Playable characters, their skills, and attempted translations from...

Final Fantasy VI

Unless otherwise noted, skills cannot be used outside of battle, are not reflectable (with 'reflect' status), cannot be sealed (by Celes's skill Magicseal Sword), work normally on undead targets, are affected by the target's defense or magic defense, are half as effective when used on multiple targets, and are blockable (through magic evasion).

Defense-ignoring physical attacks disregard the following factors that would otherwise make a difference: attacker 'transform' status, attacker 'berserk' status, critical hits, Jump damage bonus, target defense, target 'protect' status, target defending, target in back row, and hitting the target in the back. Usually it's the target defense that matters most here, reducing defendable damage by about (defense / 256)%.

Defense-ignoring magic attacks disregard the following factors that normally affect magic: attacker 'transform' status, target magic defense, target 'shell' status, and target 'transform' status. Usually it's the target magic defense matters most here, reducing defendable magic damage by about (MDef / 256)%. Defense-ignoring magic also disregards critical hits, but since spells can only critical when cast by a weapon that gets automatic critical hits, which applies only to Flare as cast by the Ragnarök and Holy as cast by the Lightbringer, this only matters for a Flare spell from the Ragnarök.

These romanizations of the names for the fourteen main characters, incidentally, come directly from the ending, though most are identical to how I would have written them anyway.

General Commands Tina Lock
Cayenne Shadow Edgar
Mash Celes Stragus
Relm Setzer Mog
Gau Gogo Umaro
The Ghosts Biggs and Wedge Generic Moogles
Bannan Leo Madin

Character Skills
General Commands
たたかう Battle Fight

This command executes a normal attack, in case that wasn't obvious. Wearing a Proof of Initiation alters the way the command works as described under that accessory. In short, that's four attacks, random targetting, half damage, perfect hit rate, and no critical hits or weapon-cast spells.

Most characters have a unique ability that MIGHT trigger after selecting the Battle command while in 'near death' status. I refer to these as "secret deathblow skills" below, though I've also seen the term "desperation attack". These abilities will not occur when under 'confusion', 'transparent', 'decoy', or 'zombie' status, before 25.6 seconds of battle have elapsed, or more than once per battle. Gau and Umaro have no Battle command and thus have no secret deathblow skill.

ジャンプ Jump Jump

Equip the Wyrmknight's Boots to change Battle into Jump. A character using Jump will leave the battlefield briefly, then land on the target for bonus damage.

Characters in midjump cannot be targeted or hit ('hidden' status?). Spears get a +100% damage bonus, while everything else gets +50%. If using Genji's Glove to equip two weapons, the user hits only once, with the weapon used to hit chosen randomly, though it always displays the right-hand weapon. Furthermore, having a spear as either weapon makes the damage bonus +100% in this case, even if a non-spear makes the actual hit. Jump also ignores row.

Equip the Wyvern's Horn along with the Wyrmknight's Boots to add a second, and possibly third or even fourth, attack per Jump.

まほう Magic Magic

The spell list appears under this command. Press up at the top of the list to select the equipped Genjuu (if available).

れんぞくま Chain Magic X-Magic

renzoku ma, 連続魔 in kanji.

Equip the Soul of Thamasa to change Magic into Chain Magic. This disables summoning, but allows casting two spells in one turn.

Note that each of the two spells cast is an independent action, which for one thing means that each can be counterattacked separately.

アイテム Items Items

The item list appears under this command.

Aside from the obvious function of using consumable items, pressing up at the top of the item list shows the equipped weapon and shield, which may then be swapped out for any in the inventory that the character can use. Items within the inventory may also be swapped.

チェンジ Change Row

Off the left side of the battle menu. Use to change rows.

Characters in the back row take half damage from physical attacks, unless the attack ignores defense. However, they also inflict half damage when using physical attacks, unless the attack ignores attacker row, as certain weapons and most skills do.

ぼうぎょ Defend Def.

Off the right side of the battle menu. Defend until next command input.

Defending characters take half damage from physical attacks, unless the attack ignores defense.

まどう Sorcery Magitek

madou, 魔導 in kanji. See the general notes for more on this term...

This replaces Battle when characters are riding Sorcerous Armor, which happens briefly several times during the course of the game. The following abilities appear inside the Sorcery command, with Tina getting several not available to any other character. Most are not reflectable, but Fire Beam, Thunder Beam, and Blizzard Beam are, oddly enough.

That has to be an oversight. There's no way they should be reflectable... especially since the game isn't set up to animate it correctly. It doesn't break anything, but it sure does look strange.

ファイアビーム Fire Beam Fire Beam

Unblockable Flame magic damage to a single enemy. At 60 power, equals ○ Fira in strength.

サンダービーム Thunder Beam Bolt Beam

Unblockable Thunder magic damage to a single enemy. At 62 power, marginally stronger than ○ Thundara.

ブリザービーム Blizzard Beam Ice Beam

Unblockable Ice magic damage to a single enemy. At 61 power, marginally weaker than ○ Blizzara.

ヒールフォース Heal Force Heal Force

Heals one ally at 50 power, which is five times as effective as ● Cure and more than 75% the strength of ● Curega. Unblockable. Ignores defense. Damages undead targets.

バイオブラスター Bio Blaster Bio Blast

(Tina only) Unblockable Poison magic damage to all enemies (one side), also setting 'poison' and 'slip' status. At 60 spell power, it's triple the strength of Edgar's Bio Blast, or stronger than ○ Bio in addition to inflicting full damage to multiple targets.

コンフューザー Confuser Confuser

(Tina only) Confuses all enemies (one side), 128 hit rate.

デジョネーター Dejonator X-fer

(Tina only) Sets 'incapacitated' status on one enemy, dropping HP to 0. Delays dying counterattacks when it succeeds, which usually means canceling them outright. Stamina can block this. This ability has better accuracy at 120 hit rate than ○ Death and the Odin kill-all summon, but less than the Raideen summon. However, that only makes a difference when the target has some magic evade, as stamina blocking doesn't care about accuracy.

まどうミサイル Sorcery Missile TekMissile

(Tina only) Unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage to one enemy, slightly weaker at 58 power than ○ Flare, and also sets 'slip' status.

ティナ Tina (Branford) Terra
tinatinaCharacter Class: まどうせんし (madou senshi, 魔導戦士, Battle Sorceress)

The change from "Tina" to "Terra" was apparently a localization decision rather than a translation failure. Tina is something of an exotic name in Japanese, but was deemed too ordinary in English to use in the NA version, so they picked a weirder name. Seems like an overreaction to me, but I suppose it works. I still prefer "Tina" though. Wouldn't an unusual spelling have been good enough, like "Teena" or "Teanah" or something better than I can come up with right now? Maybe not.

Incidentally, when I first played the Japanese version, before actually learning any Japanese, I remembered her name as being three characters that vaguely resemble a T or t.


Tina starts in the party at the beginning of the game, though she begins without a name. She is one of only two characters to have the Magic command and spells to cast before acquiring magicite, and, like the other one, even learns spells on her own as her level increases.

After the battle against Imperial forces in the Narshe icefields, Tina is faced with a troubling revelation and leaves the party for a time. She rejoins after the rest of the party returns from a visit to the Empire to seek the truth.

After the Major Plot Spoiler, Tina is found in the ruins of Mobliz, helping to care for orphaned children. She initially won't rejoin, thinking that she's lost the ability to fight, but when the party returns later after getting the Falcon, she realizes that she can, even must, fight to protect the people important to her.

Unique Abilities
トランス Trans[form] Morph

Or "Trance", but I find that less likely considering she literally changes form.

The Transform command, gained during the course of the storyline, allows Tina to change into a Genjuu-like form. While transformed, her attack and magic damage double (except when using defense-ignoring attacks), and she takes half damage from magic (also unless it ignores defense). However, staying transformed depletes a timer. If it runs out, Tina reverts automatically, and can't transform again until recharging. Win LP from battles to charge the timer.

Transformation additionally doubles the effect of 'regenerate' and 'slip' status, and also seems to affect 'poison' similarly.

Tina can act again immediately after transforming. This is not always apparent, since if any other characters are able to act, their command windows tend to appear before hers. Try making her the only party member to see it.

The transformation gauge drains half as quickly after the Major Plot Spoiler, allowing the change to last twice as long.

もどる Revert Revert

Revert appears when transformed and allows you to end the transformation early, useful for conserving energy. As with transforming, Tina can act again immediately after manually reverting. Similarly, automatically reverting when the timer runs out does not cost a turn.

Natural Magic

In addition to her eventual powers of transformation, Tina automatically learns certain spells as her level increases:

 1 ● Cure  3 ○ Fire  6 ● Poisona 12 ○ Drain 18 ● Raise 22 ○ Fira 26 ◎ Teleport 33 ● Cura
37 ◎ Dispel 43 ○ Figa 49 ● Araise 57 ○ Holy 68 ○ Break 75 ○ Graviga 86 ○ Melton 99 ○ Ultima

Secret Deathblow Skill
ライオットソード Riot Sword Riot Blade

Massive unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage to one enemy, 142 power (for comparison, ○ Flare is 60).

ロック Lock (Cole) Locke
locklockCharacter Class: ぼうけんか (boukenka, 冒険家, Adventurer)

"Lock" is the official spelling as shown in the ending. I still haven't gotten used to spelling it without the final "e".


Lock appears early in the game to help Tina out of a sticky situation and remains with the party until the Major Plot Spoiler.

After the Major Plot Spoiler, Lock resumes his search for a way to revive Rachel, eventually finding the cave where Phoenix's magicite is hidden. Find him and he rejoins after a scene, twice as determined to protect those who live.

Unique Abilities
ぬすむ Steal Steal

Lock can steal items from opponents. Stealing success rate depends on the difference between Lock's level and the target's, not on agility or any other attributes. Equipping a Thief's Bracelet doubles the success rate, though it's more complicated than that. Each enemy has either a common item to steal, a rare item to steal, one of each, or no items that can be stolen. Once an enemy has been stolen from, that enemy cannot be stolen from again, even if it had both a common item and a rare one, so Steal can get one or the other, but not both from a single opponent.

The base chance to steal is (50 + (Lock's level - target's level))%. The chance is thus 100% if Lock is at least 50 levels above his target, or if he's wearing a Thief's Bracelet and is his level is the same as the target's or higher. So why does he sometimes fail even when he has a 100% chance to steal? That's the part that's more complicated. In addition to determining success or failure, the game also randomly decides whether he's stealing a rare item (1/8 chance) or a common item (7/8 chance). If the target doesn't have an item of the type chosen, then he fails to steal, even though he theoretically succeeded. This means that if an enemy has only a rare item to steal, the best possible actual success rate is one in eight, and similarly a maximum of seven in eight for an enemy with only a common item, and there's nothing you can do about it. This is why it's so hard to steal a Bandana in Colts Mountain, for example, though actually it's easier to steal a rare item when there's no common item, because this way you can just keep trying when Lock tries to steal a common item—all the fail messages just make it look worse.

At one point in the game, Lock can even literally steal the clothes off his opponents' backs, disguising himself to move around more freely.

The following message appears on success:

{item}をぬすんだ! Stole {item}! Stole {item} x 1 !

