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Storyline text and attempted translations from...

Final Fantasy VI

Bosses covered in this section: Hidden, Rêve, Sogno, Sueño, Alexsoul

サマサの村  Village of Thamasa  | | | | | . . . . . . . . .  THAMASA

It seems appropriate to bring Stragus and Relm back here.

{Relm}: Yaaay, we're baaack!
 I'm going home.
{RELM}: Yea!! We're back!
It's like old times!
{Stragus}: So energetic...
 Or am I just getting old?
{STRAGO}: Time to relax!
Home sweet home!

However, only moments later...

おじーちゃーん!! Graaaampaaaa!! Grandpa!

Relm rushes back, waving her arms.

{リルム}「大変よ! ガンホーさんが! {Relm}: We got trouble! Gungho-san! {RELM}: This is terrible!
Gungho's hurt!
{ストラゴス}「ガ、ガンホー!? {Stragus}: G-Gungho!? {STRAGO}: G...Gungho?!

They head into Stragus's house, where Gungho lies in bed upstairs.

{ストラゴス}「ガンホー、しっかりするゾイ! {Stragus}: Gungho, hang in there! {STRAGO}: Gungho, wake up!
{Stragus}: Who did this to you?
Gungho: I've fallen victim to the
 legendary monster Hidden
 you and I used to pursue...
 I was so close...
{STRAGO}: Who did this to you?
GUNGHO: It was...Hidon, the beast you and I used to hunt.
I almost had it...

Though the monster's name is literally "hidden" as rendered in Japanese, making it a bit less on-the-nose in English does make sense.

{ストラゴス}「ヒドゥンじゃと? {Stragus}: Hidden, you say? {STRAGO}: You took on Hidon...?
ガンホー「う~、ゴホッゴホッ Gungho: Oooh, *cough* *cough* GUNGHO: Oooh...cough, cough...
{ストラゴス}「ガ、ガンホー!? {Stragus}: G-Gungho!? {STRAGO}: G...Gungho?!
Gungho: {Stragus}...
 take vengeance for me.
GUNGHO: {STRAGO}... must avenge me...
ガンホー「う~、ゴホッゴホッ Gungho: Oooh, *cough* *cough* GUNGHO: Oooh...cough, cough...

Stragus takes a few slow steps away, and Relm gets in his face.

{Relm}: Hey, come on, geezer.
 Why the hesitation!?
{RELM}: Gramps!
Why are you hesitating!
{Stragus}: You're right...
 I never thought I would end
 up chasing the dream I lost
 in my youth at this age...
{STRAGO}: Well... I spent my
youth chasing that creature.
To do it again at this age is more than I bargained for.
{ストラゴス}「ガンホー、わしはゆくゾイ! {Stragus}: Gungho, I'm going! {STRAGO}: Gungho...
rest easy, I'll do it for you!

Stragus heads downstairs and starts to leave.

おじーちゃーん!! Graaaampaaaa!! Grandpa!
{Relm}: Hold on a minute.
 What do you expect to do alone?
{RELM}: Just a minute!
You don't think you're going alone, do you?
{Stragus}: ...I must once again
 face that which I ran from long
 ago, and conquer it.
 It's a matter of pride.
{STRAGO}: I spent too many years of my life hunting that thing. It is my obsession, not yours.
{Relm}: But hey, gramps.
 I don't think it's a good idea
 to just stick with pride on this.
 I'm your grandchild, gramps.
 I can't just shut up and watch
 when you're in trouble.
{RELM}: But Grandpa!
This "obsession" of yours could easily slay you!
You're my Grandfather.
I can't just sit idly by and watch you go.
{Stragus}: Sorry, {Relm}.
 Allow me to gratefully
 accept your feelings.
 But Hidden is one that hides,
 as its name suggests, and
 won't be found so easily.
 You won't stand a chance of
 meeting Hidden without me.
{STRAGO}: Sorry, {RELM}.
I'm so grateful that you care!
But as its name implies, the Hidon is extremely difficult to find.
Unless I go alone, it will not show itself.

Note that he says nothing about going alone, just that he can't stay behind.

