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Final Fantasy IV

オアシスのむらカイポ  Oasis Village Kaipo  Cecil  Kaipo

Venturing into the desert, Cecil finds a village by an oasis.

『このこを やすませないと‥‥ 『I must let the girl rest... {Cecil}: She must rest.

Looking around, Cecil spots an inn and walks inside. The innkeeper is most accomodating.

 おや おじょうちゃんの かおいろが わるい。
 ささ はやく へやへ!
 おだいは いいから どうぞ!
: Welcome.
 Oh dear, the girl doesn't look well.
 Go on, hurry to a room!
 Never mind paying, just go ahead!
『Thank you.
Welcome! Oh!
Take her to the room!
Hurry up! Money?
No! That's okay! Go ahead!
{Cecil}: Thank you.

The EasyType changes おだい (o-dai), a polite but fairly obscure term for price, to おかね (o-kane), the usual term for money.

Cecil walks inside and sets the girl on a bed. She looks up briefly, then turns away immediately.

『‥‥まだ なまえを きいてなかったな。
『‥‥きみの かあさんは ぼくが ころしたも
 どうぜん‥‥ゆるしてくれるわけは ない‥‥
 ただ きみを まもらせてくれないか‥‥
『I see you're awake.
Girl: ...
『...I haven't gotten your name yet.
Girl: ...
『...I as good as killed your mother...
 I don't expect you to forgive me...
 Just let me protect you, all right...?
Girl: ...
{Cecil}: You okay?
Girl: ......
{Cecil}: I haven't heard
 your name yet.
Girl: ......
{Cecil}: I know I have done
 an awful thing. I can't
 ask for your forgiveness.
 But, at least, let me
 protect you. Please.
Girl: ......

The EasyType replaces Cecil's third line with the following:

『‥‥きみの かあさんは ぼくのせいで‥‥
 ゆるしてくれるわけは ない‥‥
 だけど きみを まもらせてくれないか‥‥
『's my fault that your mother...
 I don't expect you to forgive me...
 But let me protect you, all right...?

Seeing that he's getting nowhere, Cecil lies down in a nearby bed and goes to sleep. The girl glances at him briefly before going to sleep herself. However, they're awakened when the door bursts open and a group of soldiers enter. Cecil rises to confront them.

ジェネラル「みつけたぞ {セシル}!
『まってくれ! バロンおうは‥‥
ジェネラル「そのおうの ごめいれいだ。
 ミストのいきのこりの そのこどもを
 ひきわたせば ゆるしてくださるそうだ。
 ミストのものは きけんなそんざい
ジェネラル「さあ そのむすめを わたせ!
General: Found you, {Cecil}!
Girl: !
『Wait! King Baron...
General: We have orders from that very king.
 He says he will pardon you if you hand
 over that surviving child from Mist.
 The people of Mist are highly dangerous,
 it would seem!
『What was that!?
Girl: !
General: Now give us the girl!
『I refuse!
Officer: I finally found
 you, {Cecil}!
Girl: !!
{Cecil}: Wait!
Officer: His Majesty
 decided that the Callers
 of Mist are too dangerous
 to be left alive!
{Cecil}: What!?
Officer: Hand her over!
{Cecil}: No!!

Combat ensues. Being typical unmotivated grunts, the lesser Baron Soldier (Soldier) enemies only attack Cecil when specifically ordered to. The General (Officer) isn't any better; all he does is give orders, and if he has no one left to give orders to, he flees like a coward instead.

Darkness will end this battle swiftly, in two uses at most. If you would rather not use it or are playing the NA version, the soldiers should go down in a single attack each anyway, so it's not much longer that way. You can kill the General too, as long as you leave at least one soldier alive to keep him from fleeing while you beat him up. Doing so takes considerably more effort, particularly since the General is in the back row of the enemy formation (effectively doubling his defense and halving Cecil's hit rate), but it's also more rewarding (extra gil and exp). Not to mention silly; the Baron Soldier attack script makes them attack each other or themselves without the General to direct them.

In the DS remake, Darkness is again the method of choice for a quick win, except that with the changed mechanics, that means using the damage boost to obliterate the General. Taking him out leaves the others with Confusion status, and they don't seem to do anything once that happens.

おんなのこ「ごめんなさい あたしのせいで‥‥
『あやまるのは ぼくの ほうだ。
 それも あやまって すむような
おんなのこ「でも まもってくれた‥‥
Girl: I'm sorry, it's my fault that...
『I'm the one who should apologize.
 Not that merely apologizing can
 settle what I've done...
Girl: But you protected me...
Girl: Did I get you in
 trouble? I'm sorry.
{Cecil}: It's for me to
 Well, I know you can't
 forgive me, but...
Girl: But...
 you protected me.

