Items and attempted translations from...

Final Fantasy VI

Here's the miscellaneous portion of the item list, covering everything except weapons and armor. Everything appears in the order the game stores them internally. Items are briefly explained as needed.

And by the way... due to a bug, evade is useless, and is listed here only for completeness. Someone apparently fouled up a reference, and MEvd is used for dodging even physical attacks. It's really too bad, given the amount of equipment with evade bonuses. On the other hand, nearly all monsters have 0% MEvd, so you'll almost never have any trouble hitting them...

Warning: May contain spoilers

Daggers Swords Spears
Ninja Swords Katanas Rods
Brushes Shuriken Assorted Weapons
Gambler Weapons Claws Shields
Headgear Body Armor Machines
Ninja Scrolls Accessories Usable Items
Important Things
(tool) ブラストボイス
(tool) Blast Voice
 Usable with Machines command
 Confuses multiple enemies
(tool) NoiseBlaster
 Confuses multiple enemies
 Use with "Tools" command

Inflicts 'confusion' status on all enemies (one side). Always works except against immune targets.

(tool) バイオブラスト
(tool) Bio Blast
 Usable with Machines command
 Inflicts poison damage on multiple enemies
(tool) Bio Blaster
 Gasses multiple enemies
 Use with "Tools" command

Inflicts 'poison' status and unblockable Poison magic damage to all enemies (one side). This has the same base power at 20 as ○ Thunder, but maintains full damage even on multiple targets, making it twice as effective against a group.

(tool) サンビーム
(tool) Sunbeam
 Usable with Machines command
 Darkness status + damage to multiple enemies
(tool) Flash
 Blinds multiple enemies
 Use with "Tools" command

Inflicts 'darkness' status and unblockable magic damage to all enemies (one side). At 42 power, this has twice the potency of the ○ Fire spell, but maintains full damage even on multiple targets, making it more effective than -ra spells against a group.

(tool) かいてんのこぎり
 時々 敵単体を即死させます
(tool) Chainsaw
 Usable with Machines command
 Occasionally makes one enemy die instantly
(tool) Chain Saw
 Randomly dispatches an enemy
 Use with "Tools" command

Unblockable defense-ignoring physical damage to one enemy at 252 attack power. Sometimes attempts to inflict 'incapacitated' instead of causing damage; this alternate attack has its own animation and ignores evasion, but immunity negates it and stamina can block it, causing it to have no effect, not even damage.

(tool) ウイークメーカー
(tool) Weakmaker
 Usable with Machines command
 Gives one enemy a weak trait
(tool) Debilitator
 Casts weak point randomly
 Use with "Tools" command

Makes one enemy weak against one of Flame, Ice, Thunder, Water, Wind, Earth, Poison, or Holy, choosing randomly from weaknesses it doesn't already have, and removing any protection it may have against the same trait. Always works, even on bosses, unless the target already has all eight weaknesses.

The Weakmaker does have one weakness of its own, though. A handful of enemies have a weakness against a trait they also negate or absorb, and it can't help you with that. Since the weakness technically exists already, the Weakmaker can't affect that element, even though the immunity or absorption takes effect when attacking. In other words, these weaknesses do nothing except make the corresponding protection unremovable.

(tool) ドリル
(tool) Drill
 Usable with Machines command
 Inflicts damage, ignoring defense
(tool) Drill
 Penetrates an enemy's defense
 Use with "Tools" command

Unblockable defense-ignoring physical damage to one enemy, 191 attack power.

Though the Chainsaw is more damaging, the Drill is a safer bet on anything that's immune to instant death, since the Chainsaw may try that and fail. The Drill will average slightly more damage over time, and just increases its lead if Edgar gets powerful enough for the Chainsaw to run into the damage cap.

(tool) エアアンカー
(tool) Air Anchor
 Usable with Machines command
 Makes enemy self-destruct on next turn
(tool) Air Anchor
 Enemy becomes self-destructive
 Use with "Tools" command

Inflicts some physical damage (128 attack power) and makes the target drop dead after its next action. Unblockable unless the target has immunity to instant death, in which case it has no effect, not even damage.

Though the delay is a drawback, this has a distinct advantage over other instant death options, in that it never fails unless the enemy is outright immune. Also, whether this was intentional or not, a status effect like 'regenerate' or 'slip' adding or draining health counts as taking an action for this.

(tool) オートボウガン
(tool) Auto Crossbow
 Usable with Machines command
 Crossbow attacks multiple enemies
(tool) AutoCrossbow
 Strikes multiple enemies
 Use with "Tools" command

ボーガン, from "bowgun", refers to crossbows that fire by pulling a trigger.

Unblockable physical damage to all enemies (one side), 125 attack power. Full damage even on multiple targets.