When a failure message appears, it indicates whether there's any point to trying again:

ぬすめなかった Couldn't steal. Couldn't steal!!
何も持っていない!! Doesn't have anything!! Doesn't have anything!
ぶんどる Mug Capture

Equipping a Thief's Bracer changes Steal into Mug. When using Mug, Lock attacks the target in addition to attempting to steal as with the Steal command. Due to a bug, using Mug negates the special effects of many weapons, treating them as ordinary weapons instead—apparently the value used to check whether the theft succeeded overwrites the special attack effect in memory. The general rule is that during-attack effects are lost (Maneater's double damage to humanoids, Ultima Weapon's unusual damage calculation, etc.), but after-attack effects (mostly weapon-cast spells) remain. This can be either beneficial or detrimental, depending on the weapon and the situation.

Mug works with the Proof of Initiation accessory, but only sort of. You'll get the four attacks just fine, but the stealing tends to foul up when there's more than a single opponent. Basically, he can only steal one item per use, but you'll see the same steal message again for every successful steal check on the following hits, even though only the first success actually steals anything. Worse, each of these steal-nothing successes will also mark the enemies in question as stolen from despite stealing nothing. In other words, if Lock Mugs four enemies like this, hitting each and passing the thieving check each time, it looks like you're getting four of the same item, but you're really only stealing from one enemy and getting one item, and you then can't actually steal from the other three.

Success and failure messages are the same as for Steal, but apply only to the attempted theft. Damage will occur regardless, provided that the attack doesn't miss outright.

Secret Deathblow Skill
ミラージュダイブ Mirage Dive Mirager

Massive unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage to one enemy, 139 power (for comparison, ○ Flare is 60).

カイエン Cayenne (Garamonde) Cyan
cayennecayenneCharacter Class: サムライ (Samurai)

"Cayenne" is the official spelling as shown in the ending, and reflects the pronunciation (roughly kī ĕn) better than "Cyan". The original name is too long for the NA version 6-character limit, though I think "Cayan" or "Kyan" would have been better choices for a shortened name. "Cyan" is, of course, spelled exactly like the color cyan, which, unlike this name, is supposed to be pronounced with an "s" sound.


Cayenne joins the party after Cefca poisons his home country, killing nearly everyone, including Cayenne's wife and son. Like most of the other characters, he is briefly unavailable during the expedition to Thamasa.

After the Major Plot Spoiler, Cayenne takes up residence high atop Zozo Mountain, where he exchanges letters with Lola, posing as her dead lover in an apparent attempt to keep her from falling into despair, and probably as something of a substitute for his own lost family. He rejoins as soon as the party finds him, but not until the Cayenne's Dream sidequest does he truly face and overcome his loss.

Unique Abilities
ひっさつけん Deathblow Sword SwdTech

hissatsu ken, 必殺剣 in kanji. "Deathblow Sword" is probably an overly literal translation. Something like "Lethal Blade" or even the more generic "Swordplay" might be preferable. Maybe "blade arts"? The Internet tells me that it's "Bushido" in the GBA remake, which is nice stylistically even if it's not very accurate (like chivalry, bushido is more a code of conduct than a style of combat).

Select this command, and a bar begins to fill. Stop it at any time to use the skill corresponding with the number the bar has reached (see below for individual skills). Be aware that combat does not pause while the bar fills, which limits its usefulness. Casting ◎ Quick negates this disadvantage, since time stops for everyone except the user until both extra turns are complete, but it's not necessarily practical thanks to the spell's rarity and cost.

I forget whether it was in an official remake or a fan-made patch, but I've heard of a modification to this skill that lets you pick from a list, then applies the charge-up time in the background after you've made the selection, while you continue to do other things with the rest of the group. Having that in the original game would have gone a long way toward making this skill more attractive.

Deathblow Sword requires that the user have a compatible weapon equipped, though the weapon's attack power unfortunately has no effect on the strength of the skills (other bonuses may, depending on the skill). In addition to katanas and other swords, some daggers also work just fine. See the weapons list for details.

Also, these all ignore the user's row.

 必殺剣 牙
 Deathblow Sword Fang
Damages one enemy
Single attack

Unblockable defense-ignoring physical damage to a single random enemy, 120 attack power.

 必殺剣 空
 Deathblow Sword Sky
Greatly damages one enemy with counterattack
Single counter attack

Cayenne takes a counterattack stance and will hit back with unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage when next physically attacked. This invisible 'ready to counter' status makes him unable to avoid physical attacks, but he still counterattacks if a physical attack directed at him misses anyway (for example, when a non-damaging status attack tries to inflict a status effect he's immune to). The effect lasts until he counters or until a different command is entered, whichever comes first. 56 power, slightly less than ○ Flare.

This skill has two interesting bugs that are relatively minor on their own but form one major glitch when combined.

Bug 1: If Cayenne is incapacitated after initiating the skill but before using the strikeback part, and is then revived, this apparently confuses the logic that's supposed to check whether he's the target of an attack. As a result, he will respond by using Sky against an enemy whenever any physical attack occurs, regardless of the target and regardless of the source.

Bug 2: If Cayenne is put in 'kappa' status after initiating the skill but before using the strikeback part, he will strike back with a normal attack instead of Sky (since characters in 'kappa' status can't use skills), but this won't clear the invisible 'ready to counter' status. He'll keep striking back when attacked for the rest of the battle, until a new command is input or 'kappa' is removed and he actually uses Sky.

Combine these for the so-called "Psycho Cyan" glitch: Since he'll "strike back" when anyone attacks anyone, he "counters" as soon as any physical attack goes off. The 'ready to counter' status never wears off, so he'll then "counter" his own attack, then "counter" that, and so on until forced to stop (by dying of 'poison' status, for instance) or all enemies are dead. If neither can occur, then you're stuck in an infinite loop.

 必殺剣 虎
 Deathblow Sword Tiger
Halves one enemy's HP
Halves an enemy's HP

Halves a random enemy's HP (round fractions up) and also sets 'slip' status. Counts as a physical attack. This will miss any target immune to instant death, but is otherwise completely unblockable, even by stamina.

 必殺剣 舞
 Deathblow Sword Dance
Damages enemies four times
 Quadra Slam
4-stroke attack

Strikes four times with unblockable physical damage, 72 attack power, hitting a random enemy each time (when surrounded, both sides are valid targets for each strike). When possible, each strike avoids targeting any enemy that earlier strikes have fatally damaged, so when faced with up to four sufficiently weak enemies, this skill will reliably kill them all.

 必殺剣 龍
 Deathblow Sword Dragon
Absorbs HP and MP from one enemy
Absorbs an enemy's HP/MP

Unblockable defense-ignoring magic HP and MP damage to one random enemy, absorbing the damage inflicted as recovery for the user. As is typical of absorption attacks, Dragon works backwards on undead targets, and will never take more than required to max out whoever is healed. The HP portion has 49 power, not all that much weaker than ○ Flare's 60. The MP portion has 12 power.

 必殺剣 月
 Deathblow Sword Moon
Damages and stops multiple enemies
Multiple attack/casts "Stop"

Unblockable magic damage at 97 power (between -ra and -ga spells in power) to all enemies (one side), and also attempts at 140 hit rate to inflict 'stop' status on each enemy.

 必殺剣 烈
 Deathblow Sword Fierce
Damages enemies four times
4-stroke attack

Strikes four times with unblockable defense-ignoring physical damage, hitting a random enemy each time (when surrounded, both sides are valid targets for each strike). 70 attack power; though less than Dance, it tends to inflict significantly more damage due to ignoring defense. When possible, each strike avoids targeting any enemy that earlier strikes have fatally damaged, so when faced with up to four sufficiently weak enemies, this skill will reliably kill them all.

 必殺剣 断
 Deathblow Sword Sever
Cuts multiple enemies in half with a single stroke
Dices up enemies

Sets 'incapacitated' status on all enemies (one side), dropping their HP to 0. Delays dying counterattacks when it succeeds, which usually means canceling them outright. This skill has exceptionally high accuracy at 182 hit rate, and furthermore, stamina cannot block it, unlike nearly every other instant-death attack. This virtually guarantees that it will slay anything not outright immune to instant death attacks.

Skill Acquisition

Cayenne learns more Deathblow Sword skills as his level increases:

 1 Fang  6 Sky 12 Tiger 15 Dance 24 Dragon 34 Moon 44 Fierce 70 Sever

The following message appears after the level-up message when Cayenne learns a new skill:

新たな必殺剣を体得した! Mastered a new Deathblow Sword! Mastered a new technique!

Couldn't the NA version at least have said "a new SwdTech"?

Additionally, completing the Cayenne's Dream sidequest will enable all eight immediately, regardless of level.

Secret Deathblow Skill
つばめがえし Tsubame Gaeshi Back Blade

燕返し in kanji, roughly "swallow reversal". This refers to a sword skill that involves swinging a blade in one direction, then swiftly and abruptly slashing in the opposite direction. The famed swordsman Sasaki Kojirō favored this technique, so named due to mimicking the motion of a swallow's tail in flight, and supposedly having enough quickness and precision to strike down a bird in mid-flight.

Massive unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage to one enemy, 140 power (for comparison, ○ Flare is 60).

シャドウ Shadow Shadow
shadowshadowCharacter Class: アサシン (Assassin)

Shadow comes and goes as he pleases. He first appears at the bar in South Figaro, alone save for his loyal dog Interceptor, where Edgar comments that he would even kill a close friend for the right price. However, Shadow offers to assist Mash, who is alone at the time and apparently hasn't even heard of him, without charging a penny. He may run off after battle, though, and will leave regardless once Mash and Cayenne reach Baren Falls.

According to Terii senshi's Algorithms FAQ, Shadow may leave the group, if he is in it, at any time after the Imperial Army Encampment and before the Mystic Continent, except on the Grim Train. He has a 1/16 chance of leaving at the end of each battle, but will not leave if the battle is a back attack or if either the party or the enemies are surrounded. Additionally, he never leaves when he is the only character left standing or when he has 'incapacitated', 'zombie', or 'petrified' status.

Shadow shows up again at the bar in Kohlingen, and will join for a price if the group has room for him, but will again run off at random, and always leaves after the events at Zozo. Alternately, if you avoid hiring him until after Zozo, he'll join for a price then, but will run off in the middle of the Opera House events, leaving the party a member short for the whole first trip to the southern continent.

Later, the Empire hires Shadow to go with Tina and Lock on the search for the Genjuu, but soon after rescuing Relm and the others from a burning house in Thamasa, he slips off again. He shows up once again on the Mystic Continent, having been cast aside by the Empire, and distracts Cefca while the others escape. If you choose to wait for Shadow before escaping to the airship, then five seconds before the timer runs out, he shows up and escapes with everyone else. Otherwise, he presumably dies in the collapse, and is never seen again.

After the Major Plot Spoiler, assuming that the others waited for him earlier, the party finds Shadow deep in the cave on the Beast Plain, about to be eaten by a behemoth. As soon as he recovers, though, he heads off again, and shows up at the Dragon's Neck Coliseum. Fight him by wagering the Ichigeki Blade, and he'll finally join permanently.

Shadow's past is shrouded in mystery, but it keeps coming back to haunt him in his dreams. Four of the dreams appear randomly when staying at an inn with Shadow in the active party, and the fifth appears after saving him from the behemoth.

