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These lists are dumped straight from the ROMs.

Note that many inns give settlement names as "village" in A.D. 600 and "town" in A.D. 1000. Interesting.

Some names vary based on what the player has named certain characters; these are listed with the character names in { }.

Warning: May contain spoilers

JP Version Name Translated NA Version Name
町長のやしき Mayor's Manor Mayor's Manor
民家 Private House Residence
{Crono}の家 {Crono}'s House {Crono}'s house
{Lucca}の家 {Lucca}'s House {Lucca}'s house
ゴブの家 Gob's House Gobb's house

Most likely the above was meant for the friendly goblin's house in Medina, but it's just another "Private House" in-game.

トルース町の宿屋 Truce Town Inn Truce Inn
まきがい亭 The Snail (shop/diner/inn name) Snail Stop
永遠のいこい亭 The Eternal Rest (shop/diner/inn name) Eternal repose
さざなみ亭 The Ripple (shop/diner/inn name) Breakwave Pt.

The names Eternal Rest and Ripple aren't used, so it's anyone's guess what they are.

リーネ広場 Leene Square Leene Square
グッズマーケット Goods Market Market
パレポリ町の宿屋 Palepoli Town Inn Porre Inn

That's pa - le - po - li. It's apparently the name of a manga by Furuya Usamaru, a progressive rock album by Osanna, and a bed and breakfast in Naples.

定期船事務所 Ferry Office Ticket Office
ガルディアの森 Guardia Forest Guardia Forest
ガルディア城 Guardia Castle Guardia Castle
ゼナンの橋 Zenan Bridge Zenan Bridge
ボッシュの小屋 Bosch's Hut Melchior's Hut
北の森の遺跡 Northern Forest Ancient Ruins Forest Ruins
ヘケランの洞窟 Hekeran's Cave Heckran Cave
フィオナ神殿 Fiona Temple Fiona's Shrine
西の岬 Western Cape West Cape
光のほこら Shrine of Light Sun Keep
勇者の墓 Hero's Tomb Hero's Grave
トルース村の裏山 Truce Village Back Hills Truce Canyon
マノリア修道院 Manoria Abbey Cathedral
お化けカエルの森 Frog Monster's Woods Cursed Woods
デナドロ山 Denadoro Mountains Denadoro Mts
タータの家 Tarta's House Tata's House
フィオナの小屋 Fiona's Hut Fiona's Villa
地底砂漠 Subterranean Desert Sunken Desert
魔岩窟 Demon Cavern Magic Cave
{Magus}城 {Magus} Castle {Magus}'s Lair
ビネガーのやかた Vinnegar's Manor Ozzie's Fort

This entry is blank in both versions

村長の家 Chief's House Elder's House
北の廃墟 Northern Ruins Northern Ruins

This entry is blank in both versions

バンゴドーム Bango Dome Bangor Dome
トランドーム Tran Dome Trann Dome
16号廃墟 #16 Ruins Lab 16
アリスドーム Arris Dome Arris Dome
32号廃墟 #32 Ruins Lab 32
プロメテドーム Promethe Dome Proto Dome
工場跡 Factory Ruins Factory
地下水道跡 Underground Waterway Ruins Sewer Access
監視者のドーム Watcher's Dome Keeper's Dome
死の山 Death Mountain Death Peak
ジェノサイドーム Genocidome Geno Dome
太陽神殿 Solar Temple Sun Palace
ロボット村 Robot Village Robot village

A prerelease version of the game has a location on the A.D. 2300 map that resembles the Colosseum. Could that have been the Robot Village? No location in the final release seems to match.

不思議山 Mystery Mountains Mystic Mts
イオカ村のテント Ioka Village Tent Ioka Hut
酋長のテント Chief's Tent Chief's Hut
村の広場 Village Square Meeting Site
まよいの森 Misleading Forest Forest Maze
恐竜人アジト Dinomen Hideout Reptite Lair
かりの森 Hunting Forest Hunting Range
プテランの巣 Pteran Nest Dactyl Nest
ティラン城 Tyran Castle Tyrano Lair
歌う山 Singing Mountain Chanting Mt

Singing Mountain does not exist in the final release, but a likely candidate was found on the 65 million B.C. map in a prerelease version, as was a prehistoric mixed cave and mountain area that is a probable match. The music for the area, though unused, exists in the ROM and also appears on the official soundtrack.

Considering the finalized flow of the game and the mountain's position on the eastern side of the continent by a small village that was also removed in the final release, my guess would be that when the party was thrown back in time after fighting the Magus, they would have landed in that village instead of waking in Ayla's hut, then had to climb the mountain to find a way back, possibly gaining access to air travel there. Its removal keeps the prehistoric map sparse on meaningful locations, which may have been deliberate, and it strikes me as a pacing decision as well. Without the extra village and longer mountain area to break up the action, the player is sent to Tyran Castle almost immediately after finishing Magus Castle, thus having to take on two of the game's longest dungeons more or less back to back with only a brief hike up a cliff and almost no plot or exploration between them. The down time comes only after that, with the first visit to Zeal consisting of almost entirely plot and exploration, with no dungeon crawling at all and a boss that doesn't even have to be beaten.

小さな洞窟 Small Cave Cave
エンハーサ Enharsa Enhasa
カジャール Kajarl Kajar
黒鳥号 The Blackbird Blackbird
北の封印宮 Northern Sealed Shrine North Keep
地の民の洞窟 Earth People's Cave Terra Cave
ジール宮殿 Zeal Palace Zeal Palace
海底神殿ビマーナ Abyssal Temple Vimanam Ocean Palace

Since you can't walk to the Abyssal Temple from the map, the entry above is never used, but it's there. Thanks to Google searches, guesswork, and cross-referencing, I've finally figured out ビマーナ. It's a name for the crowning tower on the innermost sanctum of many Hindu temples. Also see Wikipedia.

残された村 Lingering Village Last Village
北の岬 Northern Cape North Cape
ラヴォス外かく Lavos Shell Exoskeleton

Though you can't walk to Lavos's shell, it still has an entry in the list of place names.

This entry is blank in both versions

This entry is blank in both versions

パブ Pub Cafe
メディーナ村広場 Medina Village Square Medina Square
黒の夢 Black Dream Black Omen
岬のうず Cape Vortex Vortex Pt
天への道 Road to the Sky Skyway
地への道 Road to the Earth Land Bridge
{Ayla}のテント {Ayla}'s Tent {Ayla}'s tent
ラルバ村のやけ跡 Laruba Village's Burnt Remains Laruba ruins
ティラン城跡 Tyran Castle Ruins Lair Ruins
残された村の広場 Lingering Village Square Commons
メディーナ村の宿 Medina Village Inn Medina Inn
チョラス町の宿屋 Choras Town Inn Choras Inn
トルース村の宿屋 Truce Village Inn Truce Inn
サンドリノ村の宿 Sandrino Village Inn Dorino Inn
パレポリ村の宿 Palepoli Village Inn Porre Inn
チョラス村の宿 Choras Village Inn Choras Inn
巨人のツメ Giant's Claw Giant's Claw

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