{ストラゴス}「いざ、エボシ岩へ! {Stragus}: Now, to Eboshi Rock! {STRAGO}: Next stop,
Ebot's Rock.

Stragus leaves. Relm looks relieved.

{リルム}「ふう~っ {Relm}: Phew... {RELM}: Phew...

Then she rushes to catch up with him.

エボシ岩  Eboshi Rock  | | | | | . . . . . . . . .  Ebot's Rock

The island may take its name from a type of hat.

One of the more annoying dungeons. Though not very large, it has warp tiles all over (destination randomly chosen), and only a small radius around the party is visible. "The Phantom Forest" plays throughout. An oddly demanding treasure chest also blocks the way.

ハラへった ハラへった ハラへった
ハラへった ハラへった ハラへった
ハラへった ハラへった ハラへった
ハラへった ハラへった ハラへった
Treasure Chest: Hungry...
hungry, hungry, hungry
hungry, hungry, hungry
hungry, hungry, hungry
hungry, hungry, hungry
Lemme eat something!
Won't letcha by if you don't lemme eat.
TREASURE: I'm hungry!
Hungry hungry hungry
hungry hungry hungry
hungry hungry hungry
hungry hungry hungry!!
Feed me!
Otherwise, I won't let you by!
I love Coral Fragments.
You got any?
I like to eat "Coral"!
Have any?

A treasure chest that talks and hungers. Give that a few moments to sink in. What the heck?

Explore to find chests containing Coral Fragments, each containing 1, 2, 3, or 5 at random. The hungry chest will allow passage after feeding it at least 22 pieces all at once, regardless of previous feedings. However, it won't allow passage at all unless the party includes Stragus, no matter how much it eats.

The monsters here are fairly varied, though most prefer physical attacks. Just about the only thing they have in common is hoarding Teleport Stones, so at least you don't have to worry about getting stuck in here. ◎ Raspir should kill a Moon Form, for what it's worth.

Gorge the chest to continue.

モシャ モシャ モシャ 
たらふく食った。 余は満足じゃ。
*munch* *munch* *munch*
Mmmm, good eats, good eats.
Ate my fill. I'm satisfied.
Munch munch munch
G'nnnaa! What a feast!
I'm stuffed. Completely full!
宝箱「うい~っ、げっぷ Treasure Chest: Whew, *burp* TREASURE: Bluuurp! Whew!
Treasure Chest: Oh, that's right.
 You wanted me to let you through.
TREASURE: Oh, yeah,
you wanna pass through here, right?
宝箱「んじゃっ! Treasure Chest: There! TREASURE: Eh!!
What the...!

The chest changes color and hops away.

It's not surprised or anything like that, just moving. Another peculiar bad translation.

A big green monster waits ahead.

{ストラゴス}「ヒドゥンじゃゾイ! {Stragus}: It's Hidden! {STRAGO}: That's Hidon!

Hidden is the big one, naturally. Expect Poison and status attacks, cast ○ Quake when properly defended to kill off the Erebus quickly (monsters #294, #352, #353, and #354), survive Grand Trine (about 900 to 1,000 damage) so Stragus can learn it, and then feel free to finish off the beast. Hidden has weaknesses against Flame, Holy, and Earth attacks, all readily exploitable, so it shouldn't take all that long. Try to steal a rare Crown of Thorns, only otherwise available through Ragnarök's Metamorphose, though usually you'll just get the common Teleport Stone.

Hidden is also undead, so the usual cheap tactic works as well.

{Stragus}: I did it!
 finally beaten Hidden!!
{STRAGO}: I did it!
I actually beat Hidon!
{Stragus}: I've got to tell Gungho
 I've taken vengeance for him.
{STRAGO}: I have to tell Gungho he is avenged!

The party returns to the village.

A few unused lines relating to this battle suggest some ideas were removed or never fully implemented:

ヒドゥンに吸収される! Absorbed by Hidden! Absorbed by Hidon!
ヒヒドゥンはヒドゥンに変化する Hihidden turns into Hidden. Hidonite changes into Hidon

This has to have been a relatively early idea, since Hidden's minions go by エレボス (Erebus) in the released version of the game, not Hihidden. Either that, or the monster itself was going to appear in a different form that you had to somehow provoke into changing.