Unique Abilities
なげる Throw Throw

Shadow can throw most weapons, including shuriken, for extra damage, and can also toss some ninja scrolls and a few other items for good measure. Naturally, throwing an item removes it from the inventory. Scrolls have special effects as described on the items page.

A thrown weapon deals physical damage using the weapon's element and attack power, but ignoring all other properties of the weapon. The attack is unblockable, gets a +100% damage bonus, and is also unaffected by the following factors that affect most physical attacks: target defense, target 'protect' status, target defending, target in back row, and attacker in back row. Unlike typical defense-ignoring attacks, Throw does get the damage bonuses for attacker 'transform' or 'berserk' status and for hitting the target in the back, when applicable, though no one who can Throw can normally be transformed (only possible through a glitch), and 'berserk' characters can't use Throw unless they already have the command queued when the status hits.

A failure message exists in the game data, but as far as I know it will never appear, as you can't select anything you can't Throw in the first place:

投げられない!! Can't Throw!! Can't throw!!
ハウンドタックル Hound Tackle Takedown
ワイルドファング Wild Fang Wild Fang

Shadow's dog Interceptor sometimes blocks physical attacks meant for Shadow, and will sometimes use one of these attacks after blocking. Both inflict unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage using Shadow's stats, but always miss enemies with 'levitate' status. Hound Tackle, at 55 power, has slightly less impact than ○ Flare, while Wild Fang has a bit more at 66.

Warning: A bug in the Ripple skill means that Shadow can lose his internal 'Interceptor guard' status! Don't let enemies use Ripple on him, or if they do, at least have another character (Relm seems appropriate) use Ripple on that enemy to "steal" Interceptor back.

Note that although Interceptor appears to take damage, he doesn't actually have hit points and cannot die.

Secret Deathblow Skill
シャドウファング Shadow Fang ShadowFang

Massive unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage to one enemy, 140 power (for comparison, ○ Flare is 60). Also causes 'slip' status, making it the only secret deathblow to inflict a status effect in addition to damage.

エドガー Edgar (Roni Figaro) Edgar
edgaredgarCharacter Class: マシーナリー (Machinery)

Edgar, the young king of Figaro, joins the party soon after Tina and Lock arrive at his castle. Except for a brief absence during the search for the Genjuu around Thamasa, he sticks around until the Major Plot Spoiler splits everyone up.

After the Major Plot Spoiler, Celes (possibly accompanied by Mash) finds Edgar in Nikaea, posing as the leader of a gang of thieves. He rejoins after he uses the thieves to get into Figaro Castle and fixes the problem that kept the castle stuck underground. Edgar is one of the three mandatory endgame characters.

Unique Abilities
きかい Machines Tools

This command allows Edgar to use machines intended for this purpose. He can only use machines actually in your inventory, but they never break or run out, so you only ever need one of each. Refer to the items page for details on the eight available machines and their effects.

Secret Deathblow Skill
ロイヤルショック Royal Shock RoyalShock

Massive unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage to one enemy, 143 power (for comparison, ○ Flare is 60).

マッシュ Mash (Rene Figaro) Sabin
mashmashCharacter Class: モンク (Monk)

I guess the localization team decided "Mash" wasn't believable as a name. That or they thought it was "Matthew" (it's not) and decided that was too ordinary. I do have to admit that "Sabin" is more credible, even if it appears to have been pulled out of thin air.

Hroþgar SCRB adds that it's meant to be a nickname for Macias (マシアス); Matthias would fit the same phonetics. Though phonetically this ought to make a simple shortening closer to "mass", the nickname has clearly been tweaked from its source, and "Mash" just seems appropriate, not to mention quite likely intentional.


Mash, Edgar's younger twin brother, joins the party in the middle of the battle with Vargas on Colts Mountain. He stays with the party until the Major Plot Spoiler, except for a brief absence during the expedition to find the Genjuu near Thamasa.

It's unclear what Mash spent his time doing after the Major Plot Spoiler, but he turns up in Tzen, holding up a damaged building (those muscles aren't just for show!) to give the child inside a chance to escape. Rescue the child, and he lets the building drop and rejoins.

Unique Abilities
ひっさつわざ Deathblow Techniques Blitz

hissatsu waza, 必殺技 in kanji. "Deathblow Techniques" is probably an overly literal translation. Something like "Lethal Arts" might be preferable, or maybe borrow something from fighting games or pro wrestling like "finisher" or "signature move". "Blitz" is nice enough stylistically, but it's far from accurate.

The player must enter a button sequence correctly for Mash to use a Deathblow Technique. See below for the techniques and combinations. Several inputs involve "rotating" the directional pad, but all of these have an alternate input that some people find easier to use: Instead of rotating through diagonals, tap the cardinal direction before each diagonal twice (e.g., CCW spin left to right becomes left, left, down, down, right).

Note also that left and right do not mean forward and backward, unlike standard fighting games, but always stay left and right, regardless of which way Mash is facing. Trying to flip the directions will result in failure. For instance, Aura Cannon does not go from down to right when the party is attacked from behind.

If the input given is not recognized by the game or is for a skill not yet learned, it is accepted as usual, but when Mash actually attempts to perform the skill, nothing happens and the following message appears:

必殺技 キー入力ミス! Deathblow Technique input failed! Incorrect Blitz input!
 Bakuretsu Ken
Defense-ignoring damage to one enemy
Cuts through an enemy's

爆裂拳 in kanji, roughly "Exploding Fist".

(left, right, left) Unblockable defense-ignoring physical damage to one random enemy, 110 attack power.

 Aura Cannon
Holy ki damage to one enemy
Mystical purity slams an enemy

(CW spin down to left) Unblockable Holy magic damage to one random enemy, 68 power.

 Meteor Strike
Throw-down technique on one enemy
Puts the drop on an enemy

(X, Y, down, up) Defense-ignoring physical damage to a single random enemy, 180 attack power. Inferior to Bakuretsu Ken when there are multiple enemies, since the damage is halved when there's more than a single opponent, even though it only damages one of them. Unblockable, except that it automatically fails against certain enemies.

Typically, anything that's airborne or somehow anchored (to the ground, another monster, etc.) is immune. When using Meteor Strike against a mixture of immune and non-immune enemies, the attack will always select one that it will work against.

 Houou no Mai
Multi-target Flame damage
 Fire Dance
Fire-attack slams enemies

鳳凰の舞 in kanji, roughly "Firebird Dance".

(CCW spin left to right) Unblockable Flame magic damage to all enemies (one side), full damage even against multiple targets. 42 power, which falls somewhere between ○ Fire and ○ Fira against a single target, but beats ○ Fira against multiple targets because the damage isn't reduced.

Refresh everyone but user
Refreshes other party members

(L, R, L, R, X, Y) Heals all allies (both sides) except the user an amount equal to the user's current HP divided by the number of people healed, and also cures 'darkness', 'poison', 'silence', and 'slip' status. The effect is unblockable, ignores defense, and damages the undead.

Strictly speaking, it's actually (user's current HP) / (size of target group - 1), which makes it buggy if he uses it while confused. In particular, striking a single enemy results in a divide by zero and giving it massive amounts of healing.

 Shinkuu Ha
Multi-target Wind damage
 Air Blade
Wind-attack slams enemies

真空波 in kanji, roughly "Vacuum Wave".

(CW spin up to left) Unblockable Wind magic damage to all enemies (one side), full damage even against multiple targets. 78 power, which exceeds a -ra spell against a single target, and beats -ga spells against multiple targets because the damage isn't reduced.

 Spiral Soul
Recover teammates in exchange for life
Recovers party at own expense

(R, L, X, Y, right, left) At the cost of removing the user from the battle, Spiral Soul heals heals every other character (both sides, but kills the undead) at 200 power, roughly triple ● Curega, and also cures 'darkness', 'zombie', 'poison', 'kappa', 'petrified', 'death sentence', 'silence', 'berserk', 'confusion', 'slip', 'sleep', 'slow', 'stop', and 'frozen' status. This effect is unblockable and ignores defense. The user cannot be revived—even 'reraise' status does nothing—remains completely unavailable until after the battle, and will have 0 HP and 0 MP even then.

My opinion? Worthless. Avoid this one at all costs unless you're really desperate, and in that case, he's probably more useful alive anyway.

 Mugen Toubu
Great damage to one enemy
 Bum Rush
Strikes a mortal blow

That's 夢幻闘舞 in kanji, and nearly impossible to translate without knowing so. It means, approximately, "Phantasmic War Dance". And I'm not even going to speculate on where they got "Bum Rush" from...

(CW spin from left back to left) Unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage to one random enemy. 128 power, more than double ○ Flare's 60.

Skill Acquisition

Mash will learn more Deathblow Techniques as his level increases:

 1 Bakuretsu Ken  6 Aura Cannon 10 Meteor Strike 15 Houou no Mai
23 Chakra 30 Shinkuu Ha 42 Spiral Soul 70 Mugen Toubu

The following message appears when he learns one:

新しい必殺技をあみだした! Devised a new Deathblow Technique! Devised a new Blitz!

Visiting Master Duncan later in the game enables Mugen Toubu, regardless of level.

Secret Deathblow Skill
タイガーブレイク Tiger Break TigerBreak

Massive unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage to one enemy, 140 power (for comparison, ○ Flare is 60 and Mugen Toubu is 128).

セリス Celes (Chere) Celes
celescelesCharacter Class: ルーンナイト (Rune Knight)

Celes starts out as a general of the Empire, but turns against them and is jailed in South Figaro when she finds out about the plans to poison Doma. Lock rescues her and talks her into helping, and she joins the party. She allows herself to be captured in the Sorcery Research Laboratory to give Lock and the others a chance to escape, and though she's later released, it's not until after the Mystic Continent rises that she is able to return to the party.

Celes is badly hurt in the Massive Plot Spoiler, and remains unconscious on a barren island for the next year. When she finally wakes up, the only other living person left on the island is Cid, who cared for her while she was incapacitated, but is becoming gravely ill himself. One way or another, though, Celes finds hope and crosses to the mainland on a raft her fellow islander built, searching for the others, especially Lock. Celes is one of the three mandatory endgame characters.

Unique Abilities
まふうけん Magicseal Sword Runic

mafuu ken, 魔封剣 in kanji.

When Celes uses Magicseal Sword, she can "seal" magic. The effect lasts until the user seals one spell or a different command is entered for the user, whichever comes first. Sealed spells cause no damage and instead recover the user's MP by the (normal) casting cost of the spell. Some magics ignore it, but it can seal several spell-like enemy skills in addition to every normal spell except ○ Meteor, ○ Quake, ○ Tornado, ○ Melton, ◎ Teleport, and ◎ Quick. This means that it does work against the mighty ○ Ultima, which is great if you know an opponent is going to use it, except in that one tower that disables most commands.

One downside is that this doesn't discriminate friend from foe. Celes will seal spells cast by her allies just as readily as the ones the enemies cast. However, since she can only seal one spell per use, careful timing will let her null out most hostile magic while still leaving your own spells alone.

