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Final Fantasy VI

Lock's Scenario
{Lock} succeeded in holding back
the Imperial army in South Figaro...
But faced with their relentless vigilance,
he has lost his escape route...
LOCKE has worked hard to stymie the efforts of the Imperial troops. But now he desperately needs to escape...
サウスフィガロの町  Town of South Figaro  |  SOUTH FIGARO

As the scene begins, Lock narrowly evades being caught by one of the soldiers now blanketing the town. 1-21 "Under Martial Law" plays during the occupation.

It's possible to glitch through the soldier patroling this exit and thus skip the events in town, by moving Lock up while the soldier is moving down and entering the menu with proper timing, but I can't recommend it unless you want a challenge. Doing so skips recruiting an upcoming character, which leaves Lock to finish this scenario on his own, then leaves you stuck with Mogtan instead of that character for the rest of the game. Mogtan has no skills or spells and can't learn any. Worse, he (?) can't change equipment, even after a story event leaves the poor creature unequipped. It gets worse later on after the story makes the upcoming character play solo for a while, since you'll have to get through that part using nothing but a naked moogle with subpar stats that can't do much of anything in combat. This will also deprive an optional character of the skipped character's unique skill. It's still fairly amusing regardless, just not advisable.

{Lock}: Shit.
 Gotta get to Narshe quick...
{LOCKE}: Nuts!
Gotta get to Narshe on the fly...

Lock starts this scene with all his equipment removed. Make sure to give him some before doing any fighting!

Fortunately, losing won't actually get you a Game Over for most of the scenario, instead dumping Lock back to where he started.

{Lock}: Ow, ow, ow...
 Guess I'm back to square one...
{LOCKE}: Ouch!!
I gotta steal me some new clothes, fast!!

Most of the town is blocked off by soldiers too tough to realistically beat. The only other passage across town is blocked by a boy who will only allow merchants through unless his grandfather says otherwise, and the grandfather won't talk about anything except the sake (booze) that hasn't come yet.

My grandpa used to be a servant for
the rich man in the northern house.
My grandfather was a servant for the richest man in town.
But for now I've been told not to let
anyone through but merchants.
Only people dressed as merchants may pass through.

That NA version line is painful. Not only is it quite lacking in subtlety, it makes absolutely no sense for the kid to admit how easily he can be fooled, and even give you pointers on how to do it. And it's far from the only modified line that tries too hard to tell you what to do, either.

While you're here, consider getting in a fight with at least one of those mech riders. Lock by himself can't realistically beat the Heavy Armor he'll end up fighting, but running away or even losing is enough to make them appear on the Beast Plain later. And if you're lucky, you can also steal an Iron Helm from one, but more often than not, you'll just get a Potion. Even completionists can skip them for now, though, since they'll show up in a mass battle at Narshe later on.

Though if you do beat a Heavy Armor that's blocking a certain path, then take a hidden bridge over the river, it's apparently possible to skip all the costuming.

Realizing he needs a disguise to get anywhere, Lock sneaks around until...

Merchant: You're the infamous
 thief {Lock}, aren't you?
{Lock}: Whoa, there,
 call me a treasure hunter.
MERCHANT: You're that thief,
{LOCKE}, aren't you?
{LOCKE}: Hey!
Call me a treasure hunter,
or I'll rip your lungs out!

The NA version took a bit of artistic license on this line, but I can't say it's not amusing...

They start fighting, and Lock steals from the Merchant, because, well, that's what he does. That's when things get entertaining...

ついでに服を盗んだ!! Took the chance to steal his clothes!! Stole his clothing, too!!
Aha, gotcha!
Here we go!
It's a bit small,
but whatever.
These are a little tight,
but the price was right.

This leaves the merchant, now dubbed Naked, understandably embarrassed:

ヒ、ヒィーーーー!! E-eeeeep!! Wh...whew!!

...and he flees combat. Lock ends up disguised as a merchant, so he heads back to the boy.

Merchant, right?
You can pass.
Merchant, right?
You may proceed.

Some inside information might help, but the soldiers won't talk to Lock. One townsperson gives him an idea, though.

The underling soldiers are quick to pick fights
in spite of what wusses they are. They're so
careless you could even steal their clothes.
Lower ranking soldiers like to brawl. Try humiliating them by stealing their clothes!

