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気がつけば 原始 Before You Know It, Primeval Forward to the Past
時の最果て The Farthest Reaches of Time The End of Time

Now that Frog can stay behind, here's his usual dialog:


Frog: You'll need someone good with
a sword to get anywhere, right?

Frog: Need you not a


カエル「腕がなまっちまうぜ。 Frog: My skill's going to grow dull.

Frog: Mine blade and skill
may rust...

He also closes his eyes.


カエル「よっしゃ、行くとするか! Frog: All right, then let's go! Frog: OK, let's get going!

He ribbits, and "Frog's Theme" plays as the party select screen opens.

ラルバの村のやけ跡 65 million B.C. Labura Village's Burnt Remains Laruba ruins

The trading hut has new weapons for everyone except Frog. His damage starts to lag a bit, but the high critical rate makes up for it. Anyhow, a large part of the forest northwest of Ioka is now burnt out, revealing a small village. Though the village itself is ruined, a number of villagers linger. "People Who Abandoned the Desire to Live" plays. As Crono enters the village, one of the villagers cries out.

キーノ 恐竜人 さらわれた!
恐竜人 さからった者 みな殺しする!
たいへん! たいへん!
Kino kindapped by Dinomen!
Dinomen massacre all who oppose!
Awful! Awful!
Reptites take Kino!
 Reptites hurt all who fight!
 What do now?!

Further into the ruins, Ayla is talking to the apparent leader.

Upon finding them, the internal storyline progression tracking variable becomes 0x8E.

長老「エイラ……、これ みな
  見ろ この ありさま……
  お前の後 恐竜人 つけてた!
  だから この村 こんな目にあった!

Elder: Ayla... this all your fault...
Look at way things are...
Dinomen followed after you!
That why this village suffer like this!

OLD MAN: Ayla...This your fault!
 Look at mess...
 Reptites followed you!
 So village now ruined!
  すまん……、エイラ うかつ……

Ayla: ......
Sorry... Ayla careless...

Ayla: ... Ayla feel bad.
長老「恐竜人 たてつく おろか!
  恐竜人 ワシらより 昔から
  だから ワシら かくれてた。
  だが エイラ いっしょに戦え
  エイラ こんな目 あっても
  戦え 言うか!?

Elder: Opposing Dinomen foolish!
Dinomen on this earth from
more long ago than us.
That why we were hiding.
But Ayla say fight together...
Ayla say fight even if suffer
like this!?

OLD MAN: Reptites strong!
 They live long time before us, they
 smart so we hide.
 But Ayla say fight together...
 Ayla still fight?!
エイラ「生きてるなら エイラ
  勝った者 生きる。 負けた者 死ぬ。
  それ この大地のおきて。
  恐竜人も エイラ達も 生き物
  みな このおきて さからえない。
  長老 お前達 生きてない。

Ayla: If alive, Ayla fight!
Winners live. Losers die.
That law of this earth.
Dinomen too, Aylas too, all
living thing no can defy this law.
Elder, yous not alive.
Just not dead.

Ayla: Ayla fight while alive!
 Win and live. Lose and die.
 Rule of life.
 No change rule.
 Old man breathe, but dead on inside.
長老「エイラ お前 強い……
  だから そう言える。
  ワシら 力 ない……

Elder: Ayla, you strong...
That why can say that.
We not have strength...

OLD MAN: Ayla, you strong, can
 make big talk.
 We no have power...
エイラ「それ 違う!
  力あるから 戦う 違う。
  戦うから 力つく!
  エイラ達 力 かす。
  だから プテラン!
  プテラン 今 必要。
  プテラン かしてくれ。

Ayla: That wrong!
Fight because have power, wrong.
Power come because fight!
Aylas lend power.
That why Pteran!
Need Pteran now.
Lend Pteran.

Ayla: No! Have power!
 We fight, gain more power!
 Ayla help you, but need Dactyl.
 Give Dactyl.

Actually, that's how things usually work in RPGs... you don't fight because you're strong, you get strong because you fight...

長老「プテラン……? Elder: Pteran...? OLD MAN: Need Dactyl?
長老「ティラン城 乗り込む気か!?
  あそこ 恐竜人の城。
  キケン! いくらエイラでも!