If more than one character has Magicseal Sword active when an affected spell with multitargeting ability is cast (even when the spell is only cast on a single target), each such character absorbs the spell and splits the MP gain. If the spell must have only a single target, only one Magicseal Sword user does the sealing animation or gets any MP, but the amount gained is still reduced as though split, and all sealers still go inactive as though having sealed the spell. In short, you should never use Magicseal Sword with multiple characters simultaneously, though having one on standby, waiting to use it after the other seals, may help.

This ability behaves strangely when combined with elemental armors. Elemental defenses affect the MP gained, so if the user is weak against Flame, immune to Ice, halves Poison, and absorbs Thunder, then Flame spells will give double MP, Poison spells half, Ice spells none, and Thunder spells will actually deduct MP (because absorption reverses the "damage").

Magicseal Sword requires that the user have a compatible weapon equipped. Despite the name, a variety of non-sword weapons work just fine, including spears and the Wizard Rod in addition to essentially anything with a blade. See the weapons list for details.

However, when the game itself, rather than the player, has control (typically due to 'confusion' status or fighting in the coliseum), a character with Magicseal Sword may use it regardless of weapon. Apparently, someone missed coding a check.

Natural Magic

Like Tina, Celes automatically learns certain spells as her level increases:

 1 ○ Blizzard  4 ● Cure  8 ● Poisona 13 ◎ Kappa 18 ◎ Libra 22 ◎ Protect 26 ○ Blizzara 32 ◎ Haste
40 ◎ Berserk 32 ◎ Confuse 42 ○ Blizzaga 48 ◎ Vanish 52 ◎ Hastega 72 ○ Holy 81 ○ Flare 98 ○ Meteor

Characters have their level determined by the party average when they join or rejoin the party. Because of an oddity in the sorting of her natural magic list, if Celes reaches at least level 32 by (re)joining the party, but doesn't reach at least level 40 at the same time, she won't learn ◎ Confuse naturally. Apparently, with her level in this range, the game stops checking for learned magic once it sees the level requirement of 40 on ◎ Berserk, then checks only for exact matches when she gains levels while recruited.

Secret Deathblow Skill
スピニングエッジ Spinning Edge Spin Edge

Massive unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage to one enemy, 143 power (for comparison, ○ Flare is 60).

ストラゴス Stragus (Magus) Strago
stragus stragus Character Class: あおまどうし (ao madoushi, 青魔導士, Blue Sorcerer)

"Stragus" is the official spelling as shown in the ending. It was most likely trimmed for length, with the "u" changed to an "o" since "Stragu" doesn't really work.


Stragus, like nearly everyone in his village of Thamasa, initially just wants to send Tina, Lock, and Shadow away as quickly as possible when they come to town. However, when his granddaughter Relm gets trapped in a burning building, he gives away the village secret that they have magic in his determination to save her. He then joins forces with Tina and Lock, first to rescue Relm, then to search for the Genjuu, and stays on when he finds out about what the Empire is plotting.

After the Major Plot Spoiler, Stragus, apparently having given up hope, is involved in a cult that marches around at the base of a tower on the now above-ground Serpent's Way. Relm is able to snap him out of it, after which he rejoins the party.

Unique Abilities
おぼえたわざ Memorized Techniques Lore

Stragus can learn a wide variety of enemy skills just by seeing them in use (unlike in many other Final Fantasy games, they don't need to hit or even target him). See below for more detail on these abilities. Once learned, they work much like ordinary magic, which includes being unavailable in 'silence' status, though they tend to have more exotic effects. None of Stragus's Memorized Techniques can be sealed or reflected, and all are magical rather than physical.

Stragus must actually be in combat and able to observe the skill when it is used, meaning that he can't have 'darkness', 'zombie', 'petrified', 'incapacitated', 'confusion', 'sleep', 'stop', 'rage', 'frozen', or 'hidden' status at that time (this is incidentally just about the only thing the 'darkness' status ever does, thanks to the evade bug). His condition at the end of the battle doesn't matter as long as the party wins (all monsters die or flee)—he can even be flat on the ground with zero HP. Various other ways of ending battle won't work, including running away, Gau using Leap or returning from it, and fighting in the coliseum.

Of note is that Black Force (Dark Force) randomly uses 19 of these 24 skills in its normal AI script, and Sketching it frequently yields a 20th, Great Tidal Wave. The only Memorized Techniques that you can't learn from it are Mighty Guard, Force Field, Fusion, and Grand Trine.

When Stragus learns a new ability, the following message appears at the end of combat:

{skill}をラーニング Memorized {skill}. Learned {skill}

More literally, "{skill} Learning'd." Learning is the passive Blue Mage skill in FFV that allows enemy skills to be learned.

カウントダウンする デス
 Death Sentence
Counts down to death
Begins doom countdown

死の宣告 in kanji.

20MP. Inflicts 'death sentence' status on one enemy. Unblockable, but fails if the target is immune to instant death.

Interesting, but since it only works against targets vulnerable to instant death anyway, you might as well use something more immediate.

ルーレットする デス
 Death Roulette
Spins a roulette for death
Begins doom roulette

10 MP. Unblockable instant death to one random target, enemy or ally. Fails if the target is immune to instant death, but the player version works even on the undead.

The player version of this spell also always selects an enemy when not cast manually (through Gau's Ahriman Rage, for example). Monster scripts instead use a special variant that, in addition to selecting a completely random target, heals undead like ○ Death does.

 Great Tidal Wave
Water damage
Water-element damage

大海嘯 in kanji. 海嘯 refers to a literal tidal wave, caused by the tide, and its proper English name is a "tidal bore". A tsunami is something different, caused by an underwater earthquake and therefore not actually tidal despite the popular name. However, 海嘯 can also refer to a tsunami, just to complicate things. The NA name may come from a misinterpretation of かいしょう as 解消 (cancellation, dissolution).

30 MP. Water magic damage to all enemies (both sides), a bit weaker at 50 power than -ra attack spells, but inflicts full damage to all regardless of how many there are, which puts it closer to -ga spells against a group. 150 hit rate.

 Aqua Breath
Wind and Water damage
 Aqua Rake
Wind/Water elemental damage

22 MP. Wind / Water magic damage to all enemies (one side), a bit stronger at 71 spell power than -ra attack spells. 150 hit rate.

Stragus already knows this skill when he first joins the party.

Wind damage
Wind-elemental damage

41 MP. Wind magic damage to all enemies (one side), marginally stronger at 125 power than standard -ga attack spells. 150 hit rate.

It also costs less than -ga attack spells despite the higher power, though few enemies have a Wind weakness.

 Thousand Needles
1000 damage
 Blow Fish
1000 damage

Though 針千本 (harisenbon) does also refer to blowfish (much like "centipede" refers to a creature but actually means "hundred legs"), the literal meaning makes more sense here.

50 MP. Inflicts exactly 1000 unblockable and undefendable damage to one enemy.

 Mighty Guard
Shell and Protect to all allies
 Big Guard
Casts Shell/Safe on party

80 MP. Gives all allies (both sides) 'protect' and 'shell' status. Can't be blocked.

As of FFX-2, this is the Worst Mighty Guard Ever in FF history. Because I feel like it, here's a brief comparison list:
  FFV: 72 MP. A real pain to learn. Gives 'levitate' in addition to reducing all defendable damage by 1/2. First appearance.
  FFVI: 80 MP. Difficult to learn. Reduces all defendable damage by 1/3.
  FFVII: 56 MP. Need Manipulate to learn, but not difficult. Gives 'haste' in addition to reducing all defendable damage by 1/2.
  FFVIII: Desperation attack. Not too hard to learn. Always reduces all defendable damage by 1/2, may also give any or all of 'haste', 'levitate', 'regenerate', and 'aura' statuses, and I've heard it can even give 'invincible' status in extreme cases.
  FFIX: 64 MP. Not especially hard to learn. Reduces all defendable damage by 1/2.
  FFX: Overdrive. Fairly easy to learn. Reduces all defendable damage by 1/2.
  FFX-2: 32 MP. Moderately difficult to learn. Reduces all defendable damage by 1/2.
 There you have it, FFVI's Mighty Guard is both the least powerful and most expensive (arguably excepting FFX) of any of them.

Not that it's a bad spell, it just seems like kind of a ripoff, especially when summoning Zone Seeker gets you the more useful half of the effect ('shell') for less than half the cost at 30 MP.

へったHP分 ダメージ
 Revenge Blast
Damage corresponds to lost HP
HP lowering attack

31 MP. Inflicts exactly the user's max HP minus user's current HP in unblockable and undefendable damage to one enemy.

Ugh. Bad NA description. It looks like "amount HP is reduced" was confused with "reduces HP".

Stragus already knows this skill when he first joins the party.

自分のHP分 味方を回復
 White Wind
Heals allies in amount of own HP
 Pearl Wind
Use own HP to help party

45 MP. Heals all allies (both sides) for exactly the user's current HP. Unblockable, ignores defense, and damages undead.

The NA version description, though not inaccurate as such, is hideously vague. The name change is also silly.

Being unreflectable, this spell works wonders for healing through 'reflect' status.

 Level 5 Death
Death on enemies with levels divisible by 5
 L.5 Doom
Casts "Doom" on LV5, 10, 15, ...

22 MP. Kills all enemies (both sides) with a level that is a multiple of 5. Works even on the undead, but not on enemies immune to instant death. This skill will never hit targets that do not have a compatible level, even those with 'transparent' status, but will remove 'transparent' status from all targets anyway.

The following message appears when an enemy uses this skill:

レベルが5の倍数のキャラにデス Death on characters with levels divisible by 5. Casts "Doom" on LV5, 10,...person
 Level 4 Flare
Flare on enemies with levels divisible by 4
 L.4 Flare
Casts "Flare" on LV2, 4, 6, ...

42 MP. Defense-ignoring magic damage on all enemies (both sides) with a level that is a multiple of 4, slightly stronger at 66 power than a standard ○ Flare spell. Full damage even against multiple targets. This skill will never hit targets that do not have a compatible level, even those with 'transparent' status, but will remove 'transparent' status from all targets anyway.

...since when are 2 and 6 multiples of 4?

The following message appears when an enemy uses this skill:

レベルが4の倍数のキャラにフレア Flare on characters with levels divisible by 4. Casts "Flare" on LV4, 8,...person
 Level 3 Confuse
Confusion on enemies with levels divisible by 3
 L.3 Muddle
Casts "Muddle" on LV3, 6, 9, ...

28 MP. Sets 'confusion' status on all enemies (both sides) with a level that is a multiple of 3. This skill will never hit targets that do not have a compatible level, even those with 'transparent' status, but will remove 'transparent' status from all targets anyway.

The following message appears when an enemy uses this skill:

レベルが3の倍数キャラにコンフュ Confusion on characters with levels divisible by 3. Casts "Muddle" on LV3, 6,...person
Status attack on enemies with Reflect
Status-attack on wall-protected

0 MP. Inflicts 'darkness', 'silence', and 'slow' status to all enemies (both sides) with 'reflect' status, but has no effect on those without it. Unblockable.

I'm guessing the NA description involves confusion with the translation of "reflect" as "wall" in FF2us (FFIV), or with the Reflect Ring's translated name of Wall Ring.

The Three Stars accessory actually increases the cost of Reflect???? (to a whopping 1 MP).