Ninja Scrolls
(scroll) かとん
(scroll) Katon
 Usable with Throw command
 Flame damage to all enemies
(scroll) Fire Skean
 Multiple Fire-elemental attack
 Use with "Throw" command

火遁 (katon), a term linked to ninja fire skills, approximately translates to "unleashed fire". The skean, a type of dagger formerly used in Ireland and Scotland, has no relation. Based on the icon and on various ninja in anime, scrolls hold these skills, not knives or any other usual weapon.

When used with Throw, inflicts unblockable Flame magic damage on all enemies (both sides) at 100 power, a bit weaker than ○ Figa.

(scroll) すいとん
(scroll) Suiton
 Usable with Throw command
 Water damage to all enemies
(scroll) Water Edge
 Multi Water-elemental attack
 Use with "Throw" command

水遁 (suiton), a term linked to ninja water skills, approximately translates to "unleashed water".

When used with Throw, inflicts unblockable Water magic damage on all enemies (both sides) at 100 power, a bit weaker than -ga spells.

(scroll) らいじん
(scroll) Raijin
 Usable with Throw command
 Thunder damage to all enemies
(scroll) Bolt Edge
 Multi Thunder-elemental attack
 Use with "Throw" command

雷迅 (raijin), a term related to ninja lightning skills, approximately translates to "swift lightning".

When used with Throw, inflicts unblockable Thunder magic damage on all enemies (both sides) at 100 power, a bit weaker than ○ Thundaga.

(scroll) このはがくれ
(scroll) Konoha Gakure
 Usable with Throw command
 Become transparent
(scroll) Inviz Edge
 Makes thrower transparent
 Use with "Throw" command

木の葉隠れ (konoha gakure), associated with the ninja, approximately translates to "hiding in the leaves".

When used with Throw, sets 'transparent' status on the user.

(scroll) かげぶんしん
(scroll) Kage Bunshin
 Usable with Throw command
 Spawns decoys
(scroll) Shadow Edge
 Creates thrower's illusion
 Use with "Throw" command

影分身 (kage bunshin), yet another ninja-related term, very loosely translates to something like "shadow decoy".

When used with Throw, sets 'decoy' status on the user. This is one of very few ways to do so.

(accessory) ぎんぶちめがね
(accessory) Silver-Rimmed Glasses
 Prevents Darkness status
(accessory) Goggles
 Protects against "Dark"
Prevents 'darkness' status Used by: Everyone

Don't bother. Because of the evade bug, 'darkness' does nothing except prevent Stragus from seeing Memorized Techniques to learn them.

(accessory) ほしのペンダント
(accessory) Star Pendant
 Prevents Poison status
(accessory) Star Pendant
 Protects against "Poison"
Prevents 'poison' status Used by: Everyone
(accessory) やすらぎのゆびわ
(accessory) Tranquil Ring
 Prevents Confusion and Berserk status
(accessory) Peace Ring
 Protects against "Berserk",
Prevents 'confusion' and 'berserk' status Used by: Everyone
(accessory) アミュレット
(accessory) Amulet
 Prevents Poison, Zombie, and Darkness status
(accessory) Amulet
 Protects against "Poison",
 "Dark", "Zombie"
Prevents 'poison', 'zombie', and 'darkness' status Used by: Everyone
(accessory) ホワイトケープ
(accessory) White Cape
 Prevents Kappa and Silence status
(accessory) White Cape
 Protects against "Imp", "Mute"
+5 Def, +5 MDef, +10 MEvd,
prevents 'kappa' and 'silence' status
Used by: Everyone

Amusingly, the conceptual side effect of extra MEvd often helps at least as much as the primary effects.

(accessory) ジュエルリング
(accessory) Jewel Ring
 Prevents Petrified status
(accessory) Jewel Ring
 Protects against "Dark",
Prevents 'petrified' status. Used by: Everyone

Despite the NA version's claim, the Jewel Ring does not prevent 'darkness' status. Not that it matters much considering how impotent 'darkness' is.

(accessory) フェアリーリング
(accessory) Fairy Ring
 Prevents Darkness and Poison status
(accessory) Fairy Ring
 Protects against "Poison",
Prevents 'darkness' and 'poison' status Used by: Everyone
(accessory) バリアリング
(accessory) Barrier Ring
 Shell automatically takes effect when near death
(accessory) Barrier Ring
 Casts "Shell" when HP is low
+2 mag, gain 'shell' status on 'near death' status Used by: Everyone
(accessory) ミスリルのこて
(accessory) Mithril Bracer
 Protect automatically takes effect when near death
(accessory) MithrilGlove
 Casts "Safe" when HP is low
+6 def, gain 'protect' status on 'near death' status Used by: Everyone
(accessory) プロテクトリング
(accessory) Protect Ring
 Protect automatically takes effect
(accessory) Guard Ring
 Casts "Safe"
Gives 'protect' status Used by: Everyone
(accessory) エルメスのくつ
(accessory) Hermes's Shoes
 Haste automatically takes effect
(accessory) RunningShoes
 Casts "Haste"
Gives 'haste' status Used by: Everyone

Also incidentally prevents 'slow' status.