Incidentally, that's the only hint about stealing a disguise in the Japanese version, other than the fact that Lock can and should try stealing regardless.

Sure enough, bored Junior Soldiers in several places are itching for a fight...

What's your problem!?
Go home already!!
Scram, you blockhead.

Lock, of course, takes advantage of the situation to steal a uniform, with similar theatrics.

It's a bit on the large side,
but I guess it can't be helped.
These are a little too big,
but they'll do.

Now that he's in an Imperial uniform, the soldiers, most of them drinking in the bar, will talk to Lock candidly.

I head that famous woman
general betrayed the Empire.
Word is she's locked up
somewhere in this town.
I heard they grabbed a famous general who turned traitor!
She's locked up somewhere in this town.
え~い いいや。
It's time to guard the secret underground
passage in the northern mansion.
Eh, screw it.
It's too late to stop now.
Never a dull moment...
Time to guard the passage under the big mansion...
Oh, well.
Life is tough...

I think he means there's no reason to stop drinking if he's already late anyway.

I've heard the northern mansion
has two secret passages.
One goes out of town, the other
to a house somewhere.
I heard there are 2 secret tunnels under the rich man's house.
One leads out of town, the other to one of these houses...
Around now a detached force
should be heading for Narshe.
We'll join up with them soon.
A detached force is making its way toward Narshe.
We'll link up with them soon.
That Cefca scumbag's about
to attack Narshe. Of course,
to his face, it's Cefca-sama...
Can't call him anything else.
That clown, Kefka, is on the verge of invading Narshe.

One soldier outside mistakes Lock for his relief and heads for the bar.

It's time?
Time's up?
Good! I'll take a break!

With more freedom to move about and information about a secret passage out of town, Lock sees a chance to escape. The news about the traitorous general could be important too. But first, he needs to change disguises to interact freely with the citizens. Fortunately, there's paranoid merchant who'll do just fine...

What the?
You here to steal my sake?
Hey you!
Come to steal my cider?
え~い こそどろめ。 Grrrr, you damn sneak-thief. You thief!

After the usual clothes-grabbing, Lock decides the sake will come in handy, and takes that too. That old man who was a servant at the northern mansion might know something, and this is more likely than anything to get him talking...

グビッ グビッ
Ohh, sake.
*gulp*, *gulp*
Hm? You want to find an escape route?
Hmm, yes, the northern mansion should
have a secret underground path.
Ah! Cider!
Glug, glug, ...
Huh? Secret passage?
Well, there is one that leads to the rich man's house.
合言葉は ……?
Tell my grandson downstairs the password.
The password's ...?
I forgot!
Go downstairs and give my grandson the password. It's...uh, umm...
I forget!

Talking to the kid downstairs...

The password is...
"wild rose"
The password is...
 "Rose bud"

It may take some trial and error, but by no great surprise, the correct answer is "courage".

The inclusion of "wild rose" is a shoutout to Final Fantasy II on the Famicom, where the anti-Imperial resistance uses it as a password.

ひみつの いりぐち。 Secret entrance. Secret entrance.

The boy opens a secret door in the wall.

グーだね。 Good luck. Good luck!

Lock goes through, emerging inside the northern mansion. The army seems to be using it as headquarters, but they leave Lock alone regardless of his outfit. Now that the Empire has actually invaded, the traitorous owner at least displays some remorse, but it's a bit late for that.

Oh, what have I done...?
How could I have been so blinded by money
that I leaked information to the Empire?
Oh, what have I done?!
I betrayed the town, and I didn't even need the money!

The secret passage out of town should be around somewhere, and it's likely that the renegade general is too. Exploring the house carefully, Lock finds a concealed staircase on the top floor that goes all the way to the basement. If he's still in disguise, he has the option of changing back to his usual outfit at this point:

(Take my disguise off?)
(I kinda like this look.)
(Change clothes?)
(These are fine.)

Continue straight down into the wall to find another hidden staircase leading to a small treasure room with the Hermes's Shoes and Hyper Wrist accessories. Actually, you can (and should) collect these your first time through town earlier, but it fits better here plotwise.

Lock hears an odd noise from a side room, and carefully peers through an opening in the door...

{Lock}: I've seen her before...
 If I'm right... she's an Imperial general...
{LOCKE}: I've seen her before...
Of course! She's one of the Empire's generals!