The following message appears when an enemy uses this skill:

リフレクのキャラに???? ???? on characters with Reflect. ???? on wall-protected person
 Level ? Holy
Holy on enemies with levels that are ?
 L? Pearl
Pearl attack on LV ? enemy

50 MP. Holy magic damage to all enemies (both sides) with a level that is a multiple of the last digit of the party's gil. At 120 power, it's stronger than the standard ○ Holy spell when cast against a single target, but is weaker when used against multiple enemies. This skill will never hit targets that do not have a compatible level, even those with 'transparent' status, but will remove 'transparent' status from all targets anyway.

The game treats all levels as multiples of 0 for this check, so the skill will strike all targets when the party's gil total ends in 0 or 1.

The following message appears when an enemy uses this skill:

レベルが?の倍数キャラにホーリー Holy on characters with levels divisible by ?. Pearl attack on level ? enemy
 Pacing Damage
Damage proportional to number of steps
 Step Mine
Damage in proportion to # of

ほすう (hosuu, 歩数) literally means the number of steps taken.

(minutes of play time / 30) MP, but monsters always use 1 MP instead. Inflicts unblockable undefendable damage equal to exactly (total number of steps taken / 32). Both values are truncated (rounded down). The damage reaches maximum (9,999) after 319,968 steps. Total play time and total step count both appear on the menu screen.

 Force Field
Erects a trait-nulling barrier in the area
Throws up anti-elemental

24 MP. Nullifies one random attack trait for the rest of the battle, causing all attacks of that element to deal zero damage regardless of anything else. When used repeatedly in the same battle, it will select an element each time that is not already nulled, until all eight are.

This ability can ONLY be learned from Godfiend (Doom), which begins using it after dropping to about half health.

One of the following messages appears when this skill is used successfully:

炎の属性が無効になった Flame trait became ineffective. Fire-element ineffectual
氷の属性が無効になった Ice trait became ineffective. Ice-element ineffectual
雷の属性が無効になった Thunder trait became ineffective. Lightning-element ineffectual
毒の属性が無効になった Poison trait became ineffective. Poison-element ineffectual
風の属性が無効になった Wind trait became ineffective. Wind-element ineffectual
聖なる属性が無効になった Holy trait became ineffective. Pearl-element ineffectual
大地の属性が無効になった Earth trait became ineffective. Earth-element ineffectual
水の属性が無効になった Water trait became ineffective. Water-element ineffectual
 Eerie Soundwave
Halves enemy level
Cuts enemy's level by 1/2

怪音波 in kanji.

68 MP. Halves target's level (round fractional results up) for the rest of the battle. 100 hit rate, but for whatever reason, it always fails against targets immune to instant death. Repeated uses stack.

Since the user's level affects nearly all attack damage and many success rates, this has more of an impact than it may sound like it does. It also helps with improving success rate for Steal and Mug, which compare the thief's level to the target's.

The following message appears when an enemy uses this skill:

レベルが半分にダウン Level cut in half. Level is halved
 Foul Breath
Status attack to an enemy
 Sour Mouth
Inflicts status ailment on an

臭い息 in kanji. Meanwhile, the NA version description is missing a necessary plural.

32 MP. Inflicts 'darkness', 'poison', 'kappa', 'silence', 'confusion', and 'sleep' status on one enemy.

Due to how the game changes sprites, monsters under 'kappa' status may not appear to be unless it's inflicted by ◎ Kappa.

Entrusts own life to teammate
 Pep Up
Uses own HP to save the party

融合 in kanji.

1 MP. At the cost of completely removing the caster from combat, restores one ally to full HP and MP (even if undead), and cures 'darkness', 'zombie', 'poison', 'petrified', 'death sentence', 'silence', 'berserk', 'confusion', 'slip', 'sleep', 'slow', and 'stop' status. The user cannot be revived, remains completely unavailable until after the battle, and will have 0 HP and 0 MP even then.

Save the party. Wow. How about that. Too bad it's nowhere near as good as that makes it sound.

My opinion? Worthless. Avoid using even if you're really desperate. This skill makes Mash's Spiral Soul look good by comparison, though at least it won't kill off undead characters.

Exchanges status with an enemy
Switches status with an enemy's

波紋 in kanji.

66 MP. Unblockable. Exchanges the 'darkness', 'zombie', 'poison', 'transparent', 'kappa', 'death sentence', 'decoy', 'silence', 'berserk', 'confusion', 'slip', 'sleep', 'regenerate', 'slow', 'haste', 'stop', 'shell', 'protect', 'reflect', 'reraise', and 'levitate' status effects with the target.

Additionally, due to a bug, it also exchanges a variety of status effects that it's not supposed to: 'Sorcerous Armor', 'petrified', 'near death', 'dance', 'rage', 'frozen', 'transform', 'chanting', and 'Interceptor guard' status, and in theory also 'incapacitated' and 'hidden' status, though I can't find any way to test the last two (units with those status effects are untargetable and can't use the skill either).

Since you can't target allies with Ripple, it's difficult to manage (you need an enemy that uses it too), but it's possible to do some very interesting things with this bug. One interesting thing is to swap 'transformed' with Tina... the user gets her transformed appearance (and bonuses), and with no time limit...!

More seriously, moving the 'chanting' status caused by using Relm's Control skill onto another character will lock up the game when that character's command menu appears, probably because the game can't figure out what that character is Controlling. It's also very possible for Shadow to "lose" Interceptor because of this bug. Keep him away from enemies that use the skill.

The following message appears when an enemy uses this skill:

ステータスこうかん Status exchange Status exchange
Damage + Confusion
Damages and Muddles an enemy

22 MP. Inflicts magic damage at 40 power, and 'confusion' status to one or all enemies (one side). If the caster and target have equal levels, the damage gets a massive +650% bonus. This skill has a low hit rate of 75 and may therefore miss even targets with no magic evade.

The NA version introduces an inaccuracy by adding extra words and using a singular where singular is wrong.

The following message appears when an enemy uses this skill:

こんらんしろ! Get confused! Be confused!

Stragus already knows this skill when he first joins the party.

Defense-ignoring damage to all enemies
Damage pierces enemies'

50 MP. Unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage to all enemies (both sides), over 50% stronger at 57 power than ○ Meteor.

 Grand Trine
Great defense-ignoring damage to all enemies
Mortal damage pierces enemies'

A grand trine means an arrangement of three planets (or the moon or sun) all 120 degrees from each other, something astrology finds significant.

64 MP. Unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage to all enemies (both sides). With 84 power, it's about 50% stronger than Quasar, or a bit better than half as strong as ○ Ultima.

This ability can ONLY be learned from Hidden, which uses it when all its minions are killed. Don't worry about missing it, though, since the boss reappears and can be fought again if you keep talking to the NPC that started the sidequest.

Great damage in exchange for life
Forfeit life to inflict mortal

自爆 in kanji.

1 MP. Inflicts the caster's current HP in unblockable and undefendable damage to both caster and target (which will knock out the caster).

Secret Deathblow Skill
セバーソウル Sever Soul SabreSoul

Kills one enemy. Always succeeds, even against the undead, unless the target is immune to instant death.

リルム Relm (Arrowny) Relm
relmrelmCharacter Class: ピクトマンサー (Pictomancer)

Unlike Stragus, Relm is excited to have visitors, and almost reveals the town's secret without any prompting. After her rescue from a burning building, she wants to accompany Tina, Lock, and Stragus to search for the Genjuu, but Stragus won't let her. She follows them anyway, though, and formally joins the party after a rather silly scene with Orthros (what other kind of scene does that giant octopus have?).

After the Massive Plot Spoiler, Relm winds up painting for Auzar. Work through his mansion and beat the demon possessing the painting, and she'll rejoin.

If Shadow didn't make it off the Mystic Continent, Relm shows up in the cave on the Beast Plain in his place, and won't appear in her other location until rescued. Like Shadow, she has a dream of the past while recovering...

Unique Abilities
スケッチ Sketch Sketch

The user attempts to draw an enemy. If successful, this uses one of two abilities associated with that enemy, at no cost. Sketching success rate depends on the ratio of the users's level to the target's. Equipping the Beret increases success rate. Despite the existence of several paintbrush weapons, the user does not need to equip one to use Sketch, nor do they influence the success rate or effectiveness in any way. See the monster page (incomplete) for possible Sketch effects. Sketch will always fail if the target has 'transparent' status.

The base chance to succeed is (user's level / target's level), which means 100% chance when the user's level is at least as high as the target's. Equipping a Beret effectively gives roughly a 50% bonus to user level when determining success rate. Some monsters can never be Sketched. Each monster has two abilities defined for Sketch use, a common (3/4 chance) one and an uncommon (1/4 chance) one. Damage and success calculation for these skills use the Sketcher's level, but the subject's strength and attack power (if physical) or magic power (if magical), which usually results in rather feeble effects. This does at least get the bonus from the Giant's Bracer, Earring, or Brave Ring when applicable, but weapon strength has no effect. Additionally, when using Sketch under 'silence' status, the effect will fail if attemping anything that would normally have an MP cost, even though Sketch doesn't use any MP anyway.

Sadly, in addition to using the Sketch target's (typically inferior) stats, most enemies simply have pathetic effects. There's a distressing tendency to get basic attacks, even from powerful monsters, and quite a few yield magic that matches the monster's type and just gets absorbed. Bizarrely, some of the weakest monsters have needlessly powerful effects. For instance, Sketching a Highway (Repo Man), one of the most pathetic monsters in the game, usually yields ○ Flare! In contrast, Sketching the Ultima Weapon (AtmaWeapon) typically results in a normal attack (probably weaker than her own), with a smaller chance of seeing its special attack Full Power! instead (twice as strong, but still fairly sad). Most other bosses are no better, and some are even worse.

Sketch has been known to cause (more or less) unpredictable and sometimes serious glitching on the FF3us v1.0 ROM when it misses. Be especially careful with invisible enemies and opponents that aren't properly monsters (like Gau). Common effects include crashes, graphic glitches, and jumbled inventory. The short explanation is that when Sketch misses, the game tries loading the monster graphic anyway, but reads from unrelated data that shouldn't be treated like that. If you're interested in details, try Master ZED's FF3 Sketch Bug Guide, which dissects the bugged assembly code and details various glitching results. This bug is fixed in FF3us v1.1 (though you can disable the fix with a PAR code), and apparently the glitching never occurs at all in the original Japanese version or in the PSX or GBA remakes.

The following message appears if attempting to Sketch a monster that disallows it:

スケッチできない!! Can't Sketch!! Can't sketch!!
あやつる Control Control

The Impresario's Mustache accessory changes Sketch into Control. Control allows the user to take control of an opponent, making it follow her orders instead of acting on its own. The user can do nothing else while controlling a foe, and the target will break free if hit physically. Control will also end if the monster or user dies, or if either is hit with a status effect that prevents action ('stop', 'sleep', etc.) or makes the victim act uncontrollably ('zombie', 'confusion', etc.). Control success rate depends on the ratio of the user's level to the target's. Equipping the Hypno Crown increases the success rate. See the monster page (incomplete) for the commands available through Control (which are also the abilities the monster will use in the coliseum or when in 'confusion' status).

