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Final Fantasy VI

迷いの森  Misleading Forest  | | .  PHANTOM FOREST

"The Phantom Forest" plays here, which explains the track's name. The forest is haunted and fairly confusing, but there's a recovery spring partway through, and the party eventually finds their way to a train platform with a steam train. The music stops here.

{Cayenne}: A train at the platform!?
 I can scarce believe that a Doma rail line yet
 remaineth, not swallowed in the flames of war...
{Mash}: There might be survivors.
 Let's try taking a look.
{CYAN}: A train's there!?
But I thought Doma's railway had been destroyed...?
{SABIN}: May be survivors inside. Let's take a look.

Mash heads for the entrance to the nearest car. Cayenne, after looking around, suddenly appears horrified.

{Mash}: Hey!
 Looks like we can get in here.
{SABIN}: Hey!
We can get in right here!
{カイエン}「{マッシュ}殿! {Cayenne}: Sir {Mash}! {CYAN}: Sir {SABIN}!
{Mash}: No good just loitering
 around outside like this.
 Gotta try checking inside.
{SABIN}: We can't just wander
around out here!
We have to go on board!
{カイエン}「{マッシュ}殿! {Cayenne}: Sir {Mash}! {CYAN}: Sir {SABIN}!
{マッシュ}「心配するなって。 {Mash}: I'm telling you, don't worry about it. {SABIN}: Don't worry!
{カイエン}「{マッシュ}殿! {Cayenne}: Sir {Mash}! {CYAN}: Sir {SABIN}!

Ooh, another triple use of a single line!

Mash ignores him and goes inside. It's clean, empty, and rather fancy, but otherwise unremarkable.

{マッシュ}「なんだ、ここは? {Mash}: What's with this place? {SABIN}: What on earth...?
{Cayenne}: Disembark!
 This be the Grim Train!!
{CYAN}: Let me off!
This train's haunted!

魔 (ma), particularly when used as a modifier like this, doesn't translate well. Basically, it gives a sense of the supernatural, usually with dark connotations. It's magic, and while not necessarily evil as such, it's at least not rainbows and sunshine. Referencing the Grim Reaper also seems appropriate here.

The train whistles and begins to move, startling everyone.

{Mash}: It's started moving!?
{Cayenne}: Needs we must leave quickly!
{SABIN}:'s moving!
{CYAN}: If we don't get off now...

Mash leads the way to the door they came in. 1-16 "Phantom Train" begins playing.

{マッシュ}「開かねえ! {Mash}: It won't open! {SABIN}: Won't open!
{カイエン}「おそかったでござるか。 {Cayenne}: Then we be too late. {CYAN}: We're too late.
{マッシュ}「この列車は? {Mash}: What's up with this train? {SABIN}: What's with this train?
{Cayenne}: This be the Grim Train...
 the train that delivereth the souls of
 those who died unto the spirit world.
{CYAN}: This is the Phantom
It carries the departed to...the
other side.
{Mash}: ...hold on.
 So does that mean we're gonna be
 guided to that spirit whatever too?
{Cayenne}: An we continue on riding,
 such will come to pass.
{SABIN}: Wait a sec...
I don't want to go THERE!
{CYAN}: We all have to go sometime...

Despite what the NA version sounds like, Cayenne isn't being philosophical here. He's simply stating that if they stay on the train, they're headed there.

{Mash}: No thanks to that!
 If we can't get off, I guess there's
 no choice but to stop the train.
 So, to the locomotive up front!
{SABIN}: I have things to do HERE.
We have to stop this thing.
Let's make for the engine.

Note that if Shadow is currently in the party, he won't leave during the train ride.

Ghosts now populate the train. Although most are hostile, some will sell supplies, and a few even offer their assistance in combat.

Not very effectively, however. The first ghost to join starts two levels above the party average and at least has mediocre stats. A weaker second ghost that can only join if Shadow isn't in the party starts three levels behind and is rock-bottom in everything. They're more useful as meat shields than anything else. They do at least have the ability to eliminate enemies instantly by Possessing them, but this may fail, and will remove the ghost from the party when it succeeds.

Head right to the caboose for some more information.

Conductor: I am this train's conductor.
 What brings you here?
IMPRESARIO: I manage this train! What business have you here?
Conductor: The Grim Train runs to carry
 the souls of the dead to the spirit world.
 Once the souls on the Grim Train are
 carried there, they gain their eternal rest.
IMPRESARIO: This train ferries
the dear departed to the
other side. There they can take their eternal rest.
Conductor: How to stop the train?
 Look around the engine room
 and you'll figure it out.
IMPRESARIO: Wanna stop the train? Just use the controls in the engineer's compartment!

