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天空で待つものは That Which Awaits in the Sky What Lies Beyond?
地の民の洞窟 12,000 B.C. Earth People's Cave Terra Cave

In the aftermath of Dalton's attack, the third party member checks on Bosch.

マール「ボッシュ! Marle: Bosch! Marle: Melchior!
ルッカ「ボッシュ! Lucca: Bosch! Lucca: Melchior!
ロボ「ボッシュサン! Robo: Mister Bosch! Robo: Mr. Melchior!
カエル「じ、じーさん! Frog: O-old man! Frog: Melchior!
エイラ「ジジイ だいじょうぶか!? Ayla: Old guy okay!? Ayla: Old man.

Bosch: I'm all right...
If we don't somehow rescue Sara,
terrible things will...

MELCHIOR: I'm all right.
 But we must save Schala, or

Elder: That's unreasonable!
Even for you, lord Bosch...

ELDER: Impossible!
 Even though it's coming from YOU,

Bosch: But if this plan is carried out,
all mankind, no, all life will be
exposed to a crisis...!

MELCHIOR: If the Queen is allowed to
 fulfill her scheme, all life as we
 know it, is doomed!

The music fades out. "Chrono Trigger" starts up instead, and Crono steps forward and shakes his head.


Bosch: Y-you people...
You mean you'll go for me...?

MELCHIOR: You're willing to challenge
 the Queen?

Crono nods.


Bosch: Thanks... I don't even know your
names, and you're doing everything...

MELCHIOR: You've done so much for us...
 ...and I don't even know your names!

The second character replies.


Marle: If it's our names you want,
you'll find out eventually!

Marle: You'll find out soon enough!
ルッカ「いいのよ! そのうち

Lucca: Don't mention it! We're going
to owe you one later on!

Lucca: That's OK.
 Someday, maybe we'll need your

Robo: NO, we ARE also indebted to
you. This is GIVE AND TAKE.

Robo: You've already helped us.
 Let us return the favor.

Frog: Don't worry about it.
We owe you one for having
you repair the Grandleon.

Frog: Worry not thine head.
 Thou hath fixed the Masamune!
  クロ達 助けた。
  今度 エイラの番。

Ayla: Old guy, used red stone,
helped Cros.
This time Ayla's turn.

Ayla: Gramps use red stone.
 Help Crono.
 Now, Ayla help you.
ボッシュ「な、何? Bosch: Wh-what? MELCHIOR: What ARE you talking about?

Of course he has no idea what they mean. For him, it hasn't happened yet!

The third character calls for some action.

マール「さ、急がなきゃ、クロノ! Marle: C'mon, we've gotta hurry, Crono! Marle: Crono!
 Let's get going!
ルッカ「行くわよ、クロノ! Lucca: We're going, Crono! Lucca: Come on, Crono!
ロボ「クロノ、急ぎマショウ! Robo: Crono, LET US hurry! Robo: Crono, let us hurry!
カエル「クロノ、行くぞ! Frog: Crono, we're going! Frog: Crono, let us be on our
エイラ「さ 行く クロ!! Ayla: Now we go, Cro!! Ayla: Crono!
 We go now.
ボッシュ「まて、これを持って行け……。 Bosch: Wait, take this with you... MELCHIOR: Wait, take this with you.

He holds out a bright red blade. It looks like the one Cyrus used in Frog's flashback.


Bosch: This was made from a shard of
the same red stone as the Nether Relic.
With this, you will be able to destroy it...

MELCHIOR: It's made from the same red
 stone as the Mammon Machine.
 With it, you can destroy the Machine!
あかきナイフを手に入れた! Got the Red Knife! Got 1 Ruby Knife!

The internal storyline progression tracking variable is now 0xBB.

After the recent events, many of the villagers have different things to say. Picking a few...

The Philosophers of Reason and Time have gone
missing, and even lady Sara has been seized.'s impossible to stop the queen's plans any
more, isn't it?
The Gurus of Time and Reason are
missing, along with Miss Schala.
Can no one stop the Queen?
Lord Jyaki headed for the Sky Road
to save lady Sara.
Sir Janus is headed toward the Skyway
to save Miss Schala!

