1-1 "Time of Judgment" plays. Most of the intro has credits in a bar across the top of the screen and dialogue in a similar bar at the bottom.

It is a dark night, and an eerie castle glows on a hilltop in the distance. One by one, three balls of colored light fly into the castle. After a brief pause, all three leave at once, flying off in different directions. Soon after, a fourth light, this one red, flies into the castle.

The scene changes.

Inside an elaborate yet eerie shrine of some sort, a woman with mid-back length blue hair walks up a set of stairs, halting before a throne. On the throne sits a character that I would describe as resembling a cross between a regal vampire and an oracle. The overall effect is an impression of something possibly evil, or possibly not, but unmistakably powerful. The woman speaks.

エリーヌ:まいりました。 Eleene: I have arrived. Erim:  Master.

Eriinu is the straight romanization, not eriin. The difference is that the final vowel, though weak, isn't quite silent. Call it a schwa sound. Also, the 'i' is definitely not short, in contrast to what "Erim" implies. In any case, the katakana ヌ (NU) rarely gets much use, though I have seen it several times in the renderings of French names. For instance, Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc) becomes ジャンヌ・ダルク (jannu daruku).

Eleene is using humble language. The NA version preserves the implied respect, though it loses the basic meaning in the process. Also, its repeated use of "sir" implies that Arekdias is male, even though there's nothing to indicate gender either way. Arekdias speaks more like a Generic Powerful Entity than anything else, and it's unclear whether gender even applies.

Arekdias: ...Eleene.
There is something I wish to question you about.
Arek:  Erim...I would
like to ask you something.

The verb for "ask" used here can also mean "accuse", which may suggest that Arekdias is suspicious about something. On the other hand, it's probably more likely that just it's one of those words that isn't used much any more, and they're simply trying to make Arekdias sound ancient.

エリーヌ:何でございましょうか? Eleene: What might that be? Erim:  Yes, sir.
Arekdias: We gods, or humans. Which
ought be chief upon the earth?
Arek:  Who should rule, we
Sinistrals, or humans?

Was it really necessary to give them a made-up name with an obvious negative connotation? I think it gives too much away too soon, and also implies that there can't be any "Sinistrals" who aren't evil. In the end, NoA's obsession with removing religious references of any kind is the likely culprit...

Additionally, I believe there are later references to the four "Sinistrals" using a different term than the one used here (more on that once I get far enough into the game to confirm). Possibly this means that Arekdias is something other than a "Sinistral", perhaps a higher entity or neutral observer of some kind.

Eleene seems startled at this question, and replies hastily and with more vehemence than seems to be called for.

Eleene: It is only natural that
we should rule the earth!
Erim:  There is no doubt in
my mind that we should rule!
アレクディアス:………………。 Arekdias: .................. Arek:  ...
エリーヌ:……なぜ、そのような事を? Eleene: ...why would you ask such a question? Erim:  But why do you
ask that, sir?
Arekdias: The time of judgment has come.
Along with the Dual Blade...
Arek:  Judgment time with
the Dual Blade has come.

The NA phrasing can be taken as saying that the judgment will be by means of the Dual Blade. Though it may be implied, Arekdias doesn't actually say that, merely that the time has come, and the blade has as well.

Eleene: The Dual Blade! Surely you cannot
mean that it has begun resonating!?
Erim:  Are you saying the
Dual Blade is resonating!?
アレクディアス:……行ってくれるな。 Arekdias: on your way. Arek:  Would you...go?
エリーヌ:……わかりました。 Eleene: ...understood. Erim:  Yes, sir.

Eleene hesitates for a moment, then turns into a ball of red light and flies away, and 1-2 "Rumbling" starts playing. The ball of light is shown flying over various parts of the world as morning comes. It swerves off as the screen centers on three triangular islands arranged in a triangle (like the Triforce in Zelda games, for what it's worth). The title is shown.

Speaking of the title, the logo is vastly different in the JP and NA versions, and not just because they changed the name.

エストポリス伝記II Logo Lufia II Logo

Did they have to make the NA version logo look so much more... flat, for one thing?

The scene changes.

Inside a building, a woman with shoulder-length blue hair and wearing a pink dress stands behind a counter, talking to a man on the other side who has shiny red hair and wears armor and blue pants.

Tia: I hear monsters appeared
in the northern cave.
Tia:  I heard there are
monsters in the North Cave.

ティア can be both the name "Tia" and the word "tear" (as in teardrop). Or the name "Tear" if, for instance, you like Tales of the Abyss.

マキシム:ああ。 Maxim: Yeah. Maxim:  Yeah.

Oh! I almost forgot. You can change Maxim's name when you start a new game. For convenience, I'm leaving it as the default in the transcript and commentary. All the other characters have fixed names, though you also name the capsule monsters when you get them and can rename them whenever you want.

Tia: Are you going again, Maxim? Tia:  Are you
going away again?
マキシム:それが俺の仕事だからな。 Maxim: That's my job, after all. Maxim:  Well, that's
my job.