The base chance to succeed is (user's level / target's level), just like Sketch. Equipping a Hypno Crown effectively gives roughly a 50% bonus to user level when determining success rate. Some monsters can never be Controlled. Damage and success calculation for skills used through Control use the enemy's attributes rather than the user's, which often results rather feeble effects. Also, just to make things strange, these abilities consume no MP from anyone, yet the game prevents you from commanding an action when the monster doesn't have enough MP to use it normally. On top of that, the usability doesn't update immediately when the actual MP value changes.

Additionally, certain skills override targeting and will always attack the player characters, even when activated through Control.

The following message appears if attemping to Control a monster that disallows it:

あやつれない!! Can't Control!! Can't control!!

Secret Deathblow Skill
スタープリズム Star Prism Star Prism

Kills one enemy. Always succeeds, even against the undead, unless the target is immune to instant death.

セッツァー Setzer (Gabbiani) Setzer
setzer setzer Character Class: ギャンブラー (Gambler)

The party seeks Setzer's aid because he has the world's only airship, and they need to reach the Empire quickly. Setzer, though, is only interested in carrying off the opera star Maria. Lock and Celes manage to get aboard his airship by having Celes pose as Maria, and Setzer, though annoyed at being tricked, agrees to a coin toss that stakes his help against having his way with Celes. However, Celes uses a two-headed coin borrowed from Edgar to cheat, and Setzer, impressed by the trick and intrigued by the risk, pledges his whole-hearted assistance. He joins the party as a playable character during the escape from Vector, but is temporarily unavailable while he fixes the airship after a certain event, until he finishes and brings most of the rest of the party to meet up in Thamasa.

After the Major Plot Spoiler, Celes and Edgar (possibly accompanied by Mash) find Setzer hanging out at the bar in Kohlingen, depressed, in part, at the loss of his airship. Their arrival, and a profound speech from Celes, fills him with a new hope, and he rejoins to lead them to the underground hangar storing his deceased(?) friend's airship, which he then puts back into operation. Setzer is one of the three mandatory endgame characters.

Unique Abilities
スロット Slots Slot

Setzer starts up a semi-interactive slot machine, which has a wide variety of possible effects, depending on the outcome of the spin. The outcome is NOT fully random, and the slots ARE rigged to make it much harder to get certain combinations, though they will also nudge results toward valid outcomes after partially completing them (for example, once you have two chocobos lined up, you're practically guaranteed to get the third to finish spinning Chocobo Rush). See below for possible spins.

Chocobo Rush and Seven Flash (and, of course, Mysidia Rabbit) can always come up, and tend to do so very easily. 7-7-BAR is also always a possiblity, but the game will never attempt to steer results toward it (unlike every other special spin that it allows at the time), so your odds of seeing it are very low unless you're deliberately trying to land on it. BAR-BAR-BAR and Diving Bomb are possible spins roughly half the time, Sun Flare roughy one fourth of the time, and 7-7-7 only one thirty-second of the time. For details of how the slot rigging works and how to manipulate it in your favor, look up Master ZED's Slot ability Guide.

(name of summon) (name of summon) (name of summon)


Summons any Genjuu except Odin or Raideen, chosen at random. Note that this includes Jihad (Crusader), which attacks the entire battlefield and will likely kill you at lower levels.

Also interesting, at least in theory, is that you have a chance to summon Ragnarök even early in the game, making it remotely possible to morph certain enemies into equipment that is otherwise unavailable until much later. However, given the low odds of spinning BAR-BAR-BAR, the low odds of getting Ragnarök as the summon, the low odds of the attack succeeding, and the low odds of getting the item you want even when it does succeed, this is more of a curiosity than a practical benefit.

メガフレア Megaflare Sun Flare

dragon - dragon - dragon

Summons Bahamut: unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage to all enemies (both sides) at 92 power.

ジョーカーデス Joker Death Joker Doom

7 - 7 - BAR

All allies die (both sides). Always succeeds, regardless of immunity, but very rarely occurs. Instant game over unless someone has 'reraise' status or has already fled or been ejected from combat. Gambler indeed.

Both versions of Joker Death are variations on Level 5 Death and can teach Stragos that spell.

ジョーカーデス Joker Death Joker Doom

7 - 7 - 7

All enemies die (both sides). Always succeeds, regardless of immunity, but very rarely occurs. Certain monster formations lock this out entirely, but only a few, mostly boss battles with special end scripts.

Both versions of Joker Death are variations on Level 5 Death and can teach Stragos that spell.

チョコボラッシュ Chocobo Rush Chocobop

chocobo - chocobo - chocobo

Unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage to all enemies (both sides), full damage to multiple targets, always misses targets with 'levitate' status. At 36 power, equals ○ Meteor in strength.

ダイビング・ボム Diving Bomb H-Bomb

airship - airship - airship

Unblockable magic damage to all enemies (both sides), a bit stronger at 130 power than -ga attack spells.

セブンフラッシュ Seven Flash 7-Flush

diamond - diamond - diamond

Unblockable magic damage to all enemies (both sides), stronger at 80 power than -ra attack spells.

If anything, it ought to be Diamond Flush. Sevens have nothing to do with it as far as I can tell, and anyway, a flush means all cards in a hand have the same suit, not the same value.

kahran042 suggests, and this makes more sense than any other explanation I've seen, that the "seven" refers to the seven colors of the rainbow. The screen does, after all, flash multiple colors during the attack. This tips the balance back in favor of "flash" over "flush". The English version of the GBA remake apparently calls this "Prismatic Flash", which fits the same idea as well.

ミシディアうさぎ Mysidia Rabbit Lagomorph

Any other combination

Minimal HP recovery to all allies (both sides), cures 'darkness', 'poison', and 'sleep'. Unblockable, but oddly does NOT ignore magic defense, so characters with higher magic defense are healed less. Also does NOT damage the undead, unlike most healing abilities. 10 power.

Named for a recurring mage town.

The following message appears along with the rabbit:

むぐむぐ? むぐむぐ? むぐ~ Mghmgh? Mghmgh? Mghhh Mugu mugu?

That's normally the sound of munching on something with a closed mouth.

ぜになげ Coin Toss GP Rain

Heiji's Truncheon turns Slots into Coin Toss. Setzer can use it to damage all enemies {one side?} by throwing your hard-earned cash at then. More reliable than Slots, but it uses up money and takes up an accessory slot.

Coin toss consumes 30 times the user's level in gil, or all remaining money if less. The damage equals twice the gil spent, split between the number of enemies. At level 99, this means 2,970 gil for a total of 5,940 damage. Monsters using this skill consume the gil they would otherwise drop rather than the party's gil.

Attempting to use this skill when flat-out broke will result in the following message:

投げるお金がない!! No money to throw!! No money!!

Secret Deathblow Skill
ブラッディカード Bloody Card Red Card

Massive unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage to one enemy, 147 power (for comparison, ○ Flare is 60).

モグ Mog Mog
mogmogCharacter Class: モーグリ (Moogle)

See elsewhere for my comments on the accuracy (or rather, lack thereof) of "moogle" for モーグリ.


Mog first appears leading ten other moogles to help Lock protect Tina. Later, the thief Lone Wolf, trying to avoid capture after stealing a treasure, takes Mog hostage, but Mog does a little dance that knocks them both halfway off the cliff. If the party helps Mog up, he joins them.

After the Major Plot Spoiler, Mog goes back to the moogle cave under Narshe, but when the party finds him, there's no trace of the other moogles, except for Moruru's Charm. Whether they are dead, in hiding, or something else may forever remain a mystery. However, Mog is entirely willing to (re)join the party.

Unique Abilities
おどる Dance Dance

Mog can learn eight dance sets, each of which includes four moves. Mog learns a dance set by winning a battle in the corresponding terrain.

Note that the terrain must remain unchanged during the battle to learn the corresponding dance (meaning you can't successfully use a different Dance if you're triyng to learn a new one), but the only other requirement is that Mog be in the active party. It doesn't even matter what condition he's in.

Using Dance starts Mog uncontrollably dancing one of these sets as chosen by the player, and he will keep using a random move from that set automatically each turn for the rest of the battle or until incapacitated. If the terrain doesn't match the dance, Mog may stumble and fail to start dancing, but success will change the terrain to match the dance.

Dances fail at a 50% rate when on incompatible terrain, but since the terrain changes once the dance works, that's only a problem when starting off. Multiple dancers trying to use different dance sets will still trip each other up, though.

See below for the eight dance sets and their abilities, with the abilities within each set in decreasing probability of appearance. The first occurs with a 7/16 chance, the second with a 6/16 chance, the third with a 2/16 chance, and the fourth with a 1/16 chance. I've only described the individual abilities the first time each appears, so where one has no description, check the earlier dance sets. All Dance abilities are unreflectable.

Win a battle on most types of open terrain, including grasslands, the Beast Plain, and even the airship deck, with Mog in the party to learn Wind Rhapsody.

かぜのラプソディ Wind Rhapsody Wind Song
かまいたち Wind Scythe Wind Slash
にっこうよく Sunbathing Sun Bath
プラズマ Plasma Plasma
コカトリス Cockatrice Cokatrice

To give an oversimplified description, かまいたち (kamaitachi), 鎌鼬 in kanji, basically refers to gashes caused by intense winds.

Wind Scythe inflicts unblockable Wind magic damage on all enemies (both sides) at 48 power, not quite as strong as the -ra attack spells, but it keeps full damage against multiple targets, putting it closer to -ga spells against a group.

Sunbathing is 日光浴 in kanji.

Sunbathing recovers HP for all allies (both sides) at 50 power, which is five times as effective as ● Cure and more than 75% as strong as ● Curega. Unblockable and ignores defense, but damages undead targets.

Plasma inflicts unblockable Thunder magic damage on one enemy, a bit stronger than ○ Thundara at 70 power.

Cockatrice inflicts defense-ignoring magic damage, a bit weaker than ○ Flare at 50 power, on one enemy, and also inflicts 'petrified'. 96 hit rate, giving it a small chance to miss even a target with no magic evade, and it additionally always entirely misses targets immune to instant death, not even dealing damage.

Win a battle in a forest with Mog in the party to learn Forest Nocturne.

もりのノクターン Forest Nocturne Forest Suite
このはらんぶ Leaf Flurry Rage
しんりんよく Basking in the Forest Harvester
おにび Will-o'-the-Wisp Elf Fire
ウォンバット Wombat Wombat

Leaf Flurry is 木の葉乱舞 in kanji.

Leaf Flurry inflicts unblockable magic damage at 50 power on all enemies (both sides) and inflicts full damage to multiple targets, making it marginally stronger than Wind Scythe but without the element.

しんりんよく (shinrin'yoku), 森林浴 in kanji, refers to walking through a forest to soak in the clean air and attain emotional tranquility.

Basking in the Forest is unblockable and cures all allies (both sides) of 'blind', 'poison', 'petrified', 'silence', 'confusion', 'slip', 'sleep', 'slow', and 'stop' status.

Will-o'-the-Wisp, 鬼火 in kanji, literally means something is closer to "demon fire". Fiendfyre?

Will-o'-the-Wisp inflicts unblockable Flame magic damage to one enemy at 72 power, 20% stronger than ○ Fira.

Wombat inflicts unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage to one enemy at 88 power, over 45% stronger than ○ Flare, but always misses targets with 'levitate' status.

Win a battle in a desert with Mog in the party to learn Desert Lullaby.

