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Refer to the items pages (weapons, armors, other) for item information, the spells page for standard magic, characters skills page for player-usable abilities, the enemy skills page for other abilities, and the status page for status effects.

Monsters are listed here in the order the game stores them in, which is also the order used in Gau's Rage list where applicable.

I've finally converted the data to a new layout, It's much more readable than the old layout, in addition to giving more information than ever before. Comments and suggestions are welcome, as always.

Monster Lists

Rage skill summary

Monsters with Rages

000 ~ 031 032 ~ 063 064 ~ 095 096 ~ 127 128 ~ 159 160 ~ 191 192 ~ 223 224 ~ 255

All the others

256 ~ 287 288 ~ 319 320 ~ 351 352 ~ 383

Explanation of Data

Sample entry

ID: 000

Name (JP/mine/NA):

Level 5
HP MP Atk Def Evd Hit MAtk MDef MEvd Agility
40 15 16 100 0 100 6 140 0 30
EXP Gil Common Drop Rare Drop Common Steal Rare Steal
48 48 - Potion Potion High Potion
Common Sketch Metamorphose (success rate 255/256)
Battle Antidote Yellow Cherry Eyedrops Gold Needle
Rare Sketch Control Commands
Battle Battle - - -
Rage Skill Weak Null Absorb Initial Status
Special (Critical) - - -
Location Other Flags Locked Status
first visit to Narshe (can't miss) humanoid -

Left column

ID: The internal ID number of this monster. This also determines its position in the Rage list.

Name: The monster's name, with the Japanese version name on top, my translation or interpretation of that in the middle, and the English version name on the bottom. The name will usually display in the bottom left of the combat screen when facing one or more of this enemy, though certain special cases will not display.

(Image): What the monster looks like.

Level: The monster's level. Affects the effectiveness of all sorts of things, plus vulnerability to blue magic with level-based targeting.

Row 1

Most of these are identical to the corresponding player stats.

HP: Hit points. Monsters die when this runs out, though some may take a final action ("dying counter") on their way out.

MP: Magic points, consumed for casting spells and using some spell-like skills. Most monsters have at least some MP, even those with no way to use it. Late-game bosses typically have over ten thousand, so don't expect them to run out quickly. Certain monsters will die if they ever have no MP left.

Atk: Attack power, same as for player characters. Most monsters fall in the 10 to 30 range, which doesn't do Sketch any favors.

Def: Defense power, same as for player characters. Most monsters fall in the 50 to 200 range, which makes for enough variation to be quite noticable.

Evd: Evade rate, just as useless as for player characters. While most monsters don't have any regardless, enough do—56 of them, including 33 of the first 256 monsters—that it's clear it was supposed to matter.

Hit: Hit rate. This is 100 for nearly all monsters. Player characters have hit rate determined by weapon rather than having an innate value. Chance to hit is roughly (hit rate minus 1/128 of hit rate per point of opposing MEvd)%. When the target has 0 MEvd, chance to hit = hit rate.

The monsters that are exceptions, and their hit rates, in order of monster ID, are: Slug Crawler (180), Malboro (80), Shiva (150), Ifrit (150), Flame Eater (130), Dullahan (150), Death Gaze (150), Samurai Soul (130), final boss Cefca (190), and an Imperial Soldier used only for an event (1).

MAtk: Magic power. Same as magic for player characters. This is 10 for more than half of all monsters, and only a few outliers stray far from that. All main player characters have at least 25, but only 11 monsters out of 384 do, which is one reason Sketch rarely works out well in practice.

MDef: Magic defense. Same as for player characters. Most monsters fall in the 100 to 180 range.

MEvd: Magic evade rate. Same as for player characters. Most monsters have 0, which makes them very easy to hit.

The only monsters with any magic evasion, and their MEvd values, in order of monster ID, are: Al-Jabr (30), Brachio Raidus (50), the coliseum version of Siegfried (25), Armed Weapon (10), Cactuar (250), Tonberry (50), Kamuy (30), Sorath (10), Basilisk (10), Aspidochelone (20), Vector Chimera (30), Glasya-Labolas (10), Dadaluma (10), the invincible version of the Guardian (50), Ultima Weapon (10), Death Gaze (30), Narshe siege battle boss Cefca (30).

Agility: Same as for player characters. Most monsters fall in the 25 to 40 range.

Strength is not listed because monsters use a strength value selected randomly when combat begins, minimum 56, maximum 63.

Stamina is not listed because monsters use a stamina value equal to 16 plus one per 512 max HP, capped at 40 (which happens at 12,288 or greater max HP). This gives monsters about a 1/8 minimum to 5/16 maximum, or roughly 13% to 32%, chance to avoid stamina-blockable attacks

Nothing in Row 1 affects a character using the monster's Rage.

Row 2

EXP: The number of experience points gained for defeating this monster. Total experience gained is divided evenly between the surviving player characters.

Gil: The amount of gil (money) this monster drops when beaten.

Common Drop: The monster may drop this item when beaten. 7/8 chance, otherwise the rare drop (if any) drops.