(accessory) リフレクトリング
(accessory) Reflect Ring
 Reflect automatically takes effect
(accessory) Wall Ring
 Casts "Rflect"
Gives 'reflect' status Used by: Everyone
(accessory) てんしのはね
(accessory) Angel Wings
 Levitate automatically takes effect
(accessory) Cherub Down
 Casts "Float"
Gives 'levitate' status Used by: Everyone
(accessory) てんしのゆびわ
(accessory) Angel's Ring
 Regenerate automatically takes effect
(accessory) Cure Ring
 Casts "Regen"
Gives 'regenerate' status Used by: Everyone
(accessory) ナイトのこころえ
(accessory) Knight's Expertise
 Covers for other teammates who are near death
(accessory) True Knight
 Protects party memebers who
 are low on HP
Shields allies in 'near death' status Used by: Everyone

A character wearing this accessory will intercept physical attacks intended for other characters in 'near death' status, taking the damage in their place. The effect does not activate if the wearer has 'petrified', 'transparent', 'zombie', 'sleep', 'confusion', 'stop', 'frozen', 'chanting', or 'hidden' status, or if the weakened character has 'transparent' status (and thus can't be hit anyway).

(accessory) りゅうきしのくつ
(accessory) Wyrmknight's Boots
 Changes Battle command into Jump
(accessory) DragoonBoots
 Changes "Fight" into "Jump"
Replaces Battle with Jump Used by: Everyone but Umaro

Using Jump briefly removes the character from the battlefield to strike for extra damage, especially if wielding a spear. It also ignores row.

(accessory) そよかぜのマント
(accessory) Zephyr Manteau
 Dodge enemy attacks more easily
(accessory) Zephyr Cape
 Dodges attacks more easily
+10 evd, +10 MEvd Used by: Everyone

A unique dodging animation may occur when wearing a Zephyr Manteau.

(accessory) プリンセスリング
(accessory) Princess Ring
 Protect and Shell automatically
 take effect when near death
(accessory) Czarina Ring
 Casts "Safe", "Shell" when HP
 is low
Gain 'protect' and 'shell' status on 'near death' status Used by: Tina, Celes, Relm
(accessory) のろいのゆびわ
(accessory) Ring of Curses
(accessory) Cursed Ring
 Is cursed
Inflicts 'death sentence' on wearer, teaches Dejon x5 Used by: Everyone

And no, it can't be uncursed.

(accessory) イヤリング
(accessory) Earring
 Magic damage increases
 Wear two for further increase
(accessory) Earrings
 Raises magic damage
 More powerful if paired
Magic damage up (stacks) Used by: Everyone

Increases base magic damage 25%. The effect stacks with a Brave Ring or second Earring for a 50% total increase.

(accessory) きょじんのこて
(accessory) Giant's Bracer
 Physical damage increases
(accessory) Atlas Armlet
 Raises fight damage
Physical damage up (doesn't stack) Used by: Everyone

Increases base physical damage 25%. Wearing one with a Brave Ring or second Giant's Bracer has no further effect on physical damage. Despite what the NA description may seem to imply, this affects all physical attacks (except those that bypass normal damage calculation), not just the Battle command.

(accessory) ふぶきのオーブ
(accessory) Snowstorm Orb
 If a yeti equips it...
(accessory) Blizzard Orb
 Equip on sasquatch, and...
+5 mag, absorbs Ice, negates Flame,
enables Snowstorm ability
Used by: Umaro

Since Umaro already wears a Snow Muffler, the absorption here does him no good.

(accessory) いかりのリング
(accessory) Fury Ring
 If a yeti equips it...
(accessory) Rage Ring
 Equip on sasquatch, and...
+5 str, absorbs Flame, negates Thunder,
enables ally toss attack
Used by: Umaro
(accessory) とうぞくのうでわ
(accessory) Thief's Bracelet
 Steal success rate increases
(accessory) Sneak Ring
 Raises success rate of "Steal"
+5 agi, 'Steal' rate up Used by: Lock, Gogo

The agility is an incidental bonus, not the advertised one. Agility has no effect on Steal success rate.

Wearing a Thief's Bracelet doubles Steal (and Mug) success rate, though it's more complicated than that. Refer to Lock's Steal skill for more details on how it works and why the simple version of the explanation is misleading.