There's a book on a nearby desk.

{Cayenne}: A timetable?
{Mash}: Let's see...
 Huh, it's all blank.
{CYAN}: Be these time schedules?
{SABIN}: Hmmm...
They're all blank!
Conductor: This is the Grim Train that
 guides the dead to the spirit realm.
 There's too much war in the world these
 days to possibly draw up a timetable.
IMPRESARIO: The Phantom Train
guides "the departed ones" to
the spirit world. They have no need of schedules!

That's fairly disturbing, actually. So many people are dying in the war that the transport to the afterlife is too busy to stay on a regular schedule.

And a switch in the corner provides an amusing scene, though it does nothing useful.

{Mash}: What's this?
 Let's try flipping it.
{SABIN}: What's this?
Let me just give it a...
{Cayenne}: Sir {Mash}!
 Best not to tinker with anything.
{CYAN}: Sir {SABIN}!
Maybe we shouldn't fumble with that!

Mash just laughes, and with a quick hop, flips the switch anyway.

{マッシュ}「引っ張っちゃったもんね~。 {Mash}: There, flipped it! {SABIN}: Gave it my best shot.
{カイエン}「な、なんと!? {Cayenne}: Wh-what!? {CYAN}: How can you...!?

He storms over and puts the switch back the way it was.

{カイエン}「まったく、もう… {Cayenne}: Good grief... {CYAN}: How could you...
{Mash}: ...{Cayenne}.
 Don't tell me you're scared?
{SABIN}: {CYAN}...
You're not...scared, are you!?
{Cayenne}: Wh-what speakest thou!
'Tis not as if I wish to avoid getting involved
with machinery whenever possible because
I cannot cope with it or any such nonsense.
Nay indeed.
{CYAN}: How dare you?!
Just because I respect other beings' property doesn't mean I'm not mechanically minded!
{Mash}: {Cayenne}...
 You're no good with machines, huh.
{SABIN}: {CYAN}...
You're a total klutz when it comes to machines.
{Cayenne}: Urk!
 H-how coudst thou tell!?
{CYAN}: SILENCE...! could you tell?

Cayenne's ineptitude with machines comes up again later on several occasions.

Head left toward the locomotive when ready. Things go fairly smoothly, until one car turns out to be a dead end, and a ghost blocks the exit.

…に、が、さ、ん……   ...won't... let... you... escape...       N.o...e.s.c.a.p.e...!

But the party fights their way out easily enough.

"*pant*, *pant*...
 What was that all about?"
Ha, ha ha...
What ever did you think you
were doing?

Ghosts begin to pour out of the far end of the car.

…に、が、さ、ん……   ...won't... let... you... escape...       N.o...e.s.c.a.p.e...!
「ん? : Hm? Huh!?
『なんだ、この声は? "What's up with these voices?" Who's there!?
『こっちから聞こえてくるぞ "I'm hearing them from over here." It came from this direction.

As the party sees the ghosts coming out of the car, more begin to pour out of the other end.

…に、が、さ、ん……   ...won't... let... you... escape...       N.o...e.s.c.a.p.e...!
『げっ! 追ってきやがった。 "Geh! Dammit, they're following us." Whoa! They're coming...!
…に、が、さ、ん……   ...won't... let... you... escape...       N.o...e.s.c.a.p.e...!
『こっちにも! "Over here too!" This way too!
  Don't let them escape...
    Don't let them escape...
      Don't let them escape...
  You can't escape...
    Nowhere to run...
      Nowhere to hide...

The party retreats the only way they can, onto the roof, but the ghosts just keep coming.

『しつこいやつらめ! "They're damn stubborn!" Bloody persistent...!
{カイエン}「いきどまりでござる! {Cayenne}: 'Tis a dead end! {CYAN}: I believe we're stuck!

Mash takes a look around, then seems to come to a decision.

{Mash}: Okay!
{Cayenne}: A good notion, mayhap?
{SABIN}: I know!
{CYAN}: You have an idea?
{Mash}: Oh, yeah!
 Now's the time to show
 the fruits of my training!
 Come on, {Cayenne}!
{SABIN}: Okay...
The time has come to see if all my training has paid off. Come, {CYAN}!