The party heads out to rescue Sara and stop the queen's plan... Incidentally, the Gate is no longer sealed, but with the Sylbird, it's also no longer important.

エンハーサ 12,000 B.C. Enharsa Enhasa

Since it's on the way, the party stops here. Opening the element books in the right order opens a secret door that leads to a room much like the one in Kajarl. There's a book in the corner, statues around the room, and a Nu in the middle.

841かん 26しょう
"Mystery of Life"
Volume 841, Chapter 26
All life began in Nu and
will end in Nu...
Because it is I who say so,
this is unlikely to be mistaken.
"The Mystery of Life"
Vol. 841, Ch. 26
All life begins with Nu and ends with
This is the truth!
This is my belief! least for now.
Philosopher of Reason not here no more.
You guys test power?
Okay, then here goes.
The Guru of Reason, is gone.
Challenge me?
Ok, here we go.

The statues vanish, but five more Nu appear. Some use the drop-to-1-HP attack, while others hit for (exactly) 1 HP. Group healing skills, even weak ones, are extremely useful.

Some of the Nu here are monster ID 130 (nameless to prevent displaying the name twice) instead of the usual ID 0, but the two types look identical and have the same defenses and hit points. The only difference is which attack they use.

You guys, strong.
I give these.
You're strong!
Take this.

The Nu gives Crono a Magic Capsule and a Speed Capsule, then disappears...

カジャール 12,000 B.C. Kajarl Kajar

Scratching a Nu's back in one room is good for a Magic Capsule. Some of the people are gloating about the Abyssal Temple being completed. The merchant Nu will also sell Platinum Helms and Vests, along with the weapons that could be stolen on Grief Mountain, but asks about the Pendant first, and refuses to sell if the party responds that it's Sara's. Other than that, nothing noteworthy has happened here.

ジール宮殿 12,000 B.C. Zeal Palace Zeal Palace

The situation here is slightly different from what it was during the previous visit. Some people are talking about recent events...

The Nether Relic was transferred to
the Abyssal Temple. Finally, the time
has come to obtain true Lavos energy.
The Mammon Machine was moved to
the Ocean Palace to obtain the raw
energy of Lavos.
Her majesty took lady Sara and
descended to the Abyssal Temple.
We People of the Light will at last
obtain eternal life.
The Queen took Schala with her to the
Ocean Palace.
We Enlightened Ones will finally attain

...Gran and Leon are gone, and there are Nu and a save point outside the throne room. Dalton is alone inside, perched on the throne and looking furious.


Dalton: Jeez, that bastard prophet
went on in, how come I'M stuck
here as lookout...?
Hmph, you bastards came...
I let that prophet guy go, since
I figure he'll slip up somehow...
But I'm done with you guys.
Suck it up and DIE!

DALTON: Phooey!
Why is the Prophet allowed inside
while I'm stuck with guard duty?
There you are...
I let the Prophet go, knowing
he'd mess up sooner or later.
But I've no use for you anymore.
You're history!

It's boss time. Dalton counters every attack, hit or miss, with an iron ball that halves current HP (damage rounded down), and may use it on his own, too. Which means his attacks can't actually kill anyone, but using strong combos will minimize his counterattack opportunities. However, once his HP runs out, he goes...

ちくしょー オナラぷー Dammit! Fart *phhbt* Darn! Buurrrp!

...hitting everyone for moderate damage, so healing still matters. Ayla can steal a Deluxe Bento.


Dalton: N-no way...!
I'm going to gain the power of eternity.
As if I'd just lie down and get beaten now!

DALTON: N...nooooo!
I'm going to be immortal!
I CAN'T be beaten now!

He does a magicky thing, and a portal appears, which he goes through. It looks sort of like a Gate, but isn't.

The internal storyline progression tracking variable is now 0xBD, starting the next chapter.

It remains to be seen what Bosch's knife can do. Other than that, not much happened in this chapter. It's hard to imagine that beating Dalton in a minor skirmish over entering the Abyssal Temple would have any historical impact, but maybe the party will be able to do something meaningful inside...?

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