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(2022-05-17) Alternate hosting established at

(2022-02-27) Translations section updated, with new content for Secret of Mana. Added more video links and my incomplete port of Creepy Caverns to the Projects section.

(2021-10-30) Translations section updated, with new content for FFIV and a sample ALttPR playthrough. Also, the Projects section finally has actual content again!

(2021-07-18) Translations section updated, with new content for BoF2 and ALttP, plus some Bravely Default music and another K-On! song.

(2020-09-27) Translations section updated, with new content for FF5 and ALttP, plus some Zombie Land Saga music.

(2020-02-08) Translations section updated, mainly Chronicles of Estpolis II (Lufia 2).

(2018-11-24) Translations section updated, mainly Final Fantasy IV (2US).

(2017-10-28) More updates in the Translations section, primarily Legend of the Holy Sword 2 (Secret of Mana) and Chronicles of Estpolis II (Lufia 2).

(2016-11-06) See the Translations section for some updates, featuring Breath of Fire II.

(2016-05-30) Along with general cleanup of the Translations section, I've also posted several additional song translations and added more of the FF5 storyline. The Japanese reference section also has some new and updated entries. And in other news, I've created a Facebook page in the hopes of making feedback and sharing easier.

(2015-09-07) I've made some small updates to the Japanese reference section and some larger updates to the Translations section, with Secret of Mana as the primary focus this time around. As always, feel free to send feedback, questions, suggestions, or other comments through e-mail, on the guestbook, or on relevant blog posts.

(2015-03-01) New updates to Translation section, and a smaller update in the Japanese reference.

(2014-08-09) Blog added. First order of business is duplicating the old entries I made back of FortuneCity; then we'll see about adding new content.


Look through anything that interests you. And feel free to send e-mail (links in each section), or leave notes on the guestbook if you like, just not spam, please.

日本語 Reference

Various info on the Japanese language, including characters, some vocabulary, and grammar. There's also a little stuff on the series Ranma1/2 by Rumiko Takahashi, hence the directory name, but I removed most of that a while ago.

Unofficial Translations

A variety of things that I have translated or am translating from Japanese to English for fun. Mostly game text and song lyrics. This has been the most active section of the site for a long time, and is also the part I get the most feedback on.


A few things I'm making or have made, including an Unreal Tournament level, some small utilities, a few little things in the Verge RPG engine, and some maps for The Faery Tale Adventure. This is basically the random stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere.


Miscellaneous infomation on the Inuyasha series, by Rumiko Takahashi. This started out as just an info page to keep my Japanese class from getting too lost when we did a unit on Inuyasha, but I like it enough to keep it around and make it publicly available. I'm not currently working on this section, but everything that's already here is staying.