(accessory) まもりのうでわ
(accessory) Protective Bracelet
 Protect and Shell automatically take effect
(accessory) Pod Bracelet
 Casts "Safe", "Shell"
Gives 'protect' and 'shell' status Used by: Everyone
(accessory) ブレイブリング
(accessory) Brave Ring
 Physical and magical damage increase
(accessory) Hero Ring
 Raises fight and magic damage
Physical damage up (doesn't stack),
magic damage up (stacks)
Used by: Everyone

Increases base physical damage 25%. Wearing one with a Giant's Bracer or second Brave Ring has no further effect on physical damage. Despite what the NA description may seem to imply, this affects all physical attacks (except those that bypass normal damage calculation), not just the Battle command.

Increases base magic damage 25%. The effect stacks with an Earring or second Brave Ring for a 50% total increase.

Because only the magic bonus stacks, wearing one Brave Ring and one Earring has the same effect as wearing two Brave Rings.

(accessory) リボン
(accessory) Ribbon
 Prevents various status disorders
(accessory) Ribbon
 Protects from all status
Prevents 'blind', 'zombie', 'poison', 'kappa', 'petrified', 'silence', 'berserk', 'confusion', 'slip', and 'sleep' status Used by: Everyone

The Ribbon does not protect against all status ailments, just the ones I've listed. It has no effect against 'death sentence', 'slow', or 'stop', various other effects that are generally positive, or unpreventable status effects like 'frozen' and 'charmed'. It also won't stop instant death (which should come as no surprise).

(accessory) マッスルベルト
(accessory) Muscle Belt
 HP increases 50%
(accessory) Muscle Belt
 Raises HP by 1/2
+50% max HP Used by: Everyone
(accessory) クリスタルオーブ
(accessory) Crystal Orb
 MP increases 50%
(accessory) Crystal Orb
 Raises MP by 1/2
+50% max MP Used by: Everyone

Umaro can use this even though he has no use for MP.

(accessory) きんのかみかざり
(accessory) Gold Headdress
 Limits MP consumption to half
when using magic
(accessory) Gold Hairpin
 Halves MP consumed
All MP-using abilities cost half MP (rounded up) Used by: Everyone

かみかざり is a generic term for decorative hair accessories. Though "hairpin" is nice for brevity, it's just too specific. An ornamental comb is just as likely. "Headdress" seems to be the closest English equivalent, though the lack of "hair" in the term threw me for longer than I'd like to admit.

It's rather odd that Umaro can use this, especially since he can't use the Three Stars, or most other accessories that do him no good.

(accessory) スリースターズ
(accessory) Three Stars
 Limits MP consumption to 1
when using magic
(accessory) Economizer
 Cuts MP consumed to 1
All MP-using abilities cost 1 MP Used by: Everyone but Umaro
(accessory) とうぞくのこて
(accessory) Thief's Bracer
 Changes Steal command into Mug
(accessory) Thief Glove
 Changes "Steal" into "Capture"
Replaces Steal with Mug Used by: Lock, Gogo
(accessory) ガントレット
(accessory) Gauntlet
 Can attack with a weapon held two-handed
 The damage you inflict increases
(accessory) Gauntlet
 One weapon can be held with 2
 hands to increase damage
+5 def, can forfeit shield to boost attack Used by: Everyone

Wearing a Gauntlet has approximately the same effect as increasing the attack power of a weapon by 75% (e.g., a 200 attack weapon will act as 350 attack) in exchange for not being able to wear a shield at the same time.

Umaro, at least, particularly benefits from the Gauntlet. Since he can't use a shield anyway, you're basically getting boosted attack for nothing.

(accessory) げんじのこて
(accessory) Genji's Bracer
 Can equip one weapon in each hand
(accessory) Genji Glove
 Possible to equip each hand
 with a weapon
+5 def, can forfeit shield for a second weapon Used by: Everyone but Umaro

When wielding two weapons, the attacker hits twice during normal attacks, once with each weapon, and each attack behaves as a normal independent attack with that weapon. When using Jump with two weapons, only one hit occurs, with one of the two weapons chosen at random. Using a Genji's Bracer reduces base damage for physical attacks by 25% unless using two weapons (in all likelihood, the penalty ought to apply only when using two weapons, but doesn't work as intended). The lack of a penalty when dual-wielding makes the Gauntlet largely pointless in comparison.

(accessory) ハイパーリスト
(accessory) Hyper Wrist
 Strength increases
(accessory) Hyper Wrist
 Raises vigor
+50% str Used by: Everyone

Keep in mind that once strength hits 128, any further increase has no effect. Otherwise, each point of strength roughly equals two points of attack power.

(accessory) かいでんのあかし
(accessory) Proof of Initiation
 Number of attacks increases with Wild Strike
(accessory) Offering
 Changes "Fight" into "X Fight"
Four random hits at half damage Used by: Everyone

皆伝の証 in kanji. 皆伝 (kaiden) implies having received instruction in secret techniques.

When using a Proof of Initiation, a character's normal attack strikes four times, and can never miss unless the target has 'transparent' status.