Tia comes around the counter and gives him a quick hug.

ティア:気を付けてね……。 Tia: Be careful... Tia: careful...
マキシム:大丈夫だよ。 Maxim: I'll be fine. Maxim:  I'll be alright.
Tia: So you say, but I ALWAYS worry. Tia:  You always say that.
But I always worry.
Maxim: Never mind that, Tia. Just let me
trade in the monsters I beat.
Maxim:  I'll get them but
you have to buy them, Tia.
ティア:うん。 Tia: Right. Tia:  I will.
マキシム:それじゃ行って来る。 Maxim: Well, be back later. Maxim:  Well, see ya.

Maxim leaves the building, and the scene changes.

A man with somewhat messy golden-blond hair and wearing light armor and green pants stands in a town square. A woman with short straw-blonde hair and wearing a light blue dress walks up to him.

Hilda: Ah, it's my big brother, Guy.
Is this where you've been?
Hilda:  Oh, Guy.
You're here!

兄さん (nii-san) just means "older brother". Japanese has a tendency to use family terms more often than English.

Guy: Hey, it's Hilda.
Did you need me for something?
Guy:  Hilda!
What's up?
Hilda: Jessie was looking for you, big brother. Hilda:  Jessy was
looking for you.

I prefer the spelling "Jessie", so I'm using it. "Jessy" looks too much like a guy's name to me. Wasn't he the uncle on Full House?

ガイ:マジか!? Guy: For real!? Guy:  Really!?
Hilda: She was kind of angry.
Did you do something again?
Hilda:  She was upset.
Did you do something?
ガイ:何もしてねーよ! Guy: I ain't done a thing! Guy:  Nope!

Hilda steps a bit closer.

ヒルダ:本当? Hilda: Really? Hilda:  Yeah?

Guy walks several steps away before responding, as if to avoid retaliation.

Guy:'s just, I forgot we promised to meet
and I went to beat monsters, that's all.
Guy:  ...I forgot our date
and went to get monsters.
Hilda: ...then it's hardly unreasonable
that she's angry.
HIlda:  Typical! No wonder
Jessy's angry!
Guy: Honestly, can't women understand
the male sense of adventure?
Guy:  Women don't get it!
It's a man thing!
Hilda: If her date was taken
by monsters... forget it.
Hilda:  I get it alright.
You prefer MONSTERS!

The scene changes.

In the streets of a town, two boys with red hair and blue clothes stand on either side of a girl with a light cyan dress and lime green hair adorned with a cute oversized pink bow.

Thomas: Neener, neener!
Lamity, you crybaby!
Tim:  Lemmy's a crybaby!
Lemmy's a crybaby!
キム:泣き虫ー! Kim: Crybaby! Kim:  Crybaby!

Lamity has apparently earned her reputation, as she breaks down and starts crying with no further provocation.

ラミティ:わ~ん!! Lamity: Waaaah!! Lemmy:  Whaa!
Sniff, sniff!

A woman rushes to the scene. She wears what appears to be blue armor, and her blue-tinged green hair is in a ponytail that extends to about her shoulders.

Selena: Hey! You know it's not okay
for boys to pick on girls!!
Selan:  Hey, you boys! You
should be nice to girls!!
トマス:わっ!! セレナだー! Thomas: Wah!! It's Selena! Tim:  Oh no!! It's Selan!
キム:逃げろー!! Kim: Run awaaay!! Kim:  Run!!

The boys run off as well as they can manage in their haste. Selena moves closer to comfort Lamity.

Lamity: Selenaaaa!
Waaaah, waaaah!
Lemmy:  Selan...Whaaa!
Whaaa! Sniff, sniff!

Calling Selena お姉ちゃん (onee-chan), which means "big sister", does not mean they're actually sisters. It just means she thinks of her sort of like a big sister. Calling people by family terms is fairly common in Japanese if you're friendly with them (or trying to be).

Selena: All right, Lamity.
Listen to me.
Selan:  Listen
carefully, Lemmy.
Selena: It's wrong of them to pick on you,
but a girl mustn't cry easily, either.
Selan:  They're wrong,
but try to be strong.
Lamity: Why? Daddy said that it's
okay for girls to cry, you know?
Lemmy:  Why? My father said
it's ok for girls to cry.
セレナ:いい。女の涙はね――― Selena: Listen. A woman's tears——— Selan:  Listen. A
woman's tears should...

As she begins to speak, the scene changes again.

High atop a castle, a man with shiny and very spiky blue hair and wearing heavy armor stands, talking to himself.

Heidecker: Hmph, there's no such thing as
someone who can outdo me in all the world...
Dekar:  I say there's no
one who can beat me.

I previously used Highdekka as an attempt at a phonetic spelling, but was never very happy with it. The better spelling is thanks to... well, there wasn't really a name on the e-mail, so I'll go with the part before the at sign in the address... group-z. Apparently Heidecker is a plausable German name that comes from the Bavarian town of Heideck.

A generic soldier comes out from a door and rushes to Heidecker.