She finally looks at him.

しょうかんし {リディア}が なかまになった!
Girl: I'm... {Rydia}...
『Thank you... {Rydia}.
Summoner {Rydia} became a companion!
Girl: I'm... {Rydia}...
Caller {Rydia} joined!

The DS remake introduces Whyt at this point, which I feel breaks the flow and ruins the mood of the scene. I'd have let it wait until morning.

They return to bed with no further interruptions. Rydia wakes first in the morning, and waits for Cecil to rise. They then leave the inn together.

Rydia may have a bit of a crush on Cecil at this point. Sure, he may have killed her mother, but that was sort of an abstract thing. He didn't literally take a sword to her. In contrast, he fought off former allies right in front of her to keep her safe, and no doubt looked really cool doing it. That sort of thing makes an impression.

Anyway, how about talking to some random townspeople?

きたにある しろが さばくいったいを
おさめている ダムシアン。
おうじさまは じょせいのように うつくしい
おすがたと おこえを しておられるそうだ。
The castle to the north is Damcyan,
which governs the entire desert.
The prince is said to be as beautiful in
appearance and voice as a woman.
The Damcyan Castle in the
north, governs this area.
The Crown Prince sings
beautifully as a bard!
ダムシアンの ひがしにある アントリオンの
どうくつには おうぞくしか いけねーらしい。
おれたちでも いけりゃ いいしょうばいに
Seems no one but royalty can enter
the Antlion Cave east of Damcyan.
We'd make us some good money
if we could get there, though...
Only the Damcyan Royalty
can enter Cave Antlion to
the east of Damcyan.
けんじゃの{テラ}さまと むすめの
{アンナ}は おやひとり こひとりで
{アンナ}が いえでをしてしまってな‥‥
Sage {Tella} and his daughter {Anna},
as single parent and only child,
always got along well, but now
{Anna} has run away from home...
{Tellah} has brought up his
daughter {Anna} alone.
But {Anna} ran away...
{アンナ}は あいするひとができたの。
でも {テラ}さまが
このカイポを とびだして‥‥
{Anna} fell in love with someone.
Master {Tella} wouldn't stand for it,
though, so she ran away from
{Anna} fell in love with
a man, but {Tellah} didn't
allow her to see him.
...So they ran away.
なんでも バロンからきた
きれーな ねーちゃんが たおれてて
だれかのいえに かつぎこまれたらしーぜ。
I hear some pretty chick from
Baron collapsed and got taken
into someone's house.
Someone picked up a sick
girl from Baron falling
バロンからきた むすめさんが
むらのまえで たおれてたんです。
かわいそうに こうねつびょうに やられて
うわごとで {セシル} {セシル}と
The girl who came from Baron
collapsed in front of the village.
The poor girl has fallen into an
extreme fever, and just keeps
mumbling {Cecil}, {Cecil}...
A girl from Baron was kept
from falling down.
She kept calling a name.
Do you know {Cecil}?

By now, you should have a pretty good idea who the girl is. And, sure enough, Cecil walks into the back room of one house to find Rosa bedridden.

『{ローザ}! 『{Rosa}! {Cecil}: {Rosa}!
『{ローザ}‥‥‥‥ 『{Rosa}...... {Cecil}: {Rosa}......
 しなないで {セシル}!
{Rosa}: ......
 Don't die, {Cecil}!
{Rosa}: ......
Don't leave me, {Cecil}!

The old man nearby has a suggestion.

こうねつびょうを なおすには まぼろしの
ほうせき さばくのひかりが ひつようなんじゃが
アントリオンという まものがすむ どうくつに
To cure an extreme fever, the fabled
jewel Light of the Desert is needed,
but it's in the cave where a monster
called the Antlion lives...
We need SandRuby to cure
the fever. But it is in
the lair of the monster
called Antlion.

こうねつびょう (kounetsubyou) could also be yellow fever (黄熱病), but that's associated more with humid areas. I'm assuming it's 高熱病, which is simply a high fever, and Google supports this interpretation (when searching for 高熱病 with ローザ, I got 8590 results, versus 97 for 黄熱病 with ローザ).

Putting this together with what the other townspeople have said, Cecil concludes that he must head north to Damcyan and seek help from their royalty.

Be careful with Rydia in combat. She's not a fighter like Cecil, and she starts out at only level 1 on top of that. Make sure to keep her in the back row. She can defend, use items as needed, or use the Rod she comes equipped with as an item to inflict moderate damage, since her normal attack won't do much of anything. As she gains levels, she'll start learning magic. Try to conserve her MP until you need it, though.

The DS remake starts Rydia off with a few levels and spells already earned, so while she's still not a fighter, she's at least a bit less helpless.

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