imperial group, the Returners.
I'm the go-between for that.
{LOCKE}: On the surface, {EDGAR} pretends to support the Empire.
The truth is, he's collaborating with the Returners, an organization opposed to the Empire.
I am his contact with that group...
{Lock}: The old man you met in Narshe
 is a fellow Returner too.
{Tina}: The Empire... I'm an Imperial soldier...
{LOCKE}: The old man you met in Narshe is one of us.
{TERRA}: Empire...but I'm a soldier of the Empire...!
{Lock}: ...were.
 You were manipulated by the Empire;
 that's all fake. But now it's different.
{LOCKE}: That's not true!
They were using you!
Things are different now.
{Tina}: I really... don't understand.
 Thinking about what I should
 do... makes my head hurt.
{TERRA}: I don't understand...
What should I do?
{Lock}: It means you've got your
 own will from now on.
Don't think too hard about it now.
Your way will come into sight soon enough.
{LOCKE}: I can't tell you what to do.
You don't have to decide right now.
You'll soon find your way...

Hey! The NA version is missing the deep stuff about free will! :-P

Lock leaves the room. The music fades out.

{ティナ}「自分の意志…… {Tina}: My own will... {TERRA}: But how will I know
which way is right...

She's supposed to be contemplating what it means to have her own will, not whining about how to tell what the right thing to do is...

Scene change: Edgar lies in bed in his room on the other side of the castle, likely some time later. Soon, however, something bothers him and he gets out of bed, moving towards the doorway. "The Empire "Gestahl"" plays.

{Edgar}: ...?
 Could this be!?
{EDGAR}: ...?
What the...!?

He rushes over to the courtyard to find the castle on fire, and the soldiers helplessly panicking.

I'm just wondering... isn't the castle made of stone? So... how is it on fire? Also, the castle soldiers need to work on discipline, unless they're faking it.

{Edgar}: What's going on!?
Soldier: The Empire!
{EDGAR}: What's happening?
SOLDIER: It's the Empire!
It's Kefka!

At this, Cefca strides in with his two guards.

{エドガー}「何をする!? {Edgar}: What are you doing!? {EDGAR}: What are you doing?

...and after making Edgar too confrontational earlier, the NA version drops an exclamation point now that it's called for...

Cefca: Hand over the girl!
{Edgar}: I told you, she's not here!
Cefca: In that case,
 you'll all burn to death now.
 Hee, hee, hee!
KEFKA: Bring me the girl. Now!
{EDGAR}: I don't know what you're talking about!
KEFKA: Then...
welcome to my barbecue!!
Uwa ha ha ha!

Edgar calmly walks to the far end of the courtyard and speaks to the soldier in front of the main door.

{Edgar}: Prepare for you-know-what...
Soldier: Sir!
{EDGAR}: Get ready...!
SOLDIER: Yes, Sir!

He disappears inside, and Cefca walks up to Edgar.

ケフカ「決心はついたかな? Cefca: Made your decision? KEFKA: Changed your mind...?
{エドガー}「そろそろいいか… {Edgar}: Guess it's about time... {EDGAR}: I guess I have no choice...

Possibly at an offscreen signal, he suddenly runs to the edge, jumps off, and lands on one of three chocobo that run up just then. "Locke" starts playing.

{エドガー}「ハッ! {Edgar}: Ha! {EDGAR}: Or maybe I do!
Cefca: Oh dear me,
 it seems the king is
 fleeing all by himself!
How delightful!
Hee, hee, hee!
KEFKA: Ackk!
Shameful that a king should flee, leaving his people behind!
How utterly delightful!

As Edgar rounds the back of the castle, he yells...

{エドガー}「乗れ! {Edgar}: Get on! {EDGAR}: Jump!

...and Lock and Tina, already in position on the beam to the side tower where Tina was staying, hop on the other two chocobo. Cefca comes out to watch as Edgar circles around to the front of the castle. There Edgar pauses long enough to shout...

{エドガー}「いいぞ!しずめろ! {Edgar}: Okay! Submerge! {EDGAR}: OK! Dive now!!!
{ロック}「ひゃっほーー! {Lock}: Yahooooo! {LOCKE}: Yahoooo!

A great rumbling knocks Cefca off his feet, and the castle begins to sink into the sand.

Soldier: Activating Figaro
 subterranean mode!
SOLDIER: Figaro Submerge Mode engaged!
Chancellor: Now!
 Behold Figaro as she dives
 into the great golden ocean!
 Enjoy your front-row seats!!
CHANCELLOR: No one can touch the people of Figaro!

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