サマサの村  Village of Thamasa  | | | | | . . . . . . . . .  THAMASA

Stragus rushes into the room where Gungho still lies resting.

{ストラゴス}「ガンホ~! {Stragus}: Gungho!! {STRAGO}: Gungho...!
{ストラゴス}「ガンホ~! {Stragus}: Gungho!! {STRAGO}: Gungho...!

With Stragus refusing to leave him alone, Gungho gets up.

Gungho: Hey, pipe down!
{Stragus}: Gungho, listen to me!
 I beat Hidden!
GUNGHO: What's all the hullabaloo?!
{STRAGO}: Listen to me!
Gungho: What!?
 Y-you beat Hidden?
 Quit your lying!
You b...beat Hidon?!
You're lying! LYING!

As they continue to overreact, Relm walks in calmly.

{Relm}: It's no lie.
 Gramps really beat Hidden.
{RELM}: No, he's not!
He really defeated Hidon.
{Stragus}: Ho, ho, ho.
 It just goes to show that a mere
 monster like Hidden is no match
 for me once I get serious.
{STRAGO}: Ho, ho, ho!
If I didn't know better, I'd say that Hidon wasn't my only enemy!

Another botched translation.

Gungho: Arrrgh, it's frustrating,
 but I suppose I'll have to accept it.
{Stragus}: Ho, ho, ho.
{Stragus}: the way, Gungho,
 are your wounds all better?
GUNGHO: I don't believe this.
This has to be a joke!
{STRAGO}: Ho, ho, ho!!
{STRAGO}: the way, how are your wounds healing, Gungho?
ガンホー「へ? へへ… Gungho: Wha? Heh, heh... GUNGHO: Eh?
Oh, they're fine...

Night falls.

その夜…… That night... That evening......

Stragus excitedly tells Gungho the tale of his exploits.

{Stragus}: I made it through a cave
 that seemed to go on forever,
 and there was Hidden.
{STRAGO}: There I was, in a cave that seemed endless. Then, before I knew it, Hidon appeared!
{Stragus}: Once I found Hidden I sprung
 upon it without a moment's delay,
 took the staff I held and...
{STRAGO}: I stared Hidon straight in the eye, lifted my staff, and let him have it!

The classic comic book sound effects seemed approrpiate.

{Stragus}: Oh, how I wish I could
 have shown you my heroism.
{STRAGO}: I wanted to show my enemy the true meaning of the word, "hero"!
{ストラゴス}「それでな……  {Stragus}: And then... {STRAGO}: And then......

Some time later, Gungho leaves the house to find Relm standing by the village center.

{Relm}: What's up with gramps?
Gungho: Hm? He wore himself
 out talking and fell asleep.
{RELM}: What happened to Grandpa?
Finally! He nodded off.
Gungho: But... is this okay?
 Leaving him in the dark about it.
 I'm not even hurt...
GUNGHO: However...
Let's let him be!
He's nice and...quiet...
Now, about my "wounds"...
{Relm}: Don't sweat it.
 If we didn't get him off his ass somehow,
 the geezer'd have been all talk for life.
 Besides, it's the truth that he beat
 the legendary monster.
{RELM}: Wait!
First let me thank you.
You gave Grandpa a reason to go and defeat something that had tormented him for decades!
Even if YOU were faking, that creature meant business!
Gungho: My word, but he has quite a
 granddaughter. You're wasted on him.
{Relm}: But you sure are a total ham.
GUNGHO: What a granddaughter he's raised! Amazing!
{RELM}: And what a terrible actor you are!
{Relm}: You could hardly fool anyone
 but {Stragus} with acting like that.
{RELM}: Only {STRAGO} could have been taken in by that performance!

Relm runs off while he's still processing her parting insult.

ガンホー「なんじゃと~! Gungho: What was that!? GUNGHO: What the...!