There are downsides, though. These attacks will never be critical hits (even for weapons with auto-critical) and will never trigger weapon-cast spells. Each hit also targets a random enemy, so you can't control where the damage goes. The most important downside, though, is that physical damage is halved (except that the Dice and Fixed Dice ignore this penalty, and so does the Valiant Knife's damage bonus for lost HP, but not its normal damage). This means that each of the four hits inflicts half the damage of a normal attack, but less obvious is that this affects all physical attacks. Don't try combining this with physical skills like Edgar's Auto Crossbow or Cayenne's Fang, or you'll just get the penalty without the benefits.

On the other hand, the attacker won't waste hits by striking targets that have already taken fatal damage (unless there are no enemies left that haven't). This means, for instance, that when facing four enemies, if none can survive a hit, all four will go down, guaranteed, every time.

This affects the Mug command in addition to the Battle command (though the stealing part gets buggy; refer to Lock's Mug skill for more details). It also affects most physical attacks in Gau's Rages, but never magic. Additionally, the random skills of the Thief's Knife, Assassin Dagger, Ichigeki Blade, Wing Edge, Critical Darts, Zantetsuken, Hawkeye, Sniper, and Kazekiri Blade may trigger on any or (potentially) all of the four hits, so if you're trying to boost the chances of seeing them, this will help considerably.

This is the ultimate accessory for physical attackers. It increases net damage and allows attacking multiple enemies in a single round. Even better, breaking the attack up into four hits makes a loophole in the damage cap, with the possibility of hitting over 39k damage in one turn. Combine it with the Genji Glove, and it's possible to inflict 79,992 total damage with only one Battle command, and if that's not obscene enough, you could always start off with a Quick spell to get two turns in a row like that. For reference, no enemy in the game, bosses included, has more than 63,001 HP. So if you were wondering if it's possible to be excessively powerful in FFVI, the answer is a resounding YES, but keep in mind that overleveling figures into these values.

General Leo has one of these permanently equipped.

(accessory) みきりのじゅず
(accessory) All-Seeing Rosary
 See through enemy techniques
 and evade attacks at a set rate
(accessory) Beads
 Randomly evades enemies'
+20 evd Used by: Everyone

Also meant to halve enemy hit rate against the wearer, but due to the evade bug, this item does nothing useful. It's really too bad... between the 20 evasion and the halved enemy accuracy, this would have given a character with no other evasion whatsoever a chance (however slight) to dodge any physical attack with a hit rate of up to 237 (instead of needing the attack to have under 100 hit rate), while reducing an attack with 100 hit rate to just over a 42% chance to hit. Now try that with Shadow... 21 base evade, plus 10 from even an ordinary shield, plus another 20 from this, and the halved enemy accuracy on top of that. That would give an attack with 254 hit rate less than 77% chance to hit, put 166 hit rate under 50% success, and make something with 100 hit rate, normally not bad, hit barely 30% of the time. And that's without better equipment and before factoring in Interceptor.

(accessory) ブラックベルト
(accessory) Black Belt
 Counterattack at a set rate when
 you suffer enemy attacks
(accessory) Black Belt
 Randomly counterattacks when
May counter physical attacks Used by: Everyone

25% chance of striking back with a normal attack when hit physically. The wearer will never counter attacks from allies, and cannot counter when in 'petrified', 'zombie', 'sleep', 'confusion', 'stop', or 'frozen' status, or when dancing or riding Sorcerous Armor.

Unlike other characters, Umaro may use any attack currently available to him when countering, not just a normal attack.

(accessory) へいじのじって
(accessory) Heiji's Truncheon
 Changes Slots command into Coin Toss
(accessory) Coin Toss
 Changes "Slot" into "GP Rain"
Replaces Slots with Coin Toss Used by: Setzer, Gogo

The kanji are 平次の十手. Kahran042 points out that this is a reference to Heiji Zenigata, a fictional law enforcement character who throws coins to capture criminals.

(accessory) だんちょうのヒゲ
(accessory) Impresario's Mustache
 Changes Sketch command into Control
(accessory) FakeMustache
 Changes "Sketch" into "Control"
Replaces Sketch with Control Used by: Relm, Gogo

An impresario manages or organizes public entertainment, often opera. Or, in other words, is the one in charge.

(accessory) ソウルオブサマサ
(accessory) Soul of Thamasa
 Changes Magic command into Chain Magic
(accessory) Gem Box
 Changes "Magic" into "X Magic"
Replaces Magic with Chain Magic Used by: Everyone but Umaro
(accessory) ひりゅうのつの
(accessory) Wyvern's Horn
 Enables chained jumps
 with the Jump command
(accessory) Dragon Horn
 Makes "Jump" continuous
Jump attacks hit multiple times Used by: Everyone but Umaro

飛竜 (hiryuu), literally flying dragons, appear in Final Fantasy V.