Mash, with the rest of the group, walks to the rear end of the roof.

{マッシュ}「うおおおおお! {Mash}: Graaaaah! {SABIN}: Yahoooo!!

Looks like "graaaaah" is turning out to be my Generic Warcry Noise.

He dashes forward, and, presumably carrying the others, leaps from car to car, until one roof collapses beneath him. The familiar chant is heard again.

…に、が、さ、ん……   ...won't... let... you... escape...       N.o...e.s.c.a.p.e...!
"Could they be...?"
Uh, oh...?

The ghosts are indeed still coming.

『しつこいやつらめ! "They're damn stubborn!" Bloody persistent...!
『後ろの車両を切りはなさなくては。 "We must detach the rear cars." We have to detach the rear train cars!

As it happens, there's a switch just inside this car that does exactly that.

『これならもう追ってこられないな。 "Now they can't follow anymore." Can't follow us now.

Don't miss the Oversoul monster in this car if you want it to show up on the Beast Plain later.

Further up the train, they come to a dining car. Mash sits at one of the tables and starts making a fuss.

{Mash}: Food, food!
 Bring me mountains of it!
{SABIN}: Food! Food!
Bring me everything ya got!

A ghost walks over with food, sets it on the table, and leaves wordlessly.

{Cayenne}: W-wilt be all right,
 eating such things?
{CYAN}: A...are you going to be okay if you eat THIS?
{Mash}: Worried?
 Hey, it's no big deal.
 Can't wage war on an empty stomach.
{SABIN}: Worried?
Can't wage war on an empty stomach!
{Cayenne}: Hmm...
 Such talk as this is no strong
 point of mine. Confound it all...
{CYAN}: Hummm...
Sir! I won't hear any more of this kind of talk!

They dig in, and the food causes full recovery, just like a healing spring or inn.

{Mash}: Now!
 We've eaten up, so how about we get going!
{SABIN}: Well!
I've stuffed down all I can...
Let's go!

Eat again with Shadow as the party leader to see him feeding his dog. Thanks to kahran042 for figuring out how to trigger this.

{Shadow}: ......
 Interceptor, will you eat too?
{SHADOW}: ......
Interceptor...are you hungry?

Or with Mash as the party leader for an alternate line.

{マッシュ}「さ~て! メシだ、メシだ!
{Mash}: Come on! Food, food!
 I'm gonna eat my heart out!
{SABIN}: Food! Chop!
Let's go slop the hogs!

Cayenne just reuses his line questioning whether it's safe to eat this stuff.

Things get interesting again when they approach a treasure chest in one of the cabins.

男の声「ちょいと待ちな! Male Voice: Just a minute! VOICE: Stop where you are!

A man drops from the ceiling. He looks like some sort of warrior.

Siegfried: I am Siegfried, the
 world's greatest swordsman.
 The treasure there is mine.
 Now, geezer and musclehead,
 get lost, get lost!
MAN: I am Ziegfried, the world's greatest swordsman! That treasure chest is mine.
If I were you, Ox, I'd grab grandpa, here, and run!
{Mash}: World's greatest swordsman?
 Get lost yourself before you get hurt.
Siegfried: What!
 How dare you, musclehead!
 I'll reduce you to rust on my sword!
{SABIN}: You look more like a manicurist. Now SCRAM!!!
The ox bellows!
Allow me to introduce my blade!

Battle time. Siegfried gets boss music for some unfathomable reason.

いくぞ! こわっぱども!!
Here we go! You little twerps!!
Go! Guys!!

He strikes eight times (as if with Genji's Bracer + Proof of Initiation) before anyone else can act (except possibly counterattacks), but with laughable damage.

ぜえ ぜえ ぜえ
 ど、どうだ! まいったか!!
*gasp* *gasp* *gasp*
H-how's that! Give up!?
Ha, ha, ha!
Give up?

Now that the party has a chance to attack, he goes down with humiliatingly little effort.

『くちほどにもないヤツだな。 "His bark's worse than his bite." What a bag of wind...
Siegfried: C-crap!
 The one who laughs last is me!
SIGFRIED: Impossible!
I...I'm the greatest...
But I'll still laugh last!

He runs past them, grabs the chest's contents, and races to the door.

 アディオス アミーゴ!
Siegfried: Huhahahaha.
 I'll be taking this treasure.
 Adios, amigos!
SIGFRIED: Uwa, ha, ha!
This treasure is mine!
Ta ta, cretins!


