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Here's the list of places, in the order the game stores them. I think these are used as labels on saved games. It doesn't contain names for every location, but anywhere you can save and even some places you can't are here.

Warning: May contain spoilers

ポトス村 Potos Village POTOS VILLAGE
ニキータの店 Nikita's NEKO'S

Yes, it's Nikita, not Neko. But you probably knew that already if you've played the unofficial translation of the sequel.

水の神殿 Water Temple WATER PALACE

In keeping with the tendency of Nintendo of America censors to stamp out any reference to religion in any form, all temples became palaces in the English release.

パンドーラ城下町 Pandora Castle Town PANDORA
キッポ村 Kippo Village KIPPO VILLAGE
ドワーフの村 Dwarf Village DWARF VILLAGE
妖魔の森 Imp Forest HAUNTED FOREST

Not the same term as in the little one's village, as I once incorrectly suggested. 妖魔 (youma) is not 妖精 (yousei).

魔女の城 Witch's Castle WITCH'S CASTLE
魔女の城 Witch's Castle WITCH'S CASTLE

Maybe there are two because either the inner section (where the music changes) or the tiger's room counts as a different area?

モーグリの村 Moogle Village MOOGLE VILLAGE
妖精の村 Sprite Village SPRITE VILLAGE
風の神殿 Wind Temple WIND PALACE
マタンゴ王国 Matango Kingdom MATANGO
氷のトド村 Icy Sea Lion Village TODO VILLAGE

Note that while トド is phonetically "todo" (toh doh), it's also the Japanese name of the Steller sea lion, found in the north Pacific. Considering the appearance of the villagers, it seems likely that this was the intended meaning.

サンドシップ Sandship SANDSHIP
カッカラ王国 Kakkara Kingdom KAKKARA
帝国サウスタウン Imperial Southtown SOUTHTOWN
帝国ノースタウン Imperial Northtown NORTHTOWN
黄金の町 Gold City GOLD CITY

The game text normally calls this ゴールドシティー (GOURUDO SHITII) instead of 黄金の町 (ougon no machi). Both mean the same thing, though.

月の神殿 Moon Temple MOON PALACE
マンダーラ Mandara MANDALA

Possibly named after a mountain in Hindu mythology.

山道 Mountain Trail MOUNTAIN ROAD
賢者のどうくつ Sage's Cave SAGE'S CAVE
タスマニカ共和国 Tasmanica Republic TASNICA
木の神殿 Wood Temple TREE PALACE
失われた大陸 Lost Continent LOST CONTINENT
マナの聖地 Mana Holyland PURE LAND

There's that removing potentially religious terms thing again....

マナの要塞 Mana Fortress MANA FORTRESS
皇帝の城 Emperor's Castle EMPIRE CASTLE
氷の森 Ice Forest FROSTY FOREST
ガイアのヘソ Gaia's Navel GAIA'S NAVEL

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