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とけよ封印 呼べよ嵐 Release the Seal, Call a Storm Break the Seal!
イオカ村 65 million B.C. Ioka Village Ioka Village

With Ayla away, Kino is acting as the village chief.

キーノ「ラヴォス 落ちた。
   恐竜人 ほろんだ よかった。
   けど あれから さむくなってる……
   かり あまり 出来ない……。
   でも キーノ 負けない!
   エイラ しんぱい いらない。
   キーノ まかす。

Kino: Lavos fell.
Dinomen destroyed, good.
But getting cold since then...
No can hunt much...
But Kino not lose!
Ayla no need worry.
Leave to Kino.

KINO: Lavos fall.
Reptites gone. Good!
But get cold now.
Hunting bad...
But Kino not give up!
Ayla no worry, leave to Kino!

The Larubans have taken refuge at the Ioka meeting site.

イオカには カンシャしてる。
村 なくなった われら
Grateful to Ioka.
Took us in when village gone.
Thankful for Ioka.
When village burn, they take us in.

Iokans and Larubans both seem concerned about recent changes in the weather.

空 雲 多くなった。
お日様 あまり 見えない。
More clouds in sky.
Can't see sun much.
Many cloud in sky.
No can see sun.
さむくなった モンスター へった。
動物も へった。
Got cold, less monsters.
Less animals too.
Less monster, now cold.
Less animal too.
ふってくる 白い 冷たい。
アレ 何?
Falling white cold.
What that?
White, cold stuff fall from sky.
What that?

And then there's this line that some link to Chrono Cross's Frozen Flame, though I suspect it's just a vague clue to getting the Silver Stone.

ヘンな石 見つけた!
持ってると 気持ち悪かった……
すぐ すてた。
Found weird rock!
Holding not feel good...
Soon threw away.
Found strange rock!
But feel icky when touch, so throw

It's a quick trip back to Mystery Mountain and the Gate within, especially with fewer monsters.

時の最果て The Farthest Reaches of Time The End of Time

Things are the same as ever, except that the links to the sealed Gate are missing.


Old Man: Oh? So you're back here after
seeing that land of magic...
As the pillar of light has been sealed,
you need wings that can freely come
and go through time.
Wings that Cross Time...
There was a man researching such a thing.
Though I'm afraid he's lost a bit of his sanity,
with being too immersed in his research...

 So you've been to the Land of Magic...
 Now that the pillar of light is sealed,
 you'll be needing something that will
 transport you through time.
 I recall someone working on such a
 The Wings of Time, I believe he called
 I'm afraid he became a tad psychotic
 spending so much of his time doing

バンゴドーム A.D. 2300 Bango Dome Bangor Dome

Time to check out all those sealed doors. "Sealed Door" plays after the door opens in response to the pendant. In this room are chests containing a High Ether, a Captivating Bra, and Echigoya's Wallet.

トランドーム A.D. 2300 Tran Dome Trann Dome

There's a man here who wasn't before, and a seedling plant.

*pant* *pant*...
I somehow made it through the ruins and brought
a sprout budded from those seeds. Things work
out somehow when you're about ready to die...
Finally got through the ruins. I brought
the sapling that sprang from the seed!
Amazing what you can do when you
think you're gonna expire...
こんな物見るの、はじめて…… First time I've seen anything like this thing... Never seen anything like this...
When I look at this, I get this mysterious
feeling like we're gonna keep on living...
You light up my, really!

The door is where it has been. This one contains a Magic Capsule, a High Ether, and a Gold Pierce.

アリスドーム A.D. 2300 Arris Dome Arris Dome

The party stops by to see how Don and the others are doing.

ドン「おお、お前さん達! 見てくれ!

Don: Oh, it's you guys! Look!
Those seeds have sprouted!

DOAN: Hey fellas!
 The seed's sprouted!
Ever since you guys came, it seems like
everyone's strength to live on is boiling up.
Is this that "healthy" thing?
Since you've come, we've gained the
courage to live.
I won't give up either.
I'm raising both this child and that sprout.
But I haven't given up.
This child, and this seed are
still growing.

The sealed door in the basement opens now, yielding a Power Capsule, a Robe of Light, an Elixir, a Hit Ring, and a Gold Earring.