さばくのララバイ Desert Lullaby Desert Aria
すなあらし Sandstorm Sand Storm
ありじごく Ant Lion Antlion
かまいたち Wind Scythe Wind Slash
ミーアキャット Meerkat Kitty

Sandstorm is 砂嵐 in kanji.

Sandstorm inflicts Wind magic damage on all enemies (both sides) with 45 power and 100 hit rate, like a weaker, blockable Wind Scythe.

Ant Lion, 蟻地獄 in kanji (literally "ant hell" or even more literally "ant ground prison"), refers to an actual creature that buries itself at the bottom of a pit it makes in the sand or dirt. Also called doodlebugs, real ant lions typically measure less than an inch long, unlike the monstrous beasts often found in Final Fantasy games.

Ant Lion attempts to cause instant death with 100 hit rate, more accurate than ○ Death, and works normally even on undead targets. Stamina can block it.

Meerkats are mongoose-like carnivores found in southern Africa.

Meerkat is unblockable and gives all allies (both sides) 'haste' status.

Win a battle in a town or similar area with Mog in the party to learn Love Serenade.

あいのセレナード Love Serenade Love Sonata
おにび Will-o'-the-Wisp Elf Fire
ぼうれい Apparition Specter
おとしあな Pitfall Snare
バク Tapir Tapir

Apparition is 亡霊 in kanji.

Apparition inflicts 'confusion' status on one enemy, more accurate at 120 hit rate than ◎ Confuse.

Pitfall is 落とし穴 in kanji.

Pitfall attempts to cause instant death with 100 hit rate, more accurate than ○ Death, and works normally even on undead targets. Delays dying counterattacks when it succeeds, which usually means canceling them outright. Stamina can block this.

The tapir, a rare creature distantly related to the horse and the rhinoceros, looks more or less like the in-game representation.

The Tapir ability is fairly complicated. It is unblockable and cures all allies of 'darkness', 'zombie', 'poison', 'kappa', 'petrified', 'death sentence', 'silence', 'berserk', 'confusion', 'slip', 'sleep', 'slow', and 'stop' status, but displays a "miss" except on targets afflicted with 'sleep'. Tapir will additionally restore full HP and MP to any character in 'sleep' status, even if the target is undead.

Kahran042 adds that tapirs eat (usually bad) dreams in Japanese mythology. This explains the extra effect on a sleeping target, and also why one shows up automatically if someone stays asleep for too long, though that version only removes 'sleep' status.

Win a battle on a mountainside or the Mystic Continent with Mog in the party to learn Earth Blues.

だいちのブルース Earth Blues Earth Blues
がけくずれ Rockfall Land Slide
ソニックブーム Sonic Boom Sonic Boom
にっこうよく Sunbathing Sun Bath
うりんこ Wild Piglets Whump

Rockfall is 崖崩れ in kanji.

Rockfall inflicts defense-ignoring unblockable magic damage to one enemy, a bit stronger at 65 power than ○ Flare.

Sonic Boom removes 5/8 of the target's current HP, inflicts 'slip' status, and always hits unless the target is immune to instant death, in which case it always fails.

うりんこ (urinko) is a nickname for wild boar piglets. They have striped fur for camoflage that resembles certain striped types of melon (うり), leading to the nickname, which basically translates to "melon kid".

Wild Piglets inflict unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage to one enemy, a bit weaker at 53 power than ○ Flare, but always miss targets with 'levitate' status. Though not as amusing, the much more common Rockfall is plainly a better skill.

Win a battle on the Lethe River or underwater in the Serpent's Way with Mog in the party to learn Water Harmony. You can only learn this dance before the Major Plot Spoiler.

みずのハーモニー Water Harmony Water Rondo
エルニーニョ El Niño El Nino
プラズマ Plasma Plasma
ぼうれい Apparition Specter
あらいぐま Raccoon Wild Bear

El Niño is an unusually warm current that occurs off the west coast of South America every few years and leads to abnormal weather problems, and the ocean life doesn't generally deal with it very well either.

El Niño inflicts unblockable Water magic damage to all enemies (both sides) at 61 power, about the same strength as a -ra attack spell, but maintains full damage regardless of the number of targets, putting it on par with a -ga spell against a group.

"Wild Bear" almost makes sense, as あらい (arai, violent or rough) + くま (kuma, bear), but it's not right. One dictionary defines あらいぐま (araiguma) as the Eurasian badger (meles meles), but others say it means a raccoon, and the sprite itself looks more like a raccoon than anything else. Wikipedia also agrees that the term refers to procyon lotor, the racoon. In any case, the kanji, 洗熊, literally translate to "washing bear".

Raccoon is most likely the best recovery skill in the game. At 100 power, it recovers as much HP as one and a half ● Curega spells for all allies (both sides), and additionally cures 'darkness', 'zombie', 'poison', 'petrified', 'death sentence', 'silence', 'berserk', 'confusion', 'slip', 'sleep', 'slow', 'stop', and 'frozen' status. Like most healing abilities, it ignores defense, is unblockable, and damages the undead.

Win a battle in a cave with Mog in the party to learn Darkness Requiem. His brief first appearance counts.

やみのレクイエム Darkness Requiem Dusk Requiem
らくばん Cave-In Cave In
おとしあな Pitfall Snare
おにび Will-o'-the-Wisp Elf Fire
どくがえる Poison Frog Pois. Frog

Cave-In is 落磐 in kanji.

Cave-In removes 3/4 of the target's HP, inflicts 'slip' status, and always hits unless the target is immune to instant death, in which case it always fails.

Poison Frog is 毒蛙 in kanji.

Poison Frog inflicts unblockable Poison magic damage and 'poison' status on one enemy, a bit stronger at 56 power than ○ Bio cast to a single target, making it, perhaps sadly, the game's strongest Poison magic.

Win a battle in the Narshe icefields with Mog in the party to learn Snowman Rondo.

ゆきだるまロンド Snowman Rondo Snowman Jazz
スノーボール Snowball Snowball
なだれ Avalanche Surge
おとしあな Pitfall Snare
ゆきうさぎ Mountain Hare Ice Rabbit

Snowball removes 1/2 of the target's HP, inflicts 'slip' status, and always hits unless the target is immune to instant death, in which case it always fails.

Avalanche is 雪崩 in kanji.

Avalanche inflicts unblockable Ice magic damage to all enemies (both sides), a bit weaker at 55 power than ○ Blizzara, but it keeps full damage even against multiple targets, putting it close to ○ Blizzaga's damage against a group.

Mountain Hare is 雪兎 in kanji (literally "snow hare"). Scientifically, at least, it refers to the species lepus timidus, and not to the arctic hare, which is lepus arcticus, though common use may vary.

Mountain Hare heals all allies at 60 power, nearly as strong as ● Curega, and is unblockable, ignores defense, and damages the undead.

Secret Deathblow Skill
モーグリらんぶ Moogle Flurry Moogle Rush

モーグリ乱舞 in kanji. The appearance of the attack and both versions of the name seem to allude to Mash's skills at least vaguely.

Massive unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage to one enemy, 150 power (for comparison, ○ Flare is 60). Stronger than any other character, kupo!

ガウ Gau Gau
gau gau Character Class: やせいじ (yasei ji, 野生児, Wild Youth)

While looking for a way to reach Narshe, Mash and Cayenne run into Gau on the Beast Plain. He hangs out with monsters, demands food, and gets in a fight with Mash when they give him some, but he's actually rather friendly and surprisingly intelligent considering his background. Gau takes a swift liking to the others and pals around with everyone until the Major Plot Spoiler, except for the usual absence during the Genjuu search.

After the Major Plot Spoiler, Gau goes back to running around the Beast Plain, but he rejoins as soon as the others find him. Keep in mind, though, that he won't appear unless there's room for him in the active party.

Unique Abilities

Unlike most characters, Gau does not have a Battle command. This also means he has no secret deathblow skill.

あばれる Rage Rage

Rage lets the user imitate a monster, which the player chooses from the list of those Gau has learned. He will continue to act automatically for the rest of the battle or until incapacitated, randomly selecting each turn between a normal attack or an ability determined by the chosen monster. In addition to the ability, the user will inherit many of the other strengths and weaknesses of the monster (for one thing, never use healing magic with an undead Rage!). These effects apply starting with his first action under the Rage.

Protections and weaknesses generally add to whatever he already has from equipment in the same way as multiple pieces of equipment do, but there are two meaningful exceptions that I'm aware of. If Gau is using a Relic Ring and Rages a monster that is not undead, the monster's lack of undeadness overrides the ring, causing him to react normally to healing effects and so forth. However, the one that is more likely to matter is that Raging a monster that lacks instant death protection will negate the effect of a Safety Bit, causing Gau to become vulnerable to these attacks even though his equipment ought to make him immune. Both accessories work normally until the Rage activates, though.

Rage also confers certain special traits, including dying when MP runs out, being humanoid for purposes of determining Maneater damage, and, as already noted, being undead. Additionally, Gau inherits the weapon graphic used by the monster selected, but this is purely cosmetic and has no functional effect. The monster flag that causes attacks in 'kappa' status to inflict full damage and always be critical hits ought to apply as well, but Raging in 'kappa' status is somewhat glitched, and one consequence of that is that the flag won't help you.

See the Rage summary page for skill information, or the (incomplete) monster page for more details on the characteristics of Gau's more than 250 rages.

Though trickier to use than most other abilities, Rage is incredibly versatile. It provides many spells and skills that are otherwise not available until later in the game, if at all. Careful selection can also give Gau a considerable defensive advantage, since many monsters have useful immunities.

とびこむ Leap Leap

Leap appears only on the Beast Plain. When he uses it, Gau jumps into the group of monsters, ending combat (without rewards) and leaving the party until randomly appearing after the defeat of all monsters in a later battle. The monsters in the battle in which he leaves and the one in which he returns are added to the list of monsters that he can imitate. Gau will not learn Rages for any monsters fought in battles between the one in which he leaves and the one in which he returns. Furthermore, if attacked when he returns, he will run off again instead of rejoining the party at that time, and will not learn any Rages for that battle.

If Gau is the only party member, Leap will fail with the following message:

とびこめない!! Can't Leap!! Can't dive!!

An unfortunately inconsistent translation, but most players are unlikely to try that anyway.

ゴゴ Gogo Gogo
gogo gogo Character Class: ものまねし (monomane shi, ものまね士, Mimicker)

Probably the most obscure character, Gogo turns up in a strange cave only reachable by being sucked in by the Zone Eaters on the northeastern island after the Massive Plot Spoiler. Gogo will join the party as soon as the others find Gogo and explain the situation.

Gogo cannot equip Genjuu.

Theories abound as to Gogo's true identity. The most popular theory seems to be that Gogo is actually Setzer's sort-of-girlfriend Daryl, possibly with amnesia (as if there weren't enough amnesiacs already), who vanished years before and was presumed dead when her airship crashed. However, I've also heard rumors that Gogo is actually any of various characters who are presumed dead or otherwise unaccounted for (including Emperor Gastra, Bannan, Shadow's former partner Billy, and even General Leo), the same Gogo who appears in Final Fantasy V, and even Adlai Stevenson, a failed candidate for US president in the 1950s. And then there are those who think Gogo is simply Gogo, no more, no less. Who can say?