Two soldiers stand inside the room. One is repeatedly striking the woman who was at Gastra's speech in Tina's flashback. She wears a green outfit and white cape. Her blond hair, bound only by a blue hairband around the back of her head, falls to about the middle of her back (fanart tends to prefer a normal cloth all-the-way-around headband, but both Amano's art and the in-game sprites and character portrait suggest something fancier that does not extend to the front of her head). Despite her situation, she maintains an air of dignity. The soldiers start gloating.

「裏切り者はこうなるんだ! : This is what becomes of traitors! GUARD: This's what happens to traitors!
A Battle Sorceress produced artificially
through Imperial Special Education.
None have looked upon the true self as a woman
of this general who has fought countless battles.
Product of genetic engineering,
battle-hardened Magitek Knight, with a spirit as pure as snow...

Interestingly, this introduction parallels Shadow's, with the mention of an unseen true self.

: How far the invincible
 General {Celes} has fallen.
GUARD: So, the mighty {CELES} has fallen!

The cruel soldier laughs a cruel soldier laugh. He's got nothing on Cefca, though.

{Celes}: But not, I think, so far as you,
 who trample the weak by force...
: What!
{CELES}: How can you serve those cowards...
GUARD: Hold your tongue!

Celes is speaking with a somewhat masculine edge to her tone—her use of お前 (omae) rather than, say, あんた (anta) or even 貴様 (kisama) as a second-person pronoun particularly stands out—and she continues to do so for some time...

{Celes}: Didn't I hear Cefca is planning
 on using poison to massacre the
 eastern country of Doma?
: Shut up!
{CELES}: Isn't it true Kefka's going to poison the people of Doma, to the east?
GUARD: Shuddap!

He hits her again, hard enough that she collapses.

: Tch. You'll be executed tomorrow anyway.
 Run your mouth off now
 while you still can!
GUARD: I'd hate to be in your shoes tomorrow!
しっかり見はれよ! Keep a close watch on her! Keep a close eye on her!
ハッ!三日三晩、眠らずに見はります! Yes, sir! I could stand guard three
days and nights without sleep!
Yes, Sir!
I can go for days without sleep!

The ranking guard exits. If disguised as an Imperial soldier, Lock stands by the door and salutes. Otherwise, he watches from a ceiling beam, then hops down when the coast is clear. Either way, he heads into the room, where the remaining guard has already dozed off. Lock checks on Celes and is faced with a choice:

(Guess I'll remove her chains)
(Maybe I'll just keep taking in the view)
(Remove her chains?)
(Wait a few minutes.)

Well...? You ARE going to release her, right?

If Lock is dressed as himself...

{セリス}「お前は… {Celes}: You're...? {CELES}: And you are...

If Lock is dressed as a merchant...

{Celes}: Pushing your wares in a place like this?
{Lock}: Whoops, sorry about the getup.
{CELES}: What do you hope to peddle down here?
{LOCKE}: Oops! Forgot I was wearing these clothes.

If Lock is dressed as an Imperial soldier...

{Celes}: You're awfully short
 for a soldier.
{Lock}: Whoops, forgot I was
 wearing a uniform.
{CELES}: You're awfully short for a soldier.
{LOCKE}: Oh, I forgot I was wearing a uniform!

Celes's line comes across as slightly odd, because she's suddenly talking more femininely. Maybe it's an oversight, maybe the sarcastic tone negates that, or maybe... Well, the above exchange is quite similar to the scene in which Luke meets Leia in Star Wars (though certainly not identical in either English or Japanese). Maybe coincidence, but probably not, especially given the various other references.

{Lock}: I'm {Lock},
 with the Returners.
{Celes}: Returners! I see...
 I'm General {Celes}... or was...
 Now I'm just a traitor.
{LOCKE}: I'm with the Returners. Name's {LOCKE}.
{CELES}: Returners!!! I used to be General {CELES}...
Now I'm just a common traitor...
{セリス}「!? 私を連れてか?
{Lock}: Let's go!
{Celes}: !? You're taking me with you?
{LOCKE}: Let's go!
{CELES}: !? You'd take me along?
{Celes}: Don't bother, it's no good.
 I can't even run...
{CELES}: Thanks, but no thanks. I can barely walk...
{Celes}: Thanks...
 But even if you DID get me out, you'd never
 be able to protect me the whole way...
In that case, bravely facing
death here is more my—
{CELES}: I'm grateful, but...
Even if you got me out, you'd never be able to protect me. No, I think I'm better off here.