After the event, Gungho appears roaming around in the village. Each time talking to him has a random 1 in 8 chance to make Hidden reappear:

Gungho: I hear Hidden appeared
 at Eboshi Rock again.
GUNGHO: Hidon's appeared at Ebot's Rock again!

Head back to the cave for another shot at stealing a Crown of Thorns or learning Grand Trine, the strongest of Stragus's Memorized Techniques. You can now also reach Hidden without Stragus in the party, and can keep talking to Gungho again to repeat this as many times as you like.

ドマ城  Doma Castle  | | | | . . . . . . . . . .  DOMA CASTLE

Perhaps it would do Cayenne good to pay his former home a visit. Bring a full party, grab any treasures you haven't already collected, and go take a nap. But Cayenne won't get up, and then some weird kids appear. "??" plays.

私の名前は、レーヴ。 My name is Rêve. I'm Curley!

"Dream" in French.

私の名前は、ソーニョ。 My name is Sogno. I'm Larry.

"Dream" in Italian.

私の名前は、スエーニョ。 My name is Sueño. I'm Moe!

"Dream" in Spanish. Though arguably amusing, the Three Stooges names are spurious. Incidentally, the Three Stooges are called 三ばか大将 (roughly, "the three chief morons") in Japanese.

我ら、夢の三兄弟。 We're the Three Dream Brothers. We're the 3 Dream Stooges!
この人の、心はいただいた。 We've claimed this man's mind. This man's soul is ours!
この人の、心はいただいた。 We've claimed this man's mind. This man's soul is ours!
この人の、心はいただいた。 We've claimed this man's mind. This man's soul is ours!
今日は、ごちそう。 Good eating today. Today we dine well!!!
今日は、ごちそう。 Good eating today. Today we dine well!!!
今日は、ごちそう。 Good eating today. Today we dine well!!!

Come to think of it, someone in Nikaea mentioned demons appearing in his dreams when he slept in Doma Castle. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. The kids hop into Cayenne, and the rest of the party somehow follows...

『待て!! "Wait!!" WAIT!!!

Cayenne's Mind (door maze)  | | | . . . . . . . . . .

...and winds up scattered across a bizarre area full of doors, stairs, and an ambience that looks a bit drug-induced. "The Phantom Forest" plays. Whichever character was closest to the bottom of the party formation, not counting Cayenne, starts this section alone. Explore to find the other two, each guarded by one of the brothers.

Gogo incorrectly uses Mog's palette if lying around, and appears mostly pink.

Who'd chase us all the way into the dream?
We're at a disadvantage not all fighting together.
Time to say goodbye for now.
Back off!
I'm not gonna mess with ya unless my brothers are here!
See ya!

Equip a Ribbon and kill things with fire for best results. Some of the monsters are unique to this area and should be fought now, since there's no returning here after leaving. Once all three characters reunite, trying to enter a previously shielded particularly conspicuous door results in actually fighting the brothers.

我ら、夢の三兄弟。 We're the Three Dream Brothers. We're the 3 Dream Stooges!
Now that all three of us are together,
we're not letting you get away.
Good, everyone's here!
Let's rumble!

Rêve (the red one) is the strongest and most troublesome, having the ability to revive the others, but is vulnerable to 'sleep' and weak against Ice and Water. Freeze him to death as soon as possible. Sueño (the one with eyes closed and a hand raised) uses mostly support magic and has no weakness, but is vulnerable to 'berserk' and 'stop'. Sogno (the bluest one) prefers offensive spells, and is weak against Flame and vulnerable to 'slow', 'silence', and 'confusion' (and instant death, but Rêve will just revive him if able to). Sogno also has the oddity of being able to run away, but only after being hit a few times with one of the others dead.

ソーニョは逃げ出した Sogno ran away. Larry ran away

He'll return after a delay if the battle hasn't ended in the meantime, with full health but the same MP and status ailments as when he left.

ソーニョは戻ってきた Sogno came back. Larry came back

Also, as long as all three remain, they'll use Delta Attack every so often, but that just sets 'petrified', so equip Ribbons and it's nothing to worry about.