Gogo's introduction suggests that there's no knowing the character's true nature, though the one time the character speaks, it's with a distinctly masculine tone. The game also has an unused shop price modifier that would give a discount to the ladies but raise prices when dealing with men. If hacked into the game, this works as expected, and Gogo gets the upcharge. This doesn't necessarily mean anything, though, both because it's dummied content and because the shopkeeper would necessarily be going by their perception of Gogo (which could be merely "not visibly female") rather than whatever Gogo is on the inside.

Unique Abilities
ものまね Mimicry Mimic

Gogo's Mimicry command repeats the last action any party member performed, but using Gogo's stats, and without needing any special setup or consuming any MP or items (except that Coin Toss still uses gil). It's also the only way to reliably summon a Genjuu repeatedly in the same battle.

By default, Gogo has only the Mimicry command, but Gogo's status menu lets the player fill the remaining three command slots from the commands of the other characters, with some exceptions (the list most typically includes Battle, Magic, Item, Steal, Deathblow Sword, Throw, Machines, Deathblow Techniques, Magicseal Sword, Memorized Techniques, Sketch, Slots, Dance, and Rage). The Magic command works by granting Gogo each spell that at least one other member of the active party has learned. Character-specific commands work exactly as they do for the original users except that they use Gogo's stats, and (where applicable) Gogo can use any skill under these commands that the original user has learned. Where a character has an alternate command available by wearing an accessory, Gogo can also use the alternate command by equipping that character's standard command and wearing the same accessory.

Character-specific skills for characters that were never recruited or are permanently unavailable will not appear on Gogo's custom list. This normally means Dance if Mog was skipped earlier and has not yet joined the party, and Throw if you didn't wait for Shadow on the Mystic Continent. However, skills for any characters skipped by glitching, such as Magicseal Sword if you bypassed getting Celes, will also be absent. Skills for characters that were in the party before the Major Plot Spoiler will appear as long as these characters have not been permanently lost, even if they have not yet rejoined the party. Additionally, if characters are hacked into the party, or commands hacked onto characters, that would not normally be available, Gogo can select them, too. For example, hacking Bannan into the party would add Pray to the list, as would hacking the command onto a character already in the party.

Presumably, this works internally by scanning the command lists of the first twelve character slots. Characters that were never recruited remain uninitialized, so their commands wouldn't be there, while I'd guess Shadow's data is cleared out if he doesn't survive, though there could also be a hardcoded check for that.

Gogo cannot learn skills for other characters, regardless of active commands. For example, setting Dance will not allow Gogo to acquire new Dance sets.

Gogo also cannot, either through equipping commands or using Mimicry, Transform like Tina (though the bug in Stragus's Ripple does make it possible, if impractical, to get 'transform' status through swaps). Nor can Gogo mimic Umaro's attacks, the Control command, defending, or changing rows, though he can do most of those in other ways. On the other hand, some things Gogo can mimic might come as a surprise, including Interceptor's counterattacks.

There is no "can't mimic" message; Gogo will just imitate the last mimickable action, or use a normal attack if there weren't any.

Secret Deathblow Skill

Note that Gogo must have the Battle command set in order to have a chance of using this.

おしおきメテオ Punishing Meteor X-Meteo

お仕置きメテオ with kanji.

Massive unblockable defense-ignoring magic damage to one enemy, 146 power (for comparison, ○ Flare is 60).

ウーマロ Umaro Umaro
umaro umaro Character Class: ゆきおとこ (yuki otoko, 雪男, Yeti)

You can catch glimpses of Umaro peeking out of the Narshe caves early in the game, but you can't actually reach him until after beating Valigarmander after the Major Plot Spoiler. Take the magicite from his sculpture, and he'll attack. If present, Mog will order Umaro to help after the battle, making a loyal ally out of him. Otherwise, he just kind of sits in the corner sulking until you come back with Mog.

A weaker version of enemy Umaro in the game data hints at plans to allow for an earlier run-in, but the game never uses it.

Umaro cannot equip Genjuu.

Unique Abilities

Umaro is odd in that, except for accessories, his equipment is fixed (a Bone Club and a Snow Muffler), and he does what he feels like in combat.

If not equipped with anything special, Umaro will attack each round using either a simple normal attack or by flinging himself at an opponent. This bodyslam attack is less common (about a 38% chance), but is unblockable and ignores defense.

When equipped with a Fury Ring, Umaro will fling an ally at an enemy at least as often as he attacks normally. This does no damage to the ally. The attack is unblockable and ignores defense, and adds the attack power of each weapon the ally has equipped to his own attack power of 198, capped (unfortunately) at 255 total. He also prefers to throw allies who are in 'confusion' or 'sleep' status, which has the useful side effect of removing those status effects. Frequencies with just the Fury Ring are about 37% attack, 25% bodyslam, 38% throw.

ふぶき Snowstorm Storm

吹雪 in kanji.

With the Snowstorm Orb equipped, Umaro will use Snowstorm at least as often as he attacks normally. It hits all enemies (both sides) with unblockable Ice magic damage at 100 power, between ○ Blizzara and ○ Blizzaga in strength. Frequencies with just the Snowstorm Orb are about 37% attack, 25% bodyslam, and 38% Snowstorm.

With both accessories equipped, Umaro will use all four attacks with approximately equal frequency.

When equipped with a Black Belt, Umaro's counterattack may be any of the abilities available to him, not just a normal attack as for other characters.

?????? ?????? ?????
ghost ghost Character Class: ゆうれい (yuurei, 幽霊, Ghost)

Up to two ghosts can join the party temporarily on the Grim Train, if you ask them and the party has space for them. Each has a Ring of the Dead permanently equipped, and it's unclear why they're willing to help. Maybe they're just bored.

Unique Abilities
とりつく Possess Possess

A ghost can possess an enemy. This is an unblockable attack (though it may fail) that eliminates the target, regardless of immunities and even if undead, but completely removes the user from the party.

ビックス Biggs Vicks
ウェッジ Wedge Wedge
generic imperial soldier generic imperial soldier Character Class: ていこくへい (teikoku hei, 帝国兵, Imperial Soldier)

Biggs and Wedge, two Imperial soldiers, accompany Tina at the beginning of the game. Each has a Mithril Sword, Buckler, Leather Hat, and Leather Armor permanently equipped. Neither has any special abilities, but they hardly need them considering what they're riding.

There's been a ridiculous amount of argument over whether the one name is "Vicks" or "Biggs". The US version uses "Vicks", but Biggs and Wedge make for a Star Wars reference, and the US version of the Playstation remake also uses "Biggs". While the Japanese looks like "Vicks" or "Bix" (ビ fits with both 'bi' and 'vi', while the クス is either a 'ks' or an 'x'), a Japanese Wikipedia entry supports the use of "Biggs", and it seems that every Square game *except* FF6 with these characters has his name as ビッグス (and I've confirmed that it's at least true for Chrono Trigger), which does phonetically correspond to "Biggs". The most likely explanation is a typo in FF6.

The Moogles
モグリン Moglin Kupek
モグプウ Mogpuu Kupop
モグッチ Mogucci Kumama
モルル Moruru Kuku
モグタン Mogtan Kutan
モグール Mogool Kupan
モグシン Mogshin Kushu
モグポン Mogpon Kurin
ムグムグ Mugmug Kuru
ズモモグ Zumomog Kamog
moogle moogle moogle moogle moogle moogle moogle moogle moogle moogle moogle moogle moogle moogle moogle moogle moogle moogle moogle moogle Character Class: モーグリ (Moogle)

The moogles, with Mog leading them, help Lock protect Tina near the beginning of the game. None besides Mog have any special abilities. Each has a Buckler and a weapon permanently equipped. Their weapons are, in the same order as the character names are listed above, a Mithril Spear, a Morning Star, a Mithril Claw, a Chain Flail, a Mithril Sword, a Full Moon, a Chocobo Brush, a Mithril Spear, a Mithril Sword, and a Boomerang.

The ten generic moogles temporarily occupy the character slots later used for Cayenne, Shadow, Edgar, Mash, Celes, Stragus, Relm, Setzer, Gau, and Gogo, with that order corresponding with the order the moogles are listed above. Lock and Mog are in the party at that point and so keep their own slots, Tina is skipped since she's already been initialized by then, and Umaro's slot is spared since he's the 14th character and those three plus ten moogles only make 13 total.

Normally, this temporary reuse wouldn't have any lingering effects, but there are two ways that it can show itself. The trickier, but more conspicuous, way involves skipping a character's initialization by any means necessary (most easily done by glitching through a soldier in Lock's scenario to finish it without finding Celes), then reaching a point where the game forces that character into the party (such as the mass battle at Narshe, for the eight characters involved). Since the character was never initialized, the moogle will still be in that slot (Mogtan if you skipped Celes). The foolproof, but easily overlooked, way is to pass the Major Plot Spoiler, at which time the party is disbanded, so equipment is removed from inactive characters and placed in the inventory. At this point, data ought to have been initialized and put into use for every character whose slot was used... except for Gogo. He hasn't appeared yet, but the game still regards his slot as belonging to a main character, and so removes its equipment. Since Zumomog's data remains there, this adds his Boomerang and Buckler to your inventory.

バナン Bannan Banon
banan banan Character Class: しんかん (shinkan, 神官, Shinto Priest)

Bannan is playable only for the short period of the game when he travels to Narshe. He is permanently equipped with a Punisher, a Triangle Hat, and a Silk Robe.

Unique Abilities
いのる Pray Health

Bannan's Pray recovers HP for all party members. It has the same strength at 28 as ● Cura, but costs nothing. As is typical of healing spells, this always hits, ignores defense, and damages the undead.

Though normally you can't have both skills available at once, Magicseal Sword will seal Pray and treat it as having ● Cura's 25 MP casting cost. Which makes a certain sense, since it essentially is that spell, just executed through a command.

レオ Leo Leo
leo leo Character Class: しょうぐん (shougun, 将軍, General)

Leo is playable only very briefly for a plot battle. He is permanently equipped with a Crystal Sword, Aegis Shield, Gold Helm, Gold Armor, Giant's Bracer, and Proof of Initiation.

Unique Abilities
ショック Shock Shock

Leo's Shock inflicts unblockable magic damage to all enemies (both sides) at 128 power, slightly stronger than the -ga attack spells.

マディン Madin Maduin
madin madin

The menu is sealed while you control Madin, so there's no way to see his class. However, a little poking around in the game data reveals that it would be モーグリ (moogle) if you could see it! I guess they figured it didn't matter.


Controllable only during an extended interactive flashback, Madin can't do any fighting. Thankfully, the designers had the sense to give him the Dash Shoes accessory permanently equipped (though you have to look at the game data to confirm this since the menu is inaccessible), because there's quite a bit of running around involved.

Unused Command
しょうかん Summon Summon

Summons the equipped Genjuu, at its normal casting cost. Unlike summoning through the magic menu, this works repeatedly in the same battle as long as the user has enough MP for it. However, a bug in the command causes it to always target the party, even for offensive effects. Since all offensive summons except Jihad have a flag set to abort when targeting player characters, this makes the command useless for summoning them.

Perhaps this would have belonged to one character or another but was replaced with a different skill during development, or maybe an accessory would have enabled it. It's also possible that the game uses it internally, with a targeting override, to implement summoning.

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