Soldier: Terrible news, sir Heidecker! Monsters
are running wild in the northern labyrinth!
Soldier:  Monsters are all
over the North Labyrinth!
Heidecker: Don't panic! They're just
monsters, I'll——
Dekar:  Chill good man!
With my sword, I'll...

But we don't find out what Heidecker thinks he'll do with the monsters, because just then, the door behind him suddenly bursts open, knocking him into the air and off the wall. A blond man wearing ornate armor and a fancy green cape steps out. A more mundanely attired blond man follows him.

アレク王子:モンスターはどこじゃー! Prince Alec: Where are the monsters!? Prince Alex:  Where are the
Josef: The northern labyrinth,
Prince Alec!
Josef:  In the North
Labyrinth, Your Highness!
Prince Alec: Ah, I see! Very well!
After me, Josef!
Prince Alex:  Excellent!
Josef, follow me!
ジョセフ:ははー! Josef: Yes, sir! Josef:  Yes, Your Highness!

The two of them run off, presumably to try facing the monsters. The generic soldier, who remained respectfully silent and attentive while the prince was present, walks forward to see what became of Heidecker...

兵:ハ、ハイデッカさまぁー……。 Soldier: S-sir Heidecker... Soldier:  Sir...Sir

The scene changes again.

A green-haired mustachioed man wearing a lab coat stands in a harbor, watching ships sail by. He suddenly starts talking to himself excitedly...

Lexus: Eureka! So that's what it was!! Lexis:  I get it! So
that's how it works!

He rushes off into the town, passing by a generic woman and a generic sailor, and still talking to himself.

Lexus: I finally understand. All right!
I'll get right on it!
Lexis:  I understand at last!
I'll start work right now!

Lexus rushes out of sight, and the woman walks over to speak to the sailor.

Stella: I wonder if Lexis is in another
of his creating moods?
Stela:  Looks like Lexis is
off inventing again.
Eric: That guy's inventions ain't no good... Eric:  His inventions never
work the way they should.
Stella: Oh, I know. That one invention
was such a failure it sank a ship.
Stela:  Yeah. He sank
a ship with his last one.
エリック:…………。 Eric: ............ Eric:  ......
ステラ:どんな発明だったっけ? Stella: What kind of invention was it, again?
Stela:  What was that
invention anyway?

っけ (kke) goes on a question to mean you ought to know the answer, but just can't think of it at the moment.

Eric: A machine to keep the ship moving
even when there's no wind.
Eric:  A machine to move
ships without wind.
Stella: Oh yes, yes, that's what it was!
...I'm impressed you knew, though.
Stela:  Oh, that's right. Hey,
your memory's pretty good!
Eric: ...the one he sank was my ship. Eric:  Yeah - 'cause it was
MY ship that went under!

The scene changes again.

In a peaceful country village, a girl with pointy ears, twin blonde ponytails, and wearing a light cyan sundress stops running as a man, with similarly pointy ears, tidy longish blue hair, and wearing light armor and red pants, calls to her...

アーティ:ミルカ!待ちなさい! Artea: Milka! Wait! Artea:  Milka! Wait!

Exact spellings, for his name especially, are open to debate. Even official translations don't agree with each other... or sometimes even themselves! (For instance, "Arty's Bow" in this very game.) That said, "Artea" is the most common and consistent spelling, so let's go with that.

He walks up to her. She seems rather nervous, and speaks very deferentially.

ミルカ:アーティ様……。 Milka: Artea... Milka:  Artea...
Artea: Milka. Where have you
been off to lately?
Artea:  Milka, where have
you been these days?
ミルカ:そ、それは……。 Milka: W-well, ah... Milka:  I..I...
Artea: Milka. The worst thing you can do
is to have a lying heart.
Artea:  The worst thing you
can do is lie to yourself.
Milka: But, Artea, them in the
town are——
Milka:  But Artea, the
people in the city...

As she's speaking, the door of a nearby house opens, and a woman who looks much like an adult version of Milka walks out.

Karen: Milka. Say no more. Karyn:  Milka. Say
nothing more.
ミルカ:お母様。 Milka: Mother. Milka:  Mother.
Karen: Artea knows about it already. Karyn:  Artea is aware
of everything.
アーティ:カレン……。 Artea: Karen... Artea:  Karyn...
Karen: Artea, this must put you
in a difficult position.
Karyn:  Artea, it must be
really hard on you, too.

The scene changes again.

We're back in the eerie shrine, where Arekdias remains. The music grows dark...

アレクディアス:我々か人間か……。 Arekdias: Us, or humans...? Arek:  Us or humans...?
Arekdias: Which of us are but
temporary guests upon the earth...?
Arek:  Which of us is
really transient on earth?

Arekdias floats from the throne and starts down the red-carpeted stairway.

Arekdias: Will you give me
an answer, Dual Blade...?
Arek:  Dual Blade, do you
have the real answer?

As Arekdias finishes speaking, an impressive-looking blade shimmers into view, hovering above the stairway... and the music comes to a dramatic conclusion.


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