All three will also bounce spells of their element—Flame for Rêve, Ice for Sogno, and Thunder for Sueño—off themselves to attack when affected by 'reflect', and will cast ◎ Reflect on themselves after being hit with a few spells. They're all fairly easy to protect against, though.

Also note that Rêve's 'reflect' script takes precedence over reviving the other two, so you can cast it on him yourself to keep them down for a while.

Stragus's Great Tidal Wave and Shadow's Suiton scrolls both work well, particularly since the strongest one is weak against them. Lock's Sniper is also a good choice, since they're all floating and therefore more vulnerable to it. If using Rages, try En Oh (Enuo) for Great Tidal Wave, no meaningful weaknesses, and innate 'reflect'. Alternately, Ninja provides 'petrified' immunity and Suiton, but has a weakness to Thunder you'll have to cover with equipment.

No items to steal or win. Beating them opens the doorway to the next area.

Cayenne's Mind (train)  | | | . . . . . . . . . .

With minimal transition, the party suddenly finds itself on something resembling a sepia-tinted version of the Grim Train. Ambient train noises play, but no music. The area has new monsters, so keep alert. Head left past a save point to see Cayenne fleeing a ghost. The next train car has a Genji's Bracer reachable by playing around with a switch, and also a Flame Shield behind an obnoxious moving chest that can be stopped with the Iron Lump found nearby. Flip another switch to make a formation of chests nearby open and close in a particular pattern.

Remember the arrangement.
Knowledge shall save ye.
Memorize the positions.
This knowledge might save you.

The next car is a maze that rearranges itself when the switches in the area are flipped. Push through, grabbing an Ice Shield and X-Potion, to find a formation of chests and another switch. Unsurprisingly, opening and closing them to match the previous arrangement makes flipping the switch open the way forward. Continue past the save point to the locomotive and enter. The switches here do nothing, so just leave to find...

Cayenne's Mind (mines with mechs)  | | | . . . . . . . . . .

...that the exit suddenly leads to a cave similar to the mines of Narshe, but more sepia-tinted. "The Phantom Forest" plays again. This area has three new monsters, all of them mechs, and the party is also using Imperial Sorcerous Armor again for no apparent reason. On the other hand, everything else here so far has been for little or no apparent reason, so why not? Cayenne appears nearby, but what appear to be enemy soldiers quickly chase him away.

As a reminder, this means that Sorcery replaces the Battle command, and all other commands except Mimicry, Magic, Chain Magic, and Item disappear. The Beam attacks have roughly the same power as -ra offensive spells, while Heal Force works nearly twice as well as ● Cura, though only on one target. Umaro (and 'berserk' characters) will use a random beam every turn if present. Tina, as before, gets four additional options that no other character, even Celes, can use.

Most characters should use Thunder Beam for damage, though ○ Thundaga works better if available and the party can spare the MP. Tina should use Dejonator or Sorcery Missile instead, or Confuser on anything that isn't Io. On that note, make sure to encounter an Io, which gives Gau one of his most interesting Rages due to it having the Flare Star attack.

It quickly becomes evident that roaming the mines just leads around in circles. After a loop or two, circle back the other way to mysteriously reach a different screen and see Cayenne crossing a bridge. The party follows, but the bridge breaks under the weight of the armor...

Because of the way the game tracks the internal armor-riding status, swapping party leaders around may result in some of them keeping the armor after this scene, even though that's clearly not supposed to happen.

Cayenne's Mind (Doma Castle)  | | | . . . . . . . . . .

...and somehow they land in in a sepia-tinted verison of Doma Castle. "Cyan" plays briefly, but then Cayenne's wife and son appear, and at this point "The Mines of Narshe" plays instead.

 help my husband...
Save my husband...
Save {CYAN}...
『ここは、いったい!? "What is this place!?" Where are we?!
 This is...
 inside {Cayenne}'s mind...
We're inside...
{CYAN}'s soul...
 夫は…… {カイエン}は、
 My husband... {Cayenne}
 has kept blaming himself.
 For not being able to protect Doma...
 for not being able to save the world...
 and for what happened to us...
My husband... {CYAN} continues to torture himself...
He failed to defend Doma...
The world's slowly dying...
and then there's his family...
 That part of him is being taken advantage
 of by a monster called Alexsoul.
A beast known as Wrexsoul is taking advantage of him.
 it's an amalgamation of souls that lost
 their minds in the war 1000 years ago...
Wrexsoul is a composite monster, made up of wretched spirits who were dispatched in meaningless wars.
 They're running wild, doing
 whatever they want.
 Help daddy!!
They're wreaking havoc on Papa!
Please help him!!