Lock cuts her off.

{ロック}「守る! {Lock}: I'll protect you! {LOCKE}: I'll protect you!
{ロック}「俺が守ってみせる! {Lock}: I swear I'll protect you! {LOCKE}: Trust me! You'll be fine!

He winks at her, and walks toward the door.

{ロック}「行くぞ! {Lock}: Let's go! {LOCKE}: Let's go!
{セリス}「待て。 {Celes}: Wait. {CELES}: Wait.
{Celes}: This solder might have something
 that will help in our escape.
{CELES}: This soldier has something important on him...

The soldier is a fairly restless sleeper, and seems to be obsessed with food.

兵士「ハヤシライスも…… Soldier: And hashed beef with rice... SOLDIER: ...more soup...'n...
 むにゃ  むにゃ ……
Soldier: Wanna eat some curry rice.
 mumble mumble ......
SOLDIER: ...'n some bread, too...
Mumble Mumble...

But a quick search turns up a key to wind clocks.

Celes, like Tina, has MP and can cast a few basic spells, though with a specialty in Ice rather than Flame, and in the long run she gets more in the way of status-affecting magic, in contrast with Tina's tendency toward more straightforward offensive and recovery spells. Other than that, and her special battle command (which I'll cover when the game does), she handles quite similarly in combat.

In the next room, there's an old clock that isn't running. Winding the clock reveals another secret passage. Equipment for Celes is scattered around the passage (though you should give her anything you have handy ahead of time). Imperial Commanders and Vector Hounds guard the area, though.

There's also yet another hidden treasure room somewhere around the middle of the area. Once inside, search the bottom of the room for a Ribbon, in addition to the more obvious items.

Fairly soon, they reach the far end, on the edge of town.

{Celes}: Why say you'll protect me...?
{Lock}: You resemble...
{CELES}: Why are you helping me?
{LOCKE}: You remind me of someone...
{Lock}: No, it's nothing.
 I'm doing it for my own sake.
{LOCKE}: But what's it matter, anyway?
I just want to, okay?!

With that rather cryptic remark, they leave town.

Escape from South Figaro  | |

"Under Martial Law" continues playing even on the world map, until they enter the cave that leads back towards Narshe, where "The Phantom Forest" plays as usual. The monsters have been replaced with stronger ones, and there's also a strange rumbling noise every so often...

Additionally, any chests not opened earlier have different contents if opened now. However, if you save them until after the Major Plot Spoiler, two of the three will improve their contents yet again, though the third doesn't change further.

Lock eventually feels the need to comment.

{ロック}「さっきから何の音だ? {Lock}: What's that noise I keep hearing? {LOCKE}: What IS that noise?

Just as they're about to go out the other exit, the rumbling gets worse, and closer.

{Lock}: What the?
{Celes}: Something's coming out of the wall!
{LOCKE}: Huh?
{CELES}: Something's coming outta the wall!!

You guessed it, it's another boss battle, with even more in-battle conversation...!

Dig Armor!
Getting hit by its magic is
supposed to obliterate you!!
I'll draw it's magic attack.
It won't hurt us.
What should we do?
Come again?!
I'll draw off the magic with
Magicseal Sword!
I can simply absorb the
attack with my Runic Blade.
Will you be okay, doing
something like that?
Are you sure you'll be okay?!
Watch and you'll see!!
Just you watch!!

For those who hadn't guessed, Celes's combat ability is Magicseal Sword, which allows her to negate most magic (in short; see her character entry for details). Possibly the game's most situational ability, it comes in handy against the Dig Armor, which uses magic attacks more often than not. With Lock on offense, it should soon fall. Lock can steal an Air Knife (common) or Bio Blast (rare), and it drops an Elixir for your troubles.

Alternately, using the Thunder Rod found in one of the chests in the cave (if said chest wasn't opened earlier) will finish it off in one hit, guaranteed, except at abnormally low levels (under 8 for Lock or under 6 for Celes), though it may do more good later if attempting a low-level challenge.

{Lock}: Whew, looks like we
 finally shook them off.
{LOCKE}: Whew!!!
Looks like we're in the clear!

The music fades out. Cut back to the black room, with the remaining scenarios, unless all are complete.

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