監視者のドーム A.D. 2300 Watcher's Dome Keeper's Dome

Crono and the others have to cross the underground waterway to get here. It's a lot faster if the bridges are already in place from before, but if not, everything there is a pushover anyway by now, so it's no problem. "Sealed Door" plays in the dome. A Nu is sleeping just inside.

なぞの物体「セッカク キモチヨク ネテ
  イタノニ オコサナイデ クダサイ。


STRANGE CREATURE: Please, do not
 disturb my slumber.

Anyway, the sealed door is in the back, just like before. It opens in response to the pendant. Soon after Crono enters the sealed room, several sparkling somethings appear on the ground.

「ん……? : Hm...? Huh...?

The sparkles seem to contain some kind of recording, because each gives a message.

「扉を開けた者達へ…… : To those who opened the door... To those who opened the door...
I am the Philosopher of Reason, Gasch.
Gasch, of the Magic Kingdom Zeal.
I was flung to this age at the time
of Zeal's great disaster...
To my surprise, Lavos appearing
was not an event that occurred
only in my era...
It fell from the sky in a far ancient era,
appeared in Zeal, lay dormant deep
underground, and continued to grow
while draining our earth's energy...
I am Belthasar, the Guru of Reason.
I once lived in the kingdom of Zeal.
A great disaster in Zeal somehow
threw me into this era.
To my surprise, Lavos exists here, and,
I suspect, in other periods as well.
Aeons ago, Lavos descended from the
Burrowing deep into the world's
core, he began to consume our planet's
energy, and grow stronger.
Once, in Guardia Royal Year 600, it briefly
appeared when the Magus summoned it.
Royal Year 1999 is when it at last
claimed the surface for its territory.
And now, just as if laying eggs,
it gives birth to its own offshoots,
one after another, from the place
I named Death Mountain.
Lavos is an enormous parasite
that infests the planet itself.
Lavos disappeared briefly when he
was summoned away by a mighty
wizard who lived in Guardia, in the
year 600.
In 1999, Lavos claims this area, and
reigns from high atop Death Peak.
Lavos continues to replicate...
like a giant parasite, he is consuming
our world.
I have continued the observation
and study of Lavos here.
But I'm already at my limits.
Maintaining a normal mind in an
era like this may be impossible...
I have decided to leave behind this
record before my spirit greets death.
Along with the final invention of my life...
Forced to live here, I continued to
conduct research on Lavos.
But I am growing old.
And it's impossible to keep sane in such
trying times. So before I lose it
completely, I shall safeguard my data,
and my ultimate creation...
I continued researching, trying
somehow to return to my own era.
But by the time that research was
complete, I was feeling my age.
That is why I entrust it to you.
To you who open this place.
If you can come and go through time...
If mankind can join as one across the
ages for the sake of our planet itself...
Perhaps then we can do something
about that Lavos...
How I long to return home...
But I have grown frail...
So you...YOU, who have opened the
I leave things in your hands.
Only my mastering time, itself, do you
stand a chance against Lavos.
The probability is practially zero...
But I'll take my chances as long as
it's not zero. I'm gambling our entire
world on those who open this door...
Open now the last door.
Then it's yours.
My last invention...
The odds will be against you...
But you are true heros.
The world is in your hands.
Open, now, the last door, and take
what you find there.
My last invention...
  時をわたる翼を……。 The Wings that Cross Time... My "Wings of Time" ...

Crono opens the inner door that is just ahead. The room inside is unusually clean for this era, and contains a machine that's a bit larger than a car.

All present except Crono speak, in this order:


Lucca: This is the last invention of Gasch,
the Philosopher of Reason...

Lucca: This must be the invention
 Belthasar spoke of.

Robo: THIS is the Wings that Cross Time,
that WAS in the record earlier...

Robo: The Wings of Time... I
 believe I have heard of this device.
カエル「こ、こいつが時をわたる翼! Frog: Th-this is the Wings that Cross Time! Frog: This...moves through time?

Ayla: !!

Ayla: !!
 What this thing?

Marle: This is... awesome...
But which side would the front be...?