A character equipped with a Wyvern's Horn who lands after being airborne from the Jump command or Quetzal summon Sonic Dive will jump back up and come down again at least once more for a total of at least two hits. The final number of attacks can be two (3/4 chance), three (3/16 chance), or four (1/16 chance).

(accessory) くんしょう
(accessory) Medal
 Enables the use of heavy
 warrior-class equipment
(accessory) Merit Award
 Allows heavy armor, etc.
 to be equipped
Wearer can use most equipment Used by: Everyone

Wearing the Medal allows a character to use nearly every piece of equipment in the game, in addition to what the character can already use. This excludes the Bone Club, Hairband, Tiara, Mystique Veil, Royal Crown, Oath Veil, Cat-Ear Hood, White Dress, Princess Dress, Minerva Bustier, Sleepy Cat Suit, Chocobo Suit, Moogle Suit, Nutsin Suit, Behemoth Suit, Snow Muffler, and all accessories.

The NA version also excludes the Ultima Weapon, though it's unclear whether this is meant as a limitation for characters who can't inherently wield it or as a way to avoid an odd glitch that occurs when combining the Ultima Weapon with Rages that use physical damage special attacks. Sometimes the effect is as innocuous as using the wrong color palette, but it's also capable of locking up the game, so be careful if you try it.

The Medal particularly benefits Gau, who can't otherwise equip a weapon, but has such high base attack power he can reach maximum (255) attack even with a relatively weak one. Many of his Rage skills also take on any special effects the weapon provides.

However, it does nothing at all for Umaro, since you can't change his equipment anyway.

(accessory) かたみのゆびわ
 亡き母の愛が 即死魔法から
(accessory) Memento Ring
 Departed mother's love protects
 from instant death magic
(accessory) Memento Ring
 Departed mom's love protects
 against fatal magic attacks
Prevents instant death and 'zombie' and 'petrified' status Used by: Shadow, Relm

The question here is whether in Shadow's case this means his mother or Relm's, considering it's strongly hinted that he's Relm's father.

(accessory) セーフティビット
(accessory) Safety Bit
 Protects from instant death magic
(accessory) Safety Bit
 Protects from mortal magic
Prevents instant death and 'zombie' and 'petrified' status Used by: Everyone

The Memento Ring and Safety Bit seem to have exactly the same effect. The Memento Ring, however, is available much sooner.

(accessory) ししゃのゆびわ
(accessory) Ring of the Dead
 Body grows cold...
(accessory) Relic Ring
 Makes body cold
Wearer becomes undead during combat
(not the same as 'zombie' status)
Used by: Everyone

The Ring of the Dead makes the wearer undead during combat, which has at least the following effects: Most healing spells, skills, and items damage the wearer. Attacks against the wearer that drain HP and/or MP are reversed, causing the wearer to recover and the attacker to take damage. Many types of instant death attacks against the wearer instead restore full HP.

All of these only take effect during battle, so you can heal the wearer normally in the field.

The ghosts that can temporarily join your party on the Grim Train have these permanently equipped (that's how the game makes them undead).

(accessory) モルルのおまもり
(accessory) Moruru's Charm
 Zeroes encounter rate except for special enemies
(accessory) Moogle Charm
 No random enemy encounters
No random battles Used by: Mog

Moruru is one of the moogles that helps Lock early in the game. Specifically, the low-level one right next to Mog. Possibly a best friend, relative, or lover? Kahran042 adds that Djibriel's FAQ on GameFAQs calls her Mog's lover. Djibriel references a Japanese Creation Data Collection Book that "supposedly clearly says the Moogle Charm is a 'crystal ball charm given by his lover, Moruru'". Considering that this is secondhand information even to Djibriel, I'll have to classify it as probable but unconfirmed.

When Mog is in the active group and wearing Moruru's Charm, no random encounters will occur, always useful for raiding dungeons and avoiding being harassed. Don't be too careless, though, since fixed encounters (bosses, event battles, etc.) are unaffected.

(accessory) たいまのうでわ
(accessory) Warding Bracelet
 Lowers encounter rate except for special enemies
(accessory) Charm Bangle
 Encounters fewer random
Fewer random battles Used by: Everyone

退魔の腕輪 in kanji. More literally "demon repulsion" than "warding".

When anyone in the active group is wearing a Warding Bracelet, random encounters will occur about half as often as usual. Fixed encounters (bosses, event battles, etc.) are unaffected.

(accessory) ミラクルシューズ
(accessory) Miracle Shoes
 Various effects appear
 Mysterious shoes
(accessory) Marvel Shoes
 Creates various effects
Gives 'regenerate', 'haste', 'protect', and 'shell' status Used by: Everyone

Also incidentally prevents 'slow' status.

