Call animals with the Hunter's !Animals command. Amazingly enough, !Animals can not be reflected.

The game picks the outcome by choosing a random value from 0 to the user's level, inclusive. This is referred to below as a "roll". If your level is at least the minimum roll for an animal, then it's a possible, though perhaps unlikely, outcome.


For brevity's sake, on this page I'm shortening magic defense to MDef, evade rate to evade, magic evade rate to MEvd, and magic power to magic.

The basic damage formula for pretty much everything is Damage = (A - D) * M. It's what goes into A, D, and M that makes things interesting.

Since M acts as a damage multiplier, anything that modifies M modifies final damage. Modifiers to A and D have more complicated effects on final damage because A and D are compared to each other on the way to computing final damage.


ミシディアうさぎ Mysidian Rabbit

Does nothing.

Roll a 0 to get one of these. Mercifully rare, especially as level increases.

Named after a mage town in previous games, which also explains why it's dressed like a Black Mage.

りす       Squirrel

Damages one enemy. Always misses targets with 'levitate' status, but always hits otherwise.

Roll 1 to 4. A = Random(45, 50), D = MDef, M = (level * magic)/256 + 4

はちのむれ    Bee Swarm

Damages all enemies. Damage is unpredictable but tends to increase with level. Always hits (but the Aegis Shield can block it).

Roll 5 to 9. A = Random(10, 100), D = MDef, M = level/8 + 2

ナイチンゲール  Nightingale

Heals all allies, and removes 'poison' and 'darkness' status. Damages the Undead. Always hits.

Roll 10 to 19. A = Random(60, 67), D = MDef, M = (level * magic)/256 + 4. Note that, in an oddity for a healing skill, this does not ignore MDef, so characters with higher MDef receive less healing.

モモンガ     Flying Squirrel

Adds 'paralysis' status to all enemies. Always succeeds on each target that is not immune.

Roll 20 to 29.

ファルコン    Falcon

Removes 3/4 of current HP from one enemy. Always fails on Heavy targets, but always succeeds otherwise.

Roll 30 to 39.

スカンク     Skunk

Adds 'poison' and 'darkness' status to all enemies. Each independently always succeeds on each target that is not immune to that status.

Roll 40 to 49.

ワイルドボー   Wild Boar

Damages one enemy. Always misses targets with 'levitate' status, but always hits otherwise.

Roll 50 to 59. A = Random(180, 202), D = MDef, M = (level * magic)/256 + 4. Like Squirrel with four times the power.

ユニコーン    Unicorn

Recovers full HP for all allies. The Undead are instead reduced to single-digit HP if not Heavy, or unaffected if also Heavy. Always hits except against a Heavy Undead.

Roll 60 or higher.

Expected Results by Level:

Level: 50

  Mysidian Rabbit: Squirrel: Bee Swarm:  
  Nightingale: Flying Squirrel: Falcon:  
  Skunk: Wild Boar: Unicorn:  

Expected probability of a healing skill (Nightingale or Unicorn):

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