Elder: You want go in Tyran Castle!?
That place Dinomen's castle.
Danger! Even if Ayla!
Want to die?

OLD MAN: Go to Tyrano lair?!
 That Reptite's place.
 Ayla want die?
エイラ「違う 生きたいから 行く。
  エイラ だいじょうぶ。 たのむ!

Ayla: Wrong, want to live, so go.
Ayla fine. Depend on you!

Ayla: Want to live, so go there!
 Ayla be OK.
 Give Dactyl!
  プテランの世話してる者 伝えておく。
  プテランの巣 行く。
  気をつける エイラ!

Elder: ...okay.
I tell those who care for Pteran.
Go Pteran nest.
Ayla be careful!

 Go to Dactyl's nest and keeper will
 Careful, Ayla!
エイラ「長老 助かる! Ayla: Elder helpful! Ayla: Thank you, Old man!

Ayla leaves, but doesn't notice them. Crono goes after her.

プテランの巣 65 million B.C. Pteran Nest Dactyl Nest

First are a few cliffs to climb, with monsters as usual. "Primeval Mountain" plays.

Monsters here include the Tyran Glider (Avian Rex), Genbu (Shist, Pahoehoe), and Santana (Cave Ape). The Tyran Glider has a slight Aether weakness, while the Santana has the era's usual mammalian low defense and high magic resistance. The Genbu is strange, though. It's mostly harmless on its own, but the Santana likes to throw it as a weapon. It also changes forms when attacked, losing its top and some defense but gaining elemental immunites.

At the top of the small mountain, Ayla shrieks, and a pterodactyl lands in front of her. What looks like a bright red star is also visible in the sky.

エイラ「クロ!! Ayla: Cro!! Ayla: Crono!!

The internal storyline progression tracking variable is now 0x90.

Of the characters listed below, the first one who is in the active party speaks.


Lucca: Isn't it awfully cold of you
to go on your own?

Lucca: You can't be serious about
 going alone!

Marle: Trying to go and leave us
behind, you can't do that!

Marle: Don't even THINK about
 leaving us behind!

Frog: You plan on going alone?
I don't understand the situation
too well, but if you're Crono's
friend, you're my friend...
I can't let you do such a thing
as facing death alone.

Frog: Thou goest forth alone?
 I know not thine quest, but a
 comrade of Crono's is also mine.
 I will not allow thee to meet thy
 demise alone.
エイラ「ダメ! ティラン城 危険!!
  みな 死ぬかもしれない!!

Ayla: No! Tyran Castle danger!!
All might die!!

Ayla: No!
 Tyrano lair dangerous!
 Maybe all perish!

The same person continues.


Lucca: ......
I don't like the idea of skipping
out on owing someone a favor.
Right, Crono?

Lucca: Listen, we owe you one!
 Right, Crono?

Marle: No!
Now we really can't let you go alone!!
You're really helped us out, for one
This time it's our turn to repay you.
Right, Crono?

Marle: We can't let you go alone!
 Ayla, you saved us.
 Now it's payback time!
 Right Crono?

Frog: Then you intend to die alone?
We were saved by you earlier...
Many times already people have
died thanks to me...
We're going, Crono.

Frog: You desire to perish?
 I refuseth to be party to yet another
 Let us proceed, Crono.

Crono nods.

エイラ「オマエら…… Ayla: Yous... Ayla: Ayla have strong

The first character on the list below who is present speaks.


Lucca: Come on, we're going!
Now, on to Tyran Castle!!

Lucca: We're all going to the Tyrano
マール「行こう エイラ!

Marle: Let's go, Ayla!
To Tyran Castle!!

Marle: Ayla, let's go!
 Next stop, the Tyrano Lair!

Robo: Then LET US go!
To Tyran Castle!!

Robo: Let us proceed to the Tyrano

Ayla calls two more Pteran. After the player chooses which character will go with Crono and Ayla, the three of them board the Pteran and lift off. The red star glitters ominously... Ayla is required to be the second character in the active party until further notice.

The internal storyline progression tracking variable is now 0x93, starting the next chapter.

Outside of accompanying Ayla at the end, it looks like all of this would have happened regardless, so that's another one in the no historical impact column.

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