(accessory) アラームピアス
(accessory) Alarm Pierce
 Avoids back attacks and surrounded
(accessory) Back Guard
 Evades "Back attack" and
 "Pincer attack"
Prevents back attacks and being surrounded Used by: Everyone

When anyone in the active group is wearing an Alarm Pierce, monsters will never attack from behind or from both sides, unless the monster formation disallows all other types of attacks (double Tyrannosaurus, for example).

(accessory) はやてのかんざし
(accessory) Gale Hairpin
 Probability of preemptive attacks increases
(accessory) Gale Hairpin
 Raises "Preemptive attack" rate
More preemptive attacks Used by: Everyone

When anyone in the active group is wearing a Gale Hairpin, preemptive attacks occur twice as frequently (roughly, with RNG quirks throwing off the actual odds). The party will never get a preemptive attack when attacked from behind or surrounded, or when fighting certain monster formations (usually bosses).

(accessory) スナイパーアイ
(accessory) Sniper Eye
 Physical attacks succeed 100%
(accessory) Sniper Sight
 Ensures 100% "Fight" hit rate
Attacks become unblockable Used by: Everyone

Normal attacks cannot miss when wearing a Sniper Eye, unless the target has 'transparent' status.

(accessory) グローエッグ
(accessory) Grow Egg
 Earn double the usual experience points
(accessory) Exp. Egg
 Doubles obtained Exp.
Wearer gains double experience Used by: Everyone
(accessory) タマのすず
(accessory) Tama's Bell
 HP recovers whenever you walk
(accessory) Tintinabar
 Recovers HP with each step
HP recovers while walking Used by: Everyone

Since Tama is a common cat's name, "Kitty Bell" could be an alternate name.

The wearer recovers 1 HP per four base stamina for every step taken (equipment bonuses do not count).

(accessory) ダッシューズ
(accessory) Dash Shoes
 Enables dashing
(accessory) Sprint Shoes
 Allows person to sprint
Move twice as fast in towns, dungeons, etc. Used by: Everyone

Useless in combat and on the world map, but running around is such a timesaver that I habitually equip a pair on someone in the active party anyway.

Usable Items
Rename Card
 Secret Item
Rename Card
 Secret item

The Rename Card lets you rename a character. Go figure.

These are useful mostly for wagering at the Dragon's Head Coliseum to get Miracle Shoes.

 HPを 50回復します
 Recovers 50 HP
 Recovers 50 HP
 HPを 250回復します
High Potion
 Recovers 250 HP
 Recovers 250 HP
 Recovers all HP
 Recovers HP to 100%
 MPを 50回復します
 Recovers 50 MP
 Recovers 50 MP
 MPを 150回復します
Ether Turbo
 Recovers 150 MP
 Recovers 150 MP
Ether Super
 Recovers all MP
 Recovers MP to 100%
 Recovers all HP and MP
 Recovers HP/MP to 100%
Last Elixir
 Recovers all HP and MP for all allies
 Recovers party's HP/MP to 100%
Phoenix Tail
 Restores the incapacitated
Fenix Down
 Recovers the wounded
Holy Water
 Cures zombie status
 Cures "Zombie" status

Also restores 1/8 of max HP since zombies aren't generally very healthy.

 Cures poison status
 Cures "Poison" status
 Cures darkness status
 Cures "Dark" status
Gold Needle
 Cures petrified status
 Cures "Petrify" status
 ゾンビ以外の どんな病気も治します
 Cures any illness except zombie
 Cures status ailments except

Well, not quite any, but many. The Panacea will cure 'darkness', 'poison', 'kappa', 'petrified', 'silence', and 'slip' status.

万能薬 in kanji, which literally means "thousand-abilities medicine"

For comparison purposes, the Esuna spell will not remove 'kappa', but will remove 'confusion', 'sleep', 'slow', and 'stop', which a Panacea doesn't.

 一人だけ休んで 元気になれます
Sleeping Bag
 One person only can rest to recover
Sleeping Bag
 Recovers HP/MP to 100%

Sleeping Bags can only be used at save points and on the world map. They recover all HP and MP and remove 'levitate', 'darkness', 'zombie', 'poison', 'transparent', 'kappa', and 'petrified' status.

 一晩やすんで みんな元気になれます
 Everyone can rest overnight to recover
 Recovers party's HP/MP to 100%

Tents can only be used at save points and on the world map. They recover all HP and MP, and remove 'levitate', 'darkness', 'zombie', 'poison', 'transparent', 'kappa', 'petrified', and 'incapacitated' status.

Yellow Cherry
 Cures kappa status
Green Cherry
 Cures "Imp" status
Magicite Shard
 Summons a Genjuu at random
 Summons random Espers

I think that's out of all of them, not just the ones you have. It would have been more interesting if they had tossed some unique ones in here, like the extra spells Cecilia can cast with Randomizer in Wild ARMs.