Rare Drop: The monster may drop this item when beaten. 1/8 chance, otherwise the common drop (if any) drops.

Since either the rare or the common drop is always chosen, any time the same item appears in both slots, it has a 100% drop rate.

Common Steal: This item can be stolen from this monster. 7/8 chance when Steal or Mug succeeds. If this entry is blank, all successful theft attempts that select the common item will become failures. If both common and rare steal are blank, you'll get the "nothing to steal" message instead.

Rare Steal: This item can be stolen from this monster. 1/8 chance when Steal or Mug succeeds. If this entry is blank, all successful theft attempts that select the rare item will become failures. If both common and rare steal are blank, you'll get the "nothing to steal" message instead.

Nothing in Row 2 affects a character using the monster's Rage.

Row 3

Common Sketch: Successfully using Sketch on this monster will result in this action 75% of the time.

Metamorphose: Using Metamorphose (Ragnarök summon) against this monster will succeed at the given rate. Success kills the monster and yields one of the four items listed, chosen randomly with equal probability. If the same item is listed more than once, each counts as a different item for the purpose of selection.

Nothing in Row 3 affects a character using the monster's Rage.

Row 4

Rare Sketch: Successfully using Sketch on this monster will result in this action 25% of the time.

Control Commands: This is the command list that appears after successfully using Control on this monster. The monster will also select random actions from this command list when under 'confusion' or 'charmed' status, or when appearing in the coliseum.

Nothing in Row 4 affects a character using the monster's Rage.

Row 5

Rage Skill: A character who has selected this monster from the Rage command will use this skill 50% of the time (the other 50% is Battle). This entry only applies to the first 256 monsters. Modders should note that monsters actually have two Rage Skill entries, not one, it's just that the first one is always set to Battle.

Weak: This monster takes double damage from any attack traits listed.

Null: This monster takes no damage from any attack traits listed.

Absorb: This monster is healed by any attack traits listed.

   炎 = Flame 氷 = Ice 雷 = Thunder 水 = Water
  風 = Wind 地 = Earth 毒 = Poison 聖 = Holy

Note that, while equipment often has elemental resistance that halves damage from a given trait, monsters in this game don't get anything equivalent. There's no middle ground for them between having no resistance and having outright immunity.

Initial Status: This monster has any status effects listed here active from the onset of combat. These are typically permanent and unremovable.

A character using the monster's Rage inherits everything on Row 5. Elemental traits are combined with anything from equipment with standard results (the most beneficial modifier available takes precedence). Initial status effects can be prevented with appropriate equipment. Most, however, cannot be removed once the Rage begins. The exceptions are 'darkness', 'poison', and 'transparent' (and, in theory, several others that are never used as initial status for Rageable monsters). These can be briefly removed, unless locked status prevents it. However, they will simply be re-applied every turn, making removal largely pointless.

Row 6

Location: Where to find this monster. Not all possible locations are necessarily listed. Whenever applicable, encounters that will allow the monster to appear on the Beast Plain are preferred (though technically this is determined by monster formations, not individual monsters). Shorthand for this entry includes the following:

Other Flags: Miscellaneous other properties:

Locked Status: Also referred to, somewhat misleadingly, as "status immunities". More accurately, having one of these flags set simply means that the associated status effect cannot be toggled. In other words, you can't apply the status if it's not set, and you can't remove it if it is. For example, a monster with 'darkness' under both initial status and locked status is permanently and incurably afflicted with 'darkness', while one with 'reflect' under both is endowed with a 'reflect' status that can neither wear off nor be dispelled. Note, however, that locked status flags are ignored in a few special cases, for instance some instant death attacks.

Immunities incidentally work the same way for player characters, and this is how accessories like the Reflect Ring work.

Rage-users inherit locked status, and most will add to and co-exist with any immunities from equipment. However, a monster that lacks immunity to instant death will override the Safety Bit, making the user vulnerable to affected attacks.

The mystic, undead, and humanoid flags will also affect a character using Rage, and monsters lacking the undead flag will override the effect of the Relic Ring if equipped. Kappow is supposed to work as well, but 'kappa' status doesn't behave quite the way it ought to when in a Rage, and never bothers to check the flag.

To rehash the Rage quirks, if you want to be undead while using a Rage, the Rage itself must be undead (the Relic Ring is ignored once in a Rage), and if you want instant death immunity during a Rage, the Rage itself must have that immunity (the Safety Bit is ignored once in a Rage).

Icons for status effects:

Icons from the game are used when possible, and I made up the rest.

   Darkness: darkness   Petrified: petrification   Berserk: berserk   Slow: slow  
   Zombie: zombie Instant Death: instant death Confusion: confusion Haste: haste
   Poison: poison Death Sentence: death sentence Slip: slip Stop: stop
   Sorcerous Armor: {mtek} Near Fatal: {near fatal} Sleep: sleep Shell: shell
   Transparent: transparent Decoy: decoy Levitate: levitate Protect: protect
   Kappa: kappa Silence: silence Regenerate: regenerate Reflect: reflect

E-mail comments, corrections, etc. Especially any ideas on some of the weirder monster names!

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