Use a random dance with the Dancer's !Dance command, or half the time when attacking with the Dancing Dagger.


For brevity's sake, on this page I'm shortening magic defense to MDef, evade rate to evade, magic evade rate to MEvd, and magic power to magic.

The basic damage formula for pretty much everything is Damage = (A - D) * M. It's what goes into A, D, and M that makes things interesting.

Since M acts as a damage multiplier, anything that modifies M modifies final damage. Modifiers to A and D have more complicated effects on final damage because A and D are compared to each other on the way to computing final damage. Note that most calculations are truncated (rounded down).


ミステリーワルツ Mystery Waltz

Causes MP damage and restores the user's MP by the same amount (reversed on the Undead). Always hits.

A = Random(8, 9). D = MDef / 32. M = (level * magic)/256 + 4.

Identical to [black magic] Aspir except that it can't miss.

ふたりのジルバ  Jitterbug Duet

Causes HP damage and heals the user by the same amount (reversed on the Undead). Always hits.

A = Random(45, 50). D = MDef. M = (level * magic)/256 + 4.

Identical to [black magic] Drain except that it can't miss.

みわくのタンゴ  Tempting Tango

Sets 'confusion' status. Always succeeds unless the target is immune.

つるぎのまい   Sword Dance

A physical attack for massive damage. Prevents weapons from casting spells or skills, but always hits (unless using a rod as a weapon).

Doubles both A and M, resulting in at least quadruple damage. Stacks with most other bonuses, like critical hits, 2-Handed Grip, !Magic Sword, and so on. The bonus doesn't work if wielding a Glasscraft Bell, Tinker Bell, or any rod.

This would be game-breaking, if you could do it reliably.

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