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Final Fantasy VI

Enemy-Specific Skills

A special attack is coded into the data for each enemy. This is the "Special" (とくしゅ) option that often appears on the Control menu.

In the same order as the monsters that have them, these are the monster special abilities. Although each monster has a special move, some monsters never use them. In fact, some are completely meaningless, since they aren't usable either by the monster itself or through Sketch, Control, or Rage!

Unless otherwise noted, these cannot be reflected (with 'reflect' status), are unaffected by Magicseal Sword (Celes's skill), work normally on undead targets, are affected by the target's defense, and are blockable (through magic evasion). Enemy specials are simply modified physical attacks.

Monsters 000 ~ 127 Monsters 128 ~ 255 Monsters 256 ~ 383

Common Skills

Meh, let's just list out the whole skill catalog, which consists of:

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