At least in theory, you have a chance to summon Ragnarök even early in the game, making it remotely possible to morph certain enemies into equipment that is otherwise unavailable until much later. However, given the limited availability of Magicite Shards, the low odds of getting Ragnarök as the summon, the low odds of the attack succeeding, and the low odds of getting the item you want even when it does succeed, this is more of a curiosity than a practical benefit.

On the other hand, you also have a chance to summon Jihad and risk wiping out your own party as it hits everything on the battlefield.

Super Ball
 Bounces and inflicts damage
Super Ball
 Bounding damage

Super Balls are weird. They hit (or at least can hit) all enemies (one side), and seem to inflict damage in randomly chosen exact multiples of 256.

Echo Smokescreen
 Cures silence status
Echo Screen
 Cures "Mute" status
Smoke Ball
 Lets all allies escape from combat
Smoke Bomb
 Lets party escape from battle
Teleport Stone
 Same effect as Teleport spell
Warp Stone
 Same effect as "Warp"
 Have some when hungry
Dried Meat
 Eat when hungry

Recovers 150 HP, and unlike all other healing items, this will heal undead rather than inflicting damage.

すで Unarmed Empty

This item fills the blank slots, and characters equip it when they're not using any real weapon. It counts as a weapon with 10 attack power, explaining why weapons don't raise attack power as much as the information seems to indicate they should. The hit rate is 200, just like claws.

だいじなもの Important Things RARE
Sake snatched from a merchant.
Cider, taken from a merchant

Lock takes this from a merchant in South Figaro and needs it to access the secret passage into the mansion.

 Old Clock Key
An old clock key obtained from a soldier.
 Old Clock-Key
An old clock-key
found on a soldier.

The soldier "guarding" Celes has this, and it opens the secret passage out of South Figaro.

Tasty fish.
A yummy fish

Fast fish caught near Cid's hut. Improves his health.

Ordinary fish.
Just a fish

Normal speed fish caught near Cid's hut. Improves his health somewhat.

Unappetizing fish.
A rotten fish

Normal speed fish caught near Cid's hut. Slightly worsens his health.


Slow fish caught near Cid's hut. Worsens his health.

 Iron Lump
A very heavy iron lump.
If you put it in a treasure chest...?
 Lump of Metal
A heavy weight.
Put it into a chest, and...

Found in Cayenne's dream. Needed to keep a rude chest still.

 Lola's Letter
Thank you for always sending me flowers!
How are you feeling? I'm worried...
 Lola's Letter
Thanks for all those flowers!
I'm worried about you...

(Get from Lola, attach to pigeon, leads to Cayenne. I think.)

 Coral Fragment
Coral fragment found in the Eboshi Rock cave.
Piece of coral, found in the
cave near Ebot's Rock.

Collect in the Eboshi Rock cave, needed to pass the hungry treasure chest.

 Various Books
Simple machine books anyone can understand...
and some fairly lewd books.
Simple book on machinery...
And "Book of Secrets"...

Found in Cayenne's locked treasure chest in Mt. Zozo. Useful only for laughs.

Too bad the NA version not only killed the joke but also made it look like something more important than it is.

山が ほしがたに ならぶところ
 Emperor's Letter
Where the mountains align as a pentagram.
 Royal Letter
At a star-shaped mountain

Examine Gastra's portrait in Auzar's mansion twice. A clue to finding Lock and the Phoenix Genjuu.

A spray that removes rust.
Rust solvent

Roughly. サビトレール (SABI TOREERU) exaggerates 錆取れる (sabi toreru), "rust comes off".

Zozo's only honest man has it. Needed to open the door into Mt. Zozo.

 Actress's Autograph
An opera actress's autograph.
An opera singer's autograph

Cannot be obtained without cheating.

Guessing by some of these items, there had been plans to have more happen at the Opera House.

 Nail Polish
Beautiful red nail polish.
Pretty, red manicure

Cannot be obtained without cheating.

 Opera Record
A bit scratched.
 Opera Record
Has a small scratch

Cannot be obtained without cheating.

 Magnifying Glass
A convex lens.
A convex lens

Cannot be obtained without cheating.

 Unusual Stone
A stone like none you've ever seen.
 Eerie Stone
A stone never seen

Cannot be obtained without cheating. I've seen speculation that this might have been Magicite found before the party knew what it was.

 へんな え
 Strange Picture
A mysterious optical illusion.
 Odd Picture
A very curious picture

Cannot be obtained without cheating.

 Scrap of Paper
An entirely mediocre picture.
 Dull Picture
Quite a common picture

Cannot be obtained without cheating.

A pendant the sorceress girl has.
A pendant worn by the girl
who pilots the Magitek Armor.

Tina has it from the beginning of the game. Its (minimal) significance gets a brief mention during the storyline, but it's never actually used.


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