They vanish, the music stops, and a save point appears.

 {カイエン}を お願いします……
 パパを 守ってあげて……!
 I beg of you, help {Cayenne}...
 Protect daddy...!
Please... help {CYAN}...
Papa doesn't deserve this...!

Leaving the room or going in and out of the menu starts "Cyan" playing again.

Explore the castle to find a few brief cutscenes. And monsters. There are always monsters, aren't there? Regardless, Cayenne and his son Shun appear by the edge of the moat on the east side of the castle.

パパ、さかなつりなんて、つまんない~  Daddy, fishing's booooring. is boring!
This, too, is one form of training.
Learning to wait is important as well.
This is part of your training. We must all learn patience.
ぼく、さかなつり大好き!  I love fishing! I love fishing!

They vanish in a screen blur.

The two of them also appear on the west side of the castle, sparring with each other.

 A fair talent for this thou hast.
 With more training, couldst be
 Doma's finest swordsman.
Excellent concentration!
With a little more practice,
you'll be Doma's best fencer!
わ~い!! ほめられた~!
Yay!! I've been praised!
I'm gonna go brag to mommy!
Yippee! Papa praised me!
I'm gonna go tell Mama!

He runs off, and they vanish in a screen blur.

Cayenne and his wife Mina appear in their room.

 Say, darling...
 Do you love me?
Do you love me?
 My word, such things thou sayest...
 A true warrior speaketh no such
 words as those!
What do you want from me?
A soldier doesn't say things like that!

She approaches, and he looks uncomfortable and won't look straight at her, but...

 あ…いして……る でござる。
 I... love... thee.
 I love thee so.
I......I...loveth you.
...More than anything...

Shun leaps out from his hiding place in (under?) the bed, startling them.

 Yay, I head it, I heard it.
 Loves, loves,
 daddy loves mommy!
I heard that! Yipee!
"I loveth you...I loveth you..."
Papa loves Mama!
 これっ! シュン!   Hey! Shun! Owain!! Hush!!
 聞いちゃったもんね~~   I heeeard it! I heard that!

He runs out, and Cayenne and Mina vanish in a screen blur.

Head to the throne room to finish this. A hooded figure stands over Cayenne, who appears in color for the first time since all this started.

"You must be Alexsoul!
 You'll be giving {Cayenne} back!"
You must be Wrexsoul!
We want {CYAN} back!!
悲しみが 怒りが 憎しみこそが
You are too late now!
You cannot oppose my power in the mind
of this one who keeps blaming himself
and despairs at his powerlessness.
Grief, anger, hatred, these things
are what fuel me.
Now, you will be one with me as well!
You're too late!
His pain has reached critical mass! Nothing can stop his feelings of rage and despair!
I grow stronger now, with his anger, hatred and guilt!
And I hunger for... you!

Alexsoul appears with two Soul Sabers, which end up doing most of the fighting, because...

I will possess your body!
Only when you have met
with death shall I again
appear in this form!
I'm gonna possess your body!
I'll only appear in this form
again when you're about to

So yeah. Alexsoul disappears to possess a random character. This has no effect on the character, but makes the monster untargetable, to reappear only once the chosen character is considered dead ('zombie', 'petrified', or 'incapacitated' status). None of the enemies use status attacks, so remove those Ribbons, bring damage absorption instead of dodging ability, and use ○ Break on (and then cure) one character at a time until it pops out. Throwing weapons at them also works well, since it ignores defense and always hits. Don't bother killing the Soul Sabers, since they just come right back. All targets absorb Flame and Holy attacks, and are weak against Ice. Alexsoul has high magic defense, so favor physical or piercing attacks. Throwing Icebrands works nicely. All in all, this battle should cause more annoyance than true difficulty.

The Soul Sabers will use a mix of ○ Figa, ○ Blizzaga, and ○ Thundaga normally, switching to ◎ Reflect on themselves and ● Cure (are they kidding?) on Alexsoul when it's present. They also have an MP-draining physical that they'll use when low on MP. Alexsoul uses ○ Thundaga, bouncing it off the Soul Sabers when possible, and typically possesses someone again after a few turns.

I also learned of another useful trick on the site. Put everyone in 'transparent' status ahead of time. Since the game treats Fury (Zinger) as a magic attack, it will remove the status from its selected victim, making it easy to determine who to target. The Soul Sabers are also vulnerable to 'berserk' status, so exploiting that will keep them from confusing things with their magic.

Alexsoul has a Memento Ring as a rare steal (though there's no point to having more than two), and drops a Protective Bracelet when beaten.

The alternate, easier but less legitimate, strategy casts ○ Dejon until it hits both Soul Sabers at once, preferably after using ◎ Vanish on them so it can't miss. With both dead and Alexsoul absent, that leaves you facing no enemies, so the game declares the battle won before their automatic revival can bring them back. Alexsoul won't drop a Protective Bracelet this way, though, since you never actually killed him.

Cayenne gets up, and a touching scene follows. No music.

{カイエン}「助かったでござる。 {Cayenne}: I am saved. {CYAN}: Thanks be to you.
{Cayenne}: Felt I did as though my
 wife and son were calling to me.
 Enheartened by their voices,
 somehow have I carried on.
{CYAN}: I heard my wife and children calling out to me!
Their voices finally gave me the strength and courage to come to grips with my own suffering.

Mina and Shun appear in a flash of red light, and "The Mines of Narshe" begins to play.

{カイエン}「ミナ!!  {Cayenne}: Mina!! {CYAN}: Elayne!
{カイエン}「シュン……  {Cayenne}: Shun... {CYAN}: Owain...
 ありがとう あなた……   Thank you, darling... Thank you, my love...
 やっぱり、パパは強いや!   You really are strong, daddy! Papa's strong!!!
 あの時も…… そして、今も…… 
{Cayenne}: No...
 I could do nothing.
 Not then... nor now...
 A sad excuse for a man am I.
{CYAN}: No...
I didn't do anything...
then... and I can't now...
I'm a man with no honor...
 You've done more than enough.
You have entirely too much...

They surround him and make affectionate gestures before backing away again.

 We're always with you...
My beloved...
We'll always be together...
 I love you.
We love you!

They start to disappear...

{カイエン}「まってくれ!  {Cayenne}: Wait! {CYAN}: Please, wait!

...and the shinies left behind converge and coalesce into a sword.

 いつも あなたの そばに……   We are always by your side... We'll always be at your side...

Cayenne takes the sword, and the party returns to the real world, but not before glimpsing a piece of magicite on the throne...

ドマ城  Doma Castle  | | | . . . . . . . . . . .  DOMA CASTLE
{Cayenne}: Mina and Shun
 live on inside my heart.
 No more shall I look to the past.
 I shall simply travel the road
 that I believe in.
{CYAN}: Elayne and Owain live on in my heart.
I must leave the past behind.
I have much to live for...
{カイエン}の心から迷いが消えた。 The doubt cleared from {Cayenne}'s heart. {CYAN}'s soul cleared itself of all doubt and confusion.
 {カイエン}は必殺剣をきわめた。  {Cayenne} mastered the Deathblow Sword. {CYAN}'s swordsmanship attained its peak level of skill.

Cayenne now has all eight techniques learned, regardless of level. The sword that appeared during the scene is also added to the inventory as the disappointingly unremarkable Masamune, only the third strongest katana and devoid of any special features.

Check the throne room before leaving.

魔石「アレクサンダー」を手に入れた Got the magicite Alexander.     Received the Magicite

I believe the boss's name above comes from the magicite's name.

In addition to providing some support magic, Alexander is the only Genjuu to teach ○ Holy, making this ordeal worthwhile even if Cayenne never sees battle again.

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