Another chest not long after contains a monster. Though stronger than the usual random encounters, it shouldn't pose too much of a problem.

More specifically, the Specter may attack with ○ Blizzard and the more bothersome Absorb in addition to normal attacks, and may counter with Thunderflash (double damage physical attack). Fortunately, this party has no shortage of powerful single-target attacks, and Mash's Aura Cannon in particular will take advantage of one of the usual undead weaknesses. Win for a Hyper Wrist.

Not long after that, any ghosts helping the party walk away just before a small car with a save point.

『行ってしまうのか? "You're leaving?" Shall we be off?
『ここからは、俺達だけか… "Guess it's just us from here..." Guess we're on our own now...

Inside the locomotive just ahead are several switches, plus directions for stopping the train.

"This is the engine control room.
 Gotta stop the train quick..."
This is the engineer's room.
Gotta stop this thing...!
『ん? なにか書いてあるな。
"Hm? Something's written here.
What's this?
To stop the engine, shut off the first and
third pressure valves, then press the
kill switch next to the smokestack?"
Something's written here!
What? What?
To stop the train, shut the first and third pressure valves, and operate the switch outside, near the smoke stack.
"The train should stop if we
 push this switch."
Press this switch and the train'll stop.

The party plays around with the controls until the train brakes, but...

Grim Train: So, you're the ones
 who are hindering my travels!
PHANTOM TRAIN: So! You've been slowing my progress!

The Grim Train attacks. Time for one of the strangest boss battles in the game... The party runs along the tracks as the train pursues them. It has a variety of unusual attacks, at least one unique to this battle, but you never have to see them, since a single Phoenix Tail will finish it off, as is usual for the undead.

If you'd rather fight fair, at least switch your party's rows before battle, since you'll always be attacked from behind. The train absorbs Poison and is weak against Flame, Thunder, and Holy, so use Mash's Aura Cannon as often as possible. Cayenne's Tiger will knock off half its health, and Shadow can toss Shuriken for good damage as well. For laughs, try having Mash use Meteor Strike, which actually works somehow. Interestingly, this is also the only enemy in the game to use the Holy-based Saint Beam (Scar Beam), which means many players will never see that attack.

Either way, the music stops after the battle.

Grim Train: I shall let you off...
 But there is something I must
 do before that...
PHANTOM TRAIN: I will let you go...
...but first there is something I must do...

The party retires to an empty cabin until it's time to disembark.

{カイエン}「ついたようでございる。 {Cayenne}: We seem to have arrived. {CYAN}: Gulp...where are we?
{Mash}: Yeesh.
 Finally made it off.
{SABIN}: Hoo, boy!
Finally got off...
{Mash}: Let's hurry up and say
 good riddance to this train.
{SABIN}: We shouldn't be here. Let's go NOW!

The others nod their agreement. And then a large group of people, presumably dead spirits, begin boarding the train. "The Mines of Narshe" plays for mood. Cayenne reacts rather strongly...

 ミナ! シュン!!
{Cayenne}: There...!?
 Mina! Shun!!
{CYAN}: No!!!
Elayne! Owain!!
{Mash}: {Cayenne}!
 Are those your wife and son!?
Is that your wife and child?
"Departing!?" Departing!?

Cayenne rushes past Mash, knocking him off the platform, then keeps chasing after the train as far as he can. The music stops.

{カイエン}「まってくれ!  {Cayenne}: Wait! {CYAN}: Please, wait!
{カイエン}「ミナ!!  {Cayenne}: Mina!! {CYAN}: Elayne!
{カイエン}「シュン……  {Cayenne}: Shun... {CYAN}: Owain...

Voices drift back from the train.

 I had every happiness with you.
 Thank you... 
My love...
You made me so happy.
Don't forget me...

幸せ (shiawase) is a pain to translate, since English doesn't have a good equivalent. "Happy" is fairly close, but it sounds too shallow. Happiness is a fleeting emotion; 幸せ is more of a lasting satisfaction with life, like in "they lived happily ever after".

 I'm gonna keep at my sword
 training and protect mommy!!
I'll make sure Mom's all right!

The train passes out of sight. Cayenne stands downcast on the edge of the platform, and won't move for several minutes. Surprisingly, Shadow has something to say, if present.

{シャドウ}「そっとしておいてやれ。 {Shadow}: Leave him be. {SHADOW}: Leave 'em alone.

Eventually, Cayenne pulls himself together enough to continue the journey.

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