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Here's the item list, in the order the game stores them. Graphics found on the (now defunct) Japanese icon site 16x16 (previously found at, saving me the trouble of extracting them myself, except for the unused item.

Usable items have a carry limit of 4.

Warning: May contain spoilers

まんまるドロップ Round Drop Candy

Recovers 100 health.

ぱっくんチョコ Omnom Chocolate Chocolate

Recovers 250 health.

ぱっくん (pakkun) seems to be onomatopoeia for taking a big bite out of something, and a certain level of silliness seemed appropriate. Compare to ぱくぱく (paku paku) and Pac-Man.

ロイヤルゼリー Royal Jelly Royal Jam

Recovers 999 health.

魔法のくるみ Magic Walnut Faerie Walnut

Recovers 50 magic points.

プイプイ草 Puipui Grass Medical Herb

...whatever puipui means. Possibly it's imitating the sound effect when using one.

Cures most status effects.

If I'm not mistaken, this works on Ablaze, Poisoned, Moogle, Transformed, Munchkin, Ballooned, Confused, Petrified, Snowman, Asleep, and Heavy.

天使の聖杯 Angel's Chalice Cup of Wishes

Revives an Incapacitated character, restoring full health.

魔法のロープ Magic Rope Magic Rope

Returns to the entrance when used inside a dungeon area. Reusable. Does not work in certain areas, and will instead display the following message:

魔法のロープ:ここでは使えない Magic Rope: can't use here CANNOT use Magic Rope here!
風の太鼓 Wind Drum Flammie Drum

Calls for aerial transport. Reusable. Does not work in certain areas, mostly indoors, and will instead display the following message:

風の太鼓:ここでは使えない Wind Drum: can't use here CANNOT call Flammie here!
モーグリベルト Moogle Belt Moogle Belt

Toggles Moogled status on any one ally. Reusable.

ちびっ子ハンマー Munchkin Hammer Midge Mallet

Toggles Munchkin status on any one ally. Reusable.

Setting Munchkin status in this way also sets the Transformed/Moogle timer to 255 ticks (85 seconds) for no apparent reason.

タル Barrel Barrel

Sets Barrel status, making a character invulnerable but unable to run. Attemping to attack or use magic removes the status.

(blank) ?

What is it, you may be wondering? Who knows? It's unobtainable except through a bit of cheating, and all it does when used is play the same sound and animation as a weak heal, without having any effect. Looks like an item that never really made it into the game.

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