Marle: Wow...this is amazing...
 How do you tell the front from the

As the party approaches the doorway, the Nu walks in, pushing a platform with three seats.

  あっ! そうだ!

Enigmatic Object: You seem surprised.
It's me...
That's right, Gasch.
I copied my brain into this object.
Does it meet your liking?
There is something that I must
explain to you.
That is, how to go to another era.
The time gauge appears by using
the green button.
Choose the era you want to go to
with L and R.
Ah! That's right!
Before leaving, why not try giving...

STRANGE CREATURE: Scared you, didn't I?
 It's me...BELTHASAR
 I copied my memory into this thing.
 What do you think?
 Anyway, there's something I need to
 Namely, how to transcend time!
 Press the Y Button for the time
 Then use the L&R Buttons to select
 an era.
 Oh yeah!
 Before you go, why don't you...

Remember that on a Japanese Super Famicom, the buttons are color-coded, with the Y button being green. For no apparent reason, the buttons on the US SNES were changed to two dull shades of purple. This is important because there's no opportunity to press the Y button at this point. While that does eventually become the time travel button, for now you just get in and go, so the "green button" sounds like it's referring to something on the machine's control panel, with no connection to the player's gamepad.

The Nu falls asleep in the middle of talking. Crono wakes it back up.


Gasch: Why not try giving this time
machine a name?

BELTHASAR: my time machine!

The default name is シルバード , which appears to be "silver" and "bird" run together, so I'm rendering it as Sylbird. It's "Epoch" in the NA version.

ガッシュ「さあ、乗った乗った! Gasch: Go on, get in, get in! BELTHASAR: Hop aboard!

Check in the previous room at this point or later to find a Magic Capsule.

Crono and the others get in the seats, which raise into the machine.

The internal storyline progression tracking variable is now 0xAE.

Choose 作動 (operate) to make the time gauge pop up. The Sylbird's time gauge has options for 65 million B.C., 12,000 B.C., A.D. 600, A.D. 1000, A.D. 1999, and A.D. 2300, and going off the top end of the gauge leads to the Farthest Reaches of Time. Let's head there for now... Crono hits the button, and the room distorts around the machine and vanishes with a loud cracking noise. The Sylbird passes through what looks a lot like a river of flame...

The second character expresses surprise.

マール「キャアッ! Marle: Eeeek! Marle: Eeeeeek!
ルッカ「だ、だいじょうぶでしょうね!? Lucca: E-everything's okay, right!? Lucca: We're all right, aren't we?!

Robo: Energy such as I HAVE never seen!
As though it HAS amplified the power of
the human spirit to a terrifying extent...!!

Robo: Unbelievable energy!
 As if the sum total of all the human
 spiritual power that has ever existed
 were somehow being amplified...
カエル「なななな、何だってんだ!? Frog: Whwhwhwh-what's going on!? Frog: What's happening?!
エイラ「シルバード こいつ
Ayla: Sylbird, he alive!? Ayla: Epoch alive?

The third character expresses amazement.

マール「ス、スッゴーい! Marle: A-AWESOME! Marle: Awesome!
ルッカ「次元空間をこんなスピードで! Lucca: Dimensional space, at such speed! Lucca: Travelling at warp speed!

Robo: There WAS never any such
thing as a timespace vehicle even
in MY era...!

Robo: Even in my time, we did not
 have such devices!
カエル「ひええ~ッ! Frog: Whoaaa! Frog: Whoa!
エイラ「こいつ すごい!
  こいつ 強い!!!

Ayla: This guy great!
This guy strong!!!

Ayla: It great!
 It fast!!!
「こ、これがシルバードの力!? : Th-the Sylbird can do this!? Epoch's capable of THIS?!

時の最果て The Farthest Reaches of Time The End of Time

The Sylbird reappears in the misty nothingness with a similar cracking sound, followed by what sounds like a cooldown. Everyone jumps out, landing on the platform where the old man is. Speaking of him...


Old Man: I see, so that man completed it.
The Wings that Cross Time...
in exchange for his life...
Why not try flying on those Wings now?
Yes, to that ancient land of magic.

OLD MAN: Interesting. So he actually
 finished the Wings of Time.
 In fact, gave his life for it!
 Why not put that device to good use?
 Take it to the ancient Land of Magic!

Besides the doors in the future, there are many sealed chests in the Modern Age and Middle Ages that the pendant can open now. Those that are only found in one age or the other open immediately. Chests that appear in both will give the option of leaving them closed, if touched in the past. Why? Well, touching the chests in the past but not removing the items inside causes a reaction that leads to better items in the chests in the Modern Age, much better in some cases.

In particular, make sure to use this trick to get the White and Black Plate in the Palepoli elder's house, the Red Plate in Guardia Castle, and the Blue Plate at the inn in Truce Village. After getting the upgraded chests in the Modern Age, head back to the past to grab the originals (White, Black, Red, and Blue Mail). You get to keep both even though you might think that would cause a time paradox. Apparently time traveler's immunity applies to your inventory as well as your characters. Also, Taban will now give Lucca the Taban Suit, with his usual speech.

The Sylbird always appears in the same location, more or less centered on the map, regardless of the era. After collecting treasure and stocking up on supplies, Crono takes the Sylbird back to the time of the ancient kingdom. Unfortunately, the transporter to the floating islands is offline. With a bit of exploring, the party finds another cave...

地の民の洞窟 12,000 B.C. Earth People's Cave Terra Cave

The ladder to enter had been retracted on earlier visits, making the village inaccessible before now.

"Silent Light" plays. The cave has been converted into a primitive, but livable, village. Amusingly, they have better equipment for sale than the shops in Zeal do, including a sword for Frog that has even higher attack power than the Grandleon.

The queen means to set up the Nether
Relic in the Abyssal Temple and
extract yet more energy from Lavos,
but is that really going to be okay?
I'm afraid the Philosopher of Life, who opposed it
as dangerous, was imprisoned on Grief Mountain.
There's nothing we can do any more...
The Queen put the Mammon Machine in
the Ocean Palace to absorb Lavos's
Is that safe?
She locked the Guru of Life up on the
Mountain of Woe for opposing her.
The situation's hopeless.

Elder: I heard from the Philosophers that
lord Jyaki hides an incredible magical
power that surpasses even lady Sara.
However, he hates that power, which drives the
queen mad and torments lady Sara, and along
with his heart... he has shut that power away.

OLD MAN: The Guru of Life said that Sir
 Janus has stronger powers than
 even Miss Schala!
 Janus must be using her and the
 Queen to get Lavos...

Ick. Horrible meaning distortion. Blech. He's so against Lavos power that he's rejected his own magic.

It's pretty much only the Three Philosophers and
lady Sara who deign to treat us as equals.
Now, only the 3 Gurus and Miss Schala
treat us as equals.
Once, both the People of the Light and the People
of the Earth were one people who lived together.
Long ago, the Enlightened Ones and the
Earthbound Ones lived as one.
This hole continues into the Mud-Eater den.
The Mud-Eater den should lead to where the
chain that ties Grief Mountain to the earth is.
The hole leads to the Beast's nest.
Through the nest you'll reach the place
of chains, which anchors the Mountain
of Woe.

A Mud-Eater (Beast), as it turns out, is a large, horned beast. It has somewhat elevated physical defense, and starts with low attack power, but its attack rises every time you hit it with anything. Use combo skills for more damage in fewer attacks. Ayla can and should steal from them, because the Rainbow Helmet they carry has high defense, halves Aether damage, and can't be found anywhere else. The creatures will also reappear if you leave the cave and return, and the village has an inn that doesn't charge anything, so feel free to stock up.

At the far end of the cave, a brown goblin, a red Mud-Eater, and a blue Mud-Eater guard a large chain that continues up out of sight.

Upon encountering the goblin, the internal storyline progression tracking variable becomes 0xB4, starting the next chapter.

Okay, so maybe visiting the ruined future has given the people a bit of hope, but unfortunately, the situation remains exceedingly bleak. Of course, the plan is to stop Lavos before the devastation occurs and avert this future entirely. Charging sealed chests in the Middle Ages has an effect on the Modern Age, but it's limited to the chest contents, and no one else knows how to open the things anyway, so it doesn't really qualify as having any historical impact. But who knows, maybe this whole philosopher